Before everyone gets concerned, he’ll play. He is Kobe.

Lakers BasketBlog: Kobe Bryant missed Sunday afternoon’s practice with a sore throat, according to Lakers spokesman John Black. Bryant, who averaged 28.3 points on 53 percent shooting against second-round opponent Houston in the regular season, is listed as day-to-day.

Black said that Bryant will be re-evaluated on Monday, and that last season’s MVP will attend shootaround should he feel better in the morning.

  • Justin

    Hopefully it is not Swine Flu

  • kobe8

    Not worried. He has played with worse.

  • Neo-Laker Era

    The league most likely won’t allow him to play if it’s the swine flu. It’s crazy contagious. :-\

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    Swine Flu??

  • k0be da 1 andonly

    i have a SORE THROAT too (no homo)

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

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    Sore throat, not soar throat…look at header.

  • jonathan

    who cares? we will win anyways.

  • iamthetie

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    That’s excatly what I thought!

  • lakers2009champions

    LMFAO YOU GUYS MAKE ME LAUGH SO MUCH ,possiblity hes not playing? BECAUSE OF A SOAR THROAT? lmfao…
    he will not miss a game for shit

    hes played through 2 dislocated fingers ,hes not a pussy like most of the players in the nba not playing through minor injurys
    ofcourse he will play .

  • baltimoresbest01

    I suppose Paul Pierce has a whole book full of magical remedies Kobe could borrow


    On the down side – Kobe is going through more than he already was.
    On the plus side – If Kobe has caught the swine flu then my school will close down in an instant

    Just kidding. It’s Kobe. He would probably be on a active roster list if he was in the ECU 5 mins before tipoff. The mans ROCK SOLID

  • rahil

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    he will play for sure
    but no matter how good lebron is hes not better than kobe cause hed probably sit a game out if he was sick

  • YellowPurpleFever

    I thought he got rid of the house keeping! sorry I have to throw that in. Stop with the Swine. Just wait til next year. Just be careful out there. Flu or no flu KOBE will be on the court. Artest ready or not.

  • ThaGeek

    Get well soon Mamba!

  • Bynum from the playboy mansion

    I did see kobe at the fair playing with the pigs so it could be the swine flu. Looks like he will just have to pass the ball to me and watch me score. SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN!!!

  • sketch

    Are you guys kidding me? Stop it with the swine flu already! It’s just another flu fellas! No different than any other “NORMAL” flu! It’s just the fcukin media hypin it up! The reason why it’s killed so many people is because they were mal-nutritioned people in Mexico!

    We healthy Americans will be fine! This has nothin to do with race, but everythin to do with parts of Mexico bein in 3rd world conditions and us here bein in 1st world conditions! The flu kills a certain number of people per year here too and no one makes a big deal about it. But as soon as a name like “Swine” gets tagged onto the flu then it’s the end of the world. We’re healthy, we can take some meds to make us feel better, we can eat nutritious meals to boost our system right back up, and then rest! That’s all we need to do!

    Stop buyin into the hysteria that the media is throwin out! Man, lemmings running off of a cliff… i swear!

  • PauLAsol

    YellowPurpleFever & sketch FU!!!!! fking r*cist “mal-nutritioned people” ??? what abut fast food?? im from mexico and i know swine flu its just a lot of crap its sad to see mexicans being satanized over media hype, i gotta admit though theres a lot ignorant ppl over here who just get carried away over what the media and gov says and doesnt take actions they are blindfolded… swine flu?? i said BULLSHIT!!!

    kobe will play man!!! hes da shit, let’s go lakers!!!!

  • karl malone


    MAIL MAN….

  • bcjc

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  • Great Vid

    when kobe gets sick we should just worry about his health…..
    bcuz strip hroat or swine flu or dislocated fingers or broken leg…he is till gonna bust artests and the rockets a$$..kobe doesnt let anything stop him