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The Lakers new head coach is trying to assemble one impressive coaching staff alongside him. Here is a major roundup of who Brown and the Lakers are after.

The Los Angeles Times reports Brown wants Michael Malone; a main reason for the Hornets’ DEFENSIVE turnaround:

Brown has contacted New Orleans Hornets Coach Monty Williams to express his interest in having Hornets assistant Michael Malone join him in Los Angeles, according to an NBA official briefed on the matter who was not authorized to speak publicly. Malone was given the defensive reins in Cleveland. His reputation as a defensive-minded coach continued in New Orleans because he helped the Hornets become the fifth-ranked defensive team in the NBA last season, allowing 94 points per game.

Additionally, Brown is seeking Pistons’ head coach John Kuester.

Kuester’s job with the Pistons is tenuous because of the revolt from his players during the past season when five of them skipped a practice. Kuester was on Brown’s staff in Cleveland as an assistant from 2007 to 2009. Kuester was named head coach of the Pistons in 2009.

Brown is also after one of the top Euro-coaches named Ettore Messina, a savvy coach as Eric Pincus of Hoopsworld explains:

Messina coached Virtus Bologna to two Euroleague titles (1998 & 2001, the latter with star Manu Ginobili). He also ran Benetton Treviso and CSKA Moscow (winner of Euroleague title in 2006 and 2008). Most recently he was the head coach for Real Madrid. Messina is a tough coach with a strong personality. He likes to call his team’s plays and has a successful history developing players, especially in the post. Sources say Brown has asked Messina to join him with the Lakers but a decision has yet to be made.

Woj tweets and suggests that Chuck Person could stay aboard through the Brown transition as well:

Lakers assistant Chuck Person has good relationship with Brown back to Pacers days. “That could help Mike’s transition,” says league exec.

Lastly, as Woj tweeted, Brown wants Grgurich. Problem is he is currently employed by the Mavs and a championship for Dallas could keep Tim with that squad. Nevertheless, Brown will make a bid for him to join the Lakers as well:

Mike Brown expected to make bid for well-regarded Dallas assistant Tim Grgurich to join Lakers staff, sources say. They’re close friends.

The Lakers new coaching staff would feature basketball gurus and defensive minded coaches with much, versatile experience. If you’re one of the fans on the fence about the Mike Brown hire, reconsider it and look at the impressive DEFENSIVE-minded coaching staff he is currently after:

  • Ettore Messina
  • Tim Grgurich
  • Michael Malone
  • Chuck Person
  • John Kuester
  • Jeffrey Thompson

    Can’t wait to see what Mike Brown will do with Kobe and the Lakers

    • Anonymous

      I just hope that he can win this group’s respect and knows how to pace them.

      We don’t necessarily need 5 more wins next season. But when they went on that 17-1 run, you could tell that it really showed they had peeked at the wrong time, then complacency and exhaustion kicked back in.

      He should do well. As Kevin Pelton pointed out in his recent article, coaching is strongly weighted to the defensive end. With an aging group of veterans, the difference that a coach has on offense or motivation is negligible. 

      So he just needs to worry about D and motivation.

      • gasoft

        You are wrong
        Defense is very very difficult for an aging group
        all great defensive teams are not old
        cause playing defense requires much more energy and concentration than just offense
        SO unless lakers make move to put some young blood in this team
        brown cant play a dominant defense for a whole season with this roster

        TO be able to play great defense you need players that have the athetic skills to do it, not only talent or heart
        except bynum all our important players are over 30 

        So u call give ball to lebron everytime an offense?
        you mean every damn possession ball to lebron 1 against 5 and kick the ball out an offense ?

        Kuester players this year went against him…
        if you feel this is a good sign….

        • Anonymous

          Lol, so instead of backing up your BS with facts, you’re going to spew a bunch of “intangible” feel good crap like “youth” and “athleticism”?

          You don’t become the first-seeded team in the league with a 33-year center like Zydrunas Ilgauskas or 30+ yo PF like Antawn Jamison and a cast of scrubs. Even with LeBron James. That just doesn’t happen by accident. Because it happened twice.

          Now if you want to be delusional about it, okay, but you seem to be forgetting that the Lakers, the 2nd-oldest team in the league, had the best defensive efficiency rating of all teams in the league while holding opponents to just 89 total PPG.

          For perspective, the 2nd-oldest team in the league went from 11th place (101.2 PPG) in the league offensively pre-all star break to 3rd (99.2) uring that stretch, all by playing solid defense.

          And yet, what happened? They got beaten back by a team even older and slower in transition than they are.

          Observe (

          You’ll notice that out of all Dallas’s match-ups, the Lakers were the only one with a higher efficiency differential (1.03), turnover percentage, block percentage, and defensive rebounding percentage.

          Anyway, I don’t actually think you read my post correctly at all, since I was talking about rectifying and sustaining that post-all star break play and saying how more important it was than offense, where as you basically said “you are wrong, defense is more important than offense”.

          Just come back when you have facts or are an actual NBA analyst like Pelton is. Then people might take your arguments with a little bit more credibility. But since you actually apparently started to argue with me over something we both actually agree on, I think you need a few reading comprehension classes too.

  • YK Lee

     So what happens to our offense?

  • gasoft

    all these guys are only about defense
    are we gonna score every once in a while? or it doesnt matter?
    this is a little disturbing
    from the best offense ever to no offense at all…
    give ball to kobe 
    that would have worked in 2006
    kobe is not that guy anymore, he s old and cant be the man for the whole game for 82 games + PO
    from an offense that won 11 rings
    to a no offense and only defense that won 0 rings

    long 4 years ahead of us

    • Anonymous

      Way I understand it, Malone and Person are the only defense coaches on that list. Kuester called Brown’s offense in Cleveland. Like literally, he would let Kuester draw the plays up during TOs. 

      But hey, being a homer and totally misreading something on purpose so that you can justify your hate for it is cool too.

  • Jeramie

    love them ll lets be there . Go lakers .

  • Anonymous

    this is not great news at all.  Where are the offensive coaches he is recruiting? I’m all for recruiting defensive coaches, but your whole staff can’t be defensive coaches. This is shaping up to look exactly like his cleveland years.  Good defense but clueless on offense.

    • Fiasco24

      Ettore Messina, John Kuester, and probably more on that list are good offensive coaches. Maybe if you read the article, you would know that. 

  • Ecdlkr

    Lmao all u guys are like ‘what about our offense??’ reminder, these guys have been together and are gelled to the core. Offense will come, and this list isnt finished yet. Plus mike brown is a very flexible coach from what i’ve heard. Add to that the act the the best offense is a great defense,(i.e. The miami heat, new orleans hornets, memphis grizzlies) this team will thrive on the offensive end because of tough and smart D.

    -if the lakers need an energy injection, rebounds steals and stops are the best ways to excite oneself on the court. Its not like the triangle was the most complex system out there, although it did implant chemistry to the team. I back up mr. Brown on these choices.

  • Iraqi_daisy

    what about brian shaw?

  • Abc987

    You guys have to do your homework. Ettore Messina is one of the top offensive masterminds in the world. If the lakers are able to nab him, that would be unreal. He’s regarded as the number 1 coach in Europe, and possibly top ten coaches in the world. He’s such a great coach that mike brown attends his seminars in the summer on how to be a better coach. Don’t sleep on this addition if it happens, but lakers have competition, there’s a lot of teams after him

    • gasoft

      sure he is one of the top coach in europe
      no doubts
      the problem is:
      nba is SO DAMN DIFFERENT
      he cannot coach the same way he coaches in europe
      he cant use the same stuff
      he gonna need a period to get used to the differences and change his style accordingly
      dont think he can come here and dominate right away
      NO WAY

    • Erick_weatherall

      Dam shame how we hired mike brown were we being serious we left shaw looking stupid

  • Mhshoops99

    Solid Hire!!!!

  • BlackMambaBeto

    John Kuester???? for reals….this is crazy. I feel that if we would’ve had better team chemistry this past playoffs we would’ve still been in it for the three-peat. We got burned on the transition and on the perimeter with pick and rolls and outside shooting. We needed better rotation and team defense and how is Kuester going to fix this problem? He killed any team chemistry with his horrible coaching decisions. Hopefully he doesn’t get into the Laker coaching staff.

  • allen colbert

    I give him half the season when the team has loss  at 10 games out of 12. He does not know what he is doing and the Laker organization is going to feel the pressure. They should have hired Brian Shaw makes you wonder about Kareem statements earlier.

    • Brentrsteele

      You are a dam fool, Mike Brown is a very good coach, Phil Jackson is a big fraud as a coach and I can prove it a hundred times over.

      • LAKERS88

        Realyy? Please do

  • Guest

    He should look to add Attack Athletics CEO/Owner Tim Grover to that list. He’s worked with Kobe, MJ, and a bunch of others to get them faster, stronger, and smarter. He could really beef up pau and get him tough physically and mentally. If that doesn’t work, then hire a boxing trainer to beef him up. Also, where are the offensive minded coaches? If B-Shaw doesn’t get a job, would he come back as an assistant? What about Frank Hamblen? And if Rambis gets fired, let’s get him too!

  • 123KID

    DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS END OF STORY! Mike Brown is hiring some of the best of the best. I mean im not too sure about Kuester, but Ettore Messina would be a great addition to the coaching staff. His international experience can do great things for the Lakers. Now its just about putting those pieces together and working them out with the players.

    • gasoft

      defense wins championship
      so in the last 20 years pjax teams have won 11
      and they won with the triangle offense
      they were not famous for the defense

  • yolwerin

    If Messina does come, I’m expecting good things from 2nd round draft picks. We might be able to get good players from Europe.

    • gasoft

      Sure some more soft not defensive, not athletic players
      with no heartcant wait for thatbring on the euros!next

  • Kelveen

    is it possible that mike brown will be the defensive coach and brian shaw will still run the triangle offense???

    • 123KID

      it remains to be seen. i wouldnt mind having a hybrid of the triangle be implemented. i mean the whole idea of our team this past season was to have a half court set offense for the starting 5 and then mix it up with a totally fast pace 2nd unit. but the lakers just totally didnt use any of that. So I would like to see some half court sets of the triangle with a mixture of pick-n-roll offense with the bigs since Brown did assist in coaching around the likes of Duncan and Robinson and a mixture of fast pace action then extremely lock down defense overall. That would be perfect basketball.

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