UPDATE: Sam Amick of NBAFanHouse is reporting the 4-year deal is worth $16 million. No options.

Steve Blake has agreed to a four-year deal with the Lakers, according to a report from John Canzanao.

RealGM Note: Blake bounced around the NBA for several seasons before finding a home with the Blazers in his second tenure. He was dealt to the Clippers shortly before the 2010 NBA deadline in a deal that brought Marcus Camby to Portland.

The point guard position was one area where the Lakers addressed as a high priority this offseason.

  • Touch ME

    NOOOOOOOO, are you serious he is useless, i wanted Mike Millerand will Derek Fisher even resign ?

    • 242LakerFan

      Does this preclude getting Miller?

      • More Cookies 4 Kob

        No, it precludes Farmar. Miller is a 3, not a PG. Resigning Fish and Powell and signing Mike Miller are the next steps to follow.

        • Sir

          With what money can we sigh Miller?

          • domz

            what’s only left is the Vet’s Min. Let’s not expect Mike Miller would nab that offer.

            But I’d say this was a good pick up if true. Blake is a good 3 pt shooter. Good job, Mitch.

            Now we can sign TMac or Raja Bell for Vet’s Min!

      • cjm

        this precludes odom from pretending to be a basketball player


        this fagget acctually put a pic of his fat ass up hahahahah

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      sincerely i think this is a horrible pick
      16 mil it means we dont have anymore mle to sign a very good player such mike miller which would be 10 times better than this scrub that cant defend
      mike miller is a 50% 3 point shooter! a true scorer. damn he would have been the perfect player for our system
      why overpaying blake????
      he never did shyt in his whole career

      good luck hoping some good player will accept the vet min with all the money around for FA
      bell, the millers, shaq, tmac, i dont think any of those would accept the vet min

      wow this is bad
      i hate this pick

      • B Holland

        You really don’t know how good Blake is and you are hoping against hope for Miller. Miller is not signing for less than 7 million a year.

      • Jeremy

        I think as long as we can re-sign Fisher and Brown this addition is a welcomed one. I think he is no more a defensive liability than Farmar was and he has a more consistent 3 point shot. However I do agree that we overpaid this journeyman point guard. Hopefully we can still score Bell. He is just what the doctor ordered. Very good defender and consistent outside shot.

    • celticsfan

      lakers is a weak team,they do a dirty play(game2-game6) to win the champion ship..the game in game2 and 6 is not an accident,that was a target(ray allen and perkins,the number one offensive and defender of celtics). poor lakers,dirty team i’ve ever see in that final game in history…


        weak? bullshit!we owned you punks at every position..your just like your players and your coach.bitch,bitch,,bitch! you got your ass kicked.that’s that!

      • PRLaker

        no i’ll tell you what a weak team is, your fucking celtics that had the game in hand and the lakers took it from them and showed them who the better team was, the lakers beat the celtics at their own game defense

      • Jeremy

        Those are some sour grapes! Enough said. GO LAKERS! 3 PEAT BABY!

      • Adrianyj

        Celtics? I dont see any reason for them to win that championship. They doesnt deserve it, it just like 2008, they started the dirty play, and yet Lakers = SWEET REVENGE.

  • 242LakerFan

    Pieces are falling into place. I’ll be smiling very broadly if this is corroborated by a trustworthy source.

  • Nikko72

    wo! I don’t know what to think. I like him, but do I like him for us? I still don’t know.

    • LakeShowHo

      of course you like him for us, he isn’t ball dominant, can pass the ball extremely well, and can hit threes (imagine how many threes he can hit that are open with the lakers as opposed to mostly contested threes on the Clippers and Blazers)

  • Leandro

    Great news!!! Go now for Mike Miller. Bye Powell, Morrison y Farmar.
    Vamos Argentina mañana carajo!!!!!!!!

  • daboss1848

    According to FanHouse, the deal is worth $16 million over four seasons.
    This would mean part of the MLE is used . . . Miller will cost full MLE at the least!

    • cjm

      not if we trade odom for him

      • ship.luke.out.now

        if you trade Odom who gets the rebounds we need off the bench?

    • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

      foo… the MLE is 5.8 and we just used 4 million of it… maybe 2.5 if he is getting 8% raises…

      • daboss1848

        and u think miller signs for 1.8-2.5? so, whos the foo?

        • moorepower310

          The Lakers are not going to sigh Miller. Instead they are going for Anthony Morrow who is just as good of a 3 point shooter, he’s younger, faster, and much cheaper. (His current contract is under $1 million) This is a much better deal for the Lakers to get Morrow AND Blake than just Mike Miller (who isn’t too tough on defense by the way)

          • daboss1848

            morrow is restricted . . .

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1460601006&ref=profile OaklandLakers

            You have to mention that Marrow plays absolutely no defense. Miller plays solid help defense but his one-on-one is is ugly as well. Miller doesn’t need the ball in is as much as Marrow to get goin. The S. Blake signing tells me the Front Office they are content with having one of the highest average age in the league and picking up 30 year old Free Agents. So Marrows youth isn’t much of a deciding factor. I would love to have him though.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1460601006&ref=profile OaklandLakers

    Late Famar.

  • PJx

    Great pick-up, Blake use to torch the Lakes. Now just get Mike Miller on board, somehow sign Raja Bell… and I smell a three-peat.

    Where are the Lakers finding all this money, I thought we were WAY over the cap…

  • lakers0828

    Wonderful Lakers news Lakers can Be Use Blakes scoring Power and his Speed against the Fast PG and Young ones too I guess there goes the Mike Miller deal but Im happy we got a good PG

  • Sir

    Meh…. I really wanted Mike Miller. Or T Mac.

  • lol

    so miller and t-mac are out of the picture? 4 mil. is a bit amount

  • http://miunex.com/ Vigilante

    Ah man, Mitch good deal and all but perhaps should have given 3 mil? I dunno but get T-Mac or Miller somehow!

  • bogoyme

    yeah yeah at least DFish would get some rest now w/o worrying his sub go slacking…

    So re sign DFish now… Next get TMac or Mike Miller… the remaining Lakers go buckle up cuz the ZenMaster’s back for 1 more time…. He wants a grand finale… C’mon, let’s do it!!!!

    • Jeremy

      T-Mac and Miller are soft defenders….Raja Bell is a better choice.

  • Roye

    Guys, this is great news. Forget Mike Miller – he is going to get more than the MLE. Blake was the second best free agent PG behind Raymond Felton (who will probably get overpaid). Blake can definitely shoot the 3 and is a much better defender than Farmar.


    • Reality

      First good comment from someone who understands basketball. Kudos Roye!

    • TheKloser

      Yup Yup!

      Blake is a legitimate back PG. Fish is our starter and the way he played in the playoffs tells me he still has gas in the tank. And with Blake backing him up and playing to his capability, we have a pretty good bench.

      PG – Fish
      SG – Kobe
      SF – Ron Ron
      PF – Gasol
      C – Bynum

      PG – Blake
      SG – Sasha
      SF – LO/Walton
      PF – LO/Ebanks
      C – ?

  • livetowin16th


    Bye Jordan.

  • http://ggggggggggggg scrub

    this guy loves torching the lakers when he was at the blazers and now hes on our team and im loving it.

  • D-Fish on the wing

    WTF what about Fisher!?

    • chad b

      fish aint going anywhere. He’s going for rings on his other hand!

  • http://www.myspace.com/fabezee fabz24lakers

    hopefully the jersey isn’t too much pressure for him!!!

    • Reality

      Worked out ok for Pau and Artest. I think Blake will fit the triangle just fan, fabz. Trust Mitch!

  • Robert
  • Robert

    OK, so 8 on contract:
    Kobe, Pau, Bynum, Odom, Ron-Ron, Sasha, Luke, Blake
    That leaves 5, right? Isn’t min 13? So who is staying, and who is leaving?
    Farmar, Fish, Morrison, Powell, Mbenga, Shannon
    Fish will probably stay, Farmar and Morrison go. Powell prob. goes. Shannon & Mbenga may stay.
    That leaves 2 spots: Miller & Bell (unless Powell & Morrison stay and sign for $1.50).

    • daboss1848

      dont forget our two rookies – ebanks, caracter


      Don’t forget Ebanks and Caracter. Maybe we can pull Crittenton after the summer league. Let’s get rid of Odom and sign and trade Miller, T-Mac or Raja. LO will be too distracted with Kardashian related “reality shows” and such. You see how getting married affected him this season versus last. GTFO.

      • laugh_out_loud

        Get off Crittenton’s nuts man!

    • Robert

      Ah yes, forgot that. Good point. It would be cheaper to sign rookies than get Miller/Bell. I don’t think the Lakers will try for a 15 man roster (they did fine with 9 last year, since Luke, Morrison, Mbenga and Powell were barely played).
      But Phil doesn’t play rookies much. Although, I think he will do that this year (his ‘last stand’?).

    • Marwan Deletes My Comments

      LOL, you don’t know sh!t about the NBA CBA.
      1. Why would the Lakers want ANYTHING to do with Morrison, let alone pay him “1.5 mil” to stay. LOL!!
      2. “That leaves 2 spots: Miler and Bell”
      In case you didn’t know, the Lakers DO NOT have their Bi-Annual Exception as it was used with Brown last summer. They had the Mid-Level to play with and Blake took 4 mil out of the 5.8 available.
      That means that LA can do two thing now:
      1. Sign a player with the remaining 1.8 mil from the Mid-Level.
      2. Sign as many players as they can or want for the Veteran Minimum Salary.
      I suppose they can try a sign and trade but who the f*ck wants Walton or Sasha?
      Do you think Mike Miller will take the 1.8 and Bell will settle for the Vet Minimum? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Laker fans on this site say the dumbest sh!t. BTW, the Lakers can spend whatever they like on Fisher because he is a “Bird Free Agent”, so LA can spend more than 1.8 or the Vet Minimum on him without any problems under the CBA.

  • Drake Ramoray

    Hallelujah!!!!! STOP THE PRESS!!!!! I’m not as happy about this signing as I am about this meaning that Shannon (No Talent) Brown won’t be back with the Lakers! The city of LA should throw a parade because Shannon opted out and now he’s for sure not coming back……….Now back to the signing. Steve Blake is not great but not bad either. He’s a good pick up and I’ll take him for 4 million a season over Farmar and Shannon any day of the year including leap year. He was good for Denver and Portland. He can shoot, he’s fast, a good passer, and overall a real PG. I never really cared too much for Mike Miller. If he signed with us, then whatever. Since he didn’t, then whatever. I’m more concerned about where the Raja Bell talks are going. Haven’t heard anything since free agency about him and the Lakers. If he ends up going to Miami, then F U CK him, but he’s a good player and would be a solid pick up for us if we can get him. Fish needs to take 3 million a year because he knows he wants to be here and doesn’t want to go anywhere else. Screw Josh (Kobe’s Azz Kisser) Powell. Pick up Kurt Thomas and sign the rookies. Worst case scenario, if that loser T-Mac will come here for the veterans 1 million dollar exception, might as well take a chance with him too! Either way Shannon Brown, you can kiss my feet you loser! So long and I hope the door whacks you on the way out!!!!!!!

  • T-dub

    NO! This is another Luke Walton, Sasha type dumb ass move! You don’t give a long term deal to a guy who has been bounced from team to team. He couldn’t even hang on with the Clips! Obviously there’s something wrong with him. He’s NOT PROVEN! Another DUMBASS move on another sorry white boy Mitch! In 2 years, we’ll be talking about dumping his ass…watch and see!


      Who else could of helped? Currently our pg situation needed much help. There were many games where our post men would dish out to a wide open pg to have nothing but bricks fall off.
      This Blake guy, I don’t hate it or love it. It’s like when you go in to buy chinese food. They give you fried rice and noodles w/ your choices. I don’t really like the side dishes but I don’t hate them either. Sometimes they just hit the spot. Now who want’s a bugs bunny popsicle?

      • TheKloser

        Lmao…great comment Ice Cream Man

  • ricky

    I’m excited about having Blake on board. He’s a solid player with high basketball knowledge. Yes, I say 4 million is a bit much, but I’m sure Mitch knows what he’s doing. If the team is will to spend, then who cares, we are getting the right pieces for this team and this is a great start. I think all will be good by the end of July and we’ll have our roster set by then. I trust the front office and as long as we don’t remove any of our core of Kobe, Pau, Drew, Ron, and Odom; we should be perfectly fine. Keep in mind we won back to back with a crappy bench besides Lamar, so we can’t get any worse with what what we’re doing.

  • http://thetruthrenaissance.wordpress.com/ BE_A_LakerFan

    Welcome to the family Blake.

  • C-Maxx

    Wow! this is good pick-up for the lakers…so bye farmer but i think raja bell should be a laker so he and blake could improve the bench and raja’s defense could back up for ron ron!

  • T-dub

    Ricky you make a great point about winning with a crappy bench…however i’m just greedy. I want to run away with it this year. Those close games had my blood pressure way too high!

  • jaydubb415

    Nice pick-up 4-us ”i live in portland oregon”so i got 2 see blake play up here ,n he gave us ”fits”i keep hearing we should of got MM or Mcgready why first we don’t need no ”bleeping”injured all-the-time Mcgrady he’s not a better shooter than blake n him and miller always missed games ,so think with your heads 2-much thinking with hearts ”every piece needs 2 fit this triangle”thats it thats all miller would of fit it ,mcgrady doesn’t ,blake fits it.We have are show-stopper who can get his own shot n ”who plays thru injuries ”shall i nameth him”lol u like that ”nameth him”lol

    • Robert

      Who? Joe Namath?
      Actually, funny you mention that – Broadway Joe Namath played through injuries (his knee), and won himself a Super Bowl ! Look him up (you might be to young to know about Broadway Joe).
      (I know you were talking about Kobe).

  • Patrick Bateman

    I think this means bye Farmar and possibly Fisher.

    Fisher wants a $10 million deal for 2 years. He made a little over $5 Million last season.

    Lakers arent sure if they want to give him that much. Hence, the Blake signing.

  • http://nba.com John Robertson

    What about Anthony Morrow?

  • Robert

    You think FISH is going :( … that would be horrible. That would bust the team up. We need to get rid of our ‘dregs’ (Morrison, Powell, etc.). I think Shannon would go before Fish. He (Fish) can sign a shorter contract, and get one more Championship.
    Also, Blake is a TRUE Point Guard. We haven’t had that before. He’s replacing Farmar and possibly Shannon (hopefully instead of Fish).

    • Marwan Deletes My Comments

      1. Morrison is an unrestricted free agent the the LA Lakers will have no part of.
      2. “I think Shannon would go before Fish”. In case you didn’t know, Shannon Brown opted out of his contract with the LA Lakers and it doesn’t appear that LA wants him back.
      3. The Lakers and Derek Fisher WILL come to an agreement.
      4. For a guy who posts so much and such f*cking lengthy posts, you don’t know sh!t!!!

  • brian

    javaris crittenton was not named to the summer league team. what the fuck

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      great news
      he is a loser and a cancer
      fukk critt
      never did shyt in nba since he left lakers

  • Patrick Bateman

    If you were Derek Fisher would you accept $2.5 Million for one year? I wouldnt. Maybe $4 Million.

    • Jake Gasol

      We wouldn’t be using the MLE on Fish. You can resign your own player. But I think Fish will sign for one year worth 3 mil

      • ricky

        Fish has Bird rights with the Lakers meaning he can re-sign without affecting the Lakers MLE.

  • Patrick Bateman

    Gerald Green over Javaris Critt? hmmmmm……

    I hope its a typo or something.

  • Drake Ramoray

    Eric Pincus – 07/02/2010 4:28pmEST-
    Free agent Javaris Crittenton was not named to the Los Angeles Lakers summer league roster as many expected. HOOPSWORLD spoke with his agent Mark Bartelstein who indicated at this time Javaris isn’t lined up to play summer league ball with any of the 30 teams.

    As far as any interest from Crittenton’s former team (the Lakers) or any other squad? “Nothing new right now,” said Bartelstein

    It will be interesting to see if a team takes a chance on Javaris after the unfortunate gun incident with Gilbert Arenas when he was with the Washington Wizards……………………………………GET OVER IT!!!!!!!! This Fag whole sucks. Lakersnation please stop talking about this chump now!!!! I can’t believe some people and their eye for talent. If you think Javaris Crittenton is a good player, your probably either blind or related to him!!!

  • ricky

    It’s hard to say whether Fisher is gonna re-sign now that we gave Blake 4 million a year and only offered Fish 2.5 million. I’m still hopeful that Fish re-signs tho because he has a great shot at another ring next season.

    I THINK WE STILL NEED ONE MORE ADDITION, WHETHER IT BE T-MAC, MILLER, or BELL. this would really solidify our bench.

    I’m a bit disappointed that Javaris did not make the summer league roster, I really hoped that he would get another shot with the Lakers.

    I think, if no other major moves are made, our roster is pretty much set.

    Starting 5:

    Fisher (if re-signed)


    (Raja Bell, T-Mac, or Miller)
    Sasha (he can see some mins at PG unless we find a third string PG such as Javaris or whomever for cheap)
    (a veteran big man; Joe Smith, Craig Smith, Jermaine, Kurt Thomas, Etan Thomas, Juwan Howard, etc.)

    • Robert

      U got it, Ricky! I’m up with this. The only change: I would have Bell & Miller. But yes, we do need another big (no Mbenga?)

      • ricky

        I don’t mind Mbenga, but I think him and Powell are done with the Lakers. I like Craig Smith a lot as a bench player, he’s definitely solid, but he is undersized. I know it sounds like a bad idea due to his proneness for injury, but I really like Jermaine if he’s still available and willing accept the vet’s minimum and play for a ring. He’s big, long and is still capable of defending in the post. Behind Drew and Pau, he would be great. It’s a long shot I think, but if he doesn’t get a deal, we may luck out and get him for cheap.

    • Marwan Deletes My Comments

      This sound awesome!!! And while we’re at it, why don’t we JUST bringt in LeBron, Wade, trade for Carmelo and bring Bosh off our bench? What do think fellas? Oh, and I forgot, maybe we can also get Dwight Howard to back up Bynum. Yeah, that’s what we should do…

  • Steve Blake

    Yeah, I’m here L.A.
    Fuck off Jordan, this my time bitch!

  • bc18

    GREAT PICKUP! He fits well with Lakers, TRUST ME! Shooter. Can run an offense. Doesn’t try to do too much. Good pickup…

    • TheKloser


  • xtro

    yes! now we go after bell. what about miller?


    I like this, not overpriced and a solid shooter and passer, I like it alot

  • mr.laker

    Great move, my second free agent on the list for the lakers after Mike Miller. Dont think we can still nab him but this is a good pick up regardless. I think Blake can split PG minutes with Fish and make us a overall better team. Great move Mitch

  • DO IT


  • ^ ^

    Booo!!!! What happened to Mike Miller?! Man…!

  • ^ ^

    Do sign and trade to get Miller…

  • Robert

    I recall Blake was ‘trouble’ for us when on Portland. I actually thought he was a good player (but, maybe just good against our porous PG defense).
    I see him as sort of a ‘poor man’s’ Jason Kidd. Some PG smarts, and talent. But you know, ANY TRUE PG is a HUGE upgrade 4 the Lakers (who run the Triangle, which technically does not require a ‘true’ PG). He will create shots for others. Look out!
    I also think he follows the ‘nemesis’ theory: namely, that players who formerly gave us (or even just Kobe) trouble would work out GREAT in our system. In particular, Ron-Ron was one of those. Miller is one of those. Bell is one of those, Battier, and Blake. Our former enemy will be one of our bestest friends!!!
    I’m just concerned what will happen with Fish, who really did help us actually win the Championships, with his clutch and KEY plays.
    But you know, by now, I trust Laker management. They won 2 Championships with the ‘almost same’ staff. In fact, we really won with 9 players (since 4 of them didn’t play much in playoffs). So, ANY change of the 4 others is an upgrade.

    • Marwan Deletes My Comments

      Oh God, you again?…

  • RoWyN

    Fisher is still begging for a one year 5MIL contract then the lakers go and sign Steve Blake for 16MIL 4years!!! How’s that for a slap in the face?!?!

  • Robert

    Yeah, I’m concerned about the whole Fish thing. But you know, even if he makes $2 M for 2 years, that’s $4 M more than I’m making now, so I’m not too sad.
    And, he probably has a nice mansion and plenty of income from Mutual Funds and other things. So … heck, come back Fish! Complete the circle! There are bigger things than money, right?

    • Marwan Deletes My Comments

      Robert, you’re like the girlfriend who just never knows when to shut the f*ck up! Quit flapping your gums Roberta…you don’t know sh!t…

  • Kobe4Life

    Mitch! We need T-Mac, Miller and Fisher! Our bench will consist of Blake, McGrady, Miller, Odom and of course Djbenga, not bad for a bench.

  • Robert

    ESPN has been mentioning Miller, and so it is a possibility (they really don’t say much, if it’s ALL rumor and no possibility).
    But this was before the Blake signing. I think they will sign Miller by this weekend, or not at all.
    Chicago has a deadline (Saturday) for signing LeBron, and DWade has been visiting the Bulls too. So, when Chicago makes a move, it may have a ripple effect on the League, and we’ll see a lot of action this weekend.

    • Marwan Deletes My Comments

      Dudette, shut the f*ck up already…

  • mr.prince

    Good move by the Lakers for a decent price. Welcome to the Purple & Gold, Steve Blake.

    • Schism

      Agreed! Lakers got the solid player they needed for less than the market price. They saved about $2M from the mid-cap that they could use to help resign Fisher. The rest of the squad can be filled with the rookies and summer invities for league minimums and/or Mbenga, Powell on the cheap, if nothing else is done.

  • Great-LakeShow


    • Great-LakeShow


  • http://lexworld Lex

    This is ok News but TRACY MCGRADY

    • laugh_out_loud

      Get off Tmac’s nuts man

  • http://lexworld Lex


  • http://lexworld Lex


  • kobez

    What is this that I’m hearing that they can’t sign Miller now?



  • Laker4 Life

    Great move Mitch. The next thing is to resign fish and get rid of the mediocre bench ( luke, powell, mbenga, morrison). Then get t-mac or mike miller and a big man.

    • Schism

      Luke is due $17M for the next 3 years. What team is going to trade for a (5min/Game) bench sub with a bad back at that $$? Thats the Lakers problem.

      • TheKloser

        Luke is definitely our achilles heel…we need to buy him out this year. He has brought nothing, and i can’t see him bringing anything when we have LO and Ron at the helms. Somehow we need to lose this dead weight.

  • bodybags

    do ya’ll understand T Mac is a big risk with that Knee?obviously ya’ll dont know shit about basketball!
    And to the dumbasses that keep talking about trade odom shut the fuck up!He is a Laker so get over it!

  • Wilt2

    HAHA lakers got Steve Blake! Take that Pitsburgh! You losers!

    • Wilt

      WHO STOLE MY NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  • Robert

    Report from “Kobez” (above) on Miller claims that he (Miller) can’t be signed now with MLE.
    So, does that leave Raja Bell in the mix?



    F- L.O. & EBANKS


    • http://youtube.com/lakersftw2010 RonRonGq

      Fuck Miller J.O.

    • Robert

      “Realistic” … THIS IS IT. Perfect! 12 man roster too (minimum). Might need to add Caracter.

    • BigplayDA10

      D-Fish is not backing up Blake. Not happening. Blake is the backup.

      • Rio Rondo

        dfish is a bag of bones go back to the jazz since your daughters “better” now what a joke this guy is

        • laugh_out_loud

          Wow no class man. get the f*uck out of here. u fucking piece of shit. u cocksucker

          • Rio Rondo

            haha no class fa sho

    • Schism

      Brad Miller is sought by about a dozen teams with max cap space. As with Bell, there’s more $ out there than the Lakers can offer. After Fisher, the Lakes will go for minimum$ bench.

    • Robert

      Wait a min … we’re talking about “Mike Miller”. Not Brad Miller. (mistake here?). I know Brad Miller is sought by teams … but Mike Miller?

  • http://youtube.com/lakersftw2010 RonRonGq

    ┌∩┐(-__-)┌∩┐ Fuck Steve Blake niggaz thug life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mr T

    NO TMAC Hes hurt all the time


    good move. I okay with Steve Blake. He better than Farmar and Brown although he cant jump really high. He will fit with our system just fine and it was a good move to get a REAL POINT GUARD. Okay now, resign Fish and get some key players for the bench. LET’S GO GO GO!

  • Pau Gasoline

    Chris Bosh will always be a RAPTOR unless he somehow gets plastic surgery to get rid off his dinasour appearance. lol

  • TracyMac


  • Robert

    Lakers can win it all in 2011. What I’m ‘now’ concerned about (Friday nite) is that it appears DWade is heading toward signing w/Chicago, and I have a feeling LeBron is too.
    At first, when I thought they were going to Miami (w/Bosh), I wasn’t concerned, because you need more than 3 players to win a Championship – you need the right role players (which the Lakers ‘will’ have after then end of the free agency season).
    But, LeBron and DWade in Chicago – they have other pieces (Rose, Noah) that could make that a formidable team. Concerned about that.
    I hope we get Bell or Miller (Mike, not Brad).

    • Lakers=beast

      me too, I have a strong feeling that if Dwayne signs with the bulls, LeBron will too, and I have a small feeling that bosh will sign with the bulls aswell. I think we need to get bell, we gotta improve our bench!

  • LakersMike31

    I really think Mike Miller would have been a more potent weapon in the Triangle. Can you imagine Miller sitting in the corner or on the wing waiting for kick-outs from Kobe or Pau. Plus, the guy pulled down 6 boards a game AND had 4 assists per game. But, I guess the point guard issue was a more pressing need, since Jordan isn’t coming back. Wow. I really, really think Miller was the better option here. Hope this works out well. The Lakers had trouble with quick point guards last year, and they got SLOWER by replacing Jordan with Blake. At least he’s a better shooter. But dang, Miller hit 48% from three last year! I was hoping Miller would be signed, and Sasha would be traded during the year for some PG help, or played backup at the point. Oh well. Stuck with Blake now.

  • LakersMike31

    I really think Mike Miller would have been a more potent weapon in the Triangle. Can you imagine Miller sitting in the corner or on the wing waiting for kick-outs from Kobe or Pau. Plus, the guy pulled down 6 boards a game AND had 4 assists per game. But, I guess the point guard issue was a more pressing need, since Jordan isn’t coming back. Wow. I really, really think Miller was the better option here. Hope this works out well. The Lakers had trouble with quick point guards last year, and they got SLOWER by replacing Jordan with Blake. At least he’s a better shooter. But dang, Miller hit 48% from three last year! I was hoping Miller would be signed, and Sasha would be traded during the year for some PG help, or played backup at the point. Oh well. There’s still time to back out!

  • richtown

    I think u might see javaris come back @ a discount but I was personally looking fore s. Livingston to come to the lakers he & that knee should be ready after 3 yrs to start playing like he used to pre injury. I know he’ll never be what he was but @ 25 still full of potential and would cost next to nothing to sign



    • kobe-wan kenobi

      hate it

  • mike FTW

    mike miller up next baby!! he needs to cut his hair though.

  • Drake Ramoray

    Man F UCK that WIGGER Mike Miller. Stop talking about him already. He said he wanted to play for the Lakers and so they made him an offer with a deadline and he passed on it. GET OVER IT! He didn’t really wanna be here otherwise he would have taken the full MLE offer like Ron did. People on this site beggin for a guy that turned down the best offer we could give him. Why want someone that didn’t want to be here. The problem now is that Raja Bell probably won’t accept the remaining $1.8 million on the MLE to sign here. It would have been really nice if we were able to pick him up. I say get Kurt Thomas, sign the rookies, and heck fill out the last roster spot with T-Mac or Iverson. LOL ——– One last thing, Fisher, you da man, but you sure ain’t worth $5 million a season at age 35 and playing 20 minutes a game during the regualr season scoring less than 10 pts a game. Damn, if Cleveland or whoever is willing to give you $5 million a year, you should take it and be a sellout. You talk about leadership and all that which is great, but you’re really only needed during the playoffs. I say 2 years at $6.5 million is a worthy price Mitch, take it or leave it Fish!

    • Anonymousgdsfa

      I agree. Even though Fisher is probably worth ~5 million to the lakers, hes not for anyone else. Give him his market value

    • Lakers3Peat!

      Thank you for having some sense unlike most of the people here. Most of these people don’t even seem to understand the value of Steve Blake as an all-round player. Someone even called him slow. Heck, his speed is his strength lol…

      Mike Miller was not a realistic goal. He wanted way more than just an MLE. I can see T-Mac happening though and he will be great as a role-player off the bench. He won’t be as injury-prone with lesser minutes.

  • Anonymousgdsfa

    Only other decent PG this free agency was Luke Ridnour and Raymond Felton (no way would he sign for MLE) so this was a decent move by Mitch.

    I still rather see a Mike Miller on this team but if Mitch can somehow orchestra a sign and trade for a shooter like him or get a Morrow with the remaining MLE, this signing wont go too well with fans.

  • t

    Why are you guys hating Blake ? This is a legit PG , that can handle the ball, dish, drive, and hit the three (consistently). He was playing behind Brandon Friggin Roy and was still able to produce and play 25 – 30 minutes. He will eventually get into starting role if Fish signs, if he’s gone, blake will def. start.

    Give him a chance before you bash.

    We might lose all our PG’s and you guys are worried about not getting another SF ??? we have 4 guys on contract that can play that position, com’on think about it….

  • comeflywithme

    WTF! steve fuckin Blake!!! he will replace ammo for sure.. hahaha.. sasha will be the back up pg. we should sign D-Fish back!!

  • Robert

    Let me see if I got this straight (please help out here, anyone):
    We have 1.8M left on MLE
    We have Vet’s min
    We therefore have 2 ‘paid’ spots, and the following players to possibly fill them (realistic or not): Fish, Mbenga, Shannon B., R.Bell, M.Miller, Morrow, T-Mac, S.Livingston, J.Crit
    Is that right? Are there only 2 ‘available’ spots, because that’s the NBA rules? Or is Buss using these to keep from minimizing having gone over Cap/Lux? (i.e., can Buss ALSO sign after he uses the ‘2 spots’ above? and it just costs him more money and he’s WAY over Cap/Lux?).
    And what about Rookies: Ebanks, Caracter – is there a separate fund source for Rookies?

    • Drake Ramoray

      That’s right but another option, if the lakers really wanted to, would be to sign and trade Ammo. They own his bird rights so they can give him whatever he wants. This is all a moot point either way because no one will take back Ammo anyways.


    Yeah, Blake is definitely a good addition. After signing Fish back he will really be a good backup PG. Besides, ITS A DONE DEAL GUYS. DEAL WITH IT. The next realistic goal would be to SIGN FISHER back (coz we still lack PG and Fish is the best for LAL) and get some key bench players within our budget.

  • lakerman34

    GREAT pickup for the Lakers. Blake is, actually, a VERY good defender, and would complement DFish well. Blake can guard quicker guards, Fish bigger guards.

    We are NOT getting Anthony Morrow. He is restricted, and GS WILL match. They do not want us to improve anymore, and for part of MLE, he is a VERY easy contract to match.

    Mike Miller is PROBABLY a no-go right now.

    Would LOVE for the Lakers to pick up T-Mac. A MUCH more solid backup for Kobe than Shannon Brown. Imagine Kobe only playing 33-35 minutes? He can be more aggressive too.

    If we had TMac in Game 2, we would have won this series in 5 games. Easily.

  • mendiarvin2424

    Steve Blake looks like a bald Steve Nash… LOL

  • edsel

    mga ayup kamu…. tirigbakan na san kita. piritikan lusi, piritikan lasug…

    ooops… don’t say bad words


    hayup kayuy…tinttype mo lahat ng sinasabi ko..hehehehehehahahahahaha

  • edsel

    kutchap knows what he needs. we had problems at the pg position, blake is a good fit. no ego, just work, and hard work.

    hell we could give the guy a chance. by the way my friend Leonyl N. Benito is a Blake lover…hehehe

  • Rio Rondo College

    Good move for the Celtics. Rondo will tear his ass up in the finals!!!!!!!!!!

    • lakerman34

      HAHA this kid thinks the Celtics are ACTUALLY going to make the Finals next yr…


        hay little fella(shaq voice) lakers gonna get there ass teared up with no Vaseline next year

        • lakerman34

          u a celtic fan? u washed up guys gonna win next yr? awww thats cute keep the dreams coming………

  • Robert

    Alright, guys. I’m up with the Blake move.
    Still, what’s left? I think either nobody is saying anything, or nobody knows.
    Do we have only 2 spots left, and are looking for (possibly) Fish and someone else? Is that it? And does this mean Mbenga, etc. are GONE? (i.e., all the free agents on the Lakers are now ‘gone’, unsignable or likely to NOT be signed since we have 2 precious spots??)
    Somebody say something.

    • inverse

      Alright this is what I think is going on. Lakers own fishers bird rights, so it doesn’t affect their MLE or vets min, so they can essentially give him a realistic offer. If lakers sign fish, that will give them 9 guys on the roster counting Blake. So now they will still have 1.8 mil of the MLE and the vets min. My gut feeling is t-Mac is coming for the remaining MLE, since he’s already collected his checks from the NBA and then they’ll sign Kurt Thomas for vets min. That will give them 11 players on roster and since they will need to sign 2 more players to meet the NBA minimum look for them to sign both rookies since their payroll at this point will be through the roof. The rookie contracts will both be 2 years, first year at 470k second year at 800k. That’s my take on it, correct me if anything looks wrong lol

    • Marwan Deletes My Comments

      Robert, be honest with me and tell me if I’m correct with this. You’re gay, right?

  • A bynum & Odom hater

    Sign Gerald Green from the rookie team. He has a good range. He can shoot and play D

  • B-Boy

    Breaking News:
    Lakers are trying to trade Luke Walton & Sasha for Shane Battier!

    • BigSal

      Breaking news. Boy you are an idiot. I guess that is old news.

  • Pau Gasoline

    Why does Bosh keep coming up in trade talks?
    realisticly speaking whow can the Lakers trade

  • jonb

    lakers must have really liked blake, says yahoo:

    “Before the Lakers secured a commitment from Blake, general manager Mitch Kupchak had Bucks point guard Luke Ridnour willing to take a four-year, $12 million offer, a league source says. The Lakers then gave Blake a deadline of Friday afternoon to accept their four-year, $16 million offer.”
    I guess SAVING MONEY isn’t THAT important to Mr. Buss….

  • BosnianBullet21

    Screw this! We give Steve Blake more money than D Fish. Are you serious?! People are saying I applaud Mitch. Sit down, please! And then we have the audacity to give Fish a Vet’s Min. He should be earning 10 million, not some damn 2.5 mill. I think Kobe should have said something, our staff would have listened. What has Steve Blake done to impress us more than D Fish. NADA! Get the fuck out of here! If Fish leaves, I won’t be surprised.

    • jonb

      calm down sir. weren’t u one of the many that said fisher should no longer start throughout the PAST TWO REG. SEASONS that he’s played. He had the second worst per on the team and only makes a mark on the game in the playoffs. FIsher will be 36, eventually we have to move on. What if he decided to retire, would u still be pleading? No one is exactly sure what he was offered but they are NEGOTIATIONS, i’m sure they will come to an agreement fair to both sides. Chill out, im pretty we can win w/o fish, important he is but not impossible to replace. Did u guys ever wonder, maybe if fish actually scored or did something at the beginning and throughout games, then we wouldn’t need him to make “big shots” at the end? I just don’t get y u guys make it seem like a 3peat is impossible w/o derek. It isn’t…..

      • BosnianBullet21

        I never ever said derek fisher said should no longer start! I WILL NEVER SAY THAT, FUCK YOU BITCH!