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Kobe Bryant was named to the all-defensive team for the ninth time in his career; tying an NBA record.

Garnett and Bryant each earn All-Defensive First Team honors for the ninth time, tying Michael Jordan and Gary Payton for the most in NBA history.

Bryant’s defense was stellar this season, and it’s great to see him tie an NBA record (yes, even along with KG).

Yet just another thing to add to the resume of one of the greatest to ever play the game.

  • LakerMarc

    I’m a little shocked because some were saying Kobe wasnt even as defensively effective this year just the same as his offense. Maybe the time off and the time to think will bring everyone back stronger, tougher, and hungrier

  • Jack Yang

    Well. Kobe plays great defense from time-to-time. He can’t do it all-the-time because he saves his legs for offense. It doesn’t hurt that he wins this though because when he does play D, he’s fantastic!

  • laffsatu

    sure it wasn`t all TURN-OVER team?Didn`t the mamba stop playing defense when around when SHAQ was run out of town~?

  • Sir

    I’m sorry. I love the Lakers and i love Kobe but he hasn’t deserved this honor for years now. Can’t believe he’s still getting by on his reputation. I didn’t know that all you had to do to make the All-Defensive team is leave your man wide open for uncontested jumpshots or drives to the lane in order to go roaming all around the court. If that is the case then I am one of the best defensive players of all times.

    • willow

      I agree. His defense has been sporadic, at best.

  • NewLakerBlood

    Kobe was HORRIBLE on defense this year and last year. He leaves everyone he guards open for jumpers because he cheats and or they blow by him easily. Kobe’s defense definitely was “NOT STELLAR,” it was mediocre at best.

  • coach brian shaw

    he got in on reputation again. He’s been pretty bad defensively last few years. Lets his man roam around the court and get wide open looks. Never deserved it

    • Bonana45

      Not cool duuuuuude.

  • kileer7

    I’m not sure if Kobe deserved to be selected to the All-NBA Defensive 1st team this year, last year, or the year before last, etc. He hasn’t played consistent perimeter defense for an entire season since 2003.

    • Bonana45


  • Vivek

    Really amazing feat for Kobe, but I think his defense was a bit overrated this year. Wade was better than him, and I doubt Kobe will make 1st team next year. But still damn impressive- definitely a top 10 player of all-time, but where would you guys rank him?