Shannon talked briefly about his dunk contest dunks…

Twitter: Brown was just as surprised as we were that he missed his first 360. He was disappointed, but still enjoyed himself overall.

Twitter: Brown said that on Kobe’s alley-oop, he was going to bring the ball down to windmill, but was too high in air & had to go early.

  • Batz

    Does he know the he has time to do it…?

    • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

      But if you fail on a dunk attempt or stop in mid air like Nate did a few times, it can bring your score down the next few tries whether you get it or not.
      Thats why after failing the 360, he did the left handed cause if he did the 360 again, he wouldve got a lower score cause of the failed attempt the first time.

      • Batz

        The dunk he did after the miss was sad, if he made the 360 on the second attempt I can assure you he would’ve received a higher score.

      • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

        As soon as he did the 360, I knew that he would be using his high school dunk contest dunks. Look them up. That mid air hand switch was used too. Oh well, hes a great player, and people need to stop giving him crap for something that isn’t too easy to win.
        Its like someone biting your head off just because you didnt win employee of the month.

  • gaby

    hes still my hero(: he did good maybe next year:)

    • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

      Thank you! Finally someone that sees it the same way I do.
      Thank you Gaby!

      • Gino

        no doubt about that. i still think shannon’s awesome. he probably got some jitters too but whatever. he’ll win it in LA next year if he would like try one more time.
        dunk contests are so hard because there’s no set scoring system on it. maybe if they made a grading system similar to the olympics diving. you submit what type of dunk you want to do, grade you on the technical, creativity, and the difficulty of the technique. i dunno, it sounds nerdy, but at least it brings more objectiveness to dunking and you can at least have an idea of what to practice to get the scores high. i think at this point most people have seen the typical windmill, free-throw line, 360, tomahawk, between-the-legs, reverse dunk. maybe it’s time to see some polished dunking, instead of these circus shots that sometimes look too comical, like blowing the candle out of a cupcake.
        or maybe they can make the h.o.r.s.e. game into a dunk only competition instead of those 3 point shoot outs just to decide the game.

        • Green Flannel

          hey marwan i felt the same way i was so anxious to do good that i was so disappointed that he was eliminated, ahh well can’t wait until Tuesday or should i say Thursday?

  • Geloman

    The guy from the the D-League team the LA Defenders who the D-League slam dunk contest could have won the nba dunk contest easily. Shame on the NBA dunkers!

    Go Dar Tucker!!

  • KBloyalist

    first of all it is not shannon who want’s to compete, sorry guys but I never see anything special on his dunk in the game. that can win the contest but I like him dunking in the game…But nate deserves to win it for being the smallest guy their…Now he shows any basketball hopefuls that being small cannot stop him from playing and dunking! he’s truly the definition of small but terrible!

  • yash

    Thanks to you I have witnessed the worst dunk contest in history.
    these kids entertained me more than the dunk contest
    I still havent recovered from that contest. when i put on sportscenter i better not see this or imma have a really bad day.

  • http://57.amklac a Million Misses!

    talk about being OUTCLASSED…………….

    • 242LakerFan

      You wouldn’t know class if it sidled up to you on the subway and gave you a handjob.

      • alex

        very classy reply there

        • 242LakerFan

          I like to express myself at the level of my audience.

  • Robert

    Have a feeling that his ‘best dunk’ was saved for the next round, to which he never made it.
    I also recall Kobe mentioning, before the dunk contest, that they should return to ‘old school’ without the theatrics. Unfortunately, that didn’t work for Shannon.
    It’s a new era. People expect ‘Superman’ now. The days of the ‘traditional’ dunkmeisters (Kobe, Vince Carter, TMac, LeBron) is over. They are also going to change the format of the Dunk Contest next year, I’m sure.
    Shannon should have at least had a ‘preliminary’ round dunk in which he showed off his ‘extension’ and his ‘reach’. He can jump high, and reach out far since he can grip the ball well. That would have been a winning dunk. Also, he should have made some type of spinning move with that.
    But, the way it works is that you don’t have too many chances to do that, and missing a dunk does tend to take points away. So, I guess we’ll never know. Hopefully he makes it in next year, and he gives it another shot.

    • keepon_keepinon18

      Yeah DJ Mbenga was supposed to part of one too, you could see him sitting on the bench a little left of Kobe.

      I definitely want to see Shannon in the contest next year with some big name stars; he would be the underdog.
      Its in the Staples Center after all!!

  • Ashinakan

    it was a pitiful dunk contest a ton o hype for nothing anyways I dont care shannon brown is still one of the best in game dunkers

  • http://57.amklac a Million Misses!

    Laker Nation ,your as soft as gasofts little bicep.accepting last place , getting totally out classed and being happy about it….that kind of explains the kobe love.

    • Marwan Marzina

      How about saying you would enter and then not entering. Isn’t that as bad as losing, if not, worse?

    • Gino

      i don’t know if you can call it “being happy about it”. would you rather he storm off the court and not congratulate people like someone did to orlando last year? he lost, didn’t bring his A game, and you move on. i don’t see how being gracious in defeat has anything to do with kobe love.

  • david stern

    all i can say is

    worst dunk contest in nba history.

  • 242LakerFan

    Okay, it was disappointing. It was terribly disappointing. But that takes nothing away from what Shannon does on the court. I’m seeing ridiculous comments disparaging him as a player because he had an epic fail in the dunk contest. Let’s be ridiculous, why not? It’s like saying Nate should be the starting point guard for winning three contests. The two have absolutely nothing to do with each other.
    Oh, and Misses, sweety, I think you’re up to about 100 on your quest for a million comments that miss reality. Keep it up, girl, you’ll get there yet!

    • yash

      U need to get a life and stop commenting on literally everything here. Im sorry. I understand your passion for LAKERS but u have a say in everything.