Finally some great news in terms of injuries… Lakers forward Tervor Ariza, who has been sidelined for almost four months with a broken foot, has been cleared to resume all basketball activities, though no specific timetable has been set for his return to the lineup.

Ariza practiced with the team Tuesday and felt fine afterwards, but coach Phil Jackson said he wasn’t sure how long it would take the fourth-year forward to shake off the rust from the long layoff and earn a spot back in the rotation.

Ariza, a defensive specialist, had been averaging 5.5 points, 3.1 rebounds and 1.3 assists before he was injured on January 21.

and from the L.A. Times

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said it would probably be a week or two before Ariza was ready to play in a game.

  • Michael24


  • LD2k

    Great news – but the question is, with Vlad and Farmar in a slump, do we have a week or two? Especially with the news of Kobe’s back problem being very serious.

  • Michael_23

    A week or two?

    It’ll be round 3 by then! Aghhh!!!

    I’m thinking in terms of Phil’s head which is difficult for all of us. But he’s probably going to want him in the mix when we face N.O. or S.A. Putting him in now may disrupt the team offense or defense the team has already established.

  • xtro

    Finally! Defense!! Any news on Bynum?

  • GeorgeM24

    I would have him come of the bench.

  • Luis24

    Just in time to try and defend Ginobli so Kobe can rest for Offense.

  • SiKWiDIt

    I don’t know why you guys are all worrying about NO or SA. Utah is our problem as of now.



  • Shril

    To Xtro
    Umm.. Buynum is all but returning this season. I would not count on him coming back this year.

    Ariza needs to get going right away..we can’t afford to have him sit out any more games..

  • Michael24

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    hahahahahahaha wow

  • Lakers 24 7

    LETS GO, I say he suits up for game 6, shuts down the whole Jazz offense by himself and Lakers win 109 to 71 and advance

  • Thuggishdeer

    sooo why ANOTHER WEEK OR 2????? hes cleared, he felt fine after practice and has to wait 2 weeks???? we will probably be eliminated by then considering the way radman luke and farmar are playing so softly. ariza is our defender our tough guy slasher. something the jazz have and we need more of. with luke rad and farmar pissing their pants im sure phil will have the guts to play ariza tomorrow.

  • playdefense

    finally, some good news.. ariza needs to play asap. if we keep thinking about the next round we wont even see it. utah is giving us a hard time and we need to focus on them right now. ariza would definitely help if he played in this series. take some pressure off of kobe on the defensive end

  • CalLaker

    Ariza should take Jordan’s spot immediately, especially if Fish gets in more foul trouble and his backup is expected to guard Deron Williams. And I’m pretty sure he can’t do much worse than Jordan’s 1 for 16 on the offensive end.

  • Lakers 24 7

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    Seriously, besides Ariza is not an outside shooter, he’ll get better looks slashing to the basket AND Ariza is good at anticipating passes

  • kbfan24

    I hope Ariza does not have to wait 1-2 weeks. We need him, now!

  • Jackie

    Fantastic news!

  • vida8

    Great anther two weeks….we dont know we will be standin in two weeks….


    Hey guys i love ariza and am glad he is back but he is no way the savior. I dont think he will be a factor again this year personally. He has been out of the flow for way to long. Next year he will be our starting SF with Luke as a backup. Vlad is going to get moved, he makes too much $ and hes had a few run ins with PJ.

  • mikedeezy2k8

    lol im sill glad the magic gave him up so cheaply

  • Geloman

    We need Ariza on DWilliams.Williams is having his way with the Laker guards. Ariza can definitely help in this area and coral him. Ariza is big and quick enough to pester Williams.

  • laker#1

    about time