Bynum’s MRI confirmed a left Achilles strain. Good news is that there is no tear. He will be reevaluated in a week & is out until then.

KevinDing: MRI results show no rupture in Bynum’s Achilles’ and he will be re-evaluated in one week.

BA_Turner: Andrew MRI results confirmed a strained left Achilles tendon. He will be reevaluated in 1 week. Drew will miss at least 4 games.

latmedina: MRI confirmed he had the left achilles tendon. With being evaluated next week, that means Bynum will miss at least 4 games

  • 09champs!

    Greeeeat!!!!! So happy to hear this; Drew was getting it together.

    People, here´s when LO becomes so valuable for us, imagine if Mitch and Dr Buss woud´ve been tired of his inconsistency like some of you and hadn´t resigned him, we would´ve needed to start Powell :A

    Lamar is so valuable for this team, and everytime he starts he thrills .

    Get well Big Drew, we need you; LO time to step up.

  • xtro

    gracias a dios! maybe they’ll sign a big guy to help out. kenny thomas, anyone?

    • gus26


  • Alfonso

    thank god! but now we will see lamar odom play like a beast i hope! go lakers!

    • Green Flannel

      Well this will be a good time to see how lamar and pau starting works out, but at the expense of losing our other big man.

  • aLive86

    I SAW THIS COMING A MILE AWAY. Every time Bynum starts averaging his double double, he gets hurt – again and again and again. The guy is just never going to be healthy and super-productive at the same time consistently. Now when he comes back it’ll be the same Bynum we saw before this winning streak (not a good thing since we’re just turning the corner heading into playoffs).

    • Green Flannel

      bynum has been hurting for awhile now. he just aggravated it again. he’ll be fine….hopefully.

      • gus26

        aggravated what??… his him was hurting now he strainded an achilles… He’ll come back and toronto will take him and sasah for bosh rather than losing bosth to NY or miami for nothing…

        • Green Flannel

          Bosh is soft, did you see him when we played him. Pau (Gasoft, for those who think he is soft) was going to work on him. Bosh is something we already have. A big man that can shoot.
          So three shooters and no real dominate force in the pain is better than two big shooters and bynum.
          So he got hurt. We can handle the burden. My mistake i just assumed it was his hip because that was hurting him the other day. This is a good determining factor on whether or not the Lamar starting idea is good. Thankfully it is strained, nothing serious. The least is 4 games, we should be fine.

  • highflyer

    before this game i saw a interview with bynum and he said “im hapy with going into the playoffs healthy, this’ll be my first time.”

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      lol true
      i saw it too
      mitch trade his hurt ass

      • B Holland

        It is a miracle. We have Nostradumass. LOL

  • highflyer

    and now look what happens the next game. its ok tho, we cud pull something together. n before the deadline i heard a rumor of us trying to get either kurt thomas and luke ridnour, or tayshaun prince. imagine if we had prince, the two lengthiest players in the nba with him and LO.

  • highflyer

    3 of the next four games are really going to be a challenge without DREW down low for us… COME ON BIG DREW. WHILE UR OUT BUY PAU SOME STEROIDS AND COME BACK WITH THE SAME ENERGY U HAD.

    • Pac Div

      Didn’t the Lakers destroy the Spurs without Drew & Kobe a couple of weeks ago.

  • Batz


  • Won A Ring for The King

    Can you say “Injury Proned”. Mith f-cked up by not getting something for this guy before the next big injury. BTW, Odumb sucks…

    • WifelovesLuke

      No……you do, jacka$$!

      • Won A Ring for The King

        I don’t know any winner that’s proud to say his wife love another man. Grow some nuts and do something about my “WifelovesLuke”. What a loser!

      • Won A Ring for The King

        BTW, Luke Walton sucks!…

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    how many injuries do you guys actually need to call him injury prone?
    if we had traded for bosh was better
    bosh no injury prone and all star caliber
    how many seasons does he have to ruin us?
    he will never be healthy and dominant as he should…get over it!

    we have to unload this pussy before it is too late
    hopefully this summer


    • gus26

      bynum (13 mill) plus sasha (5 mill and expiring) for bosh (18 mill) in a S &T… its going to happen…

      • Green Flannel

        kobe-wan kenobi you have joined my miss list.


      • B Holland

        Only in Gus’s fantasyland.

    • bostonSUCKS88

      U are a fool. How did he ruin us last year? we won the title. If he never got injured in 08 we wouldnt have gotten pau. So again how has a ruined us? Ur making stupid arguments. And this is good news. Hes not seriously injured, no tear. So he will be back. Everything u said is wrong

      • kobe-wan kenobi

        he has been injured every year,
        minor injuries major injuries, his injuries do not allow him to play at his full potential for long, and after an injury he is super slow to recover
        last year he was not a factor, except in cloggin the paint against dho

        bynum is an injury prone player, this is a fact
        if you like to be a blind fan and wants to keep him anyway, it is your problem
        i dont want the lakers to become like portland
        let’s trade him before it is too late

        we can get an all star for him
        i m tired

        • bostonSUCKS88

          heres the thing, know one cares if ur tired. its not up to u or me. obviously the lakers are dedicated to AB and for good reason. wer gonna need him to win the title. im not a blind fan, i support my team and my teams players, so should u

          • LC09

            naw fu k that 88 he aint a real laker fan
            so let that fool bounce more room for us
            on the wagon or as boss says the bus lol..
            i know ive been comfortable n chillin in da back
            for a while dont let ppl on man..

          • kobe-wan kenobi

            really no one cares?
            damn i thought i could make the difference…lol
            i just hope mitch in postseason trade a talented player
            that probably will neewr have the chance to blossom
            his full potential, for a real all star
            and this would be great for the lakers, not for me
            wake up

        • lakerbunny


          • bostonSUCKS88

            i tell kobe wan that all the time, and he doesnt understand. and kobe wan why do u care so much about getting an all star. we dont need another all star. The lakers are a great team right now and we’re in a good position to repeat so i dont know why u always complain

  • Matthew

    stop hating u fags.

  • andyhank

    i think everyone is over reacting to this. yes i agree that “enough is #$%@#$%$# enough” considering how much this guy gets injured when we need him the most but its not that serious of an injury. would you rather have his knee blown out again? cmon read the title, NO RUPTURE. His tendon is probably a little over worked. there is a month until the post season and i believe that if the lakers can play with urgency when kobe is out, they can definetly play the same way when drew is out because they understand how important he is. give him a little rest and hell be fine. the lakers havent been cleaning up their act for no reason lately, they are the defending champs and they finally realized what they need to do. they arent going to roll up and cry all the sudden.

    • Green Flannel

      i was kinda looking to say that. ha! less typing for me. good point too.

  • Cody

    Wow sick Bungie.

  • Robert

    Not as bad an injury as previous. This will give him a chance to rest before playoffs. (only good thing). On the other hand, he was just building momentum. Hopefully he will get back up to speed again by the time of the playoffs.

  • lakers#1

    This is great news. Do you guys think that LD2K will make “The Incredible Bynum 3″ when he comes back from injury? I hope he will!!

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    she`ll pull something leaving the doctors office,bynum likes time off………………………

    • lakerbunny


  • lakerbunny


  • Drake Ramoray


    Small forward Reggie Williams will be signed for the rest of the season, the Warriors are expected to announce today.

    The Warriors don’t have an available spot on the roster right now, but they should on Monday, as they plan to waive guard Raja Bell and sign Williams to a guaranteed contract. General manager Larry Riley chose to release Bell rather than forward Devean George.

    “I just can’t cut a healthy player,” Riley said. “And Devean George has played well.”

    Bell, acquired from Charlotte in the Stephen Jackson trade on Nov. 15, endorsed the move to waive him rather than George.

    ——The Lakers must pick up Bell for the rest of the season. Even though Bell won’t be available for the playoffs, this move is for next season. When Bell is healthly again, he will really help us off the bench next year. I know Kobe wouldn’t mind this signing at all. Also signing him now for the veteran minimum will allow us to resign him next year for whatever salary he wants because the Lakers will own his bird rights. We can then let Shannon go and resign Farmar and ship him to the Nets with Vujacic’s expiring contract for Devin Harris. Resign Fisher next year for 2.5 million per season to come off the bench. Even though Bell won’t be able to play this year, he’s another veteran who brings defense to the team and is respected by Kobe and is another voice of experience that everyone will listen to. This could be a quiet under the radar signing by the Lakers that no one in the league will even think about or question but it will definately pay dividends for the us next year. GET RAJA BELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      it would be nice
      but there is not even one chance laker spend money for a player that will not play the play offs

      forget it

      we could have gotten stack for real cheap,
      buss is not spending anymore this year for sure
      and next year who knows?
      if we dont win i see lakers just unload contracts (pjax first) and not spending anything
      hope i m wrong

  • Anna Gonda

    Of course this would freakin’ happen before one of the more challenging road trips this season. Basketball gods really know how to test the defending champs…because we haven’t had enough of that this year =/

  • Drake Ramoray

    I hope this is the last year we see injury prone baby Bynum on the Lakers. I GUARANTEE YOU the Lakers offense will be alot smoother playing Gasol as the primary post player. Bynum clogs the lane ALL the time and he never passes the ball back out when he gets doubled. He’s not physical and gets pushed around and this dud doesn’t play defense, rebound, or block shots on a consistent basis that we need him to. He’s not that defensive presence the Lakers are hoping for because all he cares about is scoring. Laugh at me now but in the offseason when Bosh decides not to resign with Toronto, they will be looking for a sign and trade rather than letting him go for nothing and if the rumors were true earlier this year, Bynum will be the best thing Toronto can get for Bosh. It’s just getting the salaries to match and if it can happen, Jerry Buss will make it happen.