UPDATE: Here is some more information from Ramona Shelburne on Lamar Odom; via twitter

Lakers offer to Odom was either three years and $30 million or four years and $36 million. Odom rejected both. (via Twitter)

Bad news on Odom front: Lakers take deal off the table (via Twitter)

Also, here is some more information…

L.A. Times: “Yes, we have taken the deal off the table,” Lakers spokesman John Black said Tuesday. “Talks have broken down for the time being.”  Asked if talks could resume, Blacks said, “That’s within the realm of possibility.”

  • Sako

    ahhhhhhhhhhh, talk about laying sh!t on a bad day

  • kobeftw

    Bye Lamar Odumb

  • http://none RojasMD

    No Worries!! but we need to get CARLOS BOOZER!!!

  • marcus

    do they have the same agent as ariza ? big loss for lamar …i’m feeling mitch has a rabbit to pull on his hat again !!!! boozer or amare maybe….

  • Sako

    [Comment ID #79550 Will Be Quoted Here]

    why? he doesn’t have a brain in that bald deformed head of his.

  • Sako

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    no, they dont

  • Jim

    WHAT? noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! We need Lamar to effectively compete for another title. Without Lamar, we’ve got Luke, Josh, Sasha and Farmar coming off the bench. Does that group of guys strike fear in anybody’s heart? Need I say anymore? Mitch, please say it isn’t so.

  • JayDee

    Man… Odom you are breaking the hearts of Laker fans all over the world! We don’t need Boozer we already have Pau and ‘Drew! Hopefully Lamar comes to his senses so we can repeat and continue to dominate the league…

  • showtimelakes

    so much greed. Let me guess Lamar “I have family to feed”? look where it got sprewell.

  • Tdoom15

    Why on earth would we want boozer? Or amare?

    Odom is the perfect fit for this team.

    The things that cross my mind first is that this is a power move by the lakers, reports were that LA was close to odom’s 10 mil a season offer, but not nec on the amt of years. Maybe they are trying to strong arm and scare him a bit?

    Or possibly, sign and trade of some sort? Odom’s agent was looking for one…..I for one hope we keep odom, I don’t think we could find a better fit of a player.

  • lakers2000

    This sucks for both sides. Damn it Lamar! Let’s see what happens now. I just don’t want the Lakers to be one and done. I wish I was so full of myself and rich that I could snub millions. Sh!t, Sh!t and double Sh!t! Go Lakers!!!!!!!

  • The Spector

    Damit LO! we should try to trade for Amare. and get Barnes for the bench.

  • BT_Rose

    lets hear it. “i need to support my family…” my family doesnt have 10mil a year and we’re living just fine. thats including some small luxuries here and there like a lot of families. dont get me started on real unfortunate families. phuck i hate that cliche excuse for more money.

    anyway, i hope he stays. but if he doesnt bc of money, i can care less. A laker is always a laker unless his game is only fueled by the almighty dollar.

    good luck.

  • http://none RojasMD

    Can someone explain how Sign and Trade deals work? thanks

  • LakerMike

    I’m sure there are a number of players that will look for a sign-and-trade for Lamar – since there is practically no team that even has the cap-space to give him anywhere near $9-mill/yr (or 10,11 whatever it is HE wants). That means the Lakers will probably look at trade scenarios. Mitch is pretty good at playing these situations off though and giving the Lakers an advantage. Look at Ariza/Artest. He probably has a plan in place or looking at something to take it off the table.

    I am glad however because if Lamar is playing the sloooooow game with them and tying the teams hand, this way the Lakers are in control of the situation. Most players are dying to come to the Lakers, let’s see what happens next…

  • kobeftw

    “Monday Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak said that he wasn’t sure the organization and Lamar Odom’s representative were “on the same page.”

    Now it looks as if the Lakers offer to the free agent forward has been taken off the table, according to our Elliott Teaford, who is attending the Lakers summer league game in Las Vegas.”


  • clipperron

    you guys suck its about time you guys suffer maybe when we sign ai the clipps will be the center stage again!!!!! thats what you guys get when you get trash from our team!!!! LO betrayed the clipps 1st he is not loyal!!!!!

  • Patrick Chewing

    he needs to think this over while eating a snickers bar… hungry why wait?

  • LakersFirst

    The Lakers can’t wait for him. They have to pursue other players. No one can blame the Lakers on this one. 3 year $28M deal isn’t good enough???

    This is not to say that LO won’t be back, but the Lakers will move on and pursue other options.

  • http://janesinsane.com jane

    Lamar was my favorite player on the Lakers. I always thought of him as a true “team” player… no more. Artest comes over for mid level exception because he wants to play on a CHAMPIONSHIP team. Lamar? He says, “I won a championship!”
    Um, Lamar? Sweetie, it’s a team sport. Put you on any other team & does that make them a championship team? Hardly. Watch the Lakers play next season without you, watch them win their division, and then win the ’10 NBA Championship, AGAIN.
    I mistook your stupidity & arrogance for humility. The Lakers wanted YOU on their team, you should have felt honored.
    I’m glad they took the deal off the table & I hope if they end up signing you again, it’s for less than what was offered.

    Trevor Ariza’s agent blew it for him. You should have learned from his mistake & jumped at the opportunity to sign. Can’t feed your family? WTF do they eat???

    buh bye O’dumb

  • Mess Williams

    I’m really not at all surprized…but Odom will end up going somewhere else for alot less than what L.A. would have paid him…it’s not like a bunch of teams have been knocking at his door for what he iz asking….Goodluck L.O. wherever you go*siighh*

  • Robco

    Why you all giving Lamar grief ? He just wants to get paid ! The lakers are the ones that spent all the money. Boozer is not going to replace LO

  • http://twitter.com/AceFreshh Freshh

    [Comment ID #79565 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Oh Great, Clippers get in serious talk with the “Canswer” and suddenly they’re fans start thinking delusional in hopes of their team reaching elite status..

  • lakers2000

    I was thinking, maybe Odom should of stayed at my house for a week. He would of enjoyed hamburger helper, kool aid and top raman all while watching tv on my big screen (14″) with the rabbit ears and foil. He would had come back and signed immediately. I would of even shared my bus tokens to get him back home. There’s still time Mitch, do it!

  • there07

    well…time to move on..

    It’s really disgusting tho…how this players get so greedy at times.

  • willow

    [Comment ID #79550 Will Be Quoted Here]

    If the Lakers can’t afford LO…how do you expect them to pay Boozer?

  • lakerferlife7

    Jul 14th, 2009 at 9:16 pm
    you guys suck its about time you guys suffer maybe when we sign ai the clipps will be the center stage again!!!!! thats what you guys get when you get trash from our team!!!! LO betrayed the clipps 1st he is not loyal!!!!!

    wtf….center stage…ha…i honestly cant think of anything to say to that comment

  • mitch*has*some*ballz*ya*heard

    [Comment ID #79565 Will Be Quoted Here]

    WOW, really a clippers fan talking sh!t?? laughable

  • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

    [Comment ID #79571 Will Be Quoted Here]

    WILL BE THE CENTER STAGE AGAIN!!!!???.. when the hell were the clippers ever, ever, ever.. the center stage besides around draft time?.. in june the lakers get attention cuz they are still playing.. in june the clippers get attention because they are in the lottery.. get the PHUK off our site!!!..

  • 2Anush4

    wow this is really disheartning after the finals to see things like this….how much money is too much money……i thought LO would take less money to stay…….and in this economy hes just spitting in peoples faces and dont give me that its just Buisness because i think all the fans take it personally……..sports is personal to the fans that spend hours a day watching and following the teams they love…this just disgusts me.

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS?)

    It is a ploy to get Lamar moving: either accept the offer (“off the table” is nothing that a phone call can’t fix – it’s not a legal term) or go away.

    This is a NEGOTIATION, people.

    Don’t be surprised if Lamar signs back with the Lakers by Friday:

    First, the only team with cap room is Portland and it RAINS LIKE HELL UP THERE, and

    Second, THERE IS NO BEACH, and


  • Sako

    [Comment ID #79565 Will Be Quoted Here]

    get lost, the clippers were never on the center stage and they never will be u fukin retard

  • xfellerx

    clippers are jv. lakers are varsity we all know that.

    and can anyone else confirm this? with links.

  • mitch*has*some*ballz*ya*heard

    Damn, TheLakersNation.com needs new servers! Every time there is any breaking news the site crashes.. Hit me up, I sell servers!! :-)

  • Showtime

    Lamar has one decent year and that is suppose to make up for all the other years he stole money from the laker organization? Didn’t we get taken already with the sasha contract year I play great….100 million over 5 years..or maybe the Luke My daddy is Bill pay me 90 million over 5 years? or better yet,t he Vlade Radman give me 100 mil over 5years…OLDum is a MLE….he owes the lakers money for his candy playing the last couple of years…Lets move on Mitch…let Bynum earn his money…send OLDum to houston to play with Ariza…I would gladly take a role player like Shane B…

  • RJ


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=684346052 Zoom Kobe II

    goodbye cruel world!

  • http://HI5.COM MIKE


  • Ivan

    [Comment ID #79579 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I don’t think those we’ll be issues to him if he’s getting paid and he’s on a team like Portland that might challenge the Lakers in a few years.

  • 2Anush4
  • sK

    lets just re-sign Elden Campbell, wherever he is.

  • megaloco10

    if true i will be really dissapointed with lamar but the speed the process has taken is not a surprised this happen..=(

  • Sancarrworkout

    goodbye L.O. thanks for the memories it was great….Laker fans wish you well in NEVER, NEVER LAND…

  • thisbedo

    Odom is just being ridiculous he wants 10 mil he give him a little over 9 we can sign barnes for cheap or a hard working forward is humphries…i’ve had little confidence in odom returning we;; se how stupid he is

  • clipperron

    hey laker fans look at how the mighty have fallen,crying over clipper trash my my how times have changed anyways odom arranged around spells out doom, this is your teams future doom and gloom.

  • Showtime

    Does anyone where Kwame Brown is? Can we get him from bagging groceries for 5 mill a yr?


    I know you need to get paid Lamar, but…
    Rings will define your greatness as an NBA superstar; all that glitters is not Gold! Don’t listen to the confusion! Building the dynasty and make your mark on history! The Cheddar will come… That the real!


    Make it happen! You are in the drivers seat!

  • lakers0828

    Odom is being Dumb right now except the Deal and if You leave I will be heart broken and never forgive him again

  • Flush Farmass, Flue, and Vujabich

    Like Ariza, Odumb can blame himself and his greedy ass agent for screwing themselves and not becoming Lakers. Now Odumb will get less money over the course of 5 years and suck. He benefitted from the Lakers’ style of offense and with Kobe and Pau. Now, I can’t wait and see how Odumb and Ariza will suck on their respective teams. I was really curious and anxious to see Odumb play with Artest. I’m glad Buss rescinded the offer and not give-in to another stupid contract like Sasha, Bynum, and Fluke. Let’s go for David Lee, Leon Powe, Joe Smith.


    hey laker fans look at how the mighty have fallen,crying over clipper trash my my how times have changed anyways odom arranged around spells out doom, this is your teams future doom and gloom.


    Just get the “F” out here! lol

    Pertaining to ODOM…Damn! 9 Million and he wont budge? CrAZY world were living in… Ur playing for the TOP Franchise in the World with and upstanding team ur comming off the bench and u can ultimately except a 9 Million offer!?

    Get the “F” out of here! u played one great game with two great highlights in the last game against the magics and u think ur up there with 10-11 mill.. DAym and your inconsistent… FANS are ashamed of your knowledge bro… eat a nutritious bar and get with the program or might as well see you in another team and get your ass slapped by artest and a bite up the a*ss with the BLACKMAMBA!

    L.A. fans no wassup we’ve seen your stats and they ain’t worth 10-11 million and that’s being consistent!!!!!!!

    I might as well give that 10 mill to VICK THE BRICK yah ungrateful bastard!

    Just sign on the X__________________lamar ODOM 9 million contract with the lakers…lol

    All problems just went AWAY!!!!! ahhahahahaahahaahahahaahahahahaah

  • thisbedo

    mavs are interested in a sign and trade w/ odom and they are shopping humphries so it seems to work out try him for a year he is also very cheap we can use morrizon at sf and humphries and pf we can use barnes at a combo forward


    goodbye aready….lol lamar will never win a title again…..didnt bring his A-GAME every night anyway….plz dont offer this guy anymor deals, get someone else & lets move on……

  • basketbolista

    is glenn davis a free agent?
    if he’s a free agent we should get him. his a nice depensive player and scorer. if not, david lee will be the perfect one to replace LO.

  • Flush Farmass, Flue, and Vujabich

    Get David Lee!

  • FelipeLosAngeles25

    Lomar is so dumb. the 9 million 3 years contract is good.
    if he goes to another team for the mid-level which is 5.8 million
    it would be for 5 years. Do the math people it would be 29 million over 5 years. The lakers are willing to give him 9 mil. for 3 years which is 27 mil. its almost the same thing Lamar. theres only 3 names the lakers would sign and trade for… Suns-Amarie, mavs-Josh Howard, and NY- David Lee… Lamar you suck!!! thats if u leave..haha

  • Javier

    I see no worries about LO leaving. He has not yet to get any offers from another team, so LA has no threat to satisfy LO and give him what he wants. It’s called the waiting game and sooner or later the Lakers will offer him one more deal and by the time you know it LO will be signing that and telling reporters that he always knew he was going to come back. LA is smart so they know what they are doing with LO and I know he will be back so hopefully my prediction comes true sooner because I am ready for him to come back already =)

    As everyone knows, this is not a secert, LO coming back to us makes us a championship team for the next 5 years! I strongly support LO because I know he is a BIG piece for us to win more titles and diffently a big part for us to even get back to another NBA finals. I think it will be a failed offseason if we let him go as well because when you look at it, the Lakers would be trading LO and Ariza for Artest and that is not going to get it done.

    haha I should stop talking already, adios mi familia Lakers! LO will be back for sure guys!

  • K-O-B-E

    Sign and trade deal to Portland for Travis Outlaw.

  • Wilt

    Why are you on this website clipperron this is a laker website plz leave and never come back. By the way you sign Baron davis one year and now ai not very smart to sign and overpay two point guards every year. And the only way the clips will ever be better than the lakers is if u sign Queen James, like that will happen any player with 1/2 a brain knows the clippers are the worst franchise ever in any sport, They always have been always will be. Do us all a favor never comment again and go rethink your life.



    SIGN:X_____________Lamar Odom

  • DwiZ

    Seriously, how are people just assuming we can just “trade” for Amare. For one, we don’t have enough talent to even get Amare and the Suns dont want to give up their franchise player for scraps.

    That, and we are divisional rivals. The Suns aren’t just going to pull a Memphis Grizzly and give away their best player to their biggest fricking rival.

    Now, if we had a couple of young stars ala Eric Gordon/ Rudy Gay/ etc, something along those lines, we would have enough pieces to move for Amare, but we are sure as heck not getting him for Odom straight up.

    The biggest possibility may be David Lee but, I doubt the Knicks want Odom who can’t show up every game in LA. He would be going to a bigger stage in NYC and would probably choke every game.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Odom and his agent denied a 9 mill/year offer from the Lakers? Are they f*ckin’ stupid? No other team in the NBA will offer Odom more than 9 mill a year.

  • LakersFirst

    According to reports, the Lakers offered Odom an option of either 3 years for $30M (there is his $10M per year) or 4 years for $36M, but the Lakers never heard back from LO or his agent, which made Buss mad because LO and his agent have been talking to Dallas and Miami who can both offer LO only the MLE over 5 years, which is pretty much the same money the Lakers are offering. The “pulling” of the offer off the table is to get LO and his agent talking to the Lakers again.

    I’m wondering if LO’s issue isn’t actually about money but instead perhaps LO is looking for a team where he can be a starter. With Bynum coming back healthy, LO’s minutes may be reduced if he stays with the Lakers. He might want to join a team that can guarantee him starter minutes.

  • LakerDownUnder

    Is David Lee a restricted or free agent?

  • LakerDownUnder

    The question I’m asking is whether we would need to sign and trade for David Lee or if we could make an offer staright up?

  • Michael_23

    Wow, I thought they’d keep Ariza or LO, but lose both. Jeez, money talks eh?

  • Robert

    LO should have signed for $9M for 3 years – after 3 championships, AND, a chance to prove himself as a great player in the regular season, he would definitely get nice offers after 3 years if he didn’t stay w/Lakers after that.

    Oh well, soon to be water behind the bridge. I think that the Lakers will ‘find a way’ to win without him. You want to keep a championship team intact. I predict this (if LO doesn’t return): recall that LO played ‘marginally well’ in regular season, so our needs are not as big during that period. Come February of next year, we acquire another player who will fit the bill for the next championship run.

    But, if we have to do something now, S&T for David Lee wouldn’t be bad. I think NY would go for that, to get their hometown son LO back to NY. D’Antoni likes LO, and would fit in with their team. And, I think we’d be ok w/David Lee (a little shorter than LO, and not as lengthy, but Phil would get something working w/him).

    OK, I’ll stop being a GM. We have to trust KupCheck. The Lakers weren’t even speaking w/Ariza, but they’ve been talking with LO. PokerMan Buss isn’t showing his hand – maybe lose the first round, but eventually win the game. The Lakers will be fine, and so will LO, whether he comes back or not.

  • ODumb is right

    [Comment ID #79549 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i like that.

    i don’t blame the lakers here. there was no reason for lakers to up the offer several times when no one else is offering him anything close.
    whatever happened to coming back for less. odom and ariza think they were the main reasons why the lakers won the championship. these are both role players, fourth option at best.

  • celticpride

    hahaha thats right LO come to boston were gonna pay u for 12 million a year…. woooooooooooooooo destroy lakers

  • Scarface

    does this mean we are unable to give him another offer? because there is still quite a bit of time of free agency. the best offer Lamar can get from any other team in the league is approx 6 mil a year for 5 years. we offered him 10 mil for three years and 8.5 mil for 4 years. whats wrong with this guys head?

  • LakerDownUnder

    [Comment ID #79617 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Do we need to S&T or could we chase David Lee without that?

  • Shai

    I don’t want LO back, LO and his agent disrespected the lakers by not responding. No body disrespects the lakers, kupcake do your thing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=525479878 Geloman

    Let Odom go and give Morrison his spot as the 6th man. Instant offense right there. He’s tearing it up in the Summer League. With more playing time, his confidence will go through the roof.

  • Robert

    hey celticpride – the Boston GeriaTrics will be using their walkers to get downcourt. Invest in some Geritol stock – they’ll be drinking that instead of Gatorade. They can get vitamin discounts if they join AARP.

    If they even had enough $$ for LO, they could have him help wheel the GeriaTrics down the court.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #79619 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You obviously don’t know sh*t, the Suckdics are over the salary cap as they are paying the fossils they already have. They can only offer LO the biannual exception of 1.9M.

    God you’re dumb. Typical Boston Suckdic f*ggot.

  • Thomas

    What the hell is wrong with this guy!!! If he took the 3yr/$30 million he would be making the $10 million he wanted and would have made $9 million with the other offer and had and extra year, an extra oppurtunity to win another championship. This guy is ridiculous…If he doesnt want to play here he can try and find someone else to sign his @ss, good luck. No one is going above the MLE on the rest of the free agents out there, so he shouldnt expect anything different if he attempts to play the open market…

  • Michael_23

    LO could of got the 9 mil for 4 years. 36 mil. He’ll be 33 when the contract expires. And probably get mid-level after that. Which by the way teams are only offering to him right now.

    5.8 a year for 5 years 29 mil or 9 a year for 4 years 36 mil.

    Quote from Homer Simpson after LO signs to another team, “DoH!”

  • colinbeme123

    I am so confused trying to think what Lamar might be thinking.

  • Robert

    It looks like he doesn’t want to play here. What else could it be? Maybe he’s not happy that Artest is here, and he knows that he’ll still be second fiddle, or maybe 3rd or 4th fiddle. But if he really doesn’t want to play here, then he should have let us know 2 weeks ago, when there were other free agent opportunities for us.

  • Asiant Zero

    “Eating too much sugar impairs cognitive function, which may explain why Odom doesn’t always make the smartest decisions…..”
    Dr. Daniel Amen
    So what the doctor said was right. tsk tsk

  • laker fan who hates flukes

    oh well bye bye odumb!! at least la can find a good replacement that isnt too inconsistent.

  • LA

    LO is getting starter minutes with the Lakers. If Buss really offered him 4 years $36M and he turned it down, I personally don’t want him back. If Artest signed for the MLE, Odom can handle $9M per year for 4 years. I always thought LO was the ultimate team player. Guess I was seriously wrong. I also always thought LO was not the brightest tool in the shed. Clearly he is proving me right.

  • Steve in Vegas

    Don’t worry Odumb will come to his senses. As long as Portland does not enter the fray with its 7.7-9M under cap money. Then Odumb has no other suitors that can give him anymore than the MLE(forget Memphis). So if Portland gets Milsap than, Odumb will be forced into accepting less than the Laker’s original offer of 9-10M. The Lakers could offer 6-7M and this would be justice for his agent working the Lakers.
    But even a sign and trade for Boozer would be great. But would require Utah wanting to take Odumb for one year so they could renegotiate, and Odumb taking probably 10M for one year in a sign and trade. And the lakers matching the salaries within the guidelines of the CBA. Alot of ifs but I like the consistency of Boozer better than Odumb.

  • ricky

    I knew eating too much candy would affect him in some way or another! Lamar is nuts, I understand this may be his last chance to get a large contract, but making $8 million per season is more than enough. Maybe he’s worried he won’t have enough money to feed his sugar rush!

    Honestly, I think we will re-sign Lamar eventually, I’m still hopeful because I just don’t see him going anywhere else.

    Sign and trade would work but there are few players out there who can do what Lamar does and also play off the bench. I don’t know, it’s starting to irritate me that he won’t take these offers, but at the same time, I know Mitch will get something done somehow. He has proven his genius and as long as we can stay strong and continue to win, it will be all good with or without Lamar…but hopefully with!!!

  • clipperron

    hey celticpride whats worse then a laker fan???? give up a lamar odom fan!!!!!

  • Javier

    Maybe LO is rejecting all these offers because he hates coming off the bench, I mean he probley is trying to get the “right” price for him to consider it is not that bad to sit my ass on the bench and come off it for Artest. I think LO is looking at these other guys like Ben Gordan and Turkey meat who are getting hugh contracts and he is saying to himself “hey I should get more then them” but what he is not seeing is that he hurted himself when he was always inconsistant so he will eventunally cave into an offer sooner since he has no other choice.

  • Russ

    i cant believe that Odom is gonna pass up on 36 mil for 4 years or 30 mil for 3 years…

    is he stupid?

    he just won a ring and has a chance to win two more with this team

    his boy, ron artest, just signed for the MLE to play for the Lakers and to play with him and he’s just gonna pass that up to play for Dallas???? or Miami???? Is he stupid? neither or those teams are gonna go far in the playoffs.

    what is up with the Lakers and their agents this summer? you would think that both him and Ariza would JUMP at the chance to come back.

    i mean, last summer, when Ronny left, i understood. the Lakers lost to the Celtics and they wanted Sasha and he got a big pay-raise from the Warriors. it makes sense

    but WHY ON EARTH would you leave the championship-winning Lakers???

    Ariza will be regretting this decision for the rest of his life. same with LO if he leaves…

  • Portman

    [Comment ID #79619 Will Be Quoted Here]

    this ain’t the 1950’s dck, you can’t have the whole league. we now have a thing called the salary cap? heard of that thing? i guess you’re a fossil like your players. or maybe a kid. which fckin ever, you’re still a boston dumb sht.

  • http://thelakersnation.com/blog/ topher96

    I think we should just sign and trade Odom,Farmar, and Morrison for Beasley, Dequaan Cook, and Chalmers!!! Also sign Barnes for cheap! Anyone????

  • Drake Hunter

    I’m a Dodger fan but Laker fan first and this really seems like how the Dodgers handled Manny Ramirez when he was a free agent this off season. They took the offer off the table only to have Manny and his agent come back and accept the deal. I’m not saying this will happen but this is the Lakers flexing their muscle that they won’t be bullied!

    No one in the league has the money to pay Lamar what he’s asking for and he knows it. I can only assume that he either doesn’t really get along with Artest as they both make it out to be, he doesn’t like coming off the bench and wants to start, or he truly deep down inside is really greedy and wants more money!

    In any case, I do think that a starting lineup of Gasol, Odom, Artest, Kobe, and Fisher is much more powerful and dangerous as opposed to Bynum starting. If the Lakers are willing to allow him to start which I wouldn’t mind, it may make him happy!

    I also agree with some on this panel that David Lee would be a perfect fit with our second unit and if a sign and trade had to be made, I would hope it would be for him. I’m sure Lamar wouldn’t mind going back to his hometown of New York to play. Lee could run with our second unit and I’m sure they wouldn’t miss a beat.

    In any case Odom is perfect for the job and would guarantee us championships, but there are playing waiting in the wings that I know would love to come and play with the Lakers. I’m sure if he doesn’t come back something will be resolved through management to secure the Lakers as the powerhouse of the NBA. We have the best owner in the league who only wants to win and be the best. In Buss we Trust! Do what you gotta do Mitch.

    A few names to remember should a sign and trade be our only viable option in the event we can’t keep Odom:

    David Lee – Tayshaun Prince – Shane Battier – Boris Diaw –

    These four players I feel are the best option. If there is any way to get Boris Diaw, I think he would be the best fit but I don’t think he’s available and that’s why I chose David Lee first.

  • Drake Hunter

    If Lamar could only read this blog. Like I said before about Ariza, don’t turn on the Lakers because the Nation will turn on you. You can go from hero to goat in the blink of an eye if you F-U-C-K with the Lakers. Maybe he was high when they offered him the contract and didn’t understand the numbers and contract and that’s why he said no.

    I’m gonna start a GetBorisDiaw.com website just in spite of Lamar because he’s pissing me off!

  • Robert

    LO (or, LO’s agent), please don’t f*** up the summer for us Laker fans, ok? Please accept whatever deal is left, or work with the Lakers for sign and trade. We need to resolve this. It’s almost spoiling the championship. Glad that Artest signed – that’s the only good thing that has come by so far.

    Now, get your A** moving, butthead. Lay off the ganjia and gummy bears for a couple of days. MOVE IT! MOVE IT! Get rolling mothaf***er.


    …The NBA’s World Champion L.A. Lakers WILL field a formidable team and repeat with or without Odom… They WILL find an effective replacement, sooner or later, one way or another!

    LAMAR ODOM IS WHOEVER HE IS, right up until the Lakers ink his replacement to a contract, then he will truly forever be known as; LaMaR ‘O’DuMb DuMb , crying all the way to the bank!

  • Anon

    Goes to show you where if a little bit of success hits them, they try to make the most out of it for themselves. Ariza I can understand leaving, he’s young and wants to develop into a dominant player in the league. But as far as Lamar Odom, he has said before he wished to stay a Laker for the rest of his career. Lakers win a chip, and even offer Lamar what he’s asking for (10mil pr year) and he still rejects. Now, 10mil for a 3rd or 4th option who has had limited success in the past few years is absolutely absurd. We even got his Queens friend Ron Artest on the team, and he still wants to leave the Lakers.

    I really feel that the Lakers chemistry isn’t so great in the locker room, with Kobe not taking a pay cut, Ariza leaving, and Odom possibly leaving as well.

  • http://hd-t.org cr0n1ck

    image getting a call from the lakers saying well pay you 9 million dollars a year to play basketball for us. who in their right mind would turn that down. were in a recession and millions of people are barely getting by and odom is turning down 9 million dollars / a year, TO PLAY BASKETBALL! this level of greed is disgusting, these guys dont even deserve to get a cheer

  • Deport Vujabitch

    Lame-O is a F-ing DUNCE!
    End of story.

    If he doesn’t want to play here then F him!

    He proves once and for all that he is one of the DUMBEST fools in the league.

    Flush Odumb!

  • Bri

    Seriously…wut is in the water at Staples!? These role players think they’re GOD “kobe” Like beings! U’re NOT!!! Trevor and Lamar…u guys played a big role and we are thankful. But please be logical! Lamar…you are NOT worth 10 million my friend. That type of money is for players that show up for at least 70% of the games! U are inconsistent! And the funny part is…U know THAT!!! That’s why you wear that dumb smile on ur face half the time! U said the Lakers have been good to u the last 4-5 seasons??? Well be good to them…stop trying to DRAIN them dry and take what you ARE WORTH!!!!

    …He’s gonna have to take this deal eventually! Unless he wants to end up in OKC or…well that’s the only team that can afford him. Everywhere else can only offer the MLE! Good Luck Ody-o!!!!

  • Jayswun57

    [Comment ID #79550 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I think i know how to get boozer

    Sign n Trade

    sign odom to his 50mill/5yr (if Utah agrees with that of course)

    then trade Odom + Luke for Boozer and Brewer

    Nobody else can really sign him for what he wants (10 mill per season) coz pretty much all the teams are over the cap and his bird rights are with the Lakers. So if someone wants him, we could do the sign and trade for what we need.

    Teams not over the cap from what i see @ hoopshype are

    Minnesota (almost over)
    PORTLAND (i hope they dont get him)

  • lamar odumb

    wow lamar is falling into greed mode like ariza…. well fck himi can careless if dats da case..dang i never thought odumb would do it for da mvuie. mitcch should juss offer him like 50 pounds of candy or something


    [Comment ID #79625 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • lakerman1

    Like Howie Mandel says Lamar, Deal or no Deal. If you watch the show you see what happens when you listen to the crowd instead of common sense or when greed sets in. There is nothing like guaranteed money. Lamar or his Agent thinks he is due more then what he is worth. I can see him accepting the offer and being injured for a 3rd of the season and we all know how long it takes for him to get his game back. Forget Lamar lets move on with the team we have look for another excellent player like Artest who wants to help a very good team win another Championship. Artest is going to be a much better asset then Lamar.

  • theneed4sheed

    Face it Laker fans. It’s the beginning of the end. Celts in 2010. Go Green Machine!!!!!!!! :P

  • laker fan who hates flukes

    [Comment ID #79658 Will Be Quoted Here]

    garnett knee is done piece needs a new wheelchair and ray allen is too old and not to mention rasheed is washed up.

  • Pingback: Lamar Odom Rejects Lakers’ Offer | NBA Rumors

  • ek

    I say we get Tayshaun Prince! He Is gettin paid 10 mil a yr from Detroit I think he will be happ with 4 yr contract we offered Odumb.

  • LifeLongLakerFan

    WTF Lamar?? Don’t be a Trevor traitor son!!

  • Javier

    Someone needs to slap these damn agents in the face.

  • lakersfan

    why did lamar rejected the offer? that was a good offer to him 3 years 30m or 4 years 36m. lakers will need lamar odom.

  • lakersfan

    if they realease lamar odom they will get carlos boozer or trade price to odom. if just in case they will S&T lamar odom

  • lakersfan

    wtf is wrong with his agent man? jizz! put odom back? lakers really needs LO.

  • Popcorn

    Wow, Lamar I thought you were smarter than this. I don’t see why but hey man if YOU live is on you.

    Now this might sound bad to some but to me it seems that using those 9 millions we still could get a good PG/F combo.

    If negotiations with Odom aren’t “there” for the team, then getting a good PG like Stephon Marbury and Matt Barnes (F)could give us a great bench balance. Stephon still can play some, I think he played ok for a guy that was sitting for a long time and got there basically at the end of the season. At this point he’s still hungry for a ring. And Barnes is a long active forward that can make shots and he is not afraid of taking big shots btw.

    Artest will be pushing everyone in the team to play D.

    Other descent forwards are out there and another guy that could work is Ronald Murray + good forward. Murray can actually play good D.

  • Heron

    He said he wanted 10 mill a year and one of the offers was 3 years 30 mill? Did Lamar attend one class in College?

  • kwame4mvp

    Damn why you guys trippin for? He’s so inconsistent and for the kind of money he’s asking, forget it. I’d rather have a shawn marion. Anyone with me? We got ron, we got our 3rd scorer. If he wants to walk, then let him walk. Maybe he’ll join Ariza in Houston.

  • cpt lakers

    lamar should take what ever he can take..he talk about he wants to take care of his family. these are economic hard time and tha money iz not there..how about this lamar lose your job and try 2 take care of your family on UNEMPLOYMENT. your r not hurtin for money youve made more than 80 mill..most people do not make that in their whole lifetime. so take what u can get, i would


    This is bullshit! I don’t understand how anyone could be so greedy considering NO OTHER TEAM WANTS HIM! Whats an idiot! we give him what he said he wanted and then he says NO?!?!?!?! Lamar Odom only starts to really play at his best after the All Star break and has always been inconsistent. We need to replace him with someone who can play consistent defense and give the bench some added scoring…

  • shakobe

    i hate to lose lamar odom but if it comes down to that then so be it… and all you people wanting boozer??? please think about what your asking for….. we still have to sign kobe and gasol and dont forget bynums big contract it will not work…. Lets just wait and see whats going to happen before we chew out odom and call him names….. we dont know the story from either side so before we run out mouths lets wait and see whats really going to happen…..

  • TJ

    So the Lakers need to trade Odom for a young good player who can come off the bench, a PG, or Boozer, or a S. Battier, B. Diaw, sort of player. Since Odom has lost his mind, and won’t take a 3 year 30 mill contract offer from the Lakers, what else can they do? If the Lakers trade for the right guy it’s a win-win situation for both parties…

  • Joseph

    This is were the Lakers Management went wrong; they offered million of dollars but with out even any CANDY incentives.

    Didn’t LO drop enough hints last season for y’all?

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #79658 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Typical Suckdic fan – He thinks Rasheed Wallace is going to push them to a title. Cleveland and Orlando are going to walk all over the Boston Suckdics.

  • xtro

    trade lamar for boris diaw and raja bell.

  • shakobe

    [Comment ID #79678 Will Be Quoted Here] If you think BostonSmellDicks are going to Win this ear you are way off…. you guys have a team of senior citizens….. boston is not going to get passed cavs or orlando….. if i were you i start thiking about Bostons 401k plans….. all you have is a washed out players that used to be great players at one point in time……

  • Portman

    [Comment ID #79658 Will Be Quoted Here]

    you land sheed and you’re in championship land? hah. and why are you even here? don’t you guys have your own blog? oh wait. it’s in fckin MS DOS, like your fossil players.

  • Wilt

    hey celticpride whats worse then a laker fan???? give up a lamar odom fan!!!!!

    OH MY GOD YOUR FUNNY CLIPPERON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sadly you have the wrong answer. The right answer is a clipper fan because who would want to be a fan of a team with a franchise record of 952 wins and 1721 losses and you have been a franchise for 39 years and have made the playoffs like 5 times. Not to mention you have no NBA titles no conference titles and no division titles. The only thing you have ever won is the draft lottery. You fans are even dumber than the Sham-Wow guy. GO HOME AND RETHINK YOUR ****** LIFE.

  • kb24sdbest

    Why can’t Buss offer him the MLE $5.8 mil/yr for 5 years?, if that’s what LO wants. I don’t think he’s worth more than $8 mil/yr. The lakers will be spending almost the same, less money but longer in years. I read that Artest and Odom don’t like each other even though they played together in NY while they were young. Could there be any animosity there. I mean with Artest on board, isn’t LO more excited to be back and play with one of his old time friend?
    I really don’t know, but if LO leaves he will loose out with winning more rings. If he wants more money or years, then peace out and bye…What else does he want? I mean he’s lucky we didnt trade him a couple years ago and we stayed with him even through his inconsistencies.
    LO should be thankful of the LAKERS for all the patience we have given him. I like LO because i think he’s a great teammate and citizen, and he probably brings the team together, but I’m not too fond of him. I just don’t think he’s worth that much money like he’s asking because of his inconsistency and lack of focus at times. Remember laker fans- we could have beat Boston last year, if LO didn’t dissapear, and we could have been back-to-back champions this year.
    If he leaves, then he leaves. We’ll just find somebody who can fill in the six man role. I think we’ll be alright.

  • mastarockafella

    This LO issue is becoming a soap opera for me. I would check on the updates everyday to see what might have happened. Now, i guess the soap opera might have a bad ending with LO walking away.

    I can’t believe this is happening. Something is wrong with LO. Too much sugar eating up his logical thinking.

  • Gish

    Someone suggested in the other thread that we should trade Odom and Farmar for Heinrich and Ty Thomas. To me, that sounds like a great deal. Heinrich is a great defender from what I saw in the Boston series, and can hit the open 3. Thomas is an absolute beast on the boards and blocked shots, and can throw anything down within 5 ft from the rim. Imagine Kobe and Pau setting that freak up slashing through the lane. Now would Chicago do it? Odom is a much more polished and versatile scorer that Tyrus, and Farmar is a decent backup to Rose. It’s my understanding that the Bulls may be unwilling to pay a backup point guard, good as Heinrich is, that much money. Also, I’m not sure how much Thomas makes. Do the salaries match up?

  • stdecker

    [Comment ID #79570 Will Be Quoted Here]

    10 million a year is’nt getting paid? when you don’t show up for 85% of your games. I mean come on. I want to keep him, but he obviously doesnt watch the same games we do. I remember being fustrated with him most of the time. The same reason the lakers need him is the same reason he shouldnt go to another team. He’s an unselfsh team player that fits into our system by doing the little things when he wants to.(basically a glorified role player) He can’t be counted on to anchor a team or even be the #2 guy. We saw how that worked when we he was ours. He has overvalued himself like trevor, he should have realized that he was lucky with his last contract and didn’t deserve it, the lakers did. This offer is plenty for him, there is no pressure on him here, the worst guy on the Lakers gets more attention than best guys on most tams, Lamar wont be crappp without Lakers across his chest. Also, the Lakers should be commened for not using his past disgressions againts him in negotiations(he was suspended) That is a factor in offering people long term deals. That kind of stuff usually gets talked bout alot with most players. (see Artest) So take the contract, and be happy you are the best team in the NBA and the best franchise on the planet, playing in front of the coolest fans in the world!

  • lakerferlife7

    this guy is a frucking idiot…he is getting the money he wants but still refuses the deal…what a dumbass

  • Showtime

    Jul 14th, 2009 at 9:38 pm
    I was thinking, maybe Odom should of stayed at my house for a week. He would of enjoyed hamburger helper, kool aid and top raman all while watching tv on my big screen (14″) with the rabbit ears and foil. He would had come back and signed immediately. I would of even shared my bus tokens to get him back home. There’s still time Mitch, do it!

    That sounds good..I can I come over..I will bring the powder milk and government cheese…

  • Oscar24

    Lakers should S&T Lamar and Morrison(trade both) for any other good player( like Boozer,Harrington,Wallace from Charlote,etc. )making about 12 Mi. so, Lakers will save some money along with the other team (let’s say Utah)because Utah could buy Morrison out and save a couple of mi. on luxury taxes, and the Lakes will get rid of Morrison ..Boozer 12.7mi. LO and AM 15.mi


    [Comment ID #79672 Will Be Quoted Here]

    AND THATS STR8 OUT OF comPton….

  • lakerman34

    S&T Lamar Odom+2011 2nd Rd Pick to NY for David Lee and Nate Robinson.

    That should do nicely.

  • lakerman34

    OR maybe Cuban got Marion in order to trade for LO? Even then, why would we need another SF?

  • Lakersblastall

    [Comment ID #79565 Will Be Quoted Here]

    LOL a clipper fan eh? what the hell are you doing on this board? The clippers are pure trash. 39 years a franchise and only made the playoffs, what 3 years? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. get off this site troll.

    Oh and to suckticpride and joesph, sucktics wont do squat to us this year. Bandwaggoning sucktics.

  • mp or mplakers


  • Lakersthe2010Champs

    Another dumb and greedy agent. This one is no better than David Lee, agent for Trevor. Without Lamar, it’s a bit tougher to repeat but not impossible. I am okay with a sign-and-trade deal for Haslem of the Heat.

    My gut feeling is that LO and Lakers will eventually make up and reach an agreement soon.

  • Fred A.

    Somebody needs to pray for Odom!!!!!!!!!! lol….
    I wish he would just sign and become a LAKER again!!!! :)

  • LakerFanThinkinReal

    Ok! like I said yesterday, the lakers will be fine with or without Odumb!!

    Something to think about….AI. He could be a cancer with some teams or a ball hog with others; but he can still ball; and he’s hungry!! sign a 1 year deal!! There is enough players in the locker room to make sure he knows his role. If AI could be a team player, they would be explosive!! he can D the guards, rush the boards, and give us yet another option.

    Some of you may think it’s crazy!! but AI if he really wanted to win a ring, would bring alot to the Lake Show. F the Celtics!!

  • skew

    I hope this means Sun Yue is staying :) Fuck LAMAR. Ship his ass out for a bag of beef jerky and let Sun Yue have his minutes :) LAKERS 2010 CHAMPS!!!

  • Robert

    Again, I think that LO doesn’t really want to play with the Lakers anymore. I think he wants love more than money, but in his case money=love. Not many teams wanted him – he didn’t receive all these offers. Now that he is (Dallas & Miami), it appears better for him. I predict that if he leaves, it will be for Miami (= partytown). Why else would he and his agent balk at the latest offers, which are essentially what he wanted?

    You push an organization, when you want to see what they will do, and hope they will balk (but, during the process, it pushes up your value). That’s the game that Grant Hill and Jason Kidd played. LO is winning this poker game, because he really wants to go somewhere else, and see if he can be an all-star. LO balked at the offer he wanted, and NOW it’s that he wanted more years??? If Lakers had matched that, what else would he ask for? A lifetime supply of candy? He wants to go somewhere else, that’s all.

    In the meantime, WWKD (what would kupCheck do?). Well, we had $10M sitting on the table for a free agent. I’m sure with much less, we could get plenty of takers. S&T would be the best thing, and we could also get stragglers. ESPN says that Kup is talking w/Joe Smith, and Drew Gooden as role replacements for LO.

    We’ll see – we’ll be OK. We may only win 60+ games instead of 70+, but that’s ok.

  • Nabil

    I’m HAPPY Bus has pulled the offer. Lamar did NOT earn his last paycheck. Remember how many times we called for his head the past few years? It’s because he was grossly underperforming! When he actually tries, we see some nice results, but the problem is he only tries 10-20% of the time. And he’s exactly the kind of contract player that takes the money and tanks. By the way, in his exit interview, when asked what the Lakers asked him to work on, he said, “Same thing, work on my right hand.” WTF?!!?!? How many summers has he been asked to work on that, while being paid CRAZY MONEY, and he has never done so?!?! Give me a break.

    Anyways, sign and trade. I’ll be happy. With the emergence of Bynum and arrival of Artest, Lamar would have been option 5. Hmm, an option 5, coming off the bench, unhappy with his huge paychecks, with a long history of underperforming and inconsistency….great. Nice to know you Odumb. Thanks for the memories. Thanks for being such a bad #2 option that Kobe had to score 81 to beat the Raptors on our home floor, you genius. Pau came to our rescue and changed everything. With him and Kobe on the floor, nobody was left to guard you, and your numbers went up. But you still managed to disappear most of the time. Peace.

  • http://www.whoisepik.com Mr.E

    Hopefully Mitch can find someone to fill that 6th man slot,Got to be realistic up until last season Lamar hasn’t really come thru.. remember he was supposed to be Scottie Pippen to Kobe’s MJ but that never panned out-keep your heads up Laker Nation we still have Kobe,Pau,Artest and hopefully Bynum will continue to develop and stay healthy-

  • Lex





    CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!


  • http://www.friendster.com/tireme Evil Empire

    [Comment ID #79708 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I agree completely. Could not have said it better myself. He played hard this year because his contract was gonna be up. This frees up a lot of money. Our team is still stacked without LO. Morrison is healthy and he will hit all his open jumpers. Artest will be there for the rebounds and to be the bully inside. Lakers are still gonna be a hard match up for most of the league. And why does everyone count out Josh Powell. He’s a solid player, with minutes, he can put up numbers and rebounds.

  • http://www.friendster.com/tireme Evil Empire

    What about Tony Gaffney. He is only 2 inches smaller the Odom but has a 7’2 wingspan. He seems to be a hard worker too. He has an Odom-esk type of game and he is already play for the Lakers in the summer league.

  • JohnGod

    [Comment ID #79619 Will Be Quoted Here]

    How are you going to pay him over the MLE when you’re already over the CAP u tard

  • IwantLukeoutofLA

    F*CK U LO!!! u ain’t even worth 9 mil. ur coming off the bench for god sakes!!! it shows what kind of a person you really are, when this whole country is struggling ur being a brat saying u want 10 mil a year?! get off your high horse b*tch! it shows that you really don’t care about winning and its all about the money. i hope wherever you go they will see what kind of an inconsistent player you are. you are only good on THIS team because of the attention paid to kobe and gasol. good luck with the rest of your career along with trevor, where you will be forgotten instead of becoming a part of history with our Lakers!

  • Michael_23

    Trevor took more money from a team that isn’t close to a contender. If Lamar goes to another team, he’ll likely end up in a team that isn’t championship material. Even if it is Dallas whom they have Dirk and Marion, no vacant power forward spot there.

    And Portland? Don’t they have LaMarcus Aldridge who might even be a better plan than Lamar one day.

    Miami? Don’t they have Udanis Haslem and Michael Beasley at PF?

    And all of these teams are giving less money to LO. LO, fire ur agent. Hire a cheap agent and tell him that u wanna play with the Lakers for 9 mil a year, 4 years. Done deal. You can have a lot of candy with that kind of money.

  • thanhnugent

    Let Lamar go. If we sign him, he’ll end up joining the bench mob choir (Sasha, Luke…) singing “We got a contract, we got a contract, the hell with basketball”

  • Showtime

    mp or mplakers
    Jul 15th, 2009 at 12:38 pm

    I am thinking Sprewell and Lamar can share their monies to feed their families…the government cheese is really good if you melt it up with chips and chili..

  • Showtime

    Who isgoing to wear number 7 next year? Coby Karl?

  • pio2u


  • Showtime

    latrell Sprewell called and said he got room for LO on his boat..the SS OutoftheNBAer