LA Times: Coach Phil Jackson has decided to sign a contract extension that keeps him with the Lakers for two more seasons.

Jackson met Wednesday with Jerry Buss and informed the Lakers owner of his decision.

Jackson, 62, will get a modest raise from the three-year, $30-million contract he signed in June 2005, which was the richest per-annum coaching deal in U.S. pro sports history. Jackson is expected to make $11 million or $12 million a season in his new deal.

“Everyone connected with Phil is pleased with his decision, something that only he could make after considering all aspects of what it means to be a head coach,” said Jackson’s agent, Todd Musburger. “Obviously, he’s up for it. There is a spring in his step.”

Jackson declined to comment this morning, saying there would be an official announcement later in the day.

He will preside over a team brimming with the potential of 20-year-old Andrew Bynum, but also fraught with uncertainty until the Kobe Bryant situation resolves itself. Bryant has not stepped back from a trade demand and can terminate his Lakers contract in summer 2009 if he is not traded.

But Jackson has found an extreme comfort level with the Lakers. He gets along well with his coaching staff, lives only a few miles from the team’s El Segundo training facility, and is a longtime companion of team executive Jeanie Buss.

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    You know i was kind of hoping he would turn the lakers down and the lakers go after ben howland instead. that guy is beast on teaching defense…

  • 24allup inya

    Well this proves me wrong!!!

  • 24allup inya

    The Lakers better beat the mierda nuggets to celebrate Phil’s signing!There wont be anything worse for Phil then to see the Lakers go down to the nugg’s knowing the Clippers beat them.GOOOO LAKEEEERRRRSSSS!!!!

  • pr0mega

    LOL Ben HOWLAND? Please… You’d take that guy over the Zen master? Yeah, I bet Howland can handle a frustrated Kobe (end sarcasm). This is huge for the Lakers. It might also help keep Kobe around longer!

  • left

    Sounds good to me! I love PHILosophy 101. Hopefully this helps our chances of keeping Kobe too. I think Phil likes what he sees with this young group, Farmar, Bynum, etc.

  • LakersFirst

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    Yet another example how you are not really a Laker Fan. So Sad.

  • Michael_23

    I wonder when Phil Jackson talked to Jerry Buss today he said, “well … if you want me to stay we really gotta get Kobe some help. And you better do it soon or I ain’t staying any longer.”

  • ab4sure

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    No Buss said, “You want to be the highest paid coach in professional sports?” Phil said, “yes”. Buss said, “sign right here”.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    Phantom – come on
    this time i do not agree, it is not about the coach is about players skills and players effort
    In our roster we do not have many players capable to play great D.
    if you ever seen the bulls, especially the first bulls, u know that team had one of the strongest D ever.
    But they had players with the right attitude…


    Hey guys its just an opinion. I love watching UCLA and the defense they CONSISTANTLY do. wouldn’t it be nice if he could get the lakers to play that way? just a thought…

  • ab4sure

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    a poor thought, a random thought, a PHANTOM THOUGHT…HAHAHHAHA
    just joking with you, you make for a good whooping boy like Brian Cook was for PJ. Maybe you can be that for the whole lakernation…j/k

    Ben Howland’s dream job since he was young was to Coach UCLA. He won’t leave that job even to go and coach your favorite player Kobe.

  • SILO

    Hmmmmmm. I hope there is a deeper meaning to this signing rather than Phil wanting money. Phil Wants that 10th ring and I’m sure Phil wouldnt stick around if he didnt believe that he could do it here. Which brings up the curiosity of what made Phil sign the dotted line? Obviously health was an issue. Does he really really believe this squad can compete for a ring?

    I guess we are all hoping there is something brewing in that FO. Who knows really?

    Phil must have talked to Kobe before he signed, there is no way Phil would stay if Kobe wasnt. At least we hope that.



  • LakersFirst

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    Ok, comparing NCAA Basketball and NBA are two different completely things. 1) Just because Ben Howland is doing a good job at UCLA does not mean he’d be a good NBA coach (just ask Rick Pitino) 2) there is NO illegal defense in college ball 3) 99% College players are NOT nearly as good as the NBA players.

  • gugy

    Well since PJ stays that seems a clear sign that Kobe will stay, at least while PJ is here.
    That’s good news.
    Now please FO bring quality veterans to help Kobe, NOW!



  • lalakerfan

    first of all…this is great

    if i’m not mistaken, this means he’s signed through the 2009/2010 season right? Kobe can opt out in the summer of 2009 right? So…he’s taking a risk of coaching a kobe-less team in the final season of the contract…interesting

    let’s see some crittenton and ariza tonight =)

  • ab4sure

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    Please tell me did the LA team change their name to the Los Angeles Kobe’s… I thought they were the Los Angeles Lakers. I say this because everyone wants the FO to help Kobe… I thought we wanted the Lakers to win and not just Kobe.

  • gugy


    I want the Lakers to win, but it is clear to me that the shortest way to accomplish that is to bring quality help around Kobe. He is the best player in the planet. Period. If Kobe leaves, It will be long time until the Lakers contend.
    So bring the right pieces soon we can can start celebrating.


    Thank you Gugy,Again!Kobe is the one who needs the help.his level of play seems to elevate the players he’s around but after 4 seasons with this group(except LO/DF/RT(Turiaf)/LW/AB(starting to Finally get it)they still seem LOST.Like I said before YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BRING IN HEEEEELLLLPPP FOR YOUR BEST PLAYER and Lord knows Kobe needs help NOOOOWWWWWW.It doesn’t have to be my favorite soon to be acquisition,JERMAINE O’NEAL but someone thats ready to go to WAR everynight.It’s all about taking it to the NEXT LEVEL and with this team it seems like on certain nights they’re kinda stuck on stupid.I agree this is not the LA KOBES but it sure seemed like it for the past 3years.If you feel this team will make the playoffs that’s your opinion but truthfully speaking,they’ll be fighting very hard for that 8th spot if they don’t get help by the 15th.

  • 24allup inya

    My prediction for tonight’s game is that Vlady is going to come out of his shooting slump.Lakers by 5 points.GO LAKERS!

  • ab4sure

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    4th or 5th seed is possible with this team which has more talent than lakernation believes, and not only does kobe need help, but kobe needs to help the team….LAKERS…

  • ricky

    phil jackson is obviously not a stupid coach! so there has to be some good reason that phil was willing to sign on for 2 more years. i think the lakers may be up to something next summer. perhaps jerry buss has promised to open up his wallet and pay up to acquire some talent and veterans to help the lakers contend. lets hope this is the case =]


    I still wonder why the FO didn’t acquire Dwayne Wade during the Shaq trade. That would have put us in serious contender position. The lakers would be a better running team than even the Suns:


    Oh, well. Lakers FTW!

  • Rob

    Phil has the worst sup patterns. Phil is a major problem. He does not use his subs effectively. I am in NY watching the game and it is the worst.

  • Rob

    [Comment ID #18273 Will Be Quoted Here]

  • keep24

    Are you telling me that the Lakers rather pay $12 mil a year for a legened that that has no passion for coaching – but are not willing pay or break the bank for on-court help.

    With that kind of money, he better come to play every night. He really needs to start coaching more basketball and being a little less Hollywood.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    Ab4sure, u still keep saying about team lakers instead kobe…
    u have some serious problems man, kobe is the only player in this team that brings it and fights every night everysecond of the game
    only for this you should respect him.
    the other guys that you claim has so much talent never played in any Fuking all star game yet, and for what i see, probably never will.
    so you are just a biased kobe hater that does not understand that helping kobe means helping the lakers

  • ab4sure

    kenobi, i see the lakers thru the team not through one individual. This is not tennis this is basketball so man you have some serious problems if you can’t see basketball as a team sport. Other lakers have heart and bring it … they just don’t have the talent of a kobe and few in the league do so you shouldn’t be biatching about every other laker on the team. You don’t see bynum as a future all star??? You were also wanting to trade Bynum for JO. That would be a terrible trade man… Who am i disrespecting??? tell me what i said because i have no idea what your saying. You just hating on the lakers and that is not right….sounds like your the hater.

  • foxxy

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  • dj matt20

    great news but we still need to beef up on the defense. come on phil that’s where championships are formed.


    Ab4sure,I want you to close your eyes for a minute…… think of this team without Kobe….keep thinking…….now open…..what did you see,I’ll tell NUTHIN” but when you opened your eyes you saw what?That’s right…that’s right THE LIGHT.That means Kobe needs help but I would wait until next year(JO!JO!JO!).HELL OF A GAME LAST NIGHT,RESPECT DUE.Oh Yeah,watch out for Ariza and Javaris getting some more too,hopefully.

  • Rob

    12 million dollar man. It is horrible to see how Phil coaches. I have been a Laker fan for 20 + years and it is just crazy to see the lakers these days. We need players and a defensive minded coach