One of the all time greats continue to climb up the scoring charts… With 35 points November 28 vs. Dallas, Kobe Bryant moved within 38 points of 22,000 for his career.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, should Bryant reach 22,000 points Sunday, November 30 vs. Toronto, he would become the youngest player to reach 22,000 points in NBA history, surpassing Wilt Chamberlain (30 years, 100 days) who achieve the milestone on November 26, 1966, by one day. The next youngest to 22,000 points were Oscar Robertson (31 years, 117 days) on 3/21/70 and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (31 years, 350 days) on 4/1/79.

Additionally, should Bryant, who will be playing career game #880 and will be 30 years, 99 days of age on November 30, reach 22,000 points before game #906, he would become the 12th fastest player ever to 22,000 points in terms of career games.

  • Lakers 24 7

    lol so he’ll be ONE day faster than Wilt?

    …and Toronto is in town?????

    uh oh

  • e

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    dont get ur hopes up…i wanna see it happen more than anybody, but if lakers have a blowout game, phil wont give kobe anymore than 30-31 min

  • Jim Murdoc

    And a few years later, Lebron will break that record.

  • Lakers 24 7

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    Yea I know, but knowing Kobe’s competitive spirit, he might go for the record early in the game.

  • e

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    i hope ur right…it would be great to see something like that again

  • e

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    i wouldnt be so sure…lebron is almost purely dependent on his athleticism…its going to take some time to reach that point my friend…by then, who knows, his athleticism may diminish

  • Vida

    I doubt kobe even think about this stuff.

  • Dave

    This type of obscure statistic is likely not even on Kobe’s radar. His current (and more mature) goal is to get everyone involved, productive, and secure the win. He would be jeopardizing the win and the team chemistry to “go for” the record, as he unduly focused on his own points at the expense of others.

  • Lakers 24 7

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    Kobe is fundamentally skilled and has moves Lebron aint ever dreamed of. If Kobe was Lebrons size, he would have shattered records in this league. Even without Lebrons size and athleticism..Kobe still shatters records in this league.

  • Chris Manning

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    I agree.

    Kobe wants to get that 4th finger some company (another ring).

  • records

    Isnt kobe closing in on jerry west 25000 something which is the all time mark scored in a laker uniform that will be great to see when he passes that maybe next year tho

  • records

    Isnt kobe closing in on jerry west 25000 something which is the all time mark scored in a laker uniform that will be great to see when he passes that maybe next year tho

  • kb24thebestever

    kobe dropping 55 tonight it will be a close game but like always lakers will come out with a win..
    there’s no need for no one to get smart its just a prediction.

  • Dave

    RE: kobe dropping 55 tonight

    I predict that your prediction will be an airball. Nothing personal, I’m just sayin’, how ya doin’?

  • Imadogg

    He won’t do it unless he has to, and I hope he doesn’t have to.

    And yea, Lebron will be the youngest to every scoring record and most other records.

  • e

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    lebron’s great dont get me wrong..but i know his knees are bound to give out sooner than most..i would know considering i also have a larger upper body than lower body

  • sketch

    It’s funny to see everyones take on what Kobe may or may not do tonight. Everyone seems to think that he’s so “mature” and that he’s such a “team” player now, that he’s not that selfish Kobe Bryant of the past anymore. Are you guys kidding? Have you been watching the same Kobe Bryant that I have? He’s only changed his habits but CHANGED? HE HAS NOT!!!

    Have you guys not seen him forcing up shots and taking ill-advised 3s? Our beloved Kobe is the most competitive fool ever created. He’s still out to get his. He’s been on “good” behavior since last season because he knows that he needs to get his team involved otherwise they won’t win. Unlike himself, his teammates cannot just turn it on whenever they feel like it, so he needs to get them involved early, so that they can get into a rhythm. If he knows that he’s up against a record such as this, I can see him going for it!

    Here’s a guy that wants to be better than MJ! You guys don’t think that he’ll hurdle over Wilt’s record if given the chance? And I don’t know about you guys, but I want to see him break it. I think that it would be a great thing for his psyche! I believe that in his mind, he has sacrificed his numbers to give the team what it needs that if he can claim this title, then it would appease the beast within and he would continue to be “self-sacrificial.”

    I’m just being objective about what I see. I see a competitive baller who knows that he can destroy anyone in his path, but have been asked to be in check for the betterment of the team. Because he’s seen the success that it has reaped over the course of last year, he’ll continue to contain the Hulk within.

    I see him still trying to go for his out there and calling for the ball every time they go down for offense. If he gets hot early…LOOK OUT! He might go for 82 tonight! The bottom line is if the Lakers will win even with him going for his 38, I believe that he will most certainly try!

  • Dave

    Dohh! Kobe forgot to read this blog before the game. Silly fool only scored 23 and had a team-high 7 assists. Very unselfish? Sure looks like it, but I guess I could be wrong. Could be.

  • Laker

    I hate to say it, but Lebron is already at 11,000 and getting to 22,000 is only another half.

    In terms of quickest:

    Kobe 880 games or 10.71 seasons.

    Wilt did it in 543 games (about 6.6 seasons)


    Jordan did it in 684 games (about 8.34 seasons).

  • sketch

    it’s too bad that kobe didn’t get it tonight, i would have loved to seen him with that feat under his belt. i know that he was trying to assert himself early with 5 free throws inthe 1st and ending with 21 pts by half. the lakes were just way too efficient tonight! phil had the 2nd squad not only finishing the 1st and 3rd quarters, but to start the 2nd and 4th as well. damn our team is playing well right now.

    i know it’s early, we’ve yet to play san antonio and boston…but seeing the way we can play, i like our chances of breaking the 70 win record and taking home the championship at seaaon’s end.

    i never said that kobe wasn’t “unselfish”, i just said that i still see him going for his at times. but tonight, he did a superb job of being the consumate teammate…scoring when he had the shots and getting those assists. and don’t get me wrong, i want him to be selfish at times, i want the mamba to stay hungry. i want to see him strike when the opportunity presents itself like on Christmas day. i want “THE FAKE 3″ to feel the bite and let the poison slowly set in so that by season’s end when we play those friggin leprechauns, they will still be feeling the paralysis and know that kobe is king and that the lakers are his dynasty!!!

  • Dave

    Sketch, nice backtrack. Anyways, another correction for you; the best season record is 72-10 by the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls

    Featuring Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman, Bulls shattered records for most wins in a regular season — and they won 87 of 100 games, including the playoffs. Ron Harper, Luc Longley, Toni Kukoc and Steve Kerr rounded out core of driven team that featured triangle offense. They started season an amazing 41-3 in Jordan’s first full season since returning from retirement.

  • sketch


    it ain’t no back track, but you’re right i was wrong about the 70-12, when it is 72-10. i’m just being objective about what i see in kobe. you’ve gotta admit that he’s still forcing up and/or taking stupid shots at times. those are the times that i see him still trying to get his.

    we all know that he can break anyone down almost every time down on the floor. it’s when he doesn’t accept that they’ve put on a good defensive effort against him and he still takes those ill-advised shots that i’m talking about.

    take however you want, i don’t care. but if you were being objective, you’d see just about the same thing.

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