A little info on Shannon Brown and his contract situation…

RealGM: Shannon Brown, his agent Mark Bartelstein and the Lakers all know that it would be advantageous to opt out and get another deal before this contract is up after the 2011 season.

The collective bargaining agreement will expire after that 2011 season, and there have been threats of a lockout by the NBA owners.

If Brown opted out of his deal this summer, the Lakers would own his “Early Bird” rights and could sign him to a deal for up to five years and up to as high as the mid-level exception; the current mid-level exception pays $5.8 million in the first year.

“We’ll look at that at the right time,” Bartelstein said. “Shannon loves it in L.A., and that’s where he wants to be.

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    mmm he´s obviously not a MLE player, Ron is a MLE , Ariza is , not him.

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  • Drake Ramoray

    Peace, leave and don’t come back. Don’t over pay for him either ala Walton, Cook, and Vujacic. He’s worth no more than what he’s making now. He’s not a pure 2 guard cause he’s a set shooter and he’s too short, he can’t play point because he has no handles and can’t run an offense. He’s an out of control athletic guard. He’s a turnover waiting to happen. He’s only good for throwing lobs passes to so that he can dunk it. The Lakers need a taller backup shooting guard who can shoot or play in a set offense like Raja Bell who’s a free agent next year and who the Lakers should go after instead of Shannon. They need a point guard who is quick, can shoot, and can run an offense like Devin Harris. Both players will be available next season. Devin after the Nets draft John Wall will be moved and thats the guy the Lakers should look to trade for. Bye Bye Shannon, you will not be missed and you’ll fall off the NBA map again once you leave the Lakers!!!!

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