We never wish injury upon any player, especially someone like Yao Ming who truly loves and wants to play this game of basketball. Unfortunately, it is now being reported he will miss the remainder of this post-season with his injury.

nomoreMy Fox Houston: NBA sources on Saturday told FOX 26 Sports Houston Rockets center Yao Ming’s season is over.

Rockets officials have decided even if the franchise advances to the NBA’s Western Conference Finals, Yao will not play any more this season.

The Rockets had issued a release earlier Saturday stating that Yao had undergone tests on his injured left ankle and would be re-evaluated Sunday by team physician Dr. Tom Clanton.

The Rockets initial tests on Yao showed that he had a sprained ankle. He suffered the injury during the Rockets loss to the Lakers in game three of their best of seven series Friday.

The Rockets trail the Lakers two games to one.

Rockets officials have not been available for comment.

  • KING


    but hell yeah. we got this series already.

  • topher

    Yes theres know way they’ll win

  • http://www.visionofthefans.com Chris Manning

    “Hell yeah”?

    Sorry but I like beating a healthy opponent. I also love watching Yao Ming. He is very classy and truly does love playing the game of basketball – look at how long it took for the Rockets to take him off the court. The guy wanted to compete.

    VERY disappointing news but the Lakers still need to go out there, and despite Yao’s injury, close this series out. Lakers in 5.

  • imfasterthanur

    That’s not something to celebrate. I hope he heals up well and recovers timely.

  • dcb2069

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    well said.

  • http://www.nicklachey.us Jackenton

    I hope Lakers don’t get overconfident because of Yao’s injury. Also, I wish him a speedy recovery come next season. Lastly, Chris has a point. It’s always better to beat a team at full strength. Where’s the thrill when people tell you that you’ve only won because someone was injured?

  • Deafdefiant

    Keep your head up big man! Get well soon.

  • http://thelakersnation.com/blog/?fbconnect_action=myhome&userid=4 Chris Manning

    Here is more on it:

    “Yao Ming had an initial test taken in the early morning hours on Saturday following the game,” said Rockets Team Physician Dr. Tom Clanton. “The original diagnosis of the left ankle sprain was based on the results of that test. Further diagnostic procedures performed later in the day, revealed a hairline fracture on the top of his left foot. In order for the bone to heal properly, Yao will need to immobilize the foot by wearing a walking boot. No surgery is required and he should be able to resume his regular workout routine sometime between the next eight to 12 weeks.”

  • roro

    i can’t believe his not going to play anymore in this post season. His a great guy and is good for the game of basketball…..And he is also very funny. GEt well YAO. Rockets are playing the lakers hard and i love it! Lakers need a challenge.

  • kwame4mvp

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    Umm.. ok? Karma’s a b*tch man…

  • kenny

    First of all, i wouldn’t wish this upon any player, espacially as one as classy anda lover of the game like yao. I hope he gets well soon.

    Regarding what it’ll do for the series, we need to close it out in 5, but hopefully Lakers don’t relax. Remember what happeneed in game 2 when yao was in foul trouble, they played great and worked even harder…

  • kobe8

    its a damn shame. you never wanna find positives from someone’s injury but this just made the series shorter than what it MIGHT have been.

  • Anthony

    Everyone who’s getting on King remember he also started his comment off with “first!!!”.

    Anyway. It’s too bad he’s out the Lakers would have been better served with the best competition out there. Especially Bynum who could have learned plenty from someone as good as Yao is on the offensive end of the floor. Hopefully he’ll be alright (sadly his team won’t).

  • Mitch4Pres

    sucks really bad. always want to beat the opponent at top strength. this is really unfortunate for him. he doesn’t deserve this he’s a great competitor. sucks also b/c if we win all the bi tch a ss rockets fans will use this as an excuse.

  • daboss1848

    some of u are real nice, good people . . . I just want rings!!!

    I dont care who goes down with injury, as long as its not us!!!

    There are no asterisks next to championships to say Magic Johnson, Byron Scott, James Worthy, Andrew Bynum, etc. didnt play in Finals.

    Cry me a river – get us a ring!!

  • dom1020

    looks like a lakers vs nuggets match up, you should start prepping that pregame A.S.A.P.

  • http://KB24.com rissa missa

    that’s really horrible news. get well soon Yao. it’s must be so frustrating for him. he’s just too big and his legs just cannot support all that wear and tear. keep the faith Yao.

  • OnenOnly24

    Very sad news but you know the taller you are, the more problems you get. Isn’t this like the third year that his season ended with injuries.

  • Dave

    I guess this was why Yao only “jumps” 2-3 inches into the air. He doesn’t need to jump any higher … and he’s got some damn weak bones.

  • B

    Unfortunate I would have rather faced up with them with Yoa and T-mac. Then we would have a real fight to the championship.

  • http://www.keyshop.org Makaveli3

    I hope he heals up good. and that hell yeah comment was pretty bad. We wish no one to get injured. But lakers will win this.

  • Vibe

    I dont wish on people to get injury but if they do hey we got move one and beat them hard.

  • Paul Garnett

    Kobe doesnt want any part of Bron Bron!!





  • avcpl

    Heart goes out to Yao. Class act all the way. True warrior. Get well soon my friend.

  • Bynum from the playboy mansion

    Fool ain’t injured he just afraid of BYNUMITE!!! I’ll ram my 5 dolla foot long up his ass and make say YAOUCH!!!

  • mr.laker19

    Hate him on the court, love his commercial, highly respect him as a player an a competitor. Hate to see this happen, was a exciting series, but lets not lose focus, the Rockets arent going to lay down without Yao so lets jump on them early and finish this guys

  • trademaster 2009

    now brian cook is the tallest

  • dawg

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    Like Malcolm said,
    we need to win the ring by any means Necessary.

  • 123kid

    some of u guys who smile on this is just wow! i dont even wanna like stoop to your level of having no class. why would u wanna even be happy about this? i respect yao for really pushing for his team and really doing what he could on the court, especially that 1st game against portland going 9-9 (really pushed to get his team out of the 1st round). i wish him all the best and really hope he gets his injuries resolved. i really think hez a good player, but his injuries always seem to get the best of him. i enjoy watchin the lakers fight through adversity early and see teams like the cavs get comfortable and face weak-@ss teams in the east! i like to see teams try and pusht the lakers to keep that fire rolling. its only a matter of time!

  • Michael_23

    Lakers better watch it. I hope they don’t turn “OFF” the switch. This is a Laker team that might fall asleep again like they did in game 1.

    Lakers don’t get too relaxed! Just win 10 games and you guys are champs!!!

  • lilkobe24

    [Comment ID #70657 Will Be Quoted Here]

    wtf u talking about? only like 1 guy smiled stupid fck

  • GT

    This is a good opportunity for Andrew Bynum to get some of his confidence back. I say stick him back in the starting lineup and beat up (no literally) the little guys down the post.

  • lilkobe24


  • KING

    first of all. in the words of the late great EAZY(muthaphukin)-E “Dont quote me boy, I ain’t said sh1t” all of you quoting my words like im martin luther king n chit, you should try thinking about my statement first. whats the first thing that popped into your head when you heard yao was out? “hell yeah, west finals here we come…” right? you didnt think “hell yeah, i hope Yao’s hurt and cant ever play again” right? so why assume im thinking like that. you guys are taking my words out of context worse thank coach K’s… and even with that said. im still glad we dont have to face him, we saw what a healthy yao can do to us in gm.1… u guys act like your some great humanitarians. like the dude above me said. championships dont come with asterisks. so stop crying…. GO LAKERS!!!

  • Dracul

    Uhm, the Rockets clearly play better when Yao is out. That Landry guy for some reason kills our rebounding. He may not do so hot if he has to play a full game in the starting unit, but still.

    Lakers need to take the next 2 games as seriously as they took game 2 and 3, no Lakerdaisical play, ’cause the Nuggets are gonna sweep the Mavs.


  • Adam

    Yao done?

    That’s the way the [fortune] cookie crumbles.

    Just kiddin’ (so please don’t rant), I love Yao and it’s a shame he’s out.

  • 123kid

    [Comment ID #70662 Will Be Quoted Here]

    wtf you talkin about! the 1st two people looked at it like it like the lakers were on the way to disneyland when yao got injured. learn how to read! and if you aint part of the people i called out then dont worry about it. key word SOME! i didnt say ALL! i know everyone else had some class to respect the guy, so they should of to.

  • PL

    I understand your zeal for Lebron (or bron bron as you call him) but……yet again it is not according to knowledge……Lebron is no doubt the MVP this year BUT if you think Kobe is the least bit worried about Lebron you are just as brain washed as the talking heads you listen to……Both the Cavs and Lakers will be tested in the Conference Finals (by DENVER & ORLANDO)……and Both Kobe and Lebron will be ready…..Don’t let the stats and ESPN brain washing make you think that Kobe is no match for Lebron b/c if that is your mind set you will be disappointed after the finals……Kobe has wisely paced himself for this time and a guy that HAS GOTTEN 60+ multiple times shouldn’t be taken lightly……..Kobe is the best of this generation and I don’t see him slowing down for another 4-5 years (then Bynum will become the Franchise player)…..Again I give a lot of Credit to Lebron for improving a lot from last year ……But to say that Kobe wants no part of him is as STUPID as saying Lebron is the GOAT LOOOOOOOOOOOOL ……When/If both guys get to 5+ CHIPS then they will enter the Russel, Jordan, Kareem, Magic conversation……..Hype sells tickets and soft drinks but Championships separate the Charles Barkley’s from the Tim Duncan’s



  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #70669 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Good point Dracul, where is your a at the end of your name??

    Anyways… I bet Yao’s extended minutes caused this to happen. They lost Mutombo which caused Yao to play more than he should have. Can’t have Yao play more than 30-35 minutes or else he will have this happen again. Also, the rockets could make the lakers miserable by playing underdog style today. They have played us great without Yao so I don’t think today will be an easy game.

  • Dracul

    [Comment ID #70677 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Their 2nd unit comes in and plays with wild abandon. However, if they have to start and play heavy minutes, they may not be used to it, so they could be beasts in the beginning and then get gassed by the end of the 3rd quarter.

    And yes, now its the Rockets who are undermanned, so they will wave the underdog flag for King and Country and play their hearts out. This is why I said the Lakers need to take these next 2 games as seriously as they took the last 2.

    As far as Yao Ming is concerned, this guy is a walking breakdown – he’s not someone you can win a championship with – he’s too slow, he gets injured easily, he gets gassed consistently in the 4th quarter, and he’s not the imposing scary figure that was the Player Formerly Known As Shaq.


  • mastarockafella

    First thing that enters my mind is “easy win” now. I don’t wanna be over confident cuz I know the rockets even play better without Yao in the court, but we can’t deny his presence makes a big difference as well.

    As for our big man, Bynum, I hope he can exploit this mismatch and redeem himself.


  • sketch

    First off, I hate to see Yao go out like that! He’s a great player, talent, and ambassador for the game. Having said that, like I’ve been saying all along… Lakers in 5 baby!

    Go Lakers!

  • mr.clutch101

    The Lakers just have to handle business to close the series.

    On another note, I hate when good players are injured because nothing is better than defeating a good team, good luck to Yao who clearly loves to play and compete.


  • mastarockafella

    It’s amazing how we, laker fans wishing yao to get well. when i came aboard to the rocket’s forum to check on their reaction, i was surprised to read that almost or maybe 80% of them are throwing yao out of the bus. I feel sorry for yao.

  • farmabrick

    Heal up, Yao. The NBA needs you and your 200 million fans in China to help the league make money.

    Yao is a classy dude. Sorry about the injury.

    Now, let’s go crush the Rockets!

  • lilkobe24

    [Comment ID #70674 Will Be Quoted Here]

    okay the 1st two guys ! ? wow and u said some of u guys stfu it was only 2 people trippen

  • LakerLegend

    when i heard the news that Yao is out for the season.. i was like “YES” Lakers Got a big chance in Game 5.. but it looked like a disappointing game to me.. i mean DAMN! the lakers were trailing by 29! at the end of the 3rd Q.. if they keep going like this then it will Definately look its Really Lebron’s year this Season

  • LakerLegend

    definately look like**..

    oh and GO LAKERS!!!!

  • barry

    a quick to all the people thinking lakers in 5.

    doesn’t anybody remember phil jackson taking a shot at the spurs, suggesting that one of their championships should have an asterisk since there was a strike that season? win or lose, there are already plenty of asterisks on this season for the lakers:

    – ginobelli being out, duncan aging about 10 years this season (and kobe has actually been in the league a year longer – just how many more games are left in *his* knees?) and not having to play the spurs during the playoffs;
    – the lakers dodging portland in a second round matchup – they drop a home game and they’re probably done seeing that they haven’t won in portland in years;
    – the lakers even having derek fisher after he requested that the jazz release him so he could find the best care for his daughter – and he signed with the lakers about 5 seconds later;
    – and now yao is out for the rest of the season;

    i’d love to see a reporter ask jackson if he’d add an asterisk or two on this season if the lakers manage to win it all.