According to ESPN’s NBA Daily dime, at around 4:10 mark you’ll hear them discuss it.

How do you feel about this? He was nearly almost a Kings head coach, and with the Knicks organization looking to compeltely do a 180, bringing in a proven champion wouldn’t be a bad idea. Personally, I love Shaw and hope he stays with Los Angeles. How do you guys feel about it?

Sound off!

  • as1084

    shaw is a laker for life. i hope he stays but we should be happy for him if he gets the job. he deserves to be a head coach and he has done so much for the lakers.

  • David

    I want him to be the eventual replacement for Phil.

  • LD2k

    Same here. A lot of people feel Rambis will be here in L.A. post-Phil. I hope Shaw stays… he’ll always be a Laker in my eyes.

  • Rinnegato

    He deserves a shot at being a head coach, but too bad its not with the Bulls. Those Knicks are screwed for the next few years with that sorry overpaid roster…

    I actually wouldn’t mind Rambis replacing Phil years down the road… He had his shot coaching the Lakers, but it’s been about 9 years since. He probably learned a lot since Phil first came to the team and would probably do an awesome job.

  • e

    shaw cant go…he needs to stay here

  • True Lakers Fan

    yea I want Shaw to stay here to but ill will b happy for him either way

  • vida8

    No..he is a lakers …

  • SILO

    even shaw should know better. no one wants to deal with the mess in NY.

  • xtro

    B. Shaw is one of the heroes of NBA Western Conference Finals Game 7 against Portland Trailbalzers. Stay!

  • LakersFirst

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    I hope when Phil retires from coaching, that #4 Byron Scott will come home.

  • RoWyN

    He’s getting an interview coz obviously he wants the job. good for him, can’t hate on the guy. we’ll just have to beat the knicks when we play them.

  • PauKobeBynumDynasty

    The Lakers need Shaw to play here. He is the only person (other than Phil) who can explain the triangle thoroughly as a coach. He also has a lot of playoff experience, and he is a big mentor to Kobe.

  • Sako

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    play here?

    Larry Brown, Isiah Thomas, Brian Shaw?


    Then who’s gonna take PJ spot.I think B.Shaw should stay where he belongs.,I have no further comments.

  • Michael_23

    Byron almost came here when the coaching spot was vacant. (When Rudy T. left) They interviewed him on his thoughts about the Lakers not having a coach yet and you can see it in his eyes that he wanted the job. Unfortunately, he was already hired as the New Orleans coach.

    Shaw can’t go to New York cause that’s a tough position to be in right now. I’m sure if Phil Jackson went there it might have been better, but he’s better off here in L.A. and besides he has Jennie (front cover playboy) Buss here!

  • Billy Kupchak

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    ditto kiddo! :D

  • LAKERS52

    I know it’s a great coaching opportunity for him but he is not leaving LA-LA land for a weak basketball team in a weak basketball conference in the league. Shaw is a laker for life!!!

  • Kobefan24

    good luck shaw!!

  • JC

    I hope Shaw sticks around… Remember when he hit all those shots in that Historic come back Laker game vs Portland with the Kobe to Shaq alley oop dunk to seal the deal and start the 3-peat run… :)