Being a fan of Modern Family, this makes me VERY happy.

O.C. Register: The final score of the Lakers-Pacers game might have been laughable, but the real funny stuff came afterward when Kobe Bryant filmed a segment of “Modern Family,” the ABC comedy.

Bryant, who has appeared on, among others, “Sesame Street,” “Moesha,” “In the House” and “Sister, Sister,” will be playing himself on an upcoming episode of the new comedy that centers on three unique families.

“I’m just winging it,” Bryant said of his acting. “I’m playing myself, so I can be myself. I can be a smart (expletive.)”

Modern Family stars Sofia Vergara and Ty Burrell filmed a segment for the upcoming show during the Lakers’ popular in-game “Kiss Cam,” with Vergara planting a kiss on Burrell, whose character has a not-so-subtle crush on Vergara’s Gloria.

Stay tuned.

  • Jack

    is it for this season?

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