Here is updated report from the L.A. Times this morning. This doesn’t sound good at all. Gasol said it reminds him of an injury that sidelined him for two weeks during training camp this year.

L.A. Times: Gasol missed about two weeks after sustaining a sprained ankle in training camp that produced “similar pain, a similar reaction,” he said.

X-rays were negative and an official recovery timetable will be determined today after Gasol undergoes an MRI exam either in Houston or Los Angeles.

Gasol went with the team on its charter flight to Houston, where the Lakers play Sunday, but it looked like it would be a painful evening.

Before leaving New Orleans Arena, he had his left foot propped up on a padded trainer’s table as he received “electro-stim” treatment. When it was time to go, he winced as he pulled on a black sock. Trainer Gary Vitti slowly and gingerly applied a walking boot, and Gasol walked out on a pair of metal crutches.

“We’ve got to make sure there’s no damage on the ligaments, at least not too bad,” said Gasol, who seemed determined to return soon. “I enjoy playing basketball. I don’t enjoy watching. I’m not a watcher. I want to be back as soon as I can.”

  • lakerz

    were cursed

  • Alik

    In the words of the guy that works in the liquor store in superbad “F#*k my Life”

  • Dagan

    How bad is it?

  • The Nugget


  • mark


    KOBE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • mplakers


  • True Lakers Fan

    he will b fine

  • Phant0M

    Lets be optimistic
    I seen many sprains before including mine

    as they do range

    this could be a 2 week thing.


    oh come on what’s all this pessimistic talk, NO LUCK???? HOW DO YOU THINK WE GOT PAU IN THE FIRST PLACE?? He should be ready for Houston and if not he’ll be ready for dallas, no big deal

  • ryguy2303

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    lol what are you doing spending your time @ lakersnation?

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  • Sopi

    lakers got fuckin cursed in center position

    can someone voodoo shaq back?

  • kb24 4life

    damn , good thing we have kobe, he will take over, so does lamar and hopefully pau will not be sidelined for more than a week or two..

  • jordi barcelona

    pauuuuu eres el mejoorrr …no te lesiones pauu

  • Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    Should be ready for Houston? How the hell, can anyone know that at this moment and point in time. I wish, but I don’t have a crystal ball. Hopefully, it’s not to bad, although this will take a lot of the luster out of the Houston game for the Lakers, Houston will be jumping for joy if Gasol is missing…assuming they win #21 tonight.

  • varsityoptimism

    tuerce su tobillo, rompe mi corazón
    Jesús, lo cura por favor rápidamente.
    mucho lagrimas

  • nyla

    We have terrible luck! :(

  • adrian

    is dis a nightmare how bad is it

  • sepehr

    Sprains can take anywhere from 2 days to 10 days to heal properly. It’s wont be a long time thing, so no need to worry, as long as we can stay on the top 2 we’re fine.

  • lyk13

    Maybe kwame set the curse on the team……..arghz!

  • LAL

    “Sprains can take anywhere from 2 days to 10 days to heal properly. It’s wont be a long time thing, so no need to worry, as long as we can stay on the top 2 we’re fine.”

    How long it takes to heal depends on the severity of the sprain. Grade I sprains usually take one to two weeks to heal completely. Grade II sprains can take up to six weeks. Grade III sprains can take six months or longer to heal completely. On average, count on a two- to four-week healing period for any significant sprain. But I guess we will know tomorrow, and hopefully its within a week or so

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  • ryguy2303

    i think its safe to assume mbenga’s playtime will not increase

  • lakersfan17

    someone kill me please, wow I’m shock we need him.

  • west213

    f u c k i n SUNS jinxed us!!!

  • andrew bynum

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    this is a challenge for the rest of the team
    With pau, chris, and andrew out, this will be a chance for DJ to prove that he deserves more playing time
    also if Pau, Andrew, chris, and trevor all come back at the same time, nad we sign brent barry and ira newble, it will be like receiving 6 free agents

  • http://myspcee LAL-4_life

    i dont know what to say but cry my ass off rite know…
    this sukz a millionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn



  • Jrich

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    LOL hahahaahhahahah!!!

  • Lakers

    Man I once stepped on a guys foot twice in one game and still kept on playing. Gasol needs to suck it up because you know Bryant would still play with a sprain like that.

  • LAL

    PHIL SAID IT WAS A TOUGH sprain, he stepped on Vlade’s foot damn!

  • domz

    Lets hope and pray..He’ll be ok fast..and the lakers will beat Rockets!!!

    Good Luck Lakers!!!

  • KingSako32

    if any say this is a shaq curse that all our players have been getting injured since he left, than obviously you have no clue of what i’m about to say. in the 03-04 season, karl malone missed half the season, after his injury, shaq got injured, than kobe got injured, so please, don’t talk out your asses and say stupid sh!t like-shaq put a curse on the lakers when he left-cause that’s just ignorant

  • yellafella

    lamar injures andrew
    fish injures ariza
    radman injures gasol…


  • KingSako32

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    get the fck out of here cavsnation

  • rahil

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    kobes gonn have to score
    maybe well see 4 staright 50 point games
    but lamar has to step up
    and get rid of that thing of performing in pressure

  • rahil

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    i agree
    he is kinda of a wimp
    he needs to hit the gym

  • gugy

    Man, the Lakers are cursed!

  • west213

    shit man, if lakers can pull off 2-2 on this current road trip I would be amazed.

  • Mitch4Pres

    why god why

  • AB

    It’s over, Kobe should get his surgery now and everyone come back strong next year. Our team now is worse than the one BEFORE the Kwame trade because we at least had Kwame and J-Critt.. now we dont even have Kwame!

  • Sako

    will miss rest of the road trip, great, wonderful, couldn’t be any better, a 4 game road trip against possible playoff matchups, and our #2 & #3 guys are gone

  • god

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    because i’m a celtics fan

  • Remy

    the team is just gonna have to step up, and when we win that championship, we can all look at the haters, media, bandwagon jumpers, and tell them up yours cuz even with all the injuries, we’re still champions

  • rahil

    I think this is a blessing in disguise for Kobe.
    Now, he can show that he is the best individual player in the NBA and f*** all the haters and media that Lebron Should win MVP.
    Why the hell should Lebron Win MVP?
    A. Hes a pussy who sits out for a sprained pinky, while kobe plays with a torn ligament in his pinky.
    B. KObe had way better season the last to years and lebron is bigger so he can rebound an block better,
    C. HES ION THE EAST, put kobe in the east and hed average 40 ppg.

  • Jack

    jeez. wtf. holy sh!t. why now? Hell. Last time I couldn’t see Bynum and this time I won’t see Gasol (at dallas). Here goes our no.1.

    I am stunned.

  • vida24

    damn it ! we are defenitly curssed !!!i hope it only take less than two weeks !
    ABC should not telvised this game !
    i hate the media they jinxed us !

  • Devean George

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    this dude is from FAGSnation

  • Devean George

    ** mark^

  • Devean George

    I know Kobe will carry us but lets not expect Odom to be the #2, I really think that we should maybe put the #2 scoring option on………….

    ……………………….wellllllll……ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…….. I pick Luke…… he should be our #2 so Odom can keep up his good performance as #3!!

    Trust me, as a former laker and laker private consultant.

  • Jack

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    Luke probably won’t even be #2 on the Timberwolves team. If we do make Luke #2, we are going on. Our trip now relies upon Vlad, Odom, Sasha and Farmer. and against one of the game: dallas or houston, I would want Kobe to do some scoring favor. i mean 50% of the score.

  • ab17

    i just got word that he is going to be out 8-10 weeks!


    [Comment ID #29449 Will Be Quoted Here]

    haha. i hope you are joking.

  • Michael_23

    Status on Bynum and Chris Mihm? Can you believe we have 4 seven footers in our team. Not counting Odom who’s 6′ 10″.

  • Michael_23

    Isn’t it awesome that we still have the #1 spot while being an injured team throughout the entire season?

  • ryguy2303

    [Comment ID #29451 Will Be Quoted Here]

    good one!

  • David

    Well I think we can kiss home court advantage goodbye. New goal is to make the playoffs and hope we don’t play spurs in 1st round.

  • Lonestar848

    You guys are so fickle.

    The Rockets pulled together when Yao went out, and they have a less talented team. Have faith. We can do it too.

    Once we get some of our guys back, you will be saying we will win the championship again.


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  • foxxy

    [Comment ID #29399 Will Be Quoted Here]YOU SUCK PUNK!!!!!!!!!!

  • foxxy

    [Comment ID #29442 Will Be Quoted Here]FO SHO!!!!

  • kPoAbUe

    i wish he plays at the golden state game when its lakers fiesta cause thats when am going.

  • getgasol


    Tomorrow we are going against Rockets, the team that can’t seem to lose right now, with one of our best guys down. I was really looking forward to that game, too. And see if we could end their streak.

    We still could beat them of coarse, even without Gasol, but that injury makes it that much harder. The Rocket’s confidence is at an all-time high, and Lakers better bring their A-game, because they won’t end that streak if they lollygag around like they have the past few games.

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  • ricky

    this sucks! i dont think it was that severe after seeing the replays but i assume that he will miss a few games.

    now that gasol is out, i think bynum will make his return sunday HAHA! but seriously, i think if we can go even 2-2 or hopefully 3-1 on this road trip, we should be okay. we will beat houston tomorrow. lets stay optimistic.

  • jack

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    gasols kinda tall guy now. i bet u r not 7footer; r ya?

    hopeful and a beleiver, my fren.

  • LD2k

    Updated the post with the L.A. Times info this morning.

    Doesn’t sound good at all…

  • LD2k

    I just heard it’s pretty bad. :(

  • T-Dub

    It’s all good! We will be ready for Playoffs. Everyone will be healthy. Remember, the #1 and #8 seed are only seperated by 5 games, so seeding doesn’t matter…one xtra away game per series is as bad as it gets. We’ve proven we can win on the road. And, the one thing we have going for us is no one has seen us with a healthy team!…Bynum, Pau, Odom, Kobe, Fish, Farmar, Sasha, Ariza, Turiaf, Mihm, Vlad. WE WILL BE FINE!

  • domoiscool


  • goofella

    in the words of kermit the frog’s reaction after seeing 2 girls 1 cup “OH!! God!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!”

  • lalakerfan

    look for kobe to carry this team once more on this road trip. he will not let them lose to Houston n and become one of the 22 teams steamrolled by a yao ming-less rockets team. kobe won’t have it.

    let’s wait to hear the official status of gasol from the team first before we start panicking.

  • lalakerfan

    btw, he didn’t step on vlad’s foot. it was chandler’s


    I not gonna panic ’cause Pau’s out,hell,I’m not even trippin’ off this road trip or even the rest of the season so let’s congradulate Houston for holding it down(you have to admit nobody saw see them coming)but WE AT LAKERNATION KNOW 4 THINGS,WHEN PAU,AB and ARIZA GET BACK…….IT’S A WRAP! THISISLAKERNATION,,things happen for a reason and think this another test for this team,WE WILL PREVAIL!!!

  • pjt

    The goal now is to be healthy and ready by the playoffs…If we have our full squad when the playoffs start, no one can beat us…no matter what seed we are in…

  • Neo-Laker Era

    This is why I believe every player in the NBA should wear ankle braces/support. It is the most common basketball injury as you all know. Even the healthiest player should wear them. All it takes is a couple injuries like this to make you “injury prone”. I have had ligament reconstruction surgery on my left ankle for TWO of these injuries (both third degree 10 months apart), and now I don’t play basketball AT ALL without putting on my braces first. I know Wade is currently injured, but the guy basically puts on armor before he plays; ankle/knee braces, pads on his arms to ward off hacks, etc. Sometimes braces don’t fully prevent an injury (this has also happened to me). But that just means the injury could have been A LOT worse. Take note NBA players. If you want to stay healthy, WEAR ANKLE BRACES/SUPPORT/TAPE!!!!

  • RC

    I am curious as to whether the Lakers tape up ankles or put some kind of wrap to help soften the blow of ankle injuries. And, if they don’t then why not? Ankles injuries are the most common in the NBA and we can’t take another ankle injury!

    There has to be something the Laker trainers can do to help!

  • LD2k

    The Los Angeles Lakers will have to finish off the rest of their crucial road trip without Pau Gasol.

    According to the team, Gasol will miss the remainder of the Lakers’ road trip….

  • megaloco10

    sh*t this can’t be happening.. no bynamite and gasolina…. ronny’s time to step up as a starter..

  • k0be da 1 andonly

    2 weeks??? not bad

  • Luis

    Houston did good without Yao, Kobe will average 50 EASILY, Farmar will turn into Chris Paul, Machine will be Peja,Ronny will be KG, Fisher will become Billups, and so on,are players come back tougher and nastier. we get a good seed, win first round against tough battle with GS or Nuggets, win against Dallas or Phoenix, Shaq will get pissed and attack Kobe. For winning game winning series shot while posterizing Shaq. Then we take out Duncan and Kobe averages 45, In Fimals dont matter who we meet Kobe averages 50 and make KG, RA and PP never win a chip,

  • Jimmy

    Yeah… I’ll take 2 weeks… it’s just when we miss guys for 8-12 weeks. If that’s the case, you can pretty much call it a season. They need everyone to come back end of month/early April.

  • Jimmy

    MRI exam reveals a moderate sprain that will keep him out of Sunday’s contest against the Rockets and likely the rest of the games on the road trip.
    By Mike Bresnahan, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
    6:20 PM PDT, March 15, 2008
    Pau Gasol will be out indefinitely because of a moderately sprained left ankle, leaving the Lakers without a true post presence as they pursue one of the top spots in the Western Conference.

    Gasol was hurt Friday against New Orleans after landing on Vladimir Radmanovic’s foot while cutting through the lane early in the first quarter.

    “He’s out for sure for the Houston game, most likely out for the rest of the trip, but we don’t really want to say that for sure,” Lakers spokesman John Black said today. “He’ll be reevaluated in two or three days. It’s not great, but it’s not horrible.”

    The Lakers (45-20) play Houston on Sunday, Dallas on Tuesday and Utah on Thursday before returning home to play Seattle on Friday.

    X-rays taken after the game of Gasol’s ankle were negative, and an MRI exam today at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston revealed a moderate sprain.

    Gasol said he hoped to miss only two weeks after sitting out that long when he sustained a sprained left ankle in training camp that produced “similar pain, a similar reaction,” he said.

    Ronny Turiaf, who is listed at 6-foot-10, will start at center as the Lakers change their offense to more of a “small-ball” scheme.

    Andrew Bynum is out until at least early April because of a left knee injury that has sidelined him since Jan. 13. Chris Mihm has not played since Dec. 23, although he has not felt any pain since having a screw removed from his surgically repaired right ankle last month. Mihm might begin practicing with the team shortly after it returns from its road trip.

  • goodfella

    i think we can take the rocks’ tomorrow, i’d bet the house on that.

  • kb24 4life

    hey good news, just read on, that the sprain is not severe and he will miss a week or less, the site is in spanish…