An article on Kobe’s thoughts about the O’Neal trade…

O.C. Register: Whether he is occupied with healing his dislocated finger, locked in on building the revamped Lakers into a renewed power or just tired of dealing with all things related to Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant is making clear he doesn’t want to talk about O’Neal’s trade to Lakers rival Phoenix.

“I don’t know. None of my business. Why are you asking me?” Bryant said Thursday.

When asked for an analysis “from a basketball perspective,” given his expertise with regard to O’Neal’s game and Phoenix’s style, Bryant said: “I have no idea. I don’t know. I don’t know what they’re going to do or how they’re going to execute or how they’re going to decide to use him. I have no idea.”

Asked if he was surprised by Phoenix trading Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks to Miami for O’Neal, Bryant said: “I was surprised just like everybody else, but I don’t give two thoughts about it.”

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  • lakerz

    i know kobe was thinking in his mind “suns are screwed!”

  • LakerNation1

    in other words “yeah they just F’ed themselves up…”

    you should see d-fish’s reaction too. i think it was an interview with john ireland and he had a funny reaction. he hesitated before he came up with a vague and polite answer.

    and phil’s comment was pretty funny. so i can see the lakers not giving a rat’s ass on this trade.


    This just shows how stupid,not Nash,Amare(though at times…)and the rest of the team but GM “Minny Mitch” Kerr and D’anFONY really are. If your first place in the division with Marion and could have made it to the Fianls,why trade? I tell you why,because they are mad and jealous Pau got traded to the Lakers for nothing,plus,by getting Shaq and knowing the history between him,KB,PJ THAT WOULD ADD SOME MORE FUEL TO FIRE or as they would say ‘MOTIVATION(WINK,WINK). Kerr can pull the wool over all of media,as well as Shaq’s eyes but YOU CAN NEVER FOOL THE MIGHTY LAKERNATION(AT LAKERS MADE A TRADE BECAUSE THEY HAD TO).

  • gugy

    F•ck Shaq
    F•ck Suns

  • lakersfan17

    he speaks the truth were a better team then what they are now.

  • myriam

    Better leave things like that. Kobe is right it’s not his business nor anybody’s business. He’s concerned was his team nothing else. Suns have to deal with that.

  • LA fan in Manila

    Kobe is right, it’s actually none of his business. His main business is leading the promising Lakers to glory. GO LAKERS!

  • aymanlovelakers

    the suns were despwrate and they had to trade to show that they aren’t just going to roll oer for the lakers. even though we can . but they just killed the future of thier team to get a lazy bum now. lakers are going to sweep them in the playoffs . thats even if phoenix makes it first of all.

  • ricky

    kobe is right about minding his own business. right now, kobe cares about the lakers and no one else. the lakers are on the verge of being the next best team and its critical that kobe, as well as the other players, focus on their own team because when healthy, no team can match the lakers size, depth, and versatility.

  • MILO

    If Kobe gives the slightest opinion about it he’ll go under scrutiny from all the Kobe hating media out there so im glad he’s playing it smart and not saying a word!!!

  • pjt

    It’s funny to me how the sun’s focus every season is more from their end, geared towards trying to break the Lakers in the playoffs, rather than winning a championship? So they beat us the last 2 seasons…now they make the only move they could to try and have a chance to beat the Lakers, in the playoffs…Shaq is now their center…so our answer down low will be Bynum and Gasol…we can win in the playoffs.