Ron Artest is a Los Angeles Laker! This is nuts — pun intended!

tobeCBS Sports: Shaq can have LeBron. Ron Artest says he’ll take Kobe.

Artest, whose versatility and toughness have made him one of the most coveted and combustible players in the NBA, told Thursday that he’s signing with the Lakers.

“I’m definitely going to L.A. — to sign, yeah,” Artest said in a phone interview. “Lakers, Lakers, Lakers. I’m in L.A. right now.”

Artest said he met with Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss Thursday and previously had spoken with Lakers coach Phil Jackson. He was en route to his financial manager’s office, where he planned to huddle on the phone with his agent, David Bauman, to finalize details.

Artest’s exuberance — he spent the whole summer in L.A., including several appearances at Lakers home games during the NBA Finals — got ahead of the process a bit. Other teams that made overtures for Artest — including the Cavaliers — have not yet been notified that Artest is signing with the Lakers. (Consider them notified.) Bauman has spoken with Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak, but parameters have not yet been agreed to. Still, it’s pretty clear where Artest is going.

“I don’t really care about the money,” Artest said. “I’ll play there for nothing. … L.A. was very interested in me, and they got me.”

Here is the original story break:

UPDATE: This has been posted on the top of their website as “breaking news”: One-time All-Star forward Ron Artest tells senior writer Ken Berger he’ll be signing with the Lakers.

Additionally, Ken Berger of CBS Sports had posted this tweet:

Breaking News. Ron Artest tells he is signing with the Lakers. (via Twitter)

His column can be found here, with a link to his twitter page as well.

  • kb24bestever

    thank you god.
    Ariza now you can leave even though i’m a big fan of you, you can leave.
    you choose get a couple of rings with the lakers or watch the lakers get rings.

  • Day

    I hope its true !!

  • DaveW

    I don’t think it’s true – but if it is – freaking awesome!!!! Can we keep Ariza too? If it’s true – I will have one outstanding 4th of July weekend!!!!

  • Stan

    Elliott Teaford from the LA Times also confirms Artest to Lakers.

  • Taylor

    YES ITS TRUE ITS ON CBSSPORTS HOMEPAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!UNSTOPPABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MAMBA24


  • FT

    Not buying this, or any BREAKING NEWS reported on TWITTER! will wait and see.

  • p a

    Swap meet? TA to Rockets, RA to Lakers?

    LA gets flaky upgrade, Houston gets a SF.

  • Drake Hunter

    I’ll believe it when it happens. I believe it to be true because the Lakers feel they can still win the championship with Artest as oppossed to Ariza. Also Artest signing with the Lakers means he won’t go to Cleveland and since Ariza wants more than the mid-level and that’s all that Cleveland can offer him, they won’t get Ariza or Artest. If Ariza ends up signs with Cleveland for the mid-level and not with the Lakers F’him. He better not show his face in LA anymore because he will be more hated than the Celtics for being a trader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lakers101



    KOBE+SHAQ BATTLE FOR THE 5TH RING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • revanche

    Ron Ron in L.A….he is hungry for redemption and a ring and has mad respect for Kobe…will that keep him from going wacko in L.A….we know dude has issues and he did well in quite little H town for one year…this could be a gamble ( lets hope like Rodman was a gamble for the bulls, and look how that turned out…DYNASTY).

  • kobe_masterofnba

    schedule another parade in LA…..and bring more security in downtown LA..dont want my peoples (mexicanoosss) to start celebrating crazyyy hahahahahah ooraleee amigooo

  • Deport Vujabitch

    I’ll believe it when I see it.
    Remember, this guy is a nutcase.


    I love Ariza’s ninja style of quicks but Artest pitbull like physicalness is something that we really need oh by the way, his points and rebounds are a great plus. Hate to see ariza go but glad to see Artest come in. It’s like if someone said…”Sorry for not being able to find your stolen Ferrari but your insurance company will buy you a Lamborghini Murcielago”…

    All good.

  • Michael

    They HAVE to re-sign Odom now. Fish/Kobe/Ron/Drew/Pau. Nasty 5 right there, w/ L.O. comin off the bench.. bk to bk is looking sweet!

  • Raphael Rossellini

    Dennis Rodman was SCARED of Michael Jordan on a daily basis, and he made sure to play well/ within his role. Can Kobe SCARE Artest into being the ultimate role player? We’ll see.

  • what will be

    If this is true like I have been saying for days…I can’t F-ing wait to see how PJ coaches him, and how he fits in with his role on the team with Kobe…SWEET…

  • RJ


  • lakers2009champions


  • kobe8


  • http://thelakernation edgar r

    fuck yeah i cant belive it

  • RJ


  • lakersforlife77

    OH God! PLEASE BE TRUE!!!!!!!!! I don’t know if I can take anymore games from Artest. Don’t play games with us Ron!

  • Chris Manning

    RJ – don’t be ignorant.

    Here is a L.A.Times link:

  • RJ

    Dont get excited its probabla a joke

  • byebye ARIZA

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! That solved ariza position, I hated RonRon last season and i now i love him lol

  • daboss1849

    I think i just wet myself reaing this… I haven’t been this happy sice we got shaq.. Bye Bye trevor don’t let the door hit your on the way out you greedy b.itch


    You guys, jokes don’t make it to the front pages of the sport of the LA times and CBS sports. I thought Lakers would be quiet this off season and I’m really scared of Artest. You guys gotta open your eyes and accept the fact it might blow up in our faces like the Shaq trade will probably blow up in the cavs face. Either way, WELCOME TO LA RON RON, I hope your stay is worth it.

  • Anthony

    That would completely confirm that Ariza is not coming back? It sucks that we didn’t even give him a chance to come back. Contract talks must have been real bad o.O

    Suck it NBA, here we come!

  • FM 818

    CRAZY!!! I can’t believe it I thought this was a horrible April FOOLS joke in JULY!!! Now we just need Odom to re-sign. Sorry to see Ariza leaving but it is what it is.

  • imfasterthanur


  • Farmar

    Ron to LAKERS! Uh oh. Let the ’10 season begin!
    Nickname for Ron, anyone?


    ESPN IS IN SHOCK!!! …They’re having trouble mumbling out the rest of their Eastern_Biased Sports News!

    RolLiNg oN tHe fLoOr LaUghInG mY fReAkIn AsS oFf aT tHeSe cLOwNs…

  • Mr. WoodCock

    Ariza needs to fire his agent. I have a feeling Ariza is going to sign with the Cavs for MLE to spite the Lakers. Blame yo agent boy! Lakers offer Artest $18m/3yrs. If we can get LO to sign for the MLE, we would have $$$ to sign Brown.

    TLN needs a better host. It is impossible to get on this site now.

  • 808t

    uhhh i rather have ariza, but ron ron is better! Cmon artest convince me.

  • 007

    talk about breaking news. lol. everyone is jumping on this site to read the frikkin news. whats up with the lack of bandwidth on TLN?!


    Don’t give up on Ariza just yet… Imagine getting TA, LO, and SB back!

    Damn this is freakin exciting!!!!!

  • LakersFirst

    If this is true, this is why Ariza was upset. He must’ve been told that Buss wanted to pursue Artest, who plays the same position as Ariza.

  • lex

    stop with the ariza stuff if he came back he would’nt even play the lakers have artest he;s not playing over artest.

  • earl

    Wow nobody on here wants to give me credit I told you guys everyday last year Ron Artest would be on the Lakers and you all told me no way or STFU you people are ridiculous nobody on here wants to give me credit wow you people are joke i don’t mind if you bash on me but give me credit when I guarentee something a year in advance

    P.S. Promega is the biggest piece of sh*t ever and a moron celtics fan ban him

  • T-Dub

    Now, thats what I’m talkin about. Not standing pat. Other teams are getting better aqnd now we are too. I love it. Now, let’s resign Odom, and bring in AI for the vet min!

  • LakeShow4Life


  • will

    what no. he gona wear? 3 in memory of trev?

  • kobe

    hell yeah time to get that Artest Jersey

  • Russ

    Man, here i thought that i would be having a horrible 4th of July because Ariza was on his way out and now look…


    well, all i gotta say is, it’s a year too late cause he shoulda been with us last season. He chose Houston so it’s all good. We got him now.

    I think its an upgrade if Trevor decides to bounce. Artest can definitely guard big guys like Melo, Lebron, and Hedo. We saw how much trouble Trevor was having in the finals. Also, Artest is great in the post and can hit the three from time to time. He’s definitely gonna help the Lakers on defense. I think their whole mentality on the defensive end is going to change. Ron-Ron and LO are gonna be like the Smash Brothers just hitting people and stealing the ball. It’s gonna be fun to watch.

    I’m sad to see Trev go, but his agent seems like a bad guy. He just wants Trev to get more money, but he doesn’t realize how happy he is to be a Laker. And now that we got Artest, I’m sure Trev will find no need to be part of the team. We already have too many guys as it is so I dont think Trev feels very welcomed right about now.

    I don’t think our work is done. I think we need to get Shannon Brown back because I have a feeling he’s got mad potential. The guy knows how to play. C’mon Mitch. You got Ron. Now go get L.O. and Shannon and we’ll be Champions again.

    And don’t get scared about Cleveland, Magic, and Boston. Shaq is too old to help Lebron. Rasheed will have trouble playing in Boston so i doubt he’ll go there. And Vince Carter is not gonna help Dwight get back to the Finals.

    And as for the West, the only team I’m worried about is a HEALTHY spurs team. I say healthy because if Manu, Tony, or Duncan is injured come playoff time, then it’s ours to lose. But if all of them are healthy, AND you factor in Richard Jefferson, then we might have a tough series. I still think we’ll get another ring next year though. I dont see anyone threatening us.

  • FreakinCrod

    Ariza who? I’m soooo happy, now lets go get Odom!

  • portman

    i’d take trevor, he’s young, can defend and.. gone. WE NEED TO RESIGN ODOM NOW!

  • dynasty renew



  • LAKERSfantillidie

    im sooooooooooo happpy right know….dammmmmmmmmmmmm imma go F** my wife!!

  • lakersgangsta

    i bet every team in the nba are just shock and scared…

    (Lebron..Shaq) Vs (Artest..Kobe)
    (East Side) (West Side)
    (Biggy..P Diddy) (2pac..Snoop)

    If u feel me on this trade…..throw up the “”WESttt SIdddE”””


    Trade out of Morrison’s contract for a lesser (“whomever’s”) expiring contract, along with the maximum allowable picks, and still sign Ariza!

    …If this could happen it would be a dream come true for the Lakers! …Ariza can still get his money for 3 years while flourishing off the bench (like before), and then sign his DUE contract, thereafter, with The Lakers!

    …Competition within can only be a good thing, while insurance against injuries is something to keep in the back burner!

  • Drew

    Now We Really Are Gonna Go Back 2 Back Now

    2010 Chanmps!!!!

  • Mr.E

    I LUV THIS TEAM !!!!!

  • pricelesst

    ok now that we have our small fwd…. can we talk about L.O?! Where’s the news on him? he’s so under the radar right now that its scary! what if they let him go too?!

  • carlogambino113

    Can we say dynasty

  • ALthelakerfanyoushouldmeet


  • imfasterthanur

    [Comment ID #78238 Will Be Quoted Here]

    LOL. What the?…

    “Hey you, come here and bend over”.. lol


    [Comment ID #78196 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Hell no man that would be a – not a +

  • what will be

    Isn’t it Obvious since Ariza wanted big time money, means they could not have resigned Odom…it would be either sign Ariza for big money and lose Odom, you can’t pay both…or keep Odom and get Artest… I’ll take a combo of Odom and Artest, than just Ariza and lose Odom… Now the Lakers may be able to sign S.Brown as well, since Artest went for the MLE…


    Looks like Shannon has a qualifying offer of 1.1 million on the table.

  • tj

    [Comment ID #78245 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Then Jason Kidd is in the Picture…Kobe loves Kidd’s game…

  • yash

    This is freakin crazy.
    pg fish
    sg kobe
    sf artest
    pf gasol
    c bynum
    6th Odom if signs
    we got 5 all stars thats crazy. We better get 82 wins

  • mitch*has*some*ballz*ya*heard

    “im sooooooooooo happpy right know….dammmmmmmmmmmmm imma go F** my wife!!”

    Damn son, you’re hella funny!

    I have to say that I think Mitch pulled off another great acquisition. Now let’s focus on LO and Shannon. OMG, can you imagine if we are able to keep Trevor, SCARY!

  • demoney2291

    Well well good luck Mr. Lee , Good Luck Mr ariza in trying to fid that big payay you were looking for you blew it dude go ahead to Cleveland now but go knowing this ou were their second choice cause Bron flew out to meet with Ron he merely called you . Get you a new agent !!!!!!!LMAO

  • What will be

    I bet the Cavs are going to look at Allen Iverson…

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #78252 Will Be Quoted Here]

    So I find out you been imitating me… what a loser you are.


    I don’t think that’s fine!!!I don’t hope this happened!!!Artest&Kobe??? They can make friend??I think that’s impossible!!!!


    ^^^^Wat R U talkin bout NOW!

  • What will be

    Artest interview Kobe, Check it out… Welcome to LA Artest..

  • pablasso

    It’s on the frontpage of too

  • nick

    I really like Ariza. But getting Artest is an upgrade no doubt! If we can keep ODOM, THEY CAN GIVE THEM ANOTHER PARADE NEXT JUNE! MARK MY WORDS!

  • megaloco10

    MAMA MIA !!!! woohha
    welcome to town artest!!!
    good luck to trevor for his contributions though…


  • lakeshow2481

    first of all Arizaq love ur energy love the hustle but we need lock down defense ron ron can do that. now u want to get paid for ur work i aint hatin that money but when those five years r over for u u r welcomed back to the purple and gold. as for aartest welcome to the purple and gold u would be a very great peice for MR.24 and PAU just know ur role and know whos team this is and we straight dawg. other then that ugot our back and we got u a ring no worrys paly tough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sean All Ivy

    GREAT pick up!

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #78262 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Sorry Loser I got you banned from the shoutbox posing as me. Get a life.


    [Comment ID #78260 Will Be Quoted Here]

    ^^^^Eh 4sure,
    …I wus talkin to U …YOU want more! …U gotta be a sick puppy!

  • S-Quire

    No one is mentioning a huge point: 2 for 1 y’all! Odom and Ron-Squared are very close friends. Now Odom will definitely stay, and probably take a reasonable amount of money. Also Ron will push him to play hard every night. Before this it was Trev or LO, and maybe some filler… We got a bona fide star now to replace Trev. Also I don’t care about the Richard Jefferson trade anymore, or in fact, any other trade. Another FANTASTIC JOB by Mitch. I love this, looking forward to on the ball D, higher 3 point percentage, and post offense at the 3. I was getting worried, now I feel fine again. I wanted this last year, better late than never. YESSSSSSS

  • Michael

    Artest is a definite upgrade. He gives us the tough defense we need on the league’s premier small forwards. He has also proven to be consistent on offense. The fact that he is a nut case is the gamble here. We saw that he can co-exist with other superstars in his one year with the Rockets, but Kobe is no Yao Ming. It will be interesting to see Kobe’s leadership style mesh with Artest’s personality. Hopefully Phil will tame him like Rodman.

    As far as you guys hating on Ariza, shame on you. I would definitely hate on him as well if he signs the midlevel exception for a team like the Cavaliers. But if he signs a huge contract with the Rockets or Blazers, I will wish him good luck. If you guys were as talented as him and had as good a year as he did, it would be STUPID to sign the midlevel exception with the lakers for the reason of another championship. We often forget as fans that these guys are doing this as a job. As a 23 year old, coming off your best season, would you pass up an extra 30 million dollars, during a recession mind you, for bragging rights? Plus, who know, he might be another Walton or Sasha, who have a stellar year before their contracts expire and then we get stuck with their new contracts. That seems to be the trend lately with our young guys. Hopefully thats nut true with Bynum. He needs to be a beast next year.



    ^^^^YOU got me banned?????? From the shoutbox???? …Dude, it is you who really needs a life! …I actually am feeling sorry for such a sorry ass dude like YOU!

    Post Script: I never cared for, nor did I ever go on the shoutbox!

    …RolLiNg oN tHe fLoOr LaUghInG mY fReAkIn AsS oFf aT tHiS cLOwN!

  • eficient

    Artest a Laker??? Game over… As a Laker and a Bruin fan I loved Ariza and his hometown story but I guess he rather have money then more rings. I think it speaks volumes of Artest to take a pay cut just for some rings. Now we have a beast of a sf to gaurd Lebron, Carmelo and hopefully Pierce!!! This is only going to make Kobe’s job even easier cuz he wont have to exert so much energy on the defensive end gaurding these bigger players. We now have 2 all defensive 1st teamers on the same court. Next order of business is to keep Lamar. The dynasty is just about to begin!!!

  • sasha vujabrick


  • mitch*has*some*ballz*ya*heard

    Ariza to sign with the Rockets for 5 years 33M.. ESPN reports

    Good luck with that

  • Micah

    Thanks Ariza for your time here in LA, but cmon…we got fuckin RON ARTEST!!! And he’s willing to take a 6 mill paycheck! So all we need to do is sign Lamar back and we’re set to go! Lockdown defender and can shoot the 3 consistently, better ball handler than Ariza too. Plus don’t even think about calling us soft now! I’m just excited as hell!!! Close to the feeling when we got Pau.


    Houston! ..We have a problem! …(*&^%$#@!!!!!!!),


  • artest

    artest is wat u call a true warrior and a guy wit heart…..he dont care about money hes values da game and ppl within da team… repsect is mad high for artest and eya juss seein artest and kobe playing together gives me da goosbumps LETTTTTTS GOOOOOOOOO and for da ppl who keep saying artest is a nutcase or w/e fuk off…stop trying to create drama plus if its anybdy to control artest its phil jackosn…he has worked wit all da best and all of da ego centric playas…handling artest shoudl be ez as pie compared to kobe shaq and mj

  • RonLakers85

    I’ll pay to see Kobe and Ron go at it at Practice!

  • getgasol
  • getgasol

    And another one (the web is blowing up with Artest to Lakers news):

  • Justin

    i like what he said on sportscenter, he doesnt need the money he just wants to win

  • Dragon

    So wouldn’t that make it a lot easier to get Lamar back since we don’t have to pay so much more to get two players and also Lamar is also willing to reduce his price as well. Man this only makes us even stronger team now hahahaa..

  • MrRJ

    GO ARTEST!!!


  • mikeisabeast



    Where are all the Boston Celdic trolls now? …!!!!!!

  • Drake Hunter

    I had to do what was best for me and family,” Ariza said. “I am happy with my decision. I’m glad this all worked out. The Rockets are going to give me a chance to improve my game and that’s all you can ask for.”

    Ariza’s agent, David Lee, said the 24-year-old forward passed up a more lucrative contract offer from another team with salary-cap space. “We decided to go with Houston anyway,” Lee said. “It was never about the money. It was about going someplace where you felt appreciated.”

    ***Artest agreed to 3 years $18 million w/Lakers***

    ***Ariza agreed to 5 years $33 million w/Rockets***

    Ariza essentially took $600,000 more a year from the Rockets in this deal and 1 million dollars more annually had he accepted the Lakers original deal of the MLE.

    His agent said it wasn’t for the money and took the MLE with Houston and turned down more lucrative offers from other teams!!!…ROFLMAO…..There were no higher offers! You and your agent bluffed on the river against Jerry Buss’s ACES and lost! Ariza, you and your agent basically just F-U-C-K-E-D each other. If you felt the Lakers made you feel unwanted with their offer you and your agent are basically the BLIND LEADING THE BLIND!

    You had a starting spot on a championship team playing with Kobe and Gasol who basically helped you to improve your game already and got you the contract that you got yet you still were greedy and were not grateful for it. The Lakers were your best chance to continue improving your game. I’m sure all those double teams Luis Scola will get you those open looks you’ve been getting with the Lakers. You had front row seats to 3 more championship rings and you weren’t satisfied with it. You had to do what was best for your family yet you grep up in LA rooting for the Lakers, went to UCLA, and your whole family still lives here!!!!! I guess they think it’s easier to visit you in Houston rather than seeing you in their own back yard or your own back yard on Malibu Beach! I guess you can use that extra million you made in this deal to buy a lifelong supply of tissues because you’ll be sitting in front of the TV crying and watching Artest and the Lakers nexy year cruise to the playoffs and win back to back championships.

    I’m so damn happy we got Artest who said he would have played for the Lakers for nothing!!!! FOR NOTHING? FOR NOTHING? Artest is worth $10 million a year easy or even what Ben Gordon got yet he took $6 million to play with the Lakers!!! Damn I love this guy!!!

    Ariza, I had nothing but love for you and what you did to help us win a championship, but this is the fastest 180* I’ve ever did on any player. For you to accept basically the MLE from the Rockets which is what the Lakers offered you, I can truly say I got nothin but HATRED for you. To demand more money from the Lakers and when they didn’t give it to you and then turn around and sign the exact same contract with another team is just Ludicrous and Wrong. You better bring ear muffs when you play the Lakers next year because the boos you will hear from the fans will be heard from Staples Center all the way to Malibu Beach. I can see you kicking your self in the AZZ right now or you kicking your agents AZZ!

  • Ron

    If you follow Artest on twitter hes a funny dude…he twitted that he was playing pool in lamars barn.

    hes good friends with lamar…and is also good friends with kobe…h respects the hell out of kobe…

    i dont think he will blow up…or scream for touches…he has set his sights on a championship..

    all we need now is to stay healthy…kobe needs alot of rest..pau should have not played in the euro crap games…

    bynums getting back in form…Odom will sign soon…and the lakers will be ready to roll..

    Man imagine we have a unstoppable offensive weapon…a defensive stopper who gives bad games to superstars including kobe at times…and he can play the post and shoot the 3.

    it will take him time..but im sure he will come through for us.



  • Laker4Life

    First of all, you cant leave Gasol out of the,
    “Kobe/Artest vs Shaq/Lebron.”
    It’s really Kobe/Gasol/Artest vs Shaq/Lebron.
    Three beats two anyday.
    Secondly, Lakers will be beasts!

  • willow

    Bring on the Celdicks!!!! Bring them the fcuk on!!!!!

    I’ve always loved this guy’s game. I don’t care how crazy he is. He’s that way coz he puts his heart out on the floor and wants to win so badly. Now he’s got his chance to be a champ. Can you say dynasty, baby!!!!

  • Eternal

    Glad to see we got Artest. Definitely will need him to cover players like Pierce and Lebron if we meet the Cavaliers or Celtics in the Finals.

  • Fakers Forever

    Fakers never disappoint people. Look what they have done. They don’t need Ron!!!! Not that he is not a great player…Fakers don’t need him. He won’t fit into the system. Fakers should have signed Ariza. In the long run, he will be much valuable than Ron. Ron will not fit into the system. Fakers will also be fakers next year and won’t win next year.

  • Fakers Forever

    What a faker….what a loser!!!!

  • Fakers Forever

    YOu moron, Willow…you don’t even know what you are talking..
    That is how bad…how stupid you fakers are…
    You don’t even right mind set to see a game…of course, no basketball knowledge. Like such a ignorant Willow….

  • Fakers Forever

    You pathetic loser…Willow… You don’t even know how sorry axx you are…huh? hahahaha

  • lakersforlife77

    [Comment ID #78319 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You better Hope so. Hope is all you got left. You were probably one of the haters calling ariza a scrub not too long ago.

  • What will be

    Here you guys go It sucks Ariza is leaving but maybe this will cheer you all up, imagine him in a Lakers uni when you watch this…

  • lakerferlife7

    ha yo faker u as but hurt as everyone else whos not a laker fan rite now….hahahahahahahahahah…its gnna be fun celebrating at the collesium again next year….LAKERS IN 2010,2011,2012…………can u say 4 peat..



  • RJ


  • Sean All Ivy

    If we resign Lamar…QuatROW



  • Day

    Oh man, Think of how this will affect Kobe. No longer will he guard the best player on the opposing team, He’s going to be able to go all out on offense, the black mamba at his finest :)

  • GT-kobe

    Im proud that Artest is coming, now since ariza is leaving Artest can take his spot so now we have another scorer so that should take alot of weight of of Kobe and Gasol. Lets go for that back 2 back championship

  • Vaporize


  • Billy Kupchak
  • Freshh

    Billy how did u link ur name^?

  • lakergirl

    Sigh…i am not happy to see Ariza go. I am not excited to see Ron Ron coming to LA. I agree with Bill Plaschke’s recent article. This move has some red flags. You are who you are. Ron is volatile…he goes off crazy. Ariza was all about the game and making small plays here and there to win big games. His hustle, he was fifth in steals, his athleticism will be missed dearly. Don’t forget, if it wasn’t for those Two crucial plays in denver series..there’d b no championship. Then if there was no Ariza’s hustle and quickness in game 4 to start that 16-0 run, that series wud’ve been even and who knows what wud’ve happened. (altho i am sure laker’s wud’ve won ultimately) Two disrupted inbound plays in Denver series were HUGE by Ariza. Now lets hope lakers sign Odom. I don’t want spurs to snatch Odom from us either. God i feel awful…i need to curl up like a child and try to go to sleep tonite..if i can

  • sketch

    Ever since the negotiations started, I was hoping that we’d be able to pick up Artest! When Amar’e started to mess around with his tweets, I was hoping that we may be able to sign and trade for Amar’e with LO and then trade Amar’e to Houston for Artest and Battier and then sign Trevor!

    As the days went on, I became a firm believer that Artest with either LO or Artest with Trevor would be better than LO and Trevor! Of course all 3 would be the absolute optimal, but Artest and LO is basically a Godsend!

    Lakers Fans, are you believing you’re eyes? We’ve got Kobe, Artest, LO, Pau, and Bynum! All of the other teams in the NBA are all quaking! I think I actually hear that GIMP (KG) in C0ckston telling the Celd!cks organization that he’s going to RETIRE! They’ve no chance against us! It’s all over ladies and gentlemen! Just mark the Lakers down for a 4-PEAT! That’s right 4-PEAT!!!!!!!

  • lakers2000

    This is fantastic! I have not been this excited to see the upcoming season since we had Payton and Malone. We are about to witness some serious history next season. Lots of good teams in both the East as well as the West. Let’s see what ol’ Mitch may still have up that sleeve. Go Lakers!!!!! To the league: your on notice!

    P.S. Thanks Trevor, see ya next year. You will be applauded when you receive your ring next year.

  • MAMBA24


  • MAMBA24


  • Mr. WoodCock

    Artest’s first official interview with Jim Hill

    Very good interview. Artest says he had mad respect for KB and he needs an NBA ring cuz now all he has is a wedding ring.

  • 808t

    they’ll win it again next year, plus that interview was funny at the end the reporter was hilarious.

  • sam the man

    Dear Lakergirl:

    Re: Tremendous Trevor

    Love your compassion for Ariza. True, he is gone leaving the entire Lakernation with sense of loss & sadness. Let me assure you your emotions are shared by all of us who admired & appreciated Trevor for his tremendous contribution to wards winning the champiomship. No doubt he gave his 110% while he was a Laker, & deserved better & earned what he got from the Rockets. It is what it is. We all wish him the very best througout his career. On the other hand, Rejoyce! rejoyce! Ron Ron is coming to town. He will be a great addition to the Lakers, serving notice to the entire nba that the Lakers are now both physical & sure to repeat as champs. Yes, Ron may be erratic at times but he will definately learn to play smarter under the careful eyes of blk mamba on the court. Ron Ron wants to win a championship just as bad as Kobe. I believe he has a much better chance with Kobe than crying king of Cleves & aging Shaq. Lets sign up Lamar soon and do it all over again. Good luck Ariza, we’ll miss ya.


    I hope Artest can keep Kobe in check in practice. Boston reloaded with Rashed Wallace which is a good addition to their team. Lebron will have no chance against the Lakers now that we can throw Ron-Ron and Mamba at him.

  • hellbydante

    Jordan + Pippen + Rodman
    Kobe + Odom + Artest

  • imacadicto

    Wallace has not signed yet, but if KG comes back healthy and the celts add Wallace, the Magic, the Celts, and even the Pistons with the new additions, will mae it very hard on Cleveland. So their place in the finals is not a lock by any means. The West is a bit different, I have not seen a move that can tell me the Lakers are in deep trouble. But don’t rest on Laurels eother, the Lakers did not face Portland at all in the post season, and if they land Hedu to an already dangerous team that always gives us a run for our money, things can get pretty interesting.

  • Hoop City

    The Lakers would not have a title without Trevor Arizas’ timely shooting & dfense, flat out, they should have paid him his due. Why is Luke Walton still a Laker. Keep Ariza – give him Waltons cut, problem solved in final hour. Ariza is 24, his upside is worth paying for, not to mention Artest is too unpredictable. Chemistry is priceless.

  • What will be

    [Comment ID #78452 Will Be Quoted Here]

    hahaha, now with Artest it won’t come down to needing a play here and a play there to barely get a win. With the Lakers new found toughness it will be fun and dominating with their victories…and it will be bigtime showtime, don’t you understand that. Thanx Ariza, but the Lakers are now a better team, plain and simple…

  • What Will Be

    [Comment ID #78437 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I don’t like that, The Lakers are “sure to win thing” that I’m starting to see from a lot of people, it never is, and I hope all the Lakers nation stops that. It’s never a sure thing and it’s not going to be easy, it’s going to be a war, its going to take hard work, and 100% effort and good health… Please everyone stop saying the Lakers are a sure thing to win it all, we don’t want the players to think that before game one, begins. Let’s all take PJ’s words of wisdom and STAY IN THE MOMENT, and stop this now. Just my 2 cents…

  • Nabil

    [Comment ID #78449 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Nice. And, oh yeah, THE SPANIARD!!!!! You totally forgot about the guy who changed everything for us.

    (Kobe+Artest+LO) (Jordan+Pippen+Rodman)

    (Kobe+Artest+LO+Gasol+BYUMITE) > (Jordan+Pippen+Rodman+all of God’s prophets)

  • Ab4sure

    [Comment ID #78472 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Woo Hoo Lakers are gonna win the championship again FO SHO!!!!!! I guarantee it, I put my rubber stamp on it, I laminate it is how sure I know we gonna win.

  • getgasol

    Right on, Mitch! Get it done!

    The Lakers just got a lot better. And a lot tougher. Bring it on, Boston!

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #78481 Will Be Quoted Here]

    This is not the real ab4sure. It is Juan Warlock who is posing as me. What a effin LOSER!!!!!!1


    ^^^^ Poor little ab4sure… You need to get out & about your facts straight; since it is quite clear you have a lot of detractors here at The Nation… I wonder why?

    …Must have something to do with your well documented notorious hatred towards Kobe! …Is it any wonder what hatredly goes out, naturally cums about? …Or something to that effect!

    …Can you say Karma? …LOL