Kobe will begin contract extensions this month. Lakers are taking care of business – literally.

83009817KD010_DENVER_NUGGETInside the Lakers: Mitch Kupchak said he and his staff will now “turn to the future, beyond this season.”

All indications are that the Lakers and Kobe Bryant will discuss an extension.

Bryant said he was content to let the organization take care of unrestricted free agents Trevor Ariza, Shannon Brown and Lamar Odom before beginning extension talks with him.

“Mitch has a lot on his plate,” Bryant said during an interview in early July. “I’d rather him take care of those pieces first. But he’ll get around to me.”

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    A real leader

  • Luc


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    deserves the max. 130 mil or so for 5 years should do it

  • JohnJohn

    Deserves the Max but if he is smart he will take less in order for the Lakers to stay contenders in the coming years.

  • Eidraq

    now that we have all our other pieces, this is a great opportunity to keep kobe as a laker for life

  • matthew

    i heard like a month or two months ago, it will prolly be a 3 year 85M extension.

  • Robert

    Yes, wasn’t this already discussed over a month or so ago? I recall that Kobe was going to sign an extension, and there is even a blog here on TLN. I thought he was going to get 23-27M/year on a multi-year plan, or something like that.

    It seems to ‘look like’, that now he is ‘just deciding’ to sign an extension. I thought he had already decided in some manner.

    Also, it was mentioned somewhere that he might want to have a say in PJ’s replacement. I think he is all sealed up with the team, so the only thing left is the coach. This would impact his ‘extension’, and that perhaps it would be better if he waited until next year to sign (although technically, the $$ is more of a question next year, so it’s best to get it while you can in this economy). Where was some or all this mentioned? (might have been http://www.hoopshype.com )

  • MILO

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    i think 115 should be the max!!! sorry it’s tough times out there!!!

  • kobe8

    as a Kobe fan i would like to see him get as much as he can BUT I’m also a Laker fan and I’d be happy if he does what’s best for the team.

  • Logicguy


    Luckily, Kobe’s extension money will not kick in for another two years. By that time Sasha and Morrison will be off the books unless they are resigned.(It could happen)

    My message to Kobe and Pau is to be cautious. You saw whar happened to Lamar. Under no circumstances are you to allow sports media parasites to goad you into declaring that you will take less to play here. Make it known that you will keep your options open for fair market compensation even if it means going to Europe. You don’t have to hold out for the max but get what comparable players are getting. Since you guys have good Agents, I don’t think your fans will have to worry about you being low balled and ground down. Lamar’s self esteem has got to be near zero. A team that wins the NBA Championship in the LA market without a signoficant increase in payroll is seeking to become a member of the zillionaires club. You have got to pay the price for a championship.

    I have been following the NBA over forty years and I have never seen a strong contributor on a championship team treated like LO was treated. I sure would like to know what happened to Ariza. I’ll bet that the Laker offer did not surface until he went to Houston. Look”s like we have a different “Buss Driver”. Maybe the kids are running the show. Long Laker careers for Sasha and Morrison!!!!!!!! (I’m OK with Luke)

  • http://Firefox Fdog

    Sasha and Luke should take a pay cut for Kobe’s extension.

  • ShowtimeEra

    Absolutely no worries here! Kobe is gonna sign with L.A. It’s not going to be the same situation as Lamar’s.


    He better sign and we better keep our team

  • Robert

    after all this, you’re not sure if Kobe will sign? Of course he will. He’s got the team of his dream now. I don’t think it was ever a question. Also, he may still have some Laker records to break.

  • http://www.inverter-china.com/blog lovekb

    Now it’s the most important thing.

    I think Kobe will sign and stay.

  • gus26

    kobe should get paid about 20 million a yr for the max number of years he can sign.. that will be fair..

    i hope they sign pau to a contract extention too..

    at the deadline the lakers will be trading morrison for a conditional 2nd rounder to someone who can take on his conrtact without paying luxury tax.. we will also send cash.. (the 3 million we got from NY for the 1st rounder) to pay for the rest of his contract..

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    Not really, because you know where that money is going to go if it doesn’t go to someone who deserves it (like Kobe)…it’s going to go to Jerry Buss, who is basically rich. He’s smart to try to get all of the money he can, besides…he deserves it…and Buss is willing to pay luxury taxes anyways.

  • Dragon

    He’s already rich for life he has enough to retire right now and keep living the good life for the rest of his life. Unless he is a mad spender and throws his money away.

  • LakersFirst

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    For claiming to havign followed the NBA for 40 years, you know very little about how salaries work in the NBA. Much like any business, the market determines the price (it’s simple economics).

    You claim that LO was treated unfairly by the Lakers and “low-balled”, but the fact of the matter is, there were only the 3 teams under the NBA salary cap that could have offered LO contracts above the MLE – Portland, Memphis and Oklahoma. Portland choose to give their remaining salary cap to Andre Miller. Memphis and Oklahoma did not make attempts at LO. Only Miami did but Miami is over the salary cap.

    Because of the NBA salary cap rules, teams over the salary cap can only offer their MLE to free agents. It is the players who determine whether they want to take it or not. Miami offered their MLE to LO, which he declined.

    The Lakers, having “Bird Rights” to LO could offer him whatever they want, even though they were over the salary cap, saw that no team had the salary cap flexibility to offer more than $8M a season, so the Lakers offered him just that – $33M over 4 years (that’s roughly $8M per year). There was no need to offer LO $50M over 5 years, because that would have been unnecessarily OVERPAYING for him and overpaying, my old friend, is something a team, well over the luxury cap, does not want to do.

    Furthermore, LO was offered two previous deals by the Lakers = $30M over 3 years or $36M over 4 years, which Jerry Buss took off the table after LO’s agent didn’t acknolwedge these offers. Not acknolwedging these offers was an insult to the Lakers and I for one am glad these offers were removed. As a player, you don’t insult the Laker organization this way.

    If Kobe and Gasol want to continue to win championships, they SHOULD take reduced salaries. Why you ask? Because this way, they would be giving the Laker organization the financial flexibility to recruit quality players within this difficult NBA salary cap threshold.

    If you want to blame anyone, you should blame the NBA office. The NBA is in charge of the salary cap. If the NBA continues to lower the salary cap, then teams are limited as to how much they can offer players. With the NBA lowering the salary cap, they are forcing players (especially the newer ones) to take pay cuts.

    Lastly, the Lakers roster is now going to be the most expensive in the NBA (over $90M with probably an additional $20M coming in luxury taxes). You say “you have got to pay the price for a championship”, well Jerry Buss is doing that. Name me another NBA team that is going to have a roster of over $90M + $20M in luxury taxes, that’s over $100M. You can’t….because there isn’t one.

    Please know the facts before you post inaccurate information

  • kobe8

    kobe ain’t going nowhere.

  • Patrick Chewing

    they should extend him for the FULL MLE