Mitch CupcakeL.A. Times: With his trip to Spain behind him and an uncertain future ahead, Kobe Bryant spent Friday morning in a familiar place. The unhappy superstar met with Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak for about an hour at the team’s training facility in El Segundo.

Although it was believed that their first face-to-face meeting since the nine-time All-Star made a public plea to rehire Jerry West didn’t change Bryant’s mind as far as his trade demand, it did open a new dialogue between Bryant and management, sources said.

Kupchak declined to provide any specifics of their conversation, which took place a day after Minnesota forward Kevin Garnett reportedly vetoed a trade to Boston.

“We did meet, and what was said between the two of us will remain between us,” Kupchak said.

Bryant’s agent, Rob Pelinka, was unavailable for comment.

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  • gus

    If Kobe wants out, the Wolves are willing to ship out KG for young talent and the Bulls want a superstar here is the trade that must happen…

    The trade works financially and Im pretty sure Kobe would approve that is the only other thing that could stop the trade. (thanks Trade Machine)

    To Chicago:
    Kobe Bryant
    Brian Cook

    To Minnesota:
    Andrew Bynum
    Vladimir Radmanovic
    Thabo Sefolosha
    Luol Deng
    Ben Wallace

    To Los Angeles:
    Kevin Garnett
    Troy Hudson
    Ben Gordon

    This is why the trade will work for each team broken down

    The Bulls:
    With the core of Kobe, Kirk Hinrich, and Tyrus Thomas along with Chris Duhon the Bulls would look a lot better than the Cavs did this past season. Kobe could even move to SF so Kirk could start at SG and Duhon could run the PG position. Cook is also a good asset to have with the ball in Kirks hands he can find Brian for those open threes almost at will. Beside Cook wasnt too happy with Phil last season and you could see it in his play, a change of scene would do wonders for him. This also frees up some cap space for them so they can go after a perfect fit of Gerald Wallace. Though he is not seen a lot because he plays for the Bobcats, Wallace would be a perfect fit with Kobe. This team would really make some noise in the East.

    The Wolves:
    Andrew Bynum. The main piece of the puzzle for the Wolves to rebuild would be in place and they wouldnt even have to start him yet. Ben Wallace would be the starting center and could teach Bynum a thing or two about how playing without the ball and working hard on the glass and defense can make an everyday player into an allstar. It wouldnt be too ideal to take on the gamble of a young SF in Vladimir, but it would be worth shipping out an unhappy PG in Troy Hudson. Another piece that the Wolves would get is the very young and full of potential Luol Deng. He did drop 31 points in a playoff game not to long ago.

    The Lakers:
    Losing Kobe would hurt, but who wants someone to be around when they dont want to be here. Winning would make everything ok again. With a starting line up of Troy Hudson, Ben Gordon, Lamar Odom, Kevin Garnett and Kwame Brown they already look like they could win more than 42 games. Not to mention Luke Walton, Ronny Turiaf, Jordan Farmar, Sasha, and Mo Evens coming off the bench. Lamar played his best ball in Miami when he handled the ball in this roster that is what he will do. Keeping Kwame? Yeah thats right its time for us to realize no one wants our crap. If they Keep Kwame its an expiring contract that would free up just enough cap space in 2008 to sign a free agent named Gilbert Arenas.

  • decade

    this is all bleh. no one knows what was said in this conversation. for all we know there IS change apparent.

  • darkice18

    maybe this is good news maybe mitch calmed kobe down and told him about wats gonna happen by draft eve and maybe he promised him somethin big is gonna happen

  • Ricky

    it’s just good to see that there is actual dialogue between kobe and both jerry buss and mitch kupchak. usually, it’s best to talk throught these types of situations because it gets everyone on track and focused. i think talking is good and progressive; clearing the dust and trying to work together to solve a common problem. i don’t think kobe will be traded, i believe the lakers will try to make something happen. if not a kevin garnett or jermaine o’neal this summer, i still think the lakers will trade or sign some other all-star caliber player (ron artest, gerald wallace, mo williams, etc.) but at the end of the day, i truly believe that kobe will stay a laker, so to keep him even longer, i just hope the lakers devise some plan to get something done as soon as possible.

  • HotRocks

    Wonder if sitting out the year was brought up?

    Click my link for a YouTube Spurs tribute

  • TheEclectic

    The only thing that worries me is the fact that the Lakers aren’t being mentioned in any possible trade destinations for KG. If the Suns pick him up, god have mercy on us all…



    2007-08 ROSTER

    PG. MO WILL.- 15 PPG 7 ASS.
    SG-KOBE- 28PPG. 5 ASS.



  • evill

    guys stop talking about kobe bryant getting traded,he demanding a trade because the front office of the lakers is doing nothing, kobe is still gonna be a laker, i dont think he not gonna get traded hes a true laker. we need garnett!!!!

    lakers trade = andrew bynum,lamar odom,19th pick,brian cook,kwame brown,vladimir romanvic,2 future 1st round picks

    timberwolves trade = kevin garnett,troy hudson,mcants

  • Ricky

    hey “evill”, are you absolutely crazy!! your proposed deal of sending odom, bynum, cook, kwame, radmanovic, the 19th pick and 2 future 1st round picks to minnesota for garnett, hudson, and mccants is ridiculous!! that’s basically 8 players for 3, and to top that off, garnett and hudson are already 31 years old and mccants has yet to prove himself to be a consistent contributor. that deal is absolutely ludicrus and stupid!! i would rather go after jermaine o’neal or pau gasol instead than give up so many players for basically just garnett since hudson and mccants can’t seem to contribute much anyways. try and think for a second before you come up with your next proposed deal.

  • Ed24

    This is all bull shit. Kobe is staying and the Lakers are getting Garnett. That Ric Bucher son of a bitch needs to shut the fuck up before he gets shot

  • Ed24

    Kobe is the greatest player to ever play basketball and he has the right to do whatever he wants. Everything that is going on right now is all for show. In the end Kobe will remain a laker (the greatest one ever) and the lakers will be a serious contender for the NBA championship (unlike the sorry ass Cavaliers led by the most over-rated player in NBA histor LeBron James)

  • darkice18

    yea i agree wit ricky on that lol thats insane….

    i think we should go for JO, and Artest

    Trade 1 : Bynum,Kwame,Sasha,Cook and 19th pick for Jermaine Oneal

    Trade 2 : Luke and 48th pick for Artest

    Sign MLE : Mo williams or Steve Blake

    Sing Vets : Chris Webber & Grant Hill

    40th PICK : Aaron Aflalo (Defensive player, and good scorer)

    PG: Mo Williams/Farmar/Grant Hill
    SG: Kobe/Mo Evans
    SF: Artest/Vlade/Aaron Aflalo
    PF: LO/Ronny/Chris webber
    C : JO/Mihm

    Then NEXT season after KG can opt out and join the LAKERS and win it all… GOOD IDEA????

  • Cruz

    i dont know why the laker organization think so highly of retarded ass piece of shit andrew bynum. His bitch ass is not worth shit and never going to amount to even a Mark Madsen. So trade his ass before the god of basketball (Kobe)leaves LA, and before we get stuck with another piece of shit Kwame Brown who never amounted to anything himself. So this goes out to all you Andrew Bynum fans fuck him and pedazo de mierda Kwame Brown FUCK BOTH OF THEM!

  • Ed24

    I totally agree with Cruz. They fucken both suck and Ric bucher is a dumbass motherfucker.


    Fuck Ric bucher!!!!!!!!!!!!!…that son of a bitch

  • evill

    get pau gasol instead of getting jermaine oneal.lakers should try to keep lamar odom.

    lakers trade = kwame brown,andrew bynum,brian cook,19th pick

    grizzles trade = pau gasol,kyle lowry

    i dont think jo will go to la because pacers want bynum and odom for jermiane oneal.

    use the mid level excception to get mo williams or steve blake.

    i dont think we can get artest caus he wants to retire as a pacer.

    we could get grant hill for cheap probably

    pg:jordan farmar/mo willaims or steve blake/kyle lowry

    sg:maurice evans/kobe bryant/mayb arron affalo if they pck him/sasha vajacic

    sf:lamar odom/grant hill/luke walton

    pf:pau gasol/vladimir romanovic/48th pick

    c:ronny turiaf/chris mihm/40th pick

    this team has a chance to win championship

  • kenshi1023

    not sure if this has been post here yet. if not need to watch! kg got true heart!

    kupchak should watch that. lakers need to rescue kg so he can realize that the grass is much greener on the other side!!!

  • kb24

    wats so great about grant hill??