The Lakers have traded Radmanovic to the Bobcats for Adam Morrison and reserve Shannon Brown. Vlade was a great contributor to the community off the court and was a friend here to TLN. He will be missed; that being said, it is a business and as we’ve all seen, trades do occur. Here is the breakdown on the trade:

ESPN: The Charlotte Bobcats sent struggling forward Adam Morrison and reserve Shannon Brown to the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday for forward Vladimir Radmanovic.

The move is the third trade the Bobcats have made this season in a roster shakeup under first-year coach Larry Brown.

Morrison was the third overall pick of the 2006 draft and managing partner Michael Jordan’s first major move since buying into the Bobcats. But Morrison had failed to crack the starting lineup and his minutes had declined under Brown.

Morrison will give the Lakers an outside shooting threat, while the 6-foot-10 Radmanovic gives the Bobcats more depth up front.

  • magicbalala245

    Wow Laker made a move a great one too cause they got rid of Vlad horrible contract

  • The Cougar

    great trade!!! the space ship has left LA

  • lakerfan81

    Saves a little money because the Lakers get out of one year of Vlad’s contract. Other than that I don’t see any reason for this trade.

  • shril

    Hmm.. Let’s see what this does for us.. Neutral trade i my opinion!

  • Smush Walton


    I’m not surprised since Vlad did not get off the bench in the Celtics game. The coaches probably reached their limit with this ZERO!

    Just getting rid of that piece of crap Vlad is a HUGE IMPROVEMENT!

    Next improvement would be to flush the slow-footed no talent Luke! At least we are on the right track! Go Mitch!

  • Chris Manning

    That is reactions to Brown. Sounds a lot like Lakers fans bashing Vlad. This, to me, is a move for cap space relief.

  • Chris Manning

    Morrison expires in 2010 which makes him easier to deal than Vlad would have been. Shannon expires after this year.

    In terms of cap hit, the deal decreases out commitment next year by about $1.2 million. We’ll still have 8 guaranteed contracts and roughly between $10-12 million to work with in order to sign some combination of LO/Ariza/DJ/Powell/Sun/Mihm/Shannon, or own picks, and other teams’ free agents.

  • king.manu

    stop the hatin…it is allways sad to see someone leave. i liked radman… i wish him the best

    and by the way:

    MUSTACHE is in LA!!!!!


    Really random trade but whatever. Neither of the two will be used in any game imo, but rad could have been a better use to trade for a center

  • jonas joseph

    GREAT TRADE, WE ALL FORGET THAT ADAM MORRISON WAS A 3RD PICK IN THE DRAFT TWO YEARS AGO, HE HAD A GOD ROOKIE SEASON AVERAGING 11POINTS A Game, but got a season ending injury in a pre season game…this season he hasnt been the same but a new spot will defently lift his hopes n he will excel in the triangle, as of brown we dont need to expect much from him inless a injury, but he is a quick player who can het hot a times, so great trade, i will mis rad 3 pointers, but he just wasnt what we need, plus his contract was horrible so GOODAY

  • Chris Manning

    Radman did a lot for the community and was a great guy and friend to TLN. He will be very missed. That being said, it is a business and these things do happen. I want that ring.

    Also, Morrison is a diabetic, like myself, I’ve always been a real big fan of his.

  • Moses

    In terms of talent right now this seems to be a lateral move, so the financial upside is what you like about this deal right off the bat.

    On further thought you take Shannon as a make-weight who is insurance in case of back court injury and someone who comes off the books this year anyway.

    Morrison never really found his way in Charlotte, whether through injury or any other reason, but he is still young and if he can bring something to the table anything like the potential you;d like from a former #3 overall pick then that’s good for us.

    To be fair since Luke was in the lineup we haven’t really given Vladi much playing time, so we might as well have pulled the trigger if there’s a deal to be made.

  • kb24bestever

    nd wat if we make this trade too!!
    its nuffin against lamar odom i like him but this trade would help.

    and also add our 1st round pick for this year.

  • Count Bogdan

    I don’t get this trade at all. It doesn’t save that much $$ and Morrison won’t even play. At least RadMan got some respect from the 3 point line. Should have traded for a big bruiser.

  • Avcpl

    Was this the kid with the MILF mom?

  • Chris Manning

    [Comment ID #61224 Will Be Quoted Here]
    It makes a big difference — In terms of cap hit, the deal decreases out commitment next year by about $1.2 million.

    That’s a big difference. Brown comes off the books this year – Morrison in 2010. We got rid of Vlade’s contract. And Morrison could develop into a nice player if given the chance. We did with Kwame, why not Morrison. If it doesn’t work out, Vlade was out of the rotation anyways…

  • gugy


    Many breaking news lately.
    I am happy to see Vlad goes away. Not sure if Morrison is better or worse than Vlad, but the fact Vlad is gone make me happy. The dude was just a BAD player with a huge contract.

    Good luck to you Vlad.

  • zako

    I think this is a good trade. At least Vlad’s contract is gone

  • skim.

    [Comment ID #61220 Will Be Quoted Here]

    the third pick in the worst draft class EVER!!

  • lakerfan81

    this trade actually saves the Lakers 13M. Vlad is owed 6.5M after morrison’s and Brown’s contracts expire. Since the are over the luxury tax they would of been paying $2 for every dollar of Vlad’s 6.5M contract. That’s a good trade especially since Vlad was not playing anyways.

  • John Ireland

    Guys, do you not realize we just got the defensive pg we have been looking for! Brilliant trade in my opinion. I’m not sure what the Bobcats were thinking taking on Vald’s contract.

  • pio2u

    We still need a banger

  • John Ireland

    [Comment ID #61233 Will Be Quoted Here]

    That’s what she said…

  • LakersFirst

    As most people have stated, this trade was financial. Shannon Brown is off the books after this season, and Adam Morrison’s salary is $4M+ this year, $5+ next and in 2010, its $6M+. Radman’s contract was $6M+ for the next 3 years, so the Lakers are saving themselves at least $1M over the next two years, plus because the Lakers are over the salary cap, that’s another $1M/year saved (luxury tax is a dollar for dollar tax).

    The negative of this trade is losing the experience of Radman. Compared to Morrison and Shannon Brown, Radman has way more experience on the court

  • lakerfan81

    The Lakers are saving $13M. Morrison’s contract is up after next season (team option for 1 more year but the Lakers almost assuredly won’t take it), while Vlad will be owed another $6.5M still. With the luxury tax that makes $13M in savings. This gives the Lakers more long term flexibility to resign Ariza and Odom.

    Morrison and Brown will likely not see any playing time except in garbage time, unless Luke gets hurt, then morrison might see a little playing time. Vlad was the best player of the three and he was not playing so neither of them will play either.

  • KB24ForLife

    i just realized…

    this guy… is also michael jordan’s first draft pick… just like kwame was

    FFAFACCJCJCJCsjfh adssjlkfdsfadsfd


  • skim.

    we need the 13 mil to sign ARTEST NEXT YEAR YEEEEEEE. that would end our starting sf problems. a defensive player that you can put on practically any1 from lebron to dirk to nash to whoever the hell u want him on. on top of that hes not a bad offensive player hes just shooting bad this year. i say we start a campaign to get artest next year. this is his last and only year with houston before his contract is over.

  • machine lover

    absolutely ridiculous. the adorable vladi-daddy is gone. that is such a burn. and yeah yahh its a business blah blahhh, idc, vlad will always be a laker in my eyes. and new fuglys come to our team. sad & booooo. way to go mitch cupcake. reallllly gonna miss you buddy. :(

    p.s. and yes i am a girl.

  • Nabil

    WOOHOO!!!! The final addition by subtraction. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I’m SO HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! :)

    Dude, there was a time when we needed to add by subtracting Kwame, Smush, Cook, and Vlade (least of the 4, but toxic contract and TERRIBLE basketball player nonetheless). Now they are ALL GONE!!! Yea! Even if this is just a pretrade trad for something else, I’m just SO FREAKING HAPPY TODAY! This is a day to celebrate. :)

    Thanks y’all for breaking down the money thing. It makes you realize that even if neither of these guys ever see the court in laker uniform, it was a great freaking trade.

    Also, this is a great day, because LA finally gets the basketball doppleganger of LA native Jonathan Snipes of Captain Ahab. I remember how crazy weird it was watching Adam in college, and saying, “holy cow, he’s Jonathan Snipes on a basketball court!” Tell me that isn’t uncanny:

    “Celllllebrate good times- common’!”

  • Freshh

    Not the greatest move, but good.

    I’ll reserve judgment for later
    at least feast or famine is gone

  • imfasterthanur

    Maybe now we can finally beat the Bobcats?

    I’m kidding.

    Can anyone give me the 411 on Shannon Brown? What’s the story on him?

  • trademaster 2009

    radmanovic-better shooter, more injury pron, older

    morrison-better scorer, younger

  • as1084

    i have a feeling this trade is for the sole purpose of making a better trade. think about it….adam’s contract is a lot easier to move than vlad rad’s huge contract. i could be wrong but i am expecting this trade to lead to another trade. maybe marcus camby????

  • stdecker

    maybe morrison can fufill more of his potential with us. Its nice to get out of vlads contract and morrison certainly cant be any worse on defense than vlad was. people didnt think the ariza trade was much of a move at first. it all depends on the system and maybe AM can find a niche under phil. And we also get another big body with brown. i guarantee Morrison will be a big improvment on rad. Now if we could just get rid of Sasha!

  • 123kid

    wow i never saw this coming. lets hope in some way this works out or this is just a small bait trade to bring in bigger or atleast better fish in the future.

  • What!

    I don’t really understand this trade other than trying to save up money. The Lakers traded a proven veteran player that can shoot for a young struggling unproven player imo.

    And don’t understand all the hate on Vlad either the guy was a starter at the beginning of the season and out of nowhere was taken out of the line-up and now he sucks?

    And whos shannon brown?

  • dom1020
  • daryl Imhoff

    I think the value in this trade right now is a push, but Morrison has not been given a chance by Larry Brown and his potential up side is greater than Vlad’s. Morrison may develop in the triangle what the Lakers thought they were getting when they first signed Vlad.

  • kb241

    does anyone know if this Shannon Brown kid can defend? Will the Lakers be able to use him for defensive purposes against smaller quicker guards?

  • lakerfan81

    kb241. Brown could not get off the bench playing behind Felton for Larry Brown. If he could defend Larry Brown would have played him.

  • Dwiz

    The thing I really love about this trade is we get a contract ending in the 09′-10′ season. If we look at a couple of the trades that have gone down this year, many have involved decent level players(Randolph,Crawford,etc) getting traded for contracts which expire before or after the 09′ season. This gives us another valueable trade asset, which we can move for say a better player or maybe even give us more money to give to a big name FA(though unlikely, unless say, Kobe takes a paycut, or Lamar signs for less.)

  • LakerFreak


  • lakerfan81

    Everyone keeps comparing players or hoping that this leads to a bigger trade. But this trade wasn’t about the players it was about their contracts. The Lakers are cutting salary to give themselves more flexible to resign Ariza and Odom. Thats what this trade was about. If either player can add anything basketball-wise (which I highly doubt though Morrison might end up being serviceable in the triangle as a shooter) it will be an added bonus.

  • xplayforrealx

    great move.. so does when does he get to play.

  • havasu jorge

    Lakerfan81, you are right. We should be happy about this. It means the front office wants to resign both LO and Ariza and not have to pick between the two.

  • daboss1848

    PJ killed Vlad’s psyche and his game . . .Vlad starts – we blow out squads with our spread out offense, allowing KB, Pau and Bynum room to operate.

    Luke gets healthy, PJ’s love for Luke immediately results in a lineup change – all of a sudden, as if by coincidence, not only does our defense not get better, but our offense deteriorates to an average level . . . (yes yes Luke allows the offense flow with his passing, vision, and unselfishness; he also allows the defense to sag into the middle to disrupt KB, Pau, Bynum)

    Im glad hes gone for his own good – he didnt get a fair shake from the so-called Zen Master – name calling, silent treatment, and failure to communicate with your players is not in any way, shape, or form a Zen technique.

    Now you “specially-selected-Laker-players-fans” will see that the grass is not always greener . . .

    Having said that – great post by Chris (re: Shannon Brown). Perhaps with the removal of the pressure of being tagged a franchise player by his draft selection, Morrison will now be able to relax and have fun.

  • LakerPatel

    What is the “REAL REASON” behind this TRADE?

    2008-2009 Salary
    Vlad Rad $ $6,049,400
    Morrison $4,159,200
    Brown $ $797,581 (only year on contract)
    Lakers will save $1.09mill this year

    2009-2010 Salary
    Vlad Rad $$6,466,600
    Morrison $5,257,228
    Lakers will save $1.2mill

    2011-2012 Salary (*BOTH PLAYER OPTION)
    Morrison $6,897,484
    Vlad Rad $6,883,800
    Lakers will end up paying $14K more to Morrison during the 11-12 season



    All the salary figures courtesy of HoopsHype.

  • KONG!

    [Comment ID #61227 Will Be Quoted Here]

    speaks the truth

  • Ilovela242332

    Despite how horribly he was playing lately, i’m gonna miss Vlad.
    Anyone know how adam is defensively? Vlad lacked D, and I hated that about him.

    Lets hope Morisson finds his groove back with the Lakers.


    My first thoughts on this was wow VLADI is gone??????? I loved VLADI. He was a good guy, he wasn’t cocky, when PHIL took him out of the starting lineup he didn’t complain at all. My heart goes out to VLADI and I always will wish him the best.

    P.S. Even tho VLADI did make some carless mistakes, we all have to agree that he did at “most” times help us out a lot with his ability to knock down the long ball.

  • Sako

    Wow, is this a big improvement?


    WTF, you can’t say c ocky on here.

  • lakerfan81

    Morrison’s contract is a team option not a player option. If the Lakers do not pick up his contract after next season then it expires.

  • DWinsRings

    I kind of wanted Vlad to stay, first of all he was tough person and didnt complain and what happens if Luke gets injured who are we going to put on the 3 spot for Starter, VLad did great as a starter. O welll

  • Margo

    [Comment ID #61211 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Actually it’s like getting out of 2yrs of Vlad’s contract cause remember the Lakers are over the luxury tax, so it’s double. But i do like having Shannon Brown because of his athleticism.

  • LakerPatel

    LakerFan81, I double checked it & you were right. 2011-2012 season is player option for Vlad Rad, but qualifying offer (not a player option) for Morrison. My apology to all The Lakers Nation fans. GO LAKERS!!!

  • Paul Pierce on a wheelchair*

    wtf!! you traded radmanovitch! my vitch for a mustache!! what’s gonna happen to me if we face each other on the finals again this june!!????!
    he’s my defender! my boy radman! im the greatest player when he’s on me!
    i can drop 50 on him a’night!! you go get him back!!
    i want my finals mvp this year! darn lakers!


  • Russ Ahi

    i haven’t read every single comment, but i’ve seen alot of people say that it was done because of the salary cap and stuff like that…

    ok, maybe part of it was…or maybe mitch and phil see something in morrison…im sure when brian cook and maurice evans were traded last year for ariza, alot of people were scratching their heads…now, every single laker fan loves trevor

    there’s something about phil’s system that brings out the best of certain players…morrison might be one of these players.

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #61250 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Get rid if Sasha? I’d be happy if we could get rid of Luke!

  • YellowPurpleFever

    You did it Mitch. Thks. For Morrison its up side, but he needs to hit those jumpers to stay in the rotation. Good luck. Shannon is a good pick when Famar was out. I like this kid Brown, he did good at Staples last time beating the LA. Good Move, next Fluke?

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #61223 Will Be Quoted Here]

    idiot! lamar odom is a laker for life, get used to it. and did you watch the last game?!

  • Zenmaster

    Vlad has vanished to the end of Phil’s bench for being a defensive liability and just Space Cadet behavior on the court! Gotta also add in that he is way overpaid for what he does, he balances the court by being a threat from the 3 point line– He’ll never play in any important moments-he doesn’t play at all as it is.

    But Adam Morrison did average 12 points a game his rookie year and then blows out his knee and hasnt been the same. Still very young put up big time numbers at Gonzaga-Not a good athlete but at 6’8, he can hit open looks like he’ll get in the triangle. Morrison can stretch the court simlar to Vlad but his contract is better long-term.

    Throw in Shannon Brown- we have always had trouble with small guards like Parker and Rondo- maybe Brown gives some good minutes, at least for pg insurance

    Plus, who knows if there’s another trade on the horizon with a team that also needs cap flexibility-Marcus Camby, Brad Miller who knows what could happen

    We didn’t give anything up that we still don’t have- Vlad was not in the rotation!

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    is that morrison on the top picture above?

    Its always sad to lose a Laker, especially one with the potential of him…sure he’s been very inconsistent but when he’s on fire then he’s very hard to stop! Just remember the playoffs last year against the nuggets…game 3 i think. He hit 5 threes through 1 1/2 quarters!

    I hope Morrison breaks out of his slump, he makes up for the 3 point shooting lost by Radman. Good luck to both him and Shannon Brown!

    And good luck to Vlade…he will be missed.

  • 323 TOWN



    i don’t see the point in this,except getting rid of Vlad Rads contract. Maybe Mitch & Phil know something….hmmm????? we’ll miss you Vladi. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!

  • KB24


  • N I Dont want no robocop

    Big trade in my eyes.

    Financial relief.
    Maybe A.M. can find his touch with the triangle
    and Kobe was a big A.M. fan while he was in college.

    Great deal!

  • Smush Walton

    The fake SMUSH WALTON doesn’t see the point of this trade but the real one does!

    Goodbye Vlad. We should have torn up your contract when you got hurt snowboarding.

    Next to walk the plank should be LUKE. If Sasha doesn’t get his act together then we should show him the door too!

  • Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #61221 Will Be Quoted Here]

    LD2k, I didn’t know you were diabetic too! :D Type 1 I presume? Well, a doctor friend of mine recommended that I take what he’s been taking for a couple of years now to help lower blood sugar levels significantly.
    His name is Dr. John Edwards & his contact #s are 800/577-0777 & 213/216-3889. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with. Only the best, Chris! :cool:


    There’s a 30-Day Empty Bottle Money Back Guarantee!


    …From the very moment of inception; the trade for Ariza was a “Great Addition” while losing Brian Cook was the “Great Subtraction” element of the deal!
    …Except for future cap space, I seriously doubt any positive element will be derived for the Lakers in this deal!
    …Can you say: A mini second coming from the Michael Jordan/Kwame Brown deal?
    …In my opinion, this trade will have the exact opposite effect that the Ariza trade panned out for their respective teams!
    …Coach Brown will know how to utilize VladRad within his most optimal effectiveness!
    …Sorry but; Larry Brown > Old Man Jackson!

  • Lker Roger

    vlade was not much of realiable out side shooter.
    he lied to laker front office that was the deal breaker the snow boarding accident. was a good trade free up some cap money, vlade was out of the roation
    anyway. phil said he was a space cadet in a coma
    dosent get any more rude than that.

  • Nabil
  • 15cmngsoon

    Vlad had to go. It was either him or Luke in order to keep Trevor and maybe L.O. this summer. I’m glad it was the space cadet and not Luke, an all around good guy and smart player.

  • Chris Manning

    This is from ESPN.

    “Morrison, due about $5.3 million next season in the final year of his rookie contract, was averaging just 4.5 points while shooting 36 percent from the field and 34 percent from 3-point range.

    The deal also gives the Lakers some salary-cap relief. Radmanovic is owed $6.5 million next season and $6.9 million a year later in a player option.”

    So they save 1.2 million next year and 6.9 the following? That is a great deal, money wise!

  • lakerschamps09

    ok first of all of u who wanted vlad gone are u happy???
    i liked vlad because he spoke the same language as me…. sucks hes gone boss1848 is rite we were better wit vld instead of luke…. now lets see wat the two kids can do… i know they are happy as hell…. welcome to the lakers… bye vlad good luck…
    vlad is prolly sayin “pusi kurac” to phil…

  • dom1020

    morrison and vlady are both hairy, and both can shoot

  • sketch

    Wow!!! I can’t believe it! It’s definitely an upgrade for the Lakers! I just hope that Adam Morrison will live up to his shooting expectations! I think that Shannon Brown will be a great athletic addition. I like the trade, finally got rid of the space cadet, and got 2 very usable players in his place!

  • domz

    “Kupchak saved the Lakers about $2.2 million in salary (including taxes) this year, $2.4 million for 2009/10 and potentially $13.8 million for 2010/11.”

    “If the team decides that retaining Lamar Odom is the right move and he is willing to sign for a starting salary of $7 million a season, the Lakers would be on hook for about $105 million. That’s $5 million over the rumored budget as is – the Lakers would be reluctant at that point to spend their Mid-Level Exception (even though players like Ron Artest, Rasheed Wallace, Jason Kidd and Andre Miller may be available. Note that there are very few teams slotted to have cap room this summer).

    Now picture an Odom for Shaquille O’Neal trade – that would bump LA’s salary to around $133 million next season. Amar’e may be slightly cheaper, but $121 million is still more than Dr. Buss is willing to pay. Lamar Odom may have his flaws but he’s a better defender at this point than both O’Neal and Stoudemire.”

    quoted from Hoopsworld.

  • Paul Pierce & smelldicks


  • jason

    Way too early to evaluate this trade. Last year we got Ariza and I definitely wasn’t expecting what we got. Vlad is a good player, but we’re loaded at the 3. Good luck to him in Charlotte.

  • what will be

    Artest… next season…

  • lafanfromindiana

    I don’t like this trade at all. People keep talking about how this saves us money for the future but aren’t we in it to win it now? I wonder what Kobe thinks about this. I’m sure he would rather win now and take a paycut to resign ariza or odom, rather than lose a 3pt threat than can spread the floor in a play to end a game or quarter. And why do we need another guard when we have Fisher, Farmar, Sasha, Kobe, and Sun Yue? I was hoping to see Sasha traded.

    Does anyone know if these two guys can be traded again right away or do we have to wait for the offseason?

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #61319 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Artest??? You do realize that the Lakers, already over the salary cap, have to resign Ariza (he’s a free agent) and quite possibly LO in the offseason (should they choose to do so). In additon, Kobe can opt out after this season and resign for more money. If all that happens, the only way Artest comes here if he signs for the veterans minimum.

  • portman

    i loved radman. yes, we got rid of his contract, but for who? adam morrison?! haters. are you even real laker fans? what’s next? luke? luke may not be the most athletic man out there but that man knows the triangle, we have a good enough team to back his deficiencies up, this ain’t 2006 fellas! luke is a better player. no more trades.

  • portman

    [Comment ID #61319 Will Be Quoted Here]

    no! i don’t want the lakers to be like the lakers in ’04 (kobe, shaq, malone, payton) that was the worst laker team in memory. i loved the 05 team better.

  • SB

    [Comment ID #61327 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You’re kidding me, right? Little kids who like to play “Fantasy-Drafts.”

  • mr.laker19

    First of all, I love Mitch. He is always making moves. You have to love that. Jerry W taught him well.

    I was always skeptical of Vlad Rad. Ive always been on the fence about if we should keep him or not. He is a GREAT OPEN SHOOTER. Which is a very valuable asset. But after that, his worth is minimal at best. So he was always on the trade block for me if we had something better out there for him.

    As skeptical as i am about Vlad Rad, im just as skeptical on this trade. I mean, Morrison has a great upside, and shannon brown with his athleticism also has potential. But if they play like they did in Charlotte, we will be dissapointed. Only time will tell.

    Good luck Vlad and lets get to work AM and Shannon. AND LETS GO LAKESHOW!!!

  • JJ

    the mustache is back! too bad kurt rambis shaved his when he retired.

  • KAB

    i just hope farmar doesnt make morrison cry

  • Mitch4Pres

    god speed v rad

  • 24kar33m24

    [Comment ID #61336 Will Be Quoted Here]

    hahahahaha lmao

  • grendel20

    I wonder what Morrison & Brown did when they heard the news…

    I imagine they walk into the practice gym or whatever. Coach walks up to them both, says “Bad news guys. You’ve been traded.”

    “Oh god, where!?”

    “Los Angeles”

    “Nooooooo! The clippers?? WHY?!?!”

    “No no, guys, the lakers.”

    “Oh. I see…..”

    :they both run outside and do the chest bump:

  • dom1020

    all im saying is to think the lakers are a better team, they got lucky with pau last year because he was able to fit in so well, im not saying that morrison/brown can do so but lakers are a team with great chemistry and they lost vlad, who did alot for the LA community, best wishes goes out to him hope he does well

  • ricky

    Best wishes go out to Vladimir Radmanovic. He was a standout guy in the community and he was always helping those in need. A funny guy with a solid rainbow 3! Good luck Vladimir!

    As much as I like Vladimir, I really like what Adam Morrison can do if he can get healthy 100% and improve his game. He is much more versatile than Vlad in terms of being able to create his own shot, and he is better and more willing to drive to the rim. Also, not only can he hit the 3 ball, but I think he would be solid if he can become a good pull up jump shooter off the dribble. Shannon Brown looks like a solid guard and probably his size and strength can help us on the defensive end in guarding guys such as D-Will or Billups.

  • Jacks

    I wonder what Morrison & Brown did when they heard the news…

    I imagine they walk into the practice gym or whatever. Coach walks up to them both, says “Bad news guys. You’ve been traded.”

    “Oh god, where!?”

    “Los Angeles”

    “Nooooooo! The clippers?? WHY?!?!”

    “No no, guys, the lakers.”

    “Oh. I see…..”

    :they both run outside and do the chest bump:

    haha! i can totally see that happening!

  • Dave

    What about Sun Yue? Vlad looks like an all-star compared to the “Chinese deer in the headlights” of basketball players. I’d rather have Koby Carl back than keep Sun Yue sitting on the bench in a sportcoat.

  • Nabil

    [Comment ID #61341 Will Be Quoted Here]


    Who’s going to miss things like this: SpaceBalls running in the opposite direction of the guy he’s covering, a 3 point shooter no less, in the closing seconds of a game, to go try and double team some dude in the post who isn’t even in the play, when the Lakers are up by 3 and everyone in the building knows the other team is going for 3…two nights in a frickin’ row!!!! Not me.

  • http://THELAKERNATI.COM BrownMamba101

    Morrison is just as good a shooter as vlad rad and plus his contract is much more pleasent than radmonovic’s. This is a win for the lakers

  • S-Quire

    Classic classic classic Lakers move, no one expected it, came straight out of nowhere. Dude is right, the final piece of addition by subtraction (no more Cook, Smush, Kwame, etc.) As for the players themselves, I think the triangle is really going to work out well for Morrison, and if he can learn one more skill besides scoring (defense, rebounding, or passing, let’s be realistic 1 out of 3) then he’ll be useful. As for Brown, I’m hoping he’ll be Trevor-lite, at PG…

  • listen here

    good move salary wise, but not much to do with on court.
    shannon has the athleticism and size to guard the cp3s and d wills of the world. that video was a good intro.
    morrison can probably just dust off his armani suit i think he will be wearing it a lot.
    i think this was more to give our core guys more minutes (then again vlad wasnt exactly taking minutes from anyone)
    just shortening the bench and financial obligations.
    i wish we could move walton and his 5 YEARS!

  • Luke4Lvp
  • kobe4ever

    i hope farmar doesn’t make morrison cry again. haha. GREAT SALARY DUMP MITCH, finally someone dumb enough to take his long term bloated contract for an expiring contract and a rookie deal that ends next year a rookie that potentially has some upside and if not drop his @$$. Great Move Mitch!

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #61347 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Sun should playing full time in the D league. It should be clear to even numbskulls like bryan that Sun is totally lost out there and he needs some floor time in the D league.

  • imfasterthanur

    [Comment ID #61340 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • Amare Bryant

    not a bad trade…
    let’s trade L.O , Brown and Brown for Amare…not shaq

  • DameC24

    When I seen this trade last night, I was thinking why in the world do the Lakers need Morrison, but after reading the salary figures and what Vlad would cost, then this makes more sense. If Morrison can get back to those days @ Gonzaga, this could benefit the team down the stretch. But what remains missing right now, is another big man who can buck up to Garnett if and when they meet again in the Finals. Hopefully Bynum can come back stronger and left off what he was doing in his 5 games before the injury, and the rotation will be set in my honest opinion. Good luck to the new Lakers and good luck to Vlad out in Charlotte.

  • Nikko

    sad to see Raddy go!
    best o luck with the BC!

  • trademaster 2009

    [Comment ID #61234 Will Be Quoted Here]
    we should of gotten desagana diop

  • Nabil

    One thing I haven’t seen anybody talk about is the fact that we just traded one guy for two guys. How does this effect the roster?

    I think we were one player under the league max, which allowed space for this deal. But weren’t we at the limit for how many can suit up? So who, I ask, is going to the “injured reserve” or the D-league? Sun?

    Also, I wonder how Joe Crawford feels about this move. There’s now one more player (Shannon) in front of him before he makes it the show.

  • Jay D

    will they be playing against OKC?

  • portman

    [Comment ID #61328 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yeah. like i’ll trade sun yue for amare. might as well trade josh powell for lebron james.

  • shakobe22

    he came to the right team
    he wont have to cry on the court like a baby cuz we wont be losing in the finals

  • CG

    i say a pretty good trade, like a 6/10. We do get rid of Radman who is absolutely horrible in defense, very inconsistent, and his ugly contract, and Get Adam Morrison. Morrison this guys is awesome if you watched his Gonzaga, but haven’t really proved his presence in the NBA. I think this will rejuvenate his career.
    In my opinion, i say like in late Feb or March once Morrison gets a very good feel for our triangle and D, we should start him for Luke. I mean i would have Morrison out there rather then Luke.

  • Michael_23

    These are guys are just going to be bench warmers. If Luke and Trevor are ever injured, Kobe will just slide down to the SF. I don’t think Morison will ever play a heavy roll at this time of the year.

    Well … Lakers face the Thunder this Tues. Maybe Lakers and lead by 30 in the 4th and Adam and Brown can play some mins in garbage time.

  • Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #61481 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yeah, I’d rather see Adam on instead of Luke, but Luke knows how to play with the starters better! :cool:

  • JT

    [Comment ID #61223 Will Be Quoted Here]

    This is probably a really bad trade. Amare is known to be injury prone (Look at the recent events) and with Lamar accepting his role with the lakers, he is excelling. I would consider doing a deal for Artest, but he has had several serious injuries and might not be able to accept being 4th option on the offense after Bynum, Gasol, and Kobe.

  • Freshh