Photo Credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
Photo Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times
Photo Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

According to ESPN’s Chris Broussard, free agents  Chris Paul and Dwight Howard have discussed becoming teammates, and want to find a way to play together.

“Paul and Howard will be the biggest free agents on the market this summer, and…’They would love to play together if somebody can make it happen,’ one of the sources said.

Howard is not particularly fond of the idea of returning to Atlanta, but he would do so to team up with Paul, the sources said.

But Paul, despite recently being upset with the Clippers over the perception that he got coach Vinny Del Negro fired, is unlikely to leave Los Angeles, one source said.”

While Dwight and Paul want to play together, they also want to stay in Los Angeles, according to ESPN.

While the Lakers almost paired these two superstars a couple of years ago, now it seems the Clippers have a better chance of uniting CP3 and Dwight – but they still need the Lakers’ cooperation.

“The preference for both players would be to play together for the Clippers, according to the sources. Because the Clippers don’t have enough cap room to sign Howard as a free agent, it would take a sign-and-trade deal with the Lakers to make it happen.

The Clippers would be open to working out a deal, but they fear the Lakers would never trade Howard to them, according to the sources.

But while trading Howard to a team in their own building seems unthinkable, the Lakers are not likely to get a better trade package elsewhere than say, Blake Griffin and Eric Bledsoe.”

If Chris Paul and Dwight Howard are determined to play together, the famed “veto” of the Chris Paul deal will have further long term damaging ramifications for the Lakers.

Had David Stern not overturned that trade, the Lakers would be sitting on two marquee free agents this summer, who both want to play together in Los Angeles. The future would be far more certain.

As it stands now, the Lakers’ future is up in the air.

Laker Nation, if you thought Dwight was going to leave, would you trade him to the Clippers for Blake Griffin and Eric Bledsoe? Or call his bluff and force him and CP3 to leave L.A. if they are to play together?