100% done deal. Shaq passed his physical and is now officially a Phoenix Sun. This could be great for their team “IF” a lot of things go “right.” However, as a fan of basketball… the Suns/Lakers rivalry will be so full of blood I can’t even begin to think about a playoff series between these two teams. So much history and hatred… it’s going to be damn good… Welcome back to the West Shaq… Lakers ARE READY FOR YOU.

AZ Central: The Suns have completed the trade that will bring center Shaquille O’Neal to Phoenix in exchange for Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks. O’Neal passed his physical exam to the Suns’ satisfaction this afternoon and a trade call was placed with the league to make the trade official. Marion and Banks, who remained in Phoenix this afternoon, still have to pass physicals with Miami in the next 72 hours or the Heat could rescind the deal but that is highly unlikely at this stage.


“I will not let you down,” O’Neal told Nash on the phone.

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  • fred0s

    Haha, good luck Phoenix. You are going to need it.

  • lakaluva

    This is poetic justice… I cant wait!!!

  • lakerz

    shaq in a suns uni. LOL

  • SILO



  • lakersforlife77

    HAHAHAHA awesome!!!!! Ilove it, it will only make victory that much sweeter. WE lost none of our core, and they lost a pivotal offensive piece. I love it! Bring it phoenix, Bring it!

  • http://lakers.com k0be da 1 andonly


  • GotGasol.com

    They gave up their best all around player (marion) for an old overpaid fat ass!

  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    Look out – Suns fans are saying this will “rock the Lakers’ spirits”


  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    ESPN Stein just reported this deal “WILL HAPPEN.”

    Welcome back to the West Shaq. Meet Mr. Bynum.

  • kingkb24

    shaq is way too slow to play in the suns offence

  • lakersforlife77

    there offense is done, unless they like 4 on 5. Better develop that half court game, which overall will favor the lakers with bynum healthy!

  • lakers4life



    fish bell

    lo > hill

    pau > amare

    BIG BYNUM > shaq

  • kilacrosova

    Ahhh man the good news just keeps on coming. HAHHA this is a joke how is shaq going to keep up with that fast uptempo offense?? Whats going to happen after shaq is tired after 20 minutes of play? Phoenix’s envy of the Lakers will be the reason for their downfall, try to stop us with Shaq??? LOL

  • lakers4life


    fish bell

  • KONG!

    Well, the Suns are officially a joke. They might as well bring in Gary Payton, Allen Houston, Dennis Roddman, and throw in Shawn Kemp just to make it interesting.

    Shaq? Please, don’t embarrass yourself by falling on the court gasping for air when Andrew Bynum beats you down the floor and dunks on Staudemire.

  • mfoznot

    HA HA HA (accent on HA). This is stupid! Suns are old and we are young and vibrant. Bring it on! Bring it!

  • ryc3



  • Nabil

    Actually, if I’m the suns, I probably do this. What they have isn’t working anymore, and its clear now that they aren’t getting championships with that group. Marion ain’t resigning after this year. The Lake show just got real big. Shaq and Amare is a pretty damn big lineup. Given, the get ALOT slower when he’s in there. But Shaq can park his ass under the basket and Nash can certainly penetrate and get Shaq dunks. I think this is a 1 or 2 year shot at a ring while Nash can still get it done. Watch as Shaq rededicates himself and Miami folk say, “where the hell was that the last year and a half?” Sound familiar?

  • lakerzzz

    You know what would be super funny if in Shaqs first game he gets hurt again, and then they would have given away marion, well actually they did do that

  • gugy

    I love it!

    They say the third is a charm. So the Lakers will get the Suns on the playoffs for the third consecutive time. BUT, This time we will kill them and the best of all with Shaq on the team!!!!

    So this will be the best revenge we ever can get. Kobe will vindicate himself and the Lakers fans will be in heaven.

    So I say, bring fat old Shaq. That will make our victory over the Suns way more sweeter!

  • jrich

    Shaq in an ugly orange uniform. New nickname: Big Pumpkin.

  • JCBiglessworth

    AHAHAHAH I wanna see shaq run up and down the court in the phnx offense, HAHAHA are u kidding me? this is your counter for the gasol trade??? U just burried urself a huge contact also, steve kerr will get fired!


    dnt worry bout the suns its the heat fans tht r celebrating

  • Left

    Do they actually think this is a good deal for them? It puts them in a HUGE hole as far as money goes, not to meantion Shaq on a slide big time. He’s got a busted hip, he’s only getting older. Somebody get him a walker.

  • gugy

    If this trade really happen just means one thing = desperation by the Suns!

  • megaloco10

    WTF!!!! really menn the suns are desperated to get shaq

  • sepehr

    At first I thought what a stupid trade the suns made, slowing their team down with a 35 year old injury prone. But then I realized that the suns even though I hate them, they have a great front office and must know something that we dont. Shaq will add that presence in the paint to block shots but won’t be able to run, but on the 1/2 court game he can still dominte if he is played around 20-25 minutes a game. Lakers can still beat them by attacking shaq with bynum and gasol.

  • Lakz

    Wow.You heard it here first. Sacramento Bee will be reporting tomorrow that the Kings have agreed to trade Ron Artest and Brad Miller and a 2nd round pick to Golden State for Patrick O’Bryant, Austin Croshere, Marco Bellini, Mikael Pietrus and the Warriors 2010 1st round pick. The deal is pending physicals from Brad Miller and Ron Artest.

  • double

    HAHAHAHA… This trade is great.

    If we beat the Suns, it’ll be like hitting two birds with one stone. I hope we get to face them in the playoffs.

  • kobeftw

    [Comment ID #25048 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Correction: When we beat the Suns…

  • Ko-Pau19

    all i can say is wow! i can’t believe steve kerr actually pulled the trigger on this deal. i don’t wanna say anything cause we don’t know how it’ll work out for the suns, but as of right now i agree with all of you. im not sure shaq is capable of walking let alone running with the fast paced suns, but only time will tell i guess. but wow! i guess the west is feeling the pressure on our gasol trade! one great trade now created such an uproar that every team is now desperate to make a move! This nba season has just turned very interesting!!! haha LAKERS all the wayy baby! Let’s GO!

  • e

    [Comment ID #25050 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yeah id have to agree with u…we need to see what happens first…BUT, i must say, we definitely got the best deal out there =)

  • pliplap

    This is interesting! Good luck Shaq! Though i still admit that the Lakers would have not won the recent championships without him! Go Kobe! Win it this time!

  • ecstyle

    This trade is similar to the Chris Webber trade where an aging NBA player is placed in a high tempo offense. In this case, this is clearly an overreaction to the Laker’s ste(a)llar Gasol trade. Many, including me, have agreed that this trade will benefit Miami more than Phoenix. However if O’neal is healthy enough, this team can be a dangerous in the playoff. Size and length is a potent ingredient in the Western Conference, especially with Shaq’s presence. He no longer has to be a dominant offensive force, but instead a defensive minded center. As long as O’neal is not required to play forty minutes, which is almost certain, and simply keep up with the Sun’s pace and shift his focus on intimidating the opposing team’s penetration, this might actually work for Phoenix. Steve Kerr might even force D’Antoni to restructure the offense of this team to accommodate and make use of Shaq’s left over potential. In the end , the Heat seem to be the clear winner of this trade and give in to Marion’s overpaid salary.
    On another note, Dallas would’ve also benefited from acquiring Shaq if Devin Harris was still healthy (http://games.espn.go.com/nba/features/traderesult?players=614~2745~181~841&teams=6~14~14~14&te=&cash=).
    Nevertheless, the Western Conference regains its strength as the Diesel shifts the power back from the East.

    Ecstyle – The Sport’s Writa

  • TheAce

    theyre gonna regret this move. just wait

  • JCBiglessworth

    [Comment ID #25047 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Where did u hear this from cuz i went to the sacbee website and dont see it there…

  • MILO

    This will go down as the most stupid and desperate trades done this season.I think this is only the begining i look for Boston and Cleveland to try and acquire Kidd Boston clearly has nothing to offer maybe Posey and Rondo and some picks but clearly the Lakers acquisition of Gasol has started a turmoil in the entire league.GO LAKERS

  • MILO

    I just hope Kobe’s finger doesn’t slow Kobe down i think they should really be careful with that maybe even give up a couple of games on this road trip im thinking of the long run we need Kobe to be 100% for the rest of the season and the playoffs!!!

  • KB

    ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… WHY WOULD THEY TRADE SHACK D WADE NEVER GONNA GET AH NOTHER RING NOW LOL

  • AndrewT

    I’m psyched about this move for the Suns because it means the Western conference is about to get less tough.

    1. Marion puts up better numbers than Shaq in almost every category. He gets almost 3 rebounds per game better, about the same in points, but Marion is usually pretty injury free and can run the court. Oh yeah, Marion can hit free throws.

    2. Shaq’s Injuries – Dude’s got busted hips, aching back, creaky knees. He’s not doing those heat pad commercials for no reason. He’s in good shape this season, but he’s still limited to 25 minutes a game. Phoenix isn’t terribly deep already, I don’t see how this helps. Shaq’s known for getting into foul trouble, if he gets into foul trouble the Suns are going to be severely underhanded on the floor. If they play Shaq off the bench with Amare at the 5, they’ll have that gaping hole where Marion used to be.

    3. Shaq’s Offense. Shaq’s offense is still good and you should still respect it. But Marion runs the floor better and puts up more points. However, offense was never the Sun’s problem anyway. Shaq doesn’t really represent a change. If anything, it’s worse because I don’t see him running the Sun’s pace. If the Sun’s slow down their game to accommodate them, their primary strength (their offense) is going to suffer even if Shaq gets easy baskets.

    4. Interior Presence. On the defensive end, he’s really more like Kwame Brown. He’s no longer mobile enough to box out fast guards so in essence he’s basically like a tree trunk taking up space.

    Position is important, but it didn’t help the Lakers much, it’s not helping out the Heat, and more or less irrelevant in a matchup with the Lakers because they’re still going to need to double team Kobe, Gasol, or Bynum. Also given Shaq’s stamina, you have to wonder how long he can muscle opposing centers. Did I mention that Marion actually gets almost 3 rebounds more a game than Shaq?

    5. The Future – The dude’s rapidly declining. Taking on Shaq’s bad contract is a gigantic risk for the Suns. They have maybe one or two seasons to do get it done before Shaq is going to be more of a liability than an asset (if he’s not there already). Then they’re stuck with an aged Steve Nash, a center who doesn’t play defense and has bad knees, and the Diesel on empty. Ouch.

    6. The Sun’s System. This is pretty big to me. It’s obvious Shaq can’t play at the Sun’s pace, so they’re going to slow it down for him. Consequently, they’re going to score a lot less points. They’re defensive weaknesses are going to be more exposed if they can’t score as many points. They’re going to switch from a system they’ve built around for the last three years in midseason to a structured half-court game? And they’re taking this risk in the middle of the season with the best record in the conference? Yikes.

  • MILO

    Woe! i took a Vicodin for my back pain and now i am beginig to see blurry i dont think thats normal sh!t i should have only taken half…G o o d n i g h t! ! !


    im glad this trade went through. shaq is slow and injury prone. and easily the worst free throw shooter in the Suns. down the stretch, there wasn’t a Suns player who you should have fouled, now they have one of the worst free throw shooters in history.

  • http://JHLaker JHLaker

    Look I know he isn’t the shaq of old but it is shaq and a line-up with him Amera is kind of interesting. I think this will slow there offense down and that might just be what they need but we all nash can’t play half-court offense and marion was a key core player in there line-up all i am looking forward to is the match up. Kobe will quickly attack the suns to make a statement and I think are boy andrew will come out even more inspired to defend and prove something agansit shaq. Good trade for the suns on both ends. They just needed something to calm down the lakers…Oh well this actually made things alittle more exciting when we woop that ass.

  • http://thelakersnation.com kb24 4life

    shaq is out of form, i say bring the suns

  • AndrewT

    The last thing the Suns should do is slow their offense down. In fact, they should speed it up. Lots of teams this year have shown that they can play the Sun’s pace and even exceed it. Think the Lakers when Bynum was in the game. We ran faster than them, got more easy baskets, and played better defense.

    Take away the Suns speed and high powered offense and their weaknesses become more apparent. They don’t play bad defense because they put up 110 points, but slow it down and take less shots and that defense becomes questionable.

    This deal is such a good thing for the Lakers. We got Pau Gasol, a seven footer with All-Star talent and didn’t even give up any of our TOP TEN players. The Suns are going to trade their 2nd or 3rd best player for a guy who plays limited minutes, doesn’t fit into their system, and might actually be worse.

    As a Laker fan, I approve this trade.

  • willow

    [Comment ID #25040 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • Jimmy

    I think the trade is a desperate move by Phoenix. I could crack a lot of jokes, but Shaq brought 3 titles to this town and was loved by all the fans here. Show him some respect. I think he’ll do better in Phoenix than he did in Miami, barring anymore injuries. However, I don’t know what Phoenix is thinking… this changes their offense completely when he’s in the game. Also, Marion was a critical part in that run and gun offense.

  • daryl

    omg “BIG PUMPKING”

    “oh snap get outta the way, the giant pumpkin is wobbling down the court. he say’s he on his way to make some pie for kwame”

  • wguzman87

    all i gotta say is that shaq is old and cant make any team better

  • hibachi



  • laker in AZ

    AND FOR SHAQ>>>>>> FATTT PUMPKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Jack

    hey hey hey guys… slow down. More and more experts are actually starting to beleive positive outcome off this trade. At firt like most NBA fans, I was shocked… didn’t make sense anyhow. But the reason why this trade is happening is Phoenix needs inside presence, and who better to get than a big name like Shaq? Only concerns: how well will Shaq play?? Can he lighten himself up like he did when he went in Miami?

    Steve Kerr is a clever a$$ b1tch guys. He knows he will have to go through Bynum, Duncan and Chandler to play longer in playoffs. Beleive me, if Shaq gets healthy, he might just fit allright with the Suns.

    But the negative side of the trade is more dominent. That’s good news for us. No more “Matrix” to worry about. In the end, I will have to say : What are you thinking Phoenix?????(you ppls were no. 1 in West….ehehe….. going nowhere Suns:Nash and Shaq are antonyms.)

  • lafanfromindiana

    I was pretty surprised when I heard the trade but I am more surprised about how most of you are commenting about it. If you are a Laker fan…how can you talk so bad about someone that won us 3 championships and brought us so many laughs with his personality. It wasn’t his choice to be traded by the Lakers. I agree, he isn’t as dominant as he was and never will be but I still respect the guy. When its all said and done Shaq will be remembered as a Laker.

  • 187 ON BOSTON

    YEAH!!!!!!!!! I cant waut for big bynum to smash that FAT F**K in the playoffs……

  • 187 ON BOSTONC

    [Comment ID #25083 Will Be Quoted Here]

    HE AINT A LAKER NO MORE SO F**K HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 187 ON BOSTON

    [Comment ID #25074 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • Zenmaster2323

    Shaq and Wade worked well in the East the past two seasons because the East is very soft, especially on the interior. Now that you move Shaq out West, he is going to take a beating on the inside which I don’t think he can handle at his age.

    I see the Suns starting out well with the trade but then rapidly declining and finishing 3 or 4th in the conference.

    Given the new offense they’ll have to implement and the lack of chemistry, I predict a first round exit especially if they end up playing someone like the Spurs or Mavs.

  • hellbydante

    Lakers are gonna have their way with the suns come the playoffs… 4-0 Lakers fo sho!!


    LOL!!!1 Suns PF: Amare? SF: Hill C: Shaq? LOL SG:Bell PG:Nash

    Lakers PF: Pau SF: Lamar C: BIG BYNUM SG:Kobe PG:Fish




  • Shaq786

    All i know is ODOM is gonna rip them to shreds even more is the coming playoffs

    gasol/bynum vs. amare/shaq… will be a good match up if SHAQ comes to play.. thats fo sho

  • nyla


  • aibarra03

    The Lakers were already a better team than the Suns before either teams made a trade. Now the Lakers get better and the Suns get worse! I love it! Once completly healthy, the Lakers are the best team in the NBA. I truely hope we see the Suns in the playoffs.

  • Nabil

    Wait just a minute phoenix! You wish the Lakers had a little less size and you had a little more size?
    The perfect solution:

    Odom for Marion, straight up. That fulfills both your wishes.

    And we can laugh as Odom jacks up airballs for you, and we get a true small forward for shizzle.

  • hibachi

    man oh man! im i gonna witness a lakers and celtics finals?… can’t wait for it…

  • Nabil

    hells yeah.

  • 187 ON BOSTON

    [Comment ID #25097 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • DingleBerry

    Nba has got to be loving this!!!!! Snaq back in the west and the pacific. Lakers and boston got good again. Ratings will be skyrocketing. cant wait to play phoenix again and beat them in thye playoffs!!!

  • Miguel


  • mplakers






  • http://www.whipappeal.net neil puzon

    I remember when PJ and D’antoni had that little riff where D’antoni got mad cuz PJ called taht time out during one of the games and PJ commented saying something like “PHX had their chance to win a championship, you only get 4 or 5 years to do that…” i think their chances are even lower now, cuz their offense will be totally broken…hahha I highly doubt theyll get passed the first round, and if they do…whoever in the second round will destroy them

  • Nabil

    [Comment ID #25113 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You make some interesting points. But I think Shaq will always hold a special place in the hearts of many laker fans, including me. :) So many great memories.

    But then again, I still love Eddie Jones, Nick the Quick, and Sedale. Maybe I’m just to nostalgic. Couldn’t be like those Utah fans.

  • Jack

    [Comment ID #25074 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Did someone said Boston and Spurs??? Spurs are done boy. and Boston is like the mavs. Great regular season team but can never beat the Pistons(like mavs to spurs). Seriously, no matter how well they play in regular season, mavs and celtics will never win a ring with the same guys they have.

    LA is seriously back in business. We are not looking at the first round, or second round. Now, we are just worried how we play in June. By the way, just thank God, Gasol is soft. If this 7-footer also gets tough and aggressive, we might just have found a Spanish Wilt. Either way, he gets his job done. that’s all we want from him. Leave the rest to KB24.

  • 24allup inya

    [Comment ID #25074 Will Be Quoted Here]

    suck a dick you fag!!!

  • Roscoe

    I love Shaq. He was my favorite Laker when he was on the team. So funny, off the court and dominant on the court. I got no problem with him. Some people just don’t get along (Kobe / Shaq). I moved out to Scottsdale a few years ago so I’m pretty psyched on the trade, because being a Laker fan it doesn’t affect me too much and now Shaq’s gonna be around town.

  • sirtoken

    The Arizona Republic is officially calling him “THE BIG SAGUARO”.
    But, I kind of like the “THE BIG PUMPKIN”. Has a nice ring too it!!

  • Michael_23

    Shaq will be in most of the time against Spurs, Mavs, Lakers, Celtics, Pistons, Rockets and probably Denver.

    But I see Shaq sitting out against teams that run like Golden State, Utah, and probably Denver.

    The trade is okay, but will hurt them if Shaq is injured which he is half the time. And Shaq’s been playing injured since after the 2006 NBA Finals.

    The Heat have no center anymore so they should run run and run. But with a PG like Jason Williams and Smush Parker, that’s not going to work out very well.

  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    SAS – talking Shaq deal

    Lots of interesting stuff – after the basic stuff

    – Talking about money. Anyway brings up Wade and LeBron and how they will look to leave after their K is up unless the teams make major progress. Said LeBron to NJ or LA. Says Nike has a 9 figured deal lined up for LeBron if he’s in one of those two cities. Says LeBron wouldn’t need LA’s money because of what Nike is going to pay and LeBron would go play with Kobe. Wade has his eye on his hometown area of Chicago.

    – Brings up how cold Riley is. Said once, Riley went right up to a player during a meeting with everyone there. Said he heard the player didn’t want to be there so he told him to get his (bleep) and had security escort the player out and he was dealt later. Happened before SVG was the coach but he wouldn’t say who. Riley had a major issue with Shaq after he tried to send Shaq out of practice and Shaq wouldn’t go. Riley’s answer to any problem is work harder – Shaq feels his success warrants a break.

    – LA getting Gasol is the main reason Phx made that deal. Phx was satisfied with what they have – hence dealing away Kurt Thomas come draft night. But when LA made their move, Phx realized they only had 2 more years of Amare and Nash and both of those guys want a ring so they had to compete with LA’s size. [I don’t believe that contract info is right but he said it.]

  • gugy

    If the Shaq indeed is the big pumpkin that would be very interesting.

    If we the Lakers beat them in the playoffs. That will make even sweeter the victory.
    If we lose, that will make much more painful.

    The thing this trade confirm to us, is that the Gasol trade is the best trade of the season, better than KG and much better than Shaq.

    Good job Kupcake!

  • Rasar

    lafan wrote: ” If you are a Laker fan…how can you talk so bad about someone that won us 3 championships and brought us so many laughs with his personality. ”

    We have long memories. LA loved him until when he dissed us all by asking to be traded and then kept on bad-mouthing us from Miami. He fired the first and second shot in this. Now he’s game.

    Of course, he didn’t help his own cause either. He’s lazy, sits out half the season, his work ethics suck, he’s prone to injury, he eats more than his legs can carry, and there are very few teams he could thrive on. I’m at a loss how a run-and-gun team like Suns who thrive on running up and down the court, whose whole offence predicates on movement of players would gamble like this on someone who is epitome of static play. Imagine this: four suns running up the court after getting a rebound… and waiting for the fifth one to arrive, and waiting, and waiting and waiting… Before the trade, Marion was the first one to dart out of the backcourt and run up the court for an easy layup. They traded that speed for this? I don’t get it.

    Maybe the Suns have something else in mind, to make a bench player out of Shaq. Or maybe they’ll have a talk with him and tell him: “Remember how you like to sit out half the season? How about you instead rest 95 percent of each game?” Maybe there are situations Shaq can help them. It’s not like I have not been surprised before.

  • Butch

    Phoenix is in a panic mode. Why would they trade for an oft-injured, lazy, un-motivatated, over-the-hill player like Shaq?
    Kobe, Bynum, Gasol, Odom, Fisher: pick your poison. Who would want to face that? I smell a championship in our near future!

  • Rasar

    I wouldn’t mind watching a Shaq/Bynum matchup four (or more) times a year for the next few years. Watching Bynum rising in experience and stature while Shaq keeps falling apart and slowing into oblivion, getting blocked or posterized by the young lad, that would erase any memory of Shaq’s greatness and strip him of any shred of dignity unless you watch ESPN Classic 5 years from now. Man, what a way to go for Shaq…

    Thinking about that possibility maybe he’ll start doing the reverse of what he did in 2004: make a big stink and ask for a non-trade.

  • Rasar

    Hey Suns, one more trade like the Marion/Shaq trade and I’ll guarantee you titles for the next 10 years. All you have to do is trade Nash for Alonzo and you’ll be home free. If Miami resists throw in Barbosa in the trade and I’m sure Riley will laugh all the way to Marcus Banks… I mean Riley will consider a trade as a personal favor.

  • http://www.mr47.com mr47

    It’s funny to me that he makes this bold commitment to Nash, but why didn’t he just say this to DWADE?! It seems like O’Neal goes into a city hungry, then he falls off and commits elsewhere. Sorry Shaq, it doesn’t look like your “flip the switch” tactics will work this time. The guy is aged, out of shape, injured, and his career lows tanked with D.Wade on the team. BRING IT is right. Gasol + Bynum >>>> Shaq + Amare

  • ab4sure

    Wow… Shaq dissers have new ammo. They forget he brought 3 straight ships to LA. Three times MVP in the finals and a league MVP. They forget the lakers would have 3 ships less if not for him. He was the diesel. As far as Shaq losing to Hakeem and Houston he was just a big pup then learing how to win. I was glad to see him go because he was on the downhill and did not take care of his body, but he will always be a Laker and he will have his name retired. The lakers have moved on and might have another streak of ships in them. Those who spew bitterness toward Shaq why don’t you Balance your Bitterness with Gratitude. Gratitude for three extra ships because of the Most Dominant Big Man of His Era.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #25147 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I hear what you’re saying. I liked Shaq too …

    when he was on the Lakers.

    He’s no longer a Laker. No reason to support him anymore.

  • gugy

    I agreed,
    Shaq thanks for the past.
    But now, screw you and the Suns altogether!

  • lalakerfan

    The #1 and 2 Lakers rivals these past few years have been Phoenix and Miami. Phoenix because of the two playoff series. Miami because of Shaq. Now combine them into one. And you have just motivated Kobe even more every time the Lakers face the Suns. Kill two birds with one stone. I hate the Suns and now since Shaq is one of them, you can’t expect me to root for him.

  • Deemac1

    This has got to be the stupidest trade in nba history. Why would you trade for a man that can only play 20 games a season now? Plus he’s slow and will definately slow down your offence?! real genius move here.

  • Rasarx

    ab4sure writes: “why don’t you Balance your Bitterness with Gratitude.”

    Shaq had all the gratitude before, during and after the championships. That was through all his years of shortcomings and failings, free throw wows (remember hack-a-shaq?), feuds with Kobe, his weight problems, his health problems. We stuck with him and his positive attributes. But he didn’t want to stick with us. At the end, he had no gratitude.

    We’re talking about the present. Shaq is the past. But if we’re going to bring the past into it, the gratitude has to go both ways. He showed no gratitude to us, the supporting fans, when he asked for a trade, and the reason for that was he wanted a long, expensive contract which was just not a good move, especially in light of him putting more weight, becoming more unproductive and unmotivated, and his endless tirades. Where was the gratitude then? He just wanted a 20 mil contract per year, a young man’s salary for an old guy. It was all about money. He could have retired in LA and joined the ranks of the immortal Lakers like Chamberlain, Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Kareem and Magic. Instead, he gave it up for a little more money and because his ego couldn’t allow anyone else to share the spotlight.

    You must not be a Lakers fan, or else you would have felt the huge, deflating let-down we all felt when he started screaming that he wanted to be traded. These days everything and everyone he touches eventually ends in divorce. The Lakers. His wife. Riley. Miami.

    Nope. He has had enough gratitude. Now he’s getting a taste of the consequance of his choices, not ours. It would have been better to go out in style at the op of his game than to be shipped around like a used handbag which he is now. Shaq for Marion? Could anyone have imagined? Look where he is now, and where it all is going. Pathetic.

    Shaq, we’re grateful. But we would have been far more grateful, and you would have been far happier today if you had learned to be more mature. Thanks for the good memories. And sorry for the sad memories you are going to continue to experience.

  • http://www.mr47.com mr47

    [Comment ID #25147 Will Be Quoted Here]

    So Shaq doesn’t like our FO and dissed the organization. He left on bad terms and talks about our FO (even though they brought him to a team that can help him win a championship…and got him 3 rings, not just him!) in a bad way. You expect Laker fans to be behind this guy after he left on bad terms? I hate when fans get on here and try to tell other people how to feel about particular players. If you aren’t wearin the purple and gold, I don’t have to like anyone.

    People aren’t wishing shaq to die, they want him to play even more poorly on a team we dislike. Shaq didn’t win the title on his own, the laker roster that year deserves credit. As someone else before me said, thanks for the rings and we hope your career continues on its poor downward spiral when you arrive in PHX.

  • foxxy


  • AndrewT

    I still respect the Big Guy. I hope we retire his jersey in the future when things have calmed down. And that’s part of the reason why this trade is so stupid. Instead of retiring in peace in Miami, he’s getting bounced around the league like a piece of raw meat. It only makes it worse that pretty much everyone agrees he might be more of a liability than an asset to the Suns.

    If he’s injured, doesn’t play well, or gets exposed as being old or slow on defense on the Suns he’s going to get blamed for breaking up Phoenix’s championship core. Don’t forget, if the Suns don’t get it done this year or the next, it’s rebuilding time and they’re toast for at least the next 5 years.

  • ricky

    as much as i dislike the suns as a lakers fan, i must say that this trade is great for the nba. in just one season, 3 major blockbuster trades have occured:

    1. boston and minnesota
    2. los angeles lakers and memphis
    3. miami and phoenix

    this has shaken the nba dramatically. in the haste of trying to improve their roster and compete with the lakers, phoenix has traded away their high-flying super-athelete shawn marion along with marcus banks for an aging, injury plagued shaquille o’neal. as strange as this trade first sounds, i think it will help the suns more than it will hurt them. sure, shaq is declining as a player and his injuries are catching up to him. but when he is capable, he is a ferocious beast in the post who can carry any team in the post season. to be honest, it makes phoenix a much tougher team because now other teams will have to deal with 2 beasts in stoudemire and now shaq. that is a defensive tandem unmatched in the nba by any other team. shaq’s arrival will surely change the suns offensive scheme because it will slow them down and shaq will obviously demand the ball as well.

    just to summarize, its been a hell of a season with surprises around every corner.

    1. this makes the lakers-suns rivalry that much better as shaq will return to the west and face his former teammate and our’s truly, kobe bryant.
    2. it goes to show you that the west is where the party’s at, way too much talent than the east, although the east does have many up and coming players and young stars themselves (dwight, lebron, bosh, wade, etc.)
    3. the pacific division is now between the lakers and suns exclusively, forget the clippers, warriors, and kings.
    4. suns finally get a center that will stay for more than one season as well as have a much greater impact to the team.

    overall, the most interesting season ever in the past decade due to all the big names that have switched jerseys. but shaq in a phoenix uniform is just grotesque.

    lakers vs phoenix

    C bynum-shaq
    F gasol-amare
    F odom-hill/diaw
    G kobe-bell
    G fisher/farmar-nash/barbosa

    a great matchup, but the lakers, in my opinion, are the better team because of their depth and versatility.

  • mplakers

    calling shaq a traitor does not have anything to do with bitterness. to assume that it’s about that is shortsightedness. am i thankful he helped bring three championships here? you better believe it. did he get greedy in the end and look out for numero uno? he sure did.

    i think what was happening to shaq in miami was kharma…just like the experience that kobe had to go through with smush, cook, and kwame and as a diehard laker fan, i hope he continues on his downward spiral.

  • http://bustedquad.com/forum Caleb

    [Comment ID #25036 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Webber was signed before we got Gasol…

  • Rasarx

    “Nothing washes away the taste of 3 championship rings like a few seasons of mediocrity and getting trounced in the first round.”

    You’ll have to give it to Riley. He got his money’s worth out of the Shaq trade. He dumped Grant and Odom’s ridiculous salaries (especially Grant’s), kept his main players, and got Shaq for 3.5 seasons. Out of that, he filled his arenas, got one championship and a couple of play-off runs, and when it was painfully obvious to the entire world that Shaq has run his course and there is nothing left of him, he found the world’s biggest suckers in panicky Sarver and Steve Kerr and dumped Shaq big time. And I mean big time. He got rid of another big salary and let someone else eat it. Let someone else deal with this guy’s inability to defend without fouling, inability to stop himself from charging into defenders, inabilility to stop eating, inability to shoot free throws, his frequent healthy problems. Yes, he found a team of gazals who in a moment of compulsive reflex went stupid in the head enough to give up one of their main assets and tie their fortunes to the speediness of an… ailing elephant?

  • Michael_23

    Last week I made a comment of C-Webb not being able to keep up with GS’s offense. And I was kidding what if Shaq got traded to the Suns.

    … Never knew this would happen. hah.

  • kaynam24


  • Rasarx

    So, the Lakers dump a center who can’t run, who can’t shoot, who can’t do free-throws, who’s got terrible hands, who gets into foul trouble, who turns the ball over, who gets injured often, who has got a large contract, and get a proven player who is fast on his feet, who can shoot, who can sink free throws, who has a good attitude, and who has much better numbers everywhere.

    In response, the Suns dump a player who can run, who can shoot, who can rebound, who’s got a team attitude, who’s healthy, and in return get a player who’s old, who can’t run, who can’t shoot, who can’t do free throws, who gets into foul trouble, who turns the ball over, who’s got a large contract, who’s got terrible knees/toes/joints, who gets injured often, who has a terrible tantrum.

    Is that a mirror image move by someone from Stupidville?

    I dunno… We Lakers fans got an unimaginable gift with the Gasol trade. Could it be that Gods just gave us a second gift by casting a spell on the Suns?

  • Lakerboy248

    Wow..Just Wow.

    My first reaction to this trade was WTF?! The Suns got slower and older. Why did they pull off this trade? Was it because the Lakers got Pau Gasol? If that is the case the Suns are hella desperate to keep up with the Lakers.

    That was what I initailly thought to this trade. Then I thought, the Suns could make this work. Remember the Lakers in the 1980s? Magic would run the Lakers up and down the court but when they couldn’t get a fast break going they would wait for Kareem and they would STILL get a bucket.

    Could this be the Suns plan? If it is this could totally work or this could totally backfire. It all depends on how the Suns will play their game and how Shaq will work with them.

  • sammie

    bring it on shaq! kobe and pau will take you down anytime, anywhere, and anyplace! NO MATTER WHAT TEAM YOUR PLAYING FOR!!!

  • Michael_23

    Lakerboy, the only major difference is Kareem was healthy at age 40/41. Shaq today is 35 and can barely score 10-12 points a game.

    If the Suns really wanted a center to command the boards and blocks they should have gotten after Marcus Camby or Tyson Chandler.

    Shaq is a good complementary player for almost any team. But not for the Suns.

    Here’s a funny thought, how bout after 2 years the big fella signs a MLE for the Lakers and becomes a back up center. He can end his legacy as a Laker and hang his jersey up at Staples knowing he finished as a Laker.

  • gugy

    Shaq will not be a champion with the Suns.
    Seriously, they might be a bit better or much worse, but the truth is shaq is old, fat and have many injuries.
    The Suns are gambling big time. But just adding Shaq will not make them able to beat the Spurs, The Lakers and maybe the Mavs. Plus if they go to the finals, there is no way they will beat Detroit or Boston. All those teams are much better than the Suns.
    So Shaq is not a dominant force like he was with the Lakers. So this trade in my opinion won’t make the Suns reach their goal.

  • Remy

    Lakersboy248…yea i agree, that’s what i fear too, a similarity to the showtime lakers…but i say whoever replaces shawn marion’s position, odom really needs to take advantage of it and if he can’t, he needs to at least force a double team to free another man for us

    were the suns currently the best free throw shooting them…if they were, say goodbye to that too lol

  • erwin

    I feel Sorry for the suns they lost there all around player shawn marion and they got SHAQ,there run and gun team and shaq cant run for shiit.and they lost there best defender.

    lakers are gonna whoop them in the playoffs.

    LAKERS 2008 championship

  • xxv112002

    Yeah, Shaq is now with the Phoenix Suns. Now the Suns look even more scarier. With him in the lineup, Amare should take over the PF spot. Now don’t think I’m a Suns fan cos I’m not. But I’m just saying, with a healthy and motivated O’neal the freakin Suns are dangerous.

    Suns lineup:

    C – O’neal
    PF – Stoudemire
    SF – Hill
    SG – Bell
    PG – Nash

    With O’neal in the lineup, this may slow their “run & gun” offense. But once they learn to play half court, a healthy & motivated Shaq can still post up 13-17ppg. Amare? 22ppg.

    Defensively they look even more scarier. Shaq can still contribute 8-10rpg. Amare? 12rpg. With both of them in the lineup, they can clog the lane which makes the opposing team think twice: Either settle for jump shots the rest of the night, or go to the basket and get hammered by O’neal. I think the reason Phoenix wanted O’neal is not for his offense, but for his defense. He might be slow but he can still knock people around. They didn’t acquire him because he’s a star, they acquired him because he can be an enforcer. The same reason they acquired Kurt Thomas before, but is just not working out. Both O’neal and Amare are known to be shot blockers. Especially with a “healthy & motivated” Shaq. Why do I keep saying “healthy & motivated”? Well, you know what happened the first year he was traded to the Lakers. The same with the Heat. You know Shaq. He easily gets bored. With a change of scenery, new fans, he’ll be the talk of the town again. That seems to motivate him.

    Now Lakers vs Suns:

    Once Andrew Bynum comes back in the lineup, the Lakers will once again become a very dangerous team. But against the Suns with a healthy O’neal as the enforcer? Hard times for Lakers fans. Andrew is young. With a young body, he’s still soft physically & mentally. Shaq can knock him around and ruin Andrew’s game. That’s Phoenix’s game plan. That’s what the Celtics did to the Lakers. Now with Pau in the lineup and you know Pau. His weakness is defense even when averaging 1.9bpg. Against Amare? Good luck Pau. Now I’m not saying the Lakers will lose again, I’m just saying this is why Phoenix acquired O’neal. Now the rest of the Lakers need to step up & get healthy quick if they want this trophy this year.

    Key players to beat the Suns will be Ariza, Fisher & Farmar. So get well quick Ariza. We’ll need you.

  • Ko-Pau19

    wow what a trade! all this because of our Gasol trade too! but ts gonna be interesting to see how Shaq fairs with the fast paced suns during the rest of the season. i don’t want to jinx anything so ill just keep my mouth shut cause i don’t want to see us Lakers fans go ahead of ourselves. I just hope our team continues to jell and do well from this day on and if and when we meet the suns, only time will tell! Go Lakers!!!

  • LaughingAtSunsRightNow

    This is just too funny. Check out the comments at AZ Central (http://www.azcentral.com/sports/suns/articles/0206shaqpasses.html). PHX Suns fans are already doubting their chances of winning and want to fire Kerr. Heck, I bet they would rather have Kwame Brown than the sloth giant Shraq (he does look like shrek lol).

  • drake hunter

    Phoenix traded away the wrong player in this deal. They should have shipped Amare out instead. Shawn Marion has been the engine and Steve Nash the driver to the Suns success these past few years. He not only did the dirty work around the basket cleaning up missed shots with rebounds and tips-ins but he was also the primary receiver to Steve Nash’s alley-oop passes, fast break points, and slashing to the basket. He can also make the three point shot. When Amare was out the whole year Phoenix still made it to the conference finals because of Nash and Marion.

    Phoenix did us a huge favor by trading away Marion because he was the only consistant scorer Phoenix has. Like Phil says, let Nash beat you with his scoring not his passing. Take away his main man and all he’s got left is an aging Hill and now Shaq. Amares strengths aren’t his shooting so with Shaq clogging the lane Amare is left to wander outside the paint. Theres not gonna be a Marion there to do the dirty work anymore. No disrespect to Shaq, but thank you Phoenix for giving us the Pacific Division Title.

    Side Note – I wouldn’t be opposed now of trading Lamar for Marion straight up. Lamar goes back to Miami where he and them both had success and Lamar doesn’t go to Phoenix anymore where he could have helped them but rather he goes to an eastern team where it wouldn’t affect us in our division. Either way I’m happy with both! Keep up the great play Lamar but hit your damn free throws!

  • MakeEmSayUghhh

    xxv112002 is clearly one-sided (and a SUNS FAN) if your doubting Pau and Bynum vs. Shaq and Amare. Bynum will own Shaq for sure. He’s not soft you idiot… As I recall, he’s the only sophomore center that I know of that dunked on shaq a few years ago. He even shoved Shaq after the play and wanted to scrap with him. There is no way Amare is gona put up 22ppg while Shaq gets 17ppg…. its more like 10ppg for Shaq along with 5-7 TO.

    And PHX isn’t gona even face the lakers in the first round this year and might have trouble with either the eighth or seven seed. They’re probably up against Houston/Denver/Portland/Goldenstate so you better analyze those match ups instead. All these teams would love to face a slowed down PHX offense and have a great chance of beating them. Sorry to break this to you, but the Suns might be knocked off early and probably won’t even see the Lakers this year.

    And its obvious that the Suns got Shaq for his defense, and not offense.

    Why do you even bring that up lol? I hate the break the truth to you, but he has neither.. its obvious that he’s hurt and there’s no way he’s gona be healthy enough to make a playoff run. It doesn’t seem like you know the facts so I’ll tell u…. He’s been getting worse and hurt every year! His numbers this season are a career-low, his health is an issue (missed more games this year than ever before, and well… he’s fat and out of shape. The same reason why the lakers traded him. As one Eastern executive said, “Shaq retired two years ago”.

    Anyone agree with me? Say Ughhhh!

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #25200 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You have to be kidding. No way should they have traded Amare for Shaq. Amare just turned 25 while Marion is almost 30. Amare also scores 7 pts. more a game. They got Shaq to build up their frontline and put Amare at PF. To trade away Amare makes no sense especially after the lakers got Gasol. What the Suns should have done was trade Amare for KG when they had the chance this past summer. Nash is going to be 34 and his window is closing and KG would have given them a better chance for a ship.

  • xxv112002


    “xxv112002 is clearly one-sided (and a SUNS FAN) if your doubting Pau and Bynum vs. Shaq and Amare. Bynum will own Shaq for sure. He’s not soft you idiot… As I recall, he’s the only sophomore center that I know of that dunked on shaq a few years ago. He even shoved Shaq after the play and wanted to scrap with him. There is no way Amare is gona put up 22ppg while Shaq gets 17ppg…. its more like 10ppg for Shaq along with 5-7 TO”

    -First of all, like I said in the previous post, I’m not a Suns fan. I’ve been a Laker fan since the Magic days. Why just the Magic days you may ask? Cos I’m not as old as some who post here that had the blessing of watching other old school greats. Haha. And to answer your comment, NO IM NOT A SUNS FAN. But I do know basketball and I do know players by watching them. Yes, right now I can say Andrew Bynum is not that strong YET. But in the future, if he continues with his hard work and determination HE WILL BE. If you watch Drew play you can see his game through his body movement. At his age, he hasn’t fully developed his body yet. So right now, he’s playing finess. And as for Shaq & Amare putting up those numbers, I’m just basing it on their stats. And I’m just saying what CAN HAPPEN with a HEALTHY & MOTIVATED SHAQ.

    “And PHX isn’t gona even face the lakers in the first round this year and might have trouble with either the eighth or seven seed. They’re probably up against Houston/Denver/Portland/Goldenstate.”

    -Good. But what IF you’re wrong? Wouldn’t YOU ALSO think of the possibilites that MIGHT happen instead of being so patriotic to our Lakers team? I’m just saying, we should all be aware of what MIGHT happen because its OBVIOUS that’s the reason why Phoenix acquired Shaq. Not just for the sole reason to take down the Lakers. But for the rest of their future matchups in the Playoffs.

    “And its obvious that the Suns got Shaq for his defense, and not offense. Why do you even bring that up lol? I hate the break the truth to you, but he has neither.. its obvious that he’s hurt and there’s no way he’s gona be healthy enough to make a playoff run.”

    -If you please re-read my previous post I said with a “healthy & Motivated” Shaq. Of course he not gonna do skwat if he’s not healthy. But once/if he is… And the defense I’m talking about is not only for his rebounds and potential block shots. I’m talking about his presence down low. He might not play the way he used to do. But he IS 7ft 300 pounds. Most importantly, he has 6 fouls-per-game. Enforcers use their fouls to ruin their opponents game. Think of it, you’re playing basketball. You go to the hoop and this 300 pound dude puts you on the floor hard. Wouldn’t it ruin your game somewhat? And to think your opponent still has 5 fouls left and he can use them during crucial moments. That’s the defense I’m referring to and not just his rebounds and potential block shots. If you watched the Celtics game, they knew how to stop the Lakers by going through Andrew. But with the acquisition of Pau Gasol, hopefully we can do better.

    “you idiot”

    -Idiot is the one who goes through his life without thinking of the possibilities. You don’t go to war without thinking of a strategy do you? But hey, like you said. I’m an idiot. Okay. I’ll be a fan. Rooting for anything. “Hey great post”, “Nice comment”. “You’re right”. We understand each other now? Cool.

    Go Lakers!

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    I don’t know why the Suns think Shaq is going to improve their defense and defensive rebounding that much (actually any 7 footer probably would’ve improved that defense and defensive rebounding). People forget that Shaq was fouling people left and right earlier this year. If I’m not mistaken, he almost broke the record for fouling out in consecutive games!!

    Once Shaq is in foul trouble, I think the Suns will be back to normal where they have sorry Brian Skinner trying to please defense and have to rely on Amare for defense.

  • drake hunter

    After all is said and done, we traded Shaq for Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, and Jordan Farmar. All Miami got for him was Shawn Marion.

  • dj matt20

    [Comment ID #25200 Will Be Quoted Here]

    very well said. Lamar should hit those damn lay ups also that’s why he has so many rebounds. damn!

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #25221 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Miami traded the Broken down Shaq, Not the highly productive Shaq. Big Difference. So it unfair to compare our Shaq trade and their Shaq trade.

    And Miami got from him a CHAMPIONSHIP.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #25194 Will Be Quoted Here]

    What you’re forgetting is that the Lakers bench is WAY deeper than the Suns bench. As a matter of fact other than Barbosa and Diaw, the Suns have no bench. Compare their bench to the Lakers – that will be a huge factor.

    Secondly, are you trying to tell me that Amare is going to shutdown Pau offensively??? You’re crazy. Amare always has problems with taller players and Pau is a taller (Pau is 7 feet). Amare is not a great defender and I think Pau will definitely get his points. Now Amare offensively is going to have rely on his outside shot more because Shaq will the post up guy. Amare is most dangerous when he floats around the paint and gets the ball in the paint because that when he is able to dunk, but with Shaq there now, they both can’t be in the paint.

  • http://www.lakers.com Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #25221 Will Be Quoted Here]

    VERY good point!

  • KOBynumGau

    I think this is a great move for the Suns…. they don’t care about the regular season… and Neither does Shaq… Suns figured that they keep trying to win a championship doing the same thing. What is the definition of “Insanity”? Tried to do the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Sun’s are looking to beat the Spurs and the Mavericks… but will have problem with the Laker Twin towers who have Power and Speed… they will not be able to handle a healthy Laker Team…

  • drake hunter

    Feb 7th, 2008 at 8:34 am
    drake hunter on February 7, 2008 at 1:06 am said:

    After all is said and done, we traded Shaq for Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, and Jordan Farmar. All Miami got for him was Shawn Marion.

    Miami traded the Broken down Shaq, Not the highly productive Shaq. Big Difference. So it unfair to compare our Shaq trade and their Shaq trade.

    And Miami got from him a CHAMPIONSHIP.

    This guy is really funny. He posts earlier comments defending Shaq because people talkin smack on him and yet now he’s calling Shaq broken down! Contradiction will only lead you to more confusion my loser friend. Why don’t you call Steve Kerr and tell him Shaq’s broken down. I’m sure he’d be happy to hear that. Once again another meaningless opinion from a Fake Laker Fan. All right I’ll say it, your a “FLAKER”…..LOL I just kill myself! LMAO!!!!!!

  • drake hunter

    Feb 6th, 2008 at 11:37 pm

    You have to be kidding. No way should they have traded Amare for Shaq. Amare just turned 25 while Marion is almost 30. Amare also scores 7 pts. more a game. They got Shaq to build up their frontline and put Amare at PF. To trade away Amare makes no sense especially after the lakers got Gasol. What the Suns should have done was trade Amare for KG when they had the chance this past summer. Nash is going to be 34 and his window is closing and KG would have given them a better chance for a ship.

    Hey Flaker, FYI….thats what I’m going to be referring to you as for now on, ask Steve Nash who he’d rather have and he’ll tell you Marion because their style of play compliment each other. Marion fits better with Shaq and Nash than Amare does. Amare can’t hit the open shot or the three or can’t slash or cut to the basket as quick as Marion can. He’s all power and so is Shaq. Damn for a guy who thinks he knows it all really has no idea what the H-E double hockey stick he’s talking about. Whos gonna start complaining first when they don’t get enough touches Shaq or Amare? Again Marion does the dirty work and scores lots of his points with his hustle and fast breaks. Go tell Jason Kidd that people don’t get better with age. If the reason why they didn’t trade Amare because he’s only 25 and Marion is almost 30, then I’m bedazzled at trading an almost 30 Marion for a Shaq turning 36 in a month. You have the basketball IQ of Kwame Brown….RMAOFL!!!!!!!!! WHAT, SAY SOMETHING NOW SON!! HAHA

  • java#1

    This was a good trade for Suns

    When Shaq is in, they can slow down and become a halfcourt team and punch you in the mouth in the paint. But when he comes out, theyll still punch us in the mouth with Barbosa and/or Nash on the fastbreak.

    What we’ll need to become Champions:

    – Better on ball defense. Too many times we’re getting drived on. Lakers need to work on staying in front of their man when they have the ball. Once in playoffs, Kobe needs to become that lockdown defender that he has shown in the past. He dosent bring it every night. But when playoff comes, ill expect it to show up.
    – Pau Gasol. Pau Gasol needs to work on pick and roll defense. Pau comes out on the guard to help on the Pick and just leaves his man. That’s okay but if you’re going to do that, you have to put more pressure on the guard then just putting your hands up. He has to get out there and body up the guard til Fisher, Farmar or whoever gets back.
    – Bench production. Some games, bench production is missing. Once they get out on the floor, we ant to continue momentum that the starters achieved. Don’t want momentum to go down that much.
    – Making our shots. We gotta hit our 3’s like we’ve doing this month. Vladimir, Dfish, Sasha have all been on fire lately. Continue that. Also, LO is showing that he will be better with less pressure on him. Continue that 15-19 points LO.
    -Kobe. Kobe has to do what hes been doing all season long. (Up until Gasol trade.) Ive noticing hes been slacking on offense (maybe its the finger) BUT. He has to continue his scoring mentality. Just cause we got Gasol dosen’t mean we’re going to take THAT much pressure off Kobe to score. We still want to run our offense through Kobe.

    ^^Championship formula come playoff time

  • ab4sure

    Drake you never address the issue. You again go off on a tangent. Shaq value five years ago is much higher than today. So you can’t compare the trades. You can’t compare apples to oranges.

    Shaq still has value but he is breaking down. I am not defending Shaq but looking at him realistically. Look at his stats. Also just because I showed appreciation for Shaq earlier doesn’t mean its contradictory. I can look at him for what he is and what he is not. You don’t seem to be capable of that.

    Again, Amare a PF has more value than a SF Marion who is 5 years older. You don’t trade the younger guy if u don’t have to. That is one of the reasons Lakers kept their younger star Kobe versus the older Shaq. Go ahead and live in your fantasy world of scout or Gm, perhaps if gives you something to do in between all the strip clubs you brag about going to. How pathetic you are.

  • LAKing

    This deal kind of reminds me of how we traded Caron Butler for Kwame Brown, because we needed “size.” That’s exactly how it’s like with this deal. The Suns have basically traded away their last chances at an NBA title. Once Bynum and Ariza get back healthy, there’s no way in hell the Suns can compete with the Lakers and Spurs.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #25172 Will Be Quoted Here]

    The lakers were planning to trade shaq per Buss.. so you can’t say he is a traitor. If Shaq is getting Kharma, he didn’t get it in Miami. He did get another ring.

    Perhaps when laker fans balance there perspective on the Kobe/Shaq fiasco and that it is not all one sided they might think differently and appreciate both players for who they are and were.

    Rasarx… you got the history wrong on the Shaq kobe fiasco.

  • mplakers

    he’s a greedy traitor..you can’t change my mind on that…jeanie buss said over the summer (am570radio.com) that shaq leaving did hurt and that they did offer him an extension which HE REJECTED. that’s when they made up their minds to trade him. am570 radio might still have the podcast. jeanie buss then went on to say that it was pretty sad because the extension he ended up signing with the heat was less than what they offered him to finish his career properly as a laker.

    if they retire his jersey as a laker and, if i happen to be at that game, i will boo that traitor. SHAQ CAN STICK A BASKETBALL WHERE THE “SUNS” DONT SHINE.

  • mplakers


  • drake hunter

    Why is the Flaker’s opinion always indifferet of everyone else on this website. He always has something negative or totally opposite to say about everyones comments or opinions on this website. For those of you who don’t know, Flaker (Fake Laker Fan) is aka (ab4sure)! You got more negative energy and enemies on this website than Hitler ever did. Admit it Flaker, your an undercover Bobcat fan posing as a Laker fan on this website. You disagree just for the sake of disagreeing in terms of what anyone ever says on this website on their opinions about anything that has to do with the Lakers. You never say anything that makes any sense. If your practicing to be a defense attorney, i think you better look for a different occupation. Take your tired talk to a different forum!

  • C Rang

    I admit that at first I couldn’t believe the suns would actually do this trade…but then they actually did….at first I was excited but at the back of my mind I couldn’t help but be a little apprehensive…there are a million ways that their gamble could fail but there is a way that it could succeed….Shaq could do what Shaq has done and get in shape and play like Shaq, not like Shaq of old but still like Shaq…many writers are starting to agree despite all of them admitting first that they couldn’t believe it at first… so what I am saying is that I don’t think we should underestimate him…

    HOWEVER…just like many may be underestimating the Suns I think the Suns are underestimating the West, not just the Spurs, Jazz, or Mavericks, but particularly the LAKERS. Now, the suns said they brought him in for defense and rebounds. Well the first depends entirely on how Shaq elevates his game cuz Shaq has never been the greatest defender…but rebounding really…regardless of how good Shaq gets at rebounding I figured that the Lakers when healthy can be the top rebounding team…Odom and Bynum were already dominating the boards before Pau came in…

    As far as matchups the first you have to look at (and perhaps the most interesting) is Bynum vs. Shaq. Some would say Baby Shaq vs Over the Hill Shaq but I’d like to think that Bynum has the potential to be greater via being a Kareem AB type player. Regardless, if we are to believe Mitch, who surprisingly now has my confidence, then a Bynum that comes back at full strength could no doubt be better than Shaq, rejuvenated or not

    —– (Shaq this isn’t the East where the only formidable stop for centers was in Orlando…now the Centerville train has stops in New Orleans, Denver, Utah, Houston, San Antonio (i think Shaq will guard Duncan even though he is a forward) and Los Angeles with one big one soon in Portland).—–

    Face it, Bynum has not been soundly beat by any center in the league thus far. On the contrary he’s neutralized if not defeated them offensively , though work still needs to be put in defensively. I’m not yet proclaiming him the best (Yet) but in a Bynum vs Shaq contest (leaving prospects and potential aside and just talking about the here and now) I’d easily take Bynum and if Bynum is doubled then all he has to do is kick it out to Gasol for the easy jumper.

    The other argument they offer is that bringing in Shaq will allow Amare to play the 4 so now we have an Amare vs Pau matchup….. interesting…however unless Shaq has the Garnett effect and somehow transfers his defensive presence and powers (despite the fact that he probably doesn’t have many unlike Garnett)to the rest of the team (including Nash who will be exposed even moreso for his defensive weakness now with Marion gone), then the Amare matchup will be one of offense vs offense (from what I’ve seen thus far, admittedly not much, Pau is not that great defensively though it is still too early to tell what he can achieve). Well, many might favor Amare just because of his explosiveness, but if he is at all favored, it is only by a slight margin…remember Pau has played center for a long time so its essentially as if Amare is still guarding the center type…also, Pau is quicker and more agile than most 7-0 footers so any help from O neal and Pau may be able to score and maybe even draw them into foul trouble.

    I guess from what I hear the other matchup would be Odom vs. Hill or Diaw . Well, I first have to preface this by saying that I haven’t followed Hill’s progress this season….Now that that is done, I have to ask…are you kidding me…An over the Hill Hill (Im sorry) vs Lamar Odom….say what you want about Lamar but he’s got tremendous skill and has come to play during the playoffs for the past two years. He’s beat Marion so he can easily beat Hill.

    Next matchup…Kobe Bryant vs. Raja Bell….I’ve already written too much….

    The last starting five matchup…Nash vs Fisher…Now I am a diehard Lakers fan but I do have to give Nash his props on this one and go with Nash for his excellence at point guard on the offensive end (though he lacks somewhat at the defensive end). Yet, I ain’t gonna short change D Fish either. Throughout the season we have seen that Fisher can shoot…sure he has his off nights, but Mr. 0.4 can also give you that clutch hot hand.

    The last matchup is the one of the Benches, with our top in the NBA bench with Phoenix’s nearly nonexistent bench (or rather just Diaw, Barbosa, and Skinner). The first two are definitely to be feared, particularly Barbosa, but even a Suns fan has to admit that they hardly have a bench. So they say that Shaq is gonna play limited minutes…so who is gonna fill in for him…Brian Skinner, is that their answer…I know many of you may not want to remember Kwame so quickly but at least he was a big body and a relatively formidable defensive presence compared to Skinner…and even if Shaq plays extended minutes we also have another weapon….RONNY…With Ronny now having limited minutes there is no doubt that he can perhaps be the defense to Pau’s offense…Ronny’s pure energy can defend and has come up big in some games this year do to his hustle and monster blocks…we also have our own array of shooters in sasha and farmar who have started to pick up rhythm from the outside (maybe radmanovic can do the same by the end of the season)….we also have the defensive-marion-lite-grant-hill-posterizer Trevor Ariza….which I guess segues into my last point…

    Say what you want about Shawn Marion and the chemistry issues that caused his departures a la 2004 Shaq, but he did indeed do the dirty work for the suns on both ends, particularly defense. As a Laker fan I had grown to dislike him for this reason. Herein, however, lies the biggest gamble of the trade as several have already cited. If Shaq gets healthy, they may break even on the offensive end IF (big if) Shaq’s outlet passes, Steve Nash’s assists to Shaq under the basket, Amare’s newfound 4 freedom, and Bell and Diaw’s wide open jumpers all succeed. However, what they lose on defense is perimeter defense. Just to add it all up…Raja Bell, I suppose their default best defender now will still have to take on the NBA’s best player in Kobe, Nash will still play spotty defense, Amare will still play spotty defense against the quick Forward/Center Pau, Hill or Diaw will somehow try to guard Odom, and Shaq will somehow try to neutralize the blossoming and 15 year younger Bynum.

    I’ve tried to keep the Kobe talk to a minimum just to show how formidable the Lakers are now but in addition to the rest…WE HAVE KOBE BRYANT….One writer said that Suns saw the Lakers one Gasol and raised us one Shaq…well I’ll see your supposedly hulk-like “Don’t get me angry I win championships when I’m angry” Shaq and raise you the NBA’s best player, Kobe the Black Mamba Bryant, out for blood and ready to leads us to Lakers Glory.

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #25298 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You have your facts 100% right. I am saying though that Shaq shouldn’t be labeled a traitor because he only demanded a trade after the finals in detroit and after a press conference where Mitch basically said no one is untouchable. He knew Kobe was the “golden child” and felt disrespected that they didn’t want to keep him long term. No other negotiations happened after he turned down that summer offer. Kobe held the cards and the Buss’s needed to choose between the two. They made the right choice. I actually wanted Shaq traded a season before because he was slowing down and wanted the lakers to get more value for him.

    Mavs choked just like many other teams choke in the PO. The Heat didn’t choke therefore they earned the Ring.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #25319 Will Be Quoted Here]

    There you go again. When you can’t stand on your own two feet you beg for others to support you. How pathetic… I know your still on your training wheels, but don’t be afraid to learn to ride your bike with two wheels instead of four. When you fall and skin your knee don’t worry you will get better at it… hopefully…;)

  • mplakers

    you earn rings when you win it in game 7 or if you dominate and sweep or win 4-1. you don’t EARN rings when the other team chokes like DALLAS plainly did.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #25378 Will Be Quoted Here]

    So can we deduct about 4-5 ships from the celtics because the lakers choked against them a several times??? And should the league demand the heat give back the trophy and rings???

  • mplakers

    yes we should and yes the heat should…in a fairy tale world…but in the real world…teams choke championships away. …even our beloved lakers choke just like dallas choked a championship to the heat. and shaq IS A TRAITOR…and i will continue to say the same thing over and over and over and over and maybe you will get a clue that, that is MY OPINION.

  • ab4sure

    The Lakers FO had decided already to trade Shaq before he asked for a trade. How does that make him a traitor?

  • mplakers

    “over and over and over” do i need to repeat what i said about jeanie buss’ revelation this summer??? i guess so…he got offered an extension…turned it down..lakers decide to trade him…he ends up signing for less….traitor traitor. “over and over and over”