Blockbuster deal is blocked by former Laker Devean George…

ESPN: With the New Jersey Nets poised to complete a blockbuster deal to send Jason Kidd back to Dallas on Wednesday night, Mavericks reserve forward Devean George has unexpectedly exercised his right to block the trade, according to NBA front-office sources.

Sources close to the situation told that the teams verbally agreed to the deal earlier Wednesday and were preparing to submit the trade for league approval when George informed the Mavericks that he wouldn’t consent to being included in the deal, which is his right based on a rare provision in his one-year contract. Sources told that the Mavericks and Nets on Wednesday reached an agreement in principle on a Kidd deal after talks had seemingly stalled last week, moving the teams to brink of completing the NBA’s third blockbuster deal of the month.

The deal — salvaged from talks on a three-way trade with Portland that developed and fizzled quickly two weeks ago — has Dallas sending 24-year-old point guard Devin Harris, veteran swingman Jerry Stackhouse, the expiring contracts of center DeSagana Diop and George and guard Maurice Ager to New Jersey for Kidd and forward Malik Allen.

Sources say Dallas would also send the Nets the league-maximum $3 million, the Mavs’ first-round draft pick this June and a first-rounder in 2010.

  • lakers fan 22

    first post

  • LD2k

    In my opinion – Mavs gave up WAY to much.

  • nyla

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  • airrics23

    Wow. Mark Cuban what were you thinking? You might as well include your personal bank account in this deal too. Dallas gave up way too much.

  • SILO

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    Yeah i agree. They lost their future in Devin Harris. A shooter and wingman in Jerry Stackhouse and their only real Big man in Diop. Rest are just in their to make the deal work or expiring contracts.

    I would at least try my hardest to keep Devin Harris and make them take Jason Terry. At least try to keep the future of this team intact.


    teams are getting desperate!!

    Mavs give up 7 players for an old jason kidd.
    Suns give up a key player marion for old shaq.

    Lakers trade kwame for gasol!!

    Who made the best deal???

    Go LAKERS!!

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  • cfresh

    so does this mean that kidd is going to play for the west in the all-star game??

  • Berger

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    While they definately gave up too much you still gotta respect the fact that with kidd running their fast breaks, they are gonna put up some good numbers this year and next year before his legs crumble into dust

  • lakersfan17

    mavericks were desperate to get kidd because of all other move of the west.

    the playoffs are gonna be really exciting this year in the west.

    Lakers are gonna dominate
    lakers 2008 champions!!!!

  • keep24

    Win or lose, I think the Lakers shook up the West like no other team had in recent years.

    The fact that the Lakers didn’t panic and hold a fire sale, not only kept the great KB, but they added Ariza (what a steal!) and got Gasol ( someone should go to jail for that highway robbery!!) – while still holding on to Andrew Bynum.

    For the next 5 years, the Lakers are in it to win it.

    Especial thanx and a well deserved shout out to DR. STRANGELOVE and GOODYEAR MITCH!!!

  • lakersforlife77

    Honestly, I don’t think this trade hurts us that much. Bringing in Kidd does not help them in the frontcourt against us and they’re losing a big man in Diop. Who it really hurts is the Suns, because now you have a point guard who can match up with steve nash, and when that happens the suns will be in trouble because nash is everything. I think we’d still beat the mavs with bynum because bynum will just eat up dampier and gasol will get his fair share against nowitzki, and whoever is on kobe is going to be owned. This will cerrtainly make the playoffs much more interesting now. I hope the mavs play the suns so we can see who truly is the better point guard. The suns have to be afraid of this move

  • Michael_23

    I thought the Shaq deal wad dumb. This is even dumber. Half the Dallas Team for J. Kidd and who? Dallas gave up a lot of younger guys and Jerry Stackhouse who has 1 or 2 good years left in him.

    Steve Nash in Dallas didn’t work so I don’t see this working either.

  • gugy

    Man, the West is going nuts because of the Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DeepFrost

    The Lakers must be falling over with laughter by now.

    (c) John Hollinger

  • JCBiglessworth

    Mavs have a 1-2 year window……how desperate is the west getting because of us now?

  • lakersforlife77

    just imagine in 2 to 3 years the suns will be depleted, the mavs will be depleted, and the spurs will be too old to tango, who does that leave. THE LAKERS, with a stud bynum, kobe, gasol, not sure about lamar lol, but there will be a stud farmar as well. The competition will get weaker as time goes by, we can only get stronger , I love it!

  • gugy

    This is good for us.
    In two years the Mavs, Spurs and the Suns will be basically dead because their aging players.
    Suns – Shaq, Nash
    Mavs – Kidd
    Spurs – Duncan

    Plus add the Celtics on the East with Garnett and Allen.

    I smell Laker domination for years to come!

  • Michael_23

    So where is Jason Kidd starting at PG now on the All Star Game? East or West?

  • lakerfan81

    Not sure Kidd makes them that much better. But I could be wrong. It gives them a play maker which they need since the whole offense is isolation plays. It also gives them a tough proven winner (well at least until he met Shaq/Kobe in the finals). If Kidd has another gear that he hasn’t gone into this season it could work.

  • C

    Wow, the East may finally be able to revive itself in a few years if the Western Powers keep on trading their rising stars for old players. Harris and Marion are a nice additions to the East. However, with Kobe, Bynum, Gasol, Odom, and D fish still on the Lakers, it’ll be like old times with the West still winning because of the juggernaut Lakers.

    GO LAKERS!!!!

  • MILO

    Wow that is way too much for Kidd i cant beleive that Dallas gave up 2 first-r picks as well.None the less the west continues to get more interesting…

  • MILO

    Oh and i forgot Cuban is an idiot!!!

  • Kobe4ever

    Thank You Cuban & Steve Kerr, you two gentlemen have brought a smile to my face. Can you take off that lil flick you made on the cover of the site bro? Its getting old, nice video though.

  • marksss


    all the teams sucks!!!!!!!!!!1 except lakers…


    Like I said,EVERYBODY IS SCARED OF THE LAKERS,BABY!!! The thing about it is The Lakers will be set even after KB/DF roll out(they’ll go out like Elway)while the rest of the teams are building for right now(1 or 2)and thats’ still not enough to stop The Lakeshow(especially when Ariza and AB come back,WHOA). Next season they’ll be even more dangerrous when ALL the Free Agents will cut their own Brother’s throat to come to the “HOUSE OF THE KINGS OF KINGS”. IN FULL EFFECT!!!

  • somelakerfan1

    this is crazy man whatever the west does nothing can beat gasol. who is going to have 2 7footers in the starting lineup plus a long athletic 6-10 guy playing in the 3 position plus a veteran leader fish with the best player on earth kobe. noone can beat us when we get bynum and ariza back! pheonix doesnt have a bench spurs are old dallas only have dirk kidd and howard plus no bench

  • somelakerfan1

    Feb 13th, 2008 at 3:13 pm Click this link to quote this comment in your reply

    This is good for us.
    In two years the Mavs, Spurs and the Suns will be basically dead because their aging players.
    Suns – Shaq, Nash
    Mavs – Kidd
    Spurs – Duncan

    Plus add the Celtics on the East with Garnett and Allen.

    I smell Laker domination for years to come!

    i agree but look at portland too in a couple of years

  • gugy

    The Gasol trade created the shock-wave of terror in the west.

    All teams are desperate and they eventually will kill themselves for these bad moves. This whole thing will turn out the best for us.

    Suns will fade by next season
    Dallas maybe in two
    Spurs next. Duncan is old.

    These teams are getting old and they are depleting their squad to get old players like Shaq and Kidd. Man it’s amazing what Mitch did.

    Cupcake got my respect!

  • jaYPLeazzie

    Dont get me wrong…im a HUGE laker fan and loved them ever since i was a kid…but why is everyone on mitch’s nuts now when in the beginning of the season everyone was basically all against him? it almost seems like mitch knew what he was doing the whole time…guess he learned from the best…Jerry West!

  • True Lakers Fan

    idk wat worse the Shaq trade or this wtf is going on

  • Billy Kupchak

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    my father says you’re welcome! :-D

  • kobefan2408

    you guys that say they gave up too much must not watch the mavs devan harris and stackhouse are the two main components in this deal deavean george wanted a trade because he wasnt getting minutes bass has been taking diop minutes anyway and devan harris has been injured for pretty much every game since they played the lakers and stack has also missed most of this calendar year and they still have alot of players it does close there window of oppritunity but it defenitly does not make there team bad and does not make are job to win any easier now I do like that there window is this year and maybe next but you play to win the game and as of this year they have as great of a chance as the lakers suns spurs celts detroit but in three years its just us with portland utah new orleans cavs orlando and maybe warriors but as for today this year great trade MARK

  • maccassedy

    Stackhouse told The Associated Press that he may be able to rejoin Dallas within 30 days, an indication the Nets would buy out his contract. “I feel great. I get 30 days to rest, then I’ll be right back,” he said. “I ain’t going nowhere.””I think Devin has a lot of upside, but Jason Kidd is the type of all-league point guard our teams needs,” Stackhouse said. “We just need a jolt. Adding a player like him can re-energize a team, hopefully.” so there getting stackhouse back

  • bryantbynum

    the former laker helping out his old squad. all the power to deavon george if he doesn’t want to go to a losing team. I think the mavs are making a mistake by giving up harris who is ten years younger then Kidd and is already a very good player who is only getting better. I think it is a good move by the nets to get cap space and pick up a young star on the way.

  • mfoznot


  • JoJo

    Another Laker cry baby.

  • domidomdomz

    This another totally insane decision of an NBA Franchise..Harris will be the future Jason Kidd..Nets will be so delightful of this..I hope Kidd will just be dealt to Cavs..So the Cel-Dicks will be routed easily by the Cavs with 20 pts in the Playoffs…

  • Fred A.

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    Yes you are right Deepfrost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is like Brokeback Mountain in the west this here cause,
    there are so many penatrations of great players for kick outs of not so great players.