has learned Chris Mihm will dress in uniform tonight! Whether or not he plays is up to Phil! One down, one up I guess.

Welcome back, Chris!

  • lakerschamps08



    He must have heard my MICKAEL PIETRUS trade or sign as a Free Agent rants.,if he scores(if he gets in)more than 10 pts……uhmmm….I’ll…I’ll…I’ll just say he scored more than 10pts.

  • aibarra03

    I just hope he plays 10 mins

  • Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #30915 Will Be Quoted Here]

    ~lol~ :-D

  • Mr.81

    Wow, great news!

  • Lakers2410

    Well…lets just see if he’s able to perfrom (if he gets some PT anyways…) after such an extremely long time of sitting, resting, non-playing days, weeks, months, I think he’ll get his rhythm by the start of the playoffs though, as long as he gets his playing time. Hey! You know what I just thought of guys, this means that Mbenga doesn’t have to play anymore, YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://lakers we_are_cursed

    MIHM IN..FISHER OUT..WHOS NEXT???????????????????

  • billy kupchak

    we already have 4 other centers, bynum,pau,ronny, dj



  • Kobe Forever

    We don’t need Chris because that guy can’t shoot the damn ball because he is scared that somebody from the other team will block his ass and he will run down the court crying like a little baby.

  • MILO

    Id rather draft someone to replace Mihm he’s too injurie prone im tired of him…

  • Phant0M

    I like the pietrus talK.

  • Chicago_Kobe-A-Holic

    who really care about chris mihm any more

  • west213


  • pjt


  • west213

    don know man lakers keep losing im angry!!!!

  • Smush Walton

    After this season we may need to pull the plug on Mihm. He is always injured and his best days are behind him. After looking at the list of available free agents, certainly there are some players that can help us. Maybe Mihm can join Smush Walton working full time is Smush’s restaurant.

  • kPoAbUe

    lets get rid of luke chris dj coby and lets sign loul deng.

  • west213

    we gotta let kobe go…