Let’s rewind back to 2008. Remember when Brian Scalbrene started talking trash in his postgame presser? Take a look.

Brian Scalbrene said today in a radio interview that, “This Is The Hardest Day Of My Life.” You create your own Karma Mr. Scalbrene.

  • drive-for-16th


    • Mamba Face – 3Peat

      Is that Michael Rappaport?

  • Rio Rondo jr

    at yo mamas house biotch

  • gameplan

    where is he playing at 2008? I don’t even know him till last night when he plays 1 possesion. that Ice cream hair is a joke to play in the NBA.

  • http://lakers.com k0be da 1 andonly

    fag.only got like 10 sec of play

  • Showtime4eva

    It’s all good until it happens to you..what you say today you’ll regret tomarrow! A Celtic is a Celtic I’ve been through most of these battles an they always have talked shit. But fuck them NOW ! We are the CHAMPS!right now we’re better than them. They can talk. But right now we are better. No team or fan can talk shit now! Cause we are BETTER !! We are lakers and we are the BEST!

    • Rio Rondo

      irony the use of words to express something other than and especially the opposite of the literal meaning. you sir are amazing. “It’s all good until it happens to you..what you say today you’ll regret tomarrow” its spelled tomorrow not tomarrow. and think about the comment you just made. this show the intelligence of a lakers fan!

      • http://www.facebook.com/thepandasayshello Josh Herrington

        Do we want to get grammatically correct? Well, I see about a dozen flaws in your paragraph. In first grade, I remember my teacher telling me to capitalize the first letter in the beginning of a sentence. You did no such thing in any sentence. Rio Rondo, where are your apostrophes? Are you a Pre-Schooler? I’m pretty sure the name of a place, name, city, state, country, continent, organization, business, anything that is proper should be capitalized.
        “this show the intelligence of a lakers fan!” That, Rio Rondo basically reconfirms my statement of how ridiculous your attempt of calling Laker fans unintelligent is.


        “this show the intelligence of a lakers fan!”

        DUMB@$$! Your sentence should read, “THIS SHOW(S) THE INTELLIGENCE OF A LAKERS FAN!” What a sad stupid FCUK! You really do belong at RIO HONDO COLLEGE! HAHAHA! Try to correct one of our Lakers fans and end up looking more like an idiot than before! CONGRATS, only a CELD!CK fan can do that!

        FCUKIN MORON!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Rio Rondo

          im the only celtic fan with balls to call out laker fags on there forum haha but anyways you guys wanna grab a brew latter or something at buffalo wild wings?

          • http://myspace.com/taeyongpark Day

            Their*, Later*


            NO DUMB@$$! You’re like the little brother that nobody wants around and you keep tagging along! And you are a dumb@$$! You’re sitting there trying to correct people and you’re spelling everything all wrong! The correct word is “Anyway” not “Anyways” and it’s “Later” and not “Latter”!

          • Rio Rondo

            take it easy bro im on the lakers bandwagon now. its all fun and games hah tell you guys what come over and we can watch bringing down the house

      • echeverria.d78

        look at this fag. you still at it? Just give up you’re mad cause the celdicks lost. And now for the bet tonight you’re going to give the lakers players each head as promise?

        • Rio Rondo

          wow talk about gay comments and even gayer thoughts

          • gameplan

            pls. stop correcting wrong grammar we are here to express are feeling as a laker fan, we are not a fucking faculty member, and we don’t came in the same country that only speak english including me co’z I’m an asian.

  • Rio Rondo

    im not calling all lLaker fan’s unintelligent just saying most people on here type like shit, just like my Boston Celtics played like yesterday. Second do i not make a point on SHOWTIMES COMMENT. Don’t get on my ass just because a fellow laker fan contradicts himself

    • eboK

      Why don’t you just STFU and get the fuck out of here. No one want your loser Celd!cks fan here.

      Please go cry to your Celd!cks.

      • Rio Rondo

        im not a celdics fan im a celtics fan

        • eboK

          to you is Celtics but to us is Celdicks

          • Rio Rondo

            whos us? wait dont answer that cause i could care less

    • http://TLN SHOWTIME4EVA

      my point was Scalbrene should have thought before he said that to the world and media.eating his word’s just as you are.but with you,your to stupid to realize that.blogging on this site all year.getting abused.take your bitter life elsewhere.you obviously can’t win here.or do you just enjoy the abuse?are we closest thing to friends that you have?is it that the cavs don’t want you on their site or the celtics or the jazz or the suns?your a fuckin freak!! your not funny.your not the life of this party! your a piece of shit.with no where else to go.

      • Rio Rondo

        damn okay bashing me on the net rite well it is what it is

        • gameplan

          hey rio you forget the period, asshole!

  • Leo

    The guy sure talked big when they won in 2008. You could tell he was nervous as a mother ff’er in the game.

  • Leo

    The guy actually didn’t blame the ref’s, so I can’t trash him too much.


    FCUKIN ZEBRAHEAD! You guys DON’T have the best Defense in the League… as it turned out, it was the Lakers who had the BEST DEFENSE in the League and we kept you guys off the glass and from scoring! You FCUKIN LOST! And the reason why YOU couldn’t see this or see that is EXACTLY the reason why you are on the bench and that you only see about 20 minutes of play in an ENTIRE SEASON! NOW, STFU AND CRY ALL SUMMER LONG!!!!!!!

    FCUK THE CELD!CKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christy Mannnnnning

    you guys are all gay boston all the way!

    • http://www.ld2k.com Chris Manning

      Burns that much, eh?

      • lakerbunny


  • LakerLand Nostradamus

    FU-CK now I know,

    Scalabrine is Touch ME.!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Trem

    This guy went to USC and lived in SoCal. Just shows what going to Boston does to a person. Makes you a cocky, arrogant, sore, hypocritical loser. This guy should shut the fuck up, he even said in taht interview he felt they were the better team and that the Lakers shouldn’t have won. The better team always wins in a seven game series, dumbfuck. Reminds me of Will Ferrell whenever he comes into the game Lmao. Celtics just scared cuz we are only one title behind them now. Enjoy your summer Celtic fags.

  • dub824

    sounds like a bunch of excuses

  • Robert

    Scalabrine … scalabrine …. I once had a dish … I think … Veal Scalabrine … right?
    It’s ok, Scalabrine … capisce ! Sono paisan!
    “I feel your pain”. It hurt us in 2008, and it really did hurt for a while. Last year’s win helped, but this Championship was a full on HEALING.
    The difference is – in 2008, we knew we were a better team, but still lost. We had a chance for redemption, and we were fortunate to get the opportunity.
    Whereas …
    The Celtics are done. They mortgaged the team to get ‘almost ready to retire’ veterans. Some teams do that. The Spurs have reached that level. The Celtics had their last gasp. Even if the team isn’t busted up, they will never be the same as 2008, their ‘peak’ chance to do what they did. And, they are losing Thibodeau – the chief architect of their famous defense (yes, it was indeed splendid – he taught them how to cheat properly!).
    The party’s over … for them.
    For the Lakers …… It’s JUST BEGINNING! Offseason, there will be yet ‘another’ move, and we will be tooling up for another Championship, you can believe that. Artest was GOLD !!!! He helped us in ways we can’t imagine. Even if he did nothing all year, Game 7 was IT.
    So next year, the Lakers will trade, acquire, whatever — in order to handle the NEW face of the NBA (with free agents moving around).
    So Scalabrine … not sure what your contract status is … look around the NBA if you have a chance … get out of Beantown as soon as you can – it’s a sinking ship.
    We got the cookie now. You might have another chance to try out for the cookie on another team.

  • iamthetie

    I remember these comments from back in ’08. The one thing that really pissed me off is that I don’t even think he played a minute in that series. I think if a towel boy spends the same amount of time on the floor as you do, you shouldn’t talk trash.

  • http://www.myspace.com/stevesspace TheEclectic

    He just mumbling and rambling about how Kendrick Perkins was such a big loss. I guess he forgets how Pau did up Kendrick in Game 1. What a fool! Then he talks about how their offense stalled and that’s why they lost… well Kendrick wouldn’t have helped in that aspect and from what I could tell Rasheed played a hell of a game – so I’d say losing Perkins probably helped them more than hurt. Too bad he lacks any class to acknowledge that we beat them and wanted it more than them. What a bunk bitch!




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  • http://thebasketballoracle.com Joey

    It’s funny how he keeps saying “WE” like he actually played or something…

  • riorondoisafaggot

    haahahaha. lmao rio hondo. i knew rio rondo sounded familiar. yo rio, do you really go to rio hondo college? cuz thats a school for retards

  • BigGreg

    Didn’t this guy win a radio contest to play for the C’s or something?