Kobe was ridiculous this past month…

NBA.com: The Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade and the Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant today were named the Eastern and Western Conference Players of the Month presented by Kia Motors, respectively, for games played during the month of December…

He was amazing in December…

  • Lakers Record: 11-4
  • 28.3 points
  • 4.2 assists
  • 5.7 rebounds
  • .476 FG%
  • .88 FT%
  • 1.2 steals in 37minutes
  • Freshh

    Word, same in 2K9 Association Mode.


  • http://myspace.com/sonicussj Whatsa


  • lakerschamps09

    ummm yea great but those assists need to be up around 6 not 4….

  • L.A.alltheway

    Haha December – the best and worst month of the lakers

  • http://myspace.com/sonicussj Whatsa

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    HAHAHA DAMN that’s true.

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

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    yea hes getting a lot of criticism for that…but it happens if only only play 34-35 minutes a game.

    this should be Kobe’s stat line for the 2008-09 season:

    28.5 Points
    6.5 Rebounds
    6.0 Assists
    48% FG
    88% FT
    1.5 Steals
    36 Minutes Per Game (no more than that)

    I dont think that’s asking for a lot from the MVP and best player in the world :)

  • http://twitter.com/nugge7 Jaime Quintanilla

  • jason

    his assists are just fine..we’re scoring plent of points a game so theres not much else we need to do on that end of the floor and that includes kobes assists..besides the only stat that matters is the W..

  • tupac

    Kobe doesn’t need more assists, the offense that they run everybody touches the ball, its not like chris paul running the entire offense, everybody gets touches on the laker team so everybody gets an X ammount of assists.

  • trade_lamo

    Where’s AB4SURE ?

    Kinda silent, huh? All Kobe haters, especially AB4SURE should kiss KB24’s a$$ !!!!!!!!


  • dom1020

    I think dom is the lakers nation user of the year as well, might wanna write that article up :).


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    that is a fake absure. Have you noticed they have been deleting his post?

  • sketch

    he was better in november when the record was 12-1! LOL!

  • isaac24

    Kobe is the greatest player on earth!

  • YellowPurpleFever

    He hasnt play like this in a long time. Stay focus on the game plans.Dont defer the first 3 quaters then turn it on in the 4th.Attack from the begining with authority by picking his spots.If he continues to play like this… I will see ya in June at Figuera blvd!

  • eagleslakers2011

    he already has 40 in the month of january…back 2 back winner perhaps?

  • http://lakers.com k0be da 1 andonly

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  • Milo

    Kobe is begining to look like the Kobe we have all been waiting for! he’s starting to fill it up from the three like he used to 3 seasons ago! he also continues to give his team-mates good looks! if he can keep this up he’s bound for another MVP MVP MPV!!!

  • david gamboa

    Kobe may have been great last month, but they did lost 4 games.

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