Funny how things work out. The summer saga was one for all Lakers fans to get nervous about. No “trades” to improve team, a disgruntled superstar and an unfortunate series of events. Today, we’ve traded for one of the best fowards in Gasol in the league, and Kobe is lovin’ every minute of it. Kob said it best, “

SBSUN: “No, I didn’t envision this (last summer), absolutely not,” Kobe said. “It worked out for the best. I didn’t want to leave here. Everything happens for a reason, and I’m very thankful that things worked out here.

“All the young players stepped up and have played extremely well. I think Pau coming here was just icing on the cake. Prior to him coming him we were a very good team. Now we’re dangerous, very dangerous.”

  • lakerz

    kobe knows it gasol knows it odom knows it we all know it!

  • theresa

    i knew it too…

  • Majic “Big” Johnson

    He smells blood! Kobe ain’t goin’ no where Baybee!!!

    LAKERS #1

  • ricky

    the chance is now here for the lakers to reclaim the championship and each and every player knows it. heck, even dj mbenga knows it baby! everyone can smell the blood and are ready to to go for the kill and get to the top.

    i wish for each and every player to healthy and capable of playing come playoff time so everyone can join in on the fun. chris mihm, its been hard seeing you sit out games and getting paid, but i still like what you can contribute when healthy. trevor ariza, get back soon, your defense is awesome and your athleticism is amazing. andrew bynum, come back ASAP! im super curious to know how you will play alongside pau gasol, lamar odom, kobe bryant, and d-fish in the starting 5. thats big time! if these 3 players can return ASAP, the other teams need to take notice and watch out!

  • JCBiglessworth

    Hey u guys remember that rumor during the summer when we were offering Kwame for Camby??? and denver laughed in our faces about it???? well fine then…..Kwame for Gasol sounds wayyyyy better HAHAHAH!!!!

  • Phant0M

    If kobe thought we were a ‘Championship caliber’ team
    w. andrew in the lineup..

    With Pau and Andrew…

  • MILO

    Dangerous and intimidating the entire league.That is the reason that the Spurs are b!tching about the acquisition of Gasol.AND WAIT TILL BYNUM GET’S BACK MUDAFUKERS.
    ahh ha ha ha ha ha ha AHH HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!


    I’ll be honest,I did not think they would be ‘THIS DAMN GOOD’ before AB went down but then he quickly grew up over night and then Kobe says they’re a ‘Championship Caliber’team with him on the court and the injury to his knee cap came and I must admit I thought it was over but “My long lost Uncle Mitch” came through,AGAIN when he made the now CLASSIC TRADE FOR PAU!PAU!PAU!GASOL and OH!HOW THE WEST WILL BE WON.

  • lakerz

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    actually it was bynum for camby. they screwed up big time

  • kb24 4life

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    no, i think it was kwame, but whatever , we have gasol.

  • kingkb24

    it was kwame for camby…

  • lamar odom

    don’t make a trade until after the season ends, we need a better small forward who plays like scottie pippen. i can be a second or third string small forward but my main position is power forward. let’s get magette, he was once my teamate and he can really fit into the triangle. he is a free agent so we don’t havee to get him through a trade. also he wouldn’t have to move houses. :-)

  • KingSako32

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    ya, it was kwame, 100%

  • lakerz

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    whateva foreva