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It has been announced that Mike Brown is officially the new Laker head coach. Here are the details courtesy ESPN’s Chris Broussard:

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Mike Brown was hired by current San Antonio Spurs head coach Greg Popovich in 2000 as an assistant coach. After winning a championship with the Spurs in 2003, he went to Indiana to be an assistant coach for then head coach Rich Carlisle.

Brown got his first shot at being the head man when he was hired by the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2005 and in 2007 he led the Cavs to the NBA Finals.

In 2009, he was awarded the Coach of the Year, and won over 50 games with the team, four of his five seasons as the head coach of the Cavaliers. Brown went 272-138 (.663) in 5 seasons with Cleveland.

Since being fired by the Cavaliers in 2010, Brown has been an NBA analyst for ESPN. Brown turned 41 years-old in March.

  • ishaan mishra

    I have a feeling this may not end well. 

    • Oliver

      things not looking up right now….

    • rondo

      You can always go root for the Cavaliers!

  • no to BROWN!!!


    • rondo


  • Khgg


  • da bears

    all jim buss fault

    • rondo

      Fire him! Oh i forgot you don’t have no power and no money to own a team.

  • Scapez2

    I love it 

  • Anonymous

    WOW! Steve Blake last year,now this??

  • kanon_

    Don’t start with the wrong foot Lakers fans, in the paper he is a exceptional coach: coach of the year, 1 trip to NBA Finals, best record in the league 2 straight seasons in what…5-6 seasons as a coach? not to mention the experiencie with the championships with the Spurs as asistant coach.

    I can say that the 90-95% of Lakernation don’t want Brown (myself included hehehe), but… now he is the coach of the Lakers… we have to suport the new coach!!!

    Forget ideas like “ohh no”, “horrible”, “terrible decision”, “he suck”, etc. If we start with that attitude, we will have bad results don’t you think?.

  • Jeffrey Thompson

    Lakers made an excellent choice.  Brown is a proven winner and has the ability to negociate with pre-madonna superstars.  I’m just glad the Lakers did not chose Mike Dunleavy

    • Sir

      Is this supposed to be a joke? By negotiate pre-madonna superstars do you mean allowed Lebron to walk all over him like a doormat? Because that’s what he did. Everything he accomplished was all lebron. See the Cavaliers record post-Lebron??? Yea it was ALL him

      • rondo

        How do you know you moron stop showing your true colors!

    • JonStraw

      Brown is 41.  Madonna first became a star in 1982/83.  What you are saying is that Brown was negotiating with superstars when he was what 11, 12 years old?  That is pretty impressive!  Instead of a coach, he should move to LA to be a super-agent.  Ari Gold won’t have anything on this guy.  Unless you meant “prima donna”, then disregard the comment.

  • xtro

    Heaven help us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn you, Jim Buss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • rondo

      Jim Buss don’t care what you say. You can’t fire the boss son you moron.

  • C-Los

    i feel sorry for brian shaw no loyalty for him whatsoever

  • Usckid22

    So many haters! I was hoping for Bshaw to get the job, but my second choice would have been brown, To be honest im surprised he did not get picked up sooner. Mike Brown is a really good defensive minded coach, Players have fun around him, he demands respect. Mike Brown won 62 games 2 years ago with a team that had Lebron James and ……. Mo Williams? Yea i think he’s qualified. He gets to coach a team that has Kobe, Lamar, Pau, and Bynum. He did not have that in Cleveland.

    Go ahead and hate but just watch and see….. 

    • Usckid22

      Just so everyone is clear. This is not all Jim Buss fault, Jerry had alot to do with this decision as well. 

    • Sir

      LOL @ he demands respect. Lebron didn’t respect him, Lebron ran that team, Lebron is the reason for the 62 wins. This is a bad joke.

      • Usckid22

        Lebron is Lebron he dont respect anyone. Hes a joke. He almost got spolstra fired

      • rondo

        Really Lebron is a clown like you for making that stupid comment. Go back to bed lil johnny and don’t forget your pacify.

    • xtro

      and yet he failed again and again to win a ring. poor decision.

      • Usckid22

        There’s been alot of GREAT coaches that never won a title. Could’ve said the same about Adlemen great coach but never won a title. Jerry Sloan (punked by williams) GREAT coach but failed to win one. Mike Dunleavy (punked and disrespected by the whole NBA especially Baron Davis) do i need to go there? BShaw (wouldve been punked by Kobe) 0-0 no title no wins no loses. There is your list to pick from. Your right but you can say the same about these other guys if your gonna go down that road.

        • rondo

          Double standard behavior!

      • JonStraw

        And which ring winning coach is available?

  • Sktrtrcy

    Thank you Phil Jackson for so many great years in LA.  You will be missed!

  • Anonymous

    I know a lot of you are not gonna like this decision, but I think its a great move. While it will be a lot different after having an offensive genius at the helm for 11 years, and now having a guy some see as offensively challenged, I think it will work out great.  What he lacks in offensive game planning, he makes up for tremendously with his defensive schemes. If they hire someone like Brian Shaw as an offensive coordinator type guy, then this move is even better. Give the guy a chance Laker fans. This great franchise typically makes great moves, and I think this is another one of those. Let’s put our support behind this guy and see where it takes us. The pick n roll killed us this year, and our defensive rotations were horrible. We needed to put some emphasis on that side of the floor, and this is a move in that direction. It’s hard to replace a Phil Jackson, and anyone who wasn’t a sentimental fan favorite, (Brian Shaw etc…) was gonna be criticized. Give the guy a chance. Goooooooooooooo Lakers!!!!!

  • Jets0121

    I think they hired coach Brown to fill out the quota lolz.  When was the last time the Lakers hired a black coach?? haha 

    • Anonymous

      Magic Johnson – 1994. Shut up.

      • ilikebasketball

        and we all saw how that turned out.
        almost as bad as his talk show.

        • TouchingMyself

          actually WORSE!  his show was cancelled, meaning people in power finally saw that it sucked and pulled the plug.  while he was the coach, he himself saw how bad he was and pulled the plug on himself!  HAHAHA!

      • TouchingMyself

        why is it that people don’t think or do any research before they open they mouth huh?  I saw that coming a mile away!  Didn’t see the SHUT UP though 242, that’s a nice touch!

        i gotta say though… this is the edgier version of you that we’re all seeing lately!  guess your patience has finally worn off on some of these fools that come runnin up in here!  cause i used to be the short fused one, nice to know i’ve got company!

        • Jets0121

          Anyone can google something and think they know what they’re talking about.  What if you didn’t have the internet would you be so quick to comment or look smart without actually knowing things?

          • rondo

            Mr. Blue You showed everyone your true colors so shut the f–k up.

          • TouchingMyself

            Well, like you said… “Anyone can google something and think they know what they’re talking
            about.”  Let’s see, we both had access to it and yet I’m the one that looks “smart” (your words, not mine) as you have so aptly said!

            The sad thing is that you SHOULDN’T have to “google” to know that Magic Johnson was the coach of the Lakers back in the ’93-’93 season.  He coached 16 games and had a record of 5 wins and 11 losses.  And Magic’s record, for the record, I did “google”. 

            Your entire post is like a badge of honor for being ignorant!  If there are resources, you make use of them!  You make it sound like it’s a bad thing to do research and find out info before forming an opinion!  It’s DUMB ASSES like you that help drag our countries education down!  WOW!  I AM UTTERLY AMAZED AT YOUR STUPIDITY! 

      • Jets0121

        And before that? It was a joke dumbass have some fun.  

        • rondo

          You are the dumb asshole?  Mr.Blue.

    • rondo

      Are You black or blue?

  • Anonymous

    Lakers training camp 2011/12.
    Day 1:

    Hey coach, what are we running today?
    Well, Kobe I was thinking…
    But I was planning to practice some pick and roll…
    Pick and roll? How about you KNOW YOUR ROLL AND SHUT YOUR MOUTH!
    Oh okay, ummm…so this play I had in mind…
    Play? Play? As in YOU tell ME what to do? I’m gonna take that pretty little
    playbook of yours…turn that sumbitch sideways…and stick it up your
    CANDY ASS! Any questions?

    Uhhh…no, sir.
    You and me gonna get along just fine, Mikey, juuuust fiiine.

    • Sir

      Exactly How I see it haha

      • rondo

        Don’t you guys realize Kobe is on a fast decline and they don’t give a shit how he feels.

    • awesomerob24

      thats too funny man

      thats exactly how it will happen

    • rondo

      You talk a lot of bullshit ! You are a clown.

      • Anonymous

        Oh I’m a clown? You find me funny? Like a comedian or something? Do I amuse you?

      • Anonymous

         Before I am subject to even more misunderstanding, let me take a page out of Obama’s playbook and “make myself clear”. I bear no ill-will towards Coach Brown. As of now he is the coach of the Lakers and, as such, has my full backing and the benefit of my every doubt. That said, my characterization of this conversation points to the fact that the Lakers, at their core, are a veteran group of NBA Champions. As such, there is a need for someone to lead them from a position of respect. I do not feel that Mike Brown can command that type of respect from such a group, when he was so clearly not respected by a group of young players with no accomplishments and one media princess.
        I am eager for him to prove me wrong and I will celebrate a Laker Championship just as wholeheartedly for him as I did for Coach Jackson, Coach Riley or Coach Westhead. If he can make the team he ends up with next year buy into his system, follow his guidance and produce like we know they can, I will be one happy, happy man. I wish him nothing but the best, but I expect it will be no easy task. He will have a job just getting these guys to listen to him. There were other candidates on the list who had lower winning %s, less experience, etc. but who would have come in knowing that the guys in the locker room were hearing what he had to say.
        It could work. God knows I hope it does, but my hopes at this point are not high. I will never have been happier in my life than if I were to end up completely and utterly wrong about this.
        I thought I was wrong once, but it turned out I was mistaken.

    • Yellow and Purple 4 Eva

      you are brilliant, you have truely seen into the eyes of the new Laker system.

  • Gugy

    Here is my reasoning for Mike Brown.Dr. Buss is well known for taking risks throughout his leadership with the Lakers. Adelman is probably on paper the best coach candidate for the Lakers, but something tells me his interview did not go well or maybe the Lakers want to change things drastically. That said, MB could be that guy who will bring a new philosophy for this team. He had the Cavs with the best record of the regular season 2 years on a row, What concerns me is his lack of accomplishments on the post-season. Only time will tell. The worst case scenario by mid-season or end of next season they will kick him out. So right now Lakers fans can only trust Dr. Buss and management for doing the right thing.

  • Heart_ache24

    This is the worse decision the Lakers management decided to make. If they don’t correct this.. Laker fans.. weep for next season again. Mike Brown is a loser who doesn’t know how to coach. He just got lucky with Lebron..but still no ring.. coz of his stupidity. No SYSTEM at all!!!

  • Drew
    • JonStraw

      Really good breakdown by a guy who watched Brown for years in Cleveland, who also gives some interesting tid-bits on how Brown & his style will fit in LA

  • tripleocho

    This is some bullshit, I’m gonna be sceptical until he wins a Championship.

  • Lakers279


  • Contact

    As a season seat holder, I must say that Jim Buss is “Out of His Mind”…  Am I missing something or did Mike Brown win at Cleveland because of LeBron…..  He is a terrible Offensive coach, so much so, that in Cleveland, they hired an offensive coordinator to run the offense.  They could have had Rick Adelman and they choose Brown instead…..  Really?  He will be gone within a year.  What a waste! 

  • Anonymous

    You know what is funny, Lebron James endorse idea of Lakers hire Brown as the coach. 

  • Fashionval

    What the hell? Why not Brian Shaw??? This sucks……..

  • Hohaha

    FUCK the LAKERS, they screwed up!

  • Hohaha

    LAKERS are over no more championships for a while


    how did he get so much $$$ hes a useless piece of shit!

  • tony stonem

    I miss phil so much right now I wanna cry (no kidding I do wanna cry)

  • Ikjyotsingh

    Guys, Mike Brown worked in Cleveland because of Mo Williams 3 point barages, Lebron James, etc… Kobe cannot run like Lebron anymore, like Jordan did when he got older, to maximize Kobe’s abilities, you have to slow him down, make him play a half-court game.

    As a Lakers fan for 25 years, I am not buying season tickets for the first time in my life. All you Bynum lovers got your wish, Jim Buss is going to build this team around Bynum, a player, who has scored more than 40 points just once in his overrated career. If Buss is crazy enough to do this, he will eventually even trade Kobe Bryant for younger talent that can suit Mike Brown and Andrew Bynum, you people watch the idiocy that is going to become Kupchak, Buss, and the Lakers.

    • 242LakerFan

      Are u blaming Mike LeBrown for Kobe slowing down.

  • LakersPissedFan

    NO MIKE BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pio2u

    Lakers for life!

  • Touch Me

    Lakerland nostradamus here ye here ye I predict a 2012 championship for the Lakers becasue of Mike Brown not my crystal ball.  Well the demise of the Lakers has taken full effect and it started with the discipline handed to us by the Mavs, This is the price Lakers fans pay for their ignorance. Hey guys were getting cp3 and Dwight Howard lol. Time to suck on the sand Cuban has poured on us.

  • Anonymous

    After Hearing Coach Brown at the HalfTime Show I am sold on the Mike brown and what he has to offer as a coach 

    • GetOffTheBandwagon


  • Urbanlogick

    I love seeing bandwagon fans jump the hell off.

    • Ikjyotsingh

      Most of us are NOT bandwagon fans. 
      We in fact are dedicated lifelong Lakers fans and have sat through painful times like the mid 90’s expansion team Cedric Ceballos Lakers, or the 2004-2005 Lakers season. 

      We are not enjoying seeing Jim Buss rip this Lakers team in half because he has a vendetta against Phil Jackson and his system!

    • ilikebasketball

      i’ve never even seen your name here before. who are you talking to…?

  • laffsatu

    is he dating any of the kardashians yet?kobe wasn`t even thought of in this decision…wow..

  • 24everLakers

    nice catch lakers management. all we need now is reel in some young legs. get rid of ratliff smith blake and WALTON. this fishing trip is really paying off.

  • Yellow and Purple 4 Eva

    Hey Brown is good with whining divas, look what he did with LAbron.  This move will ensure that the Kobe/Fish love affair will continue for years.  I say let’s sign Fish for 5 more years cause it’s so much fun watching him stumble around trying to keep up with the faster guards of today. 


    Luke had a job because of Phil.  Now that he’s gone I bet Luke is like “I better get back in the gym and start working on my shot”.

  • Yellow and Purple 4 Eva

    Browns first drawn up play…Kobe pass to Fish, Fish pass it back to Kobe, Fish, knock somebody down and then throw your hands up in the air with puppydog eyes claiming “who me”, then Kobe miss your shot, then throw your hands up looking at the ref while the other team advances down the court with out you.  SWEET  If you haven’t heard, Brown claims that Luke Walton will be the new face of the franchizzzle.

  • Kevintran07091975

    man, we are going to be dead for the next 4 years.

  • Redemption

    OMG…Nightmare has come true… It’s all downhill now…WTF was Lakers management thinking…Brown’s 60+ season win records were a fluke…the Eastern Conference was a lot weaker than it is now..Brown is a damn clown.  hired by another clown…Jimbo Buss…his coaching in the playoffs shows how he’s completely inflexible and doesn’t know how to adapt…absolutely depressing…Adelman’s coaching performance is much more impressive…

    So sad so sad

  • Yellow and Purple 4 Eva

    The good news is Kobe is getting some hair plugs to cover his bald spot and receeding hairline and little Luke Walton is getting a tattoo that says “I pass to Kobe!”


    End of another era!

  • Aaronknows14

    Jim Buss is ruining this franchise.

  • Witfigo

    HOLY COW . Mike Brown . Mike Brown .I’m sure there is a plan in there.

  • moises06

    GOD, jim what are you doing, R u blind. no one wants brown, get ur sh*t together and hire brain shaw he is the best person for the job. There goes the next 4 season’s. hey at least we will have a lottery pick!!!!!

  • Sirtoken

    This is sad. Mike Brown is a baffoon. No intelligent offense. Can not make any adjustments and cannot control strong willed players. He is way over his head with this veteran team. He pretty much just let Lebron just run the team.  Why would Jim Buss do this????????  Where is Jerry Sloan or Van Gundy? This is a huge step down from the Professor like status of Phil to the drinking buddy of Mike Brown!

    • rondo

      A baffon how did you come to that conclusion? Sirtoken you should be ashame of your self. Calling someone a baffon. Who the hell do you suggest will do a better job? Jerry Sloan and Van Gundy what make them less of a baffon in your eyes? Sound like you got a serious problem and I bet you i can guess what it is.

    • Sirtoken

      Rondo-Have you actually noticed the intricacy of the Jerry Sloan’s offense, the mentality of his team over the years with less talent than many clubs?  The same for Van Gundy, did you watch his teams in NY. Have you listened to his knowledge of basketball during the games? These are top notch coaches that have been through the fight and have excelled. They are not baffoons!.  Mike Brown showed no imagination in his offense and was easily out coached  in the playoffs. He is too young(41) to manage strong willed player about his same age. He pretty much just let Lebron do whatever he wanted. And no, I am not for just the white guys. It has to do with talent and ability to command respect in a big city team.  I would be very happy with Doc Rivers, Alvin Gentry or alot of other excellent black coaches.

  • 123KID

    I think Brown was probably the cheapest coach the Lakers could of gotten. I think Jerry West is probably laughing at us, because he knows that with us having Brown, then that means he can give his 2 cents to the ownership of the Warriors and higher whoever he wants to. Jim Buss showed his cards way too soon and folded in too quick. But my guess is that there will be a lot more crazy things to come with Jim Buss in charge and it will catch us off guard. I just hope he doesnt run the Lakers straight to the ground.

  • not6not7not8not9

    Y’all need to relax on mike! Go look at old post when we got Pau, got Ron, let ariza go. Allllllll y’all wrote off the lakers. And 99.9% of you don’t know the ins and out of nba hiring. Just win baby(nodavis)

    • Ikjyotsingh

      Wrote off the Lakers for good reason, look what happened without Ariza.

      • Anonymous

        You mean last year’s Championship? Yeah, we really suffered last year. What a wasted season. If only we’d still had Ariza…sigh…

      • 242LakerFan

        Ariza got schooled by Pierce in 2008 , thats what happened..

  • tripleocho

    We don’t have a choice but support him, so I’m on board LOL

  • LakerSTH

    Everyone bashing this hire has ZERO knowledge of what being a head coach of an NBA team is.  I am 1000% for this hiring, and I’m 1000% sure that the Lakers front office knows what they are doing.  Mike Brown is a well regarded coach, served under Popovich who had nothing but high praise, and posted a nearly 70% win percentage in his 5 yrs in Cleveland.  He took that team to 1 finals and 2 conference finals, posted 50+ wins in each season….and you all are bashing this guy??? No one will live up to Phil Jackson and his career but give the guy a shot here!  He hasn’t even stepped onto the court yet.  Adelman? Never won a title.  Sloan (retired)? Never won a title. Shaw? Obviously not ready for the big position yet.  Dunleavy? Used to be good then he ruined the Clippers (although they were already ruined).  I like this hire, he has coached a mega star and a bunch of scrubs and made them contenders.  GO MIKE BROWN!

    • Ikjyotsingh

      You are the biggest idiot on this forum. Please stop posting nonsense

      • 242LakerFan

        Not sure u make sense either u dumb aasssss

  • jimbussmustgo

    Jim Buss MUST GO. Sir I know Jerry West, I know Phi Jackson, I know Dr. Jerry Buss and you sir Jim Buss are NO Jerry West No Phil and You ARE NOT Your father Dr. Buss. Go away now!

    • ilikebasketball

      ahah. good reference

  • ilikebasketball

    Chris Broussard is a moron. Kobe didn’t know apparently at all, or wasn’t consulted.

    where does espn find these parrots?

    why isn’t there a separate Sports Channel like espn, it’d be soo much easier to do things better than espn does.

  • Michael Locke

    I love this move. Laker fan for over 30 years and its about time we start playing some defense. To lose twice on our home floor (the first time since 77′), we need to focus on the defensive end. Bryan Shaw would not have been the answer. I like this move. This shakes up the team a bit and get players to start thinking again and not sleep walking like we did all year.