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UPDATE 11pm PST: (via Eric Pincus) “After the game, Bynum indicated he didn’t think the injury was anything serious.  Obviously an MRI may say differently but the Laker center downplayed it .”

Update:Phil Jackson told Cheryl Miller at the end of the 3rd quarter, that he talked to Bynum at halftime, and Drew said that he would be OK!

Andrew Bynum went down in the 2nd quarter against the San Antonio Spurs. Bynum, left under his own power, and limped to the locker room accompanied by Lakers trainer Gary Vitti.

Bynum, will not return to the game against the Spurs, and will not make the trip to Sacramento.

An MRI is scheduled for Wednesday morning at 11am.

Reports out of the locker room are saying that he “Hyper-extended” his knee, it is the same knee that was surgically repaired this summer.

in 6 seasons with the Lakers, Bynum has only played in all 82 games once (2nd season – 2006-07)

In 53 games this season, Bynum is averaging 11.5 points, 9.5 rebounds, and 2 blocks per game.

Stay tuned to The Lakers Nation for updates.

  • kian

    All I can think of are 4 letter words!

    • LakerMarc

      Nah he walked himself off and told Phil he was going to be okay ….he wasnt screaming in agony like he did the previous 2 times…….its different this time.

  • i0ioooooi0i

    Hate to say it, but i told you so – that we NEEDED a true backup Center. Not Joe Smith, not (fragile) Theo Ratliff., and certainly not Derrick Caracter. Been saying it since November.

    • i0ioooooi0i

      Lakers24Fan where you at? I KNOW you remember. i even remember you thinking that Bynum could last a whole season. psssh, what a load of crap.


    and were f*cked. . .

  • patrick

    Lakersland Nostradamus must feel life a fool right now. Mr have faith my fellow peps, i see another ring. i hope he is watching sorry.

  • Binky

    Should have traded him…

  • LMFAOmiami

    WTF im so bummed and pissed right now…Of ANYTHING that could happen, an injured to a key player of ours is just….wow.

    BTW: Can one of the mods PLEASE ban that dumbass that’s spamming the Chatbox?

    • Karl Calaguas

      Just stay strong man. He will be okay. If I were you I will worried about the Lakers play.

  • Karl Calaguas

    Guys, Bynum will be okay. He and the staff are just being cautious. He walk with his own power without limping. I am more worried about the Lakers play.

    • Abraham

      Just because he walked off like that could mean nothing. Andrews knee is as bad as Sasha Vujacic defense. It just cannot hold up. I may be jumping the gun, but I think he will miss significant time and therefore our title hopes are done.

      We probably get out of the first and second rounds, but conference finals against the Thunder or Spurs we get overwhelmed.

      • Karl Calaguas

        Why are you so pessimistic? I am just saying if he was REALLY hurt he probably needed help to walk. Kobe’s ankle sprain was MORE ugly looking than Bynum’s.

        • Abraham

          You need to get out of your delusional world wise guy.

          An ankle sprain is basically a joke compared to a hyperextension.

          At a bare minimum Bynum will likely need 2-4 weeks of rest if the damage to his knee is minimal.

          2-4 weeks is still a problem because the playoffs start in a couple of days. Bynum in the past has shown that he is a very slow healer.

          Instead of throwing out ‘pessimistic’ you should actually know something instead of nothing.

          • Karl Calaguas

            I am not being a Delusional I am just being a optimistic Laker fan. I will tell you this a hyper extended knee DOESN”T automatically mean he is out two to three weeks. Kobe had an hyper extended knee and he didn’t miss any games. Now, I understand that Kobe and Bynum are differernt but don’t assume Bynum will be out because he got hyper extended just like you said to me just because he walked fine that means nothing.

        • whoa

          Karl Calaguas is an Andrew Bynum myopic.

  • busterblue52

    I feel sick. I just want to know that Bynum is ok. Im not going to sleep well until i know. There would be no chance in hell of us stopping Derick Rose or Wade N Bron [if we make it to finals] Without Bynum. This is going to be a crazy playoff.

  • JayC

    I’ve blown both my knees out, and most recently complete right ACL with meniscus tear. I was able to walk on my own power both instances, but I knew I had torn something. We could be royally f’d. Anytime one mentions Bynum and knees in the same breath, it never is a good thing

  • nando

    Well we were all waiting for the annual bynum injury before the playoffs. Anyone surprised? Theo Ratliff? the guy cant even walk. I’d take DJ in a heartbeat. Sasha for smith was the stupidest trade ever. Blake out and we have no other guards. Safe to say we had more depth last year. Not looking good.

    But again, we messed around and got burned. Should have had the two seed wrapped up a week ago with our starters resting now.

  • Kaley Cuoco Insider

    Guys need to chill out! It’s not the end of the world. We got this! Phil just said Andrew told him he’s going to be alright.

  • John

    Forget glass knees Bynum. Worry about the team struggling to beat the Spurs’ scrubs at home nonetheless. Mr. I can’t shoot anymore but can’t pass the ball either going 8-21 from the floor against the second unit. Like I said, thank you Phil for the 5 rings, enjoy retirement.

  • LakerMarc

    WHAT A BUNCH OF PUSSIES!!!!!! Lakersnation sucks when you get all stupid like this.

    • Riley

      And you the ring leader you racist ass bitch

      Fuck wit it!

      I’mma drop you off in Da jungles so my Fam can bitch slap you

  • Kaley Cuoco Insider

    I can’t believe how many people would just turn their backs and criticize the team. Like Lamar said in post-game, the team is just cocky, overconfident sometimes. Lakers were struggling last year going into the playoffs. They were in much worst shape than they are now. Have some faith people!

  • No Time To Panic

    The Lakers will be fine. The first round will hopefully not be too difficult so it will give our hurt players time to heal.

  • sancho

    Damn SH*T! Bynum hurt again. I’m Pissed! I was just telling the UPS driver today at work, that we needed to sit Bynum for these last 2 games, and save him for the playoffs, because it’s that time of year when he gets injured.

  • NoDefense

    you would think the knee brace would not only keep his knee from going to the side but protect him from hyper extensions too.

    • Barracuda

      That’s exactly what the brace is designed to do…let’s hope it did it’s job.

  • Kaley Cuoco Insider

    Guys. Injuries are part of the game. You see a bunch of big men in the league get hurt. Chill out. Lakers are fine.

    • whoa


      Just Baby Bynum

      • Kaley Cuoco Insider

        Yao Ming had injuries that kept him out longer than Bynum. Nene of the Nuggets was out for awhile back. Shaq was out a lot. Jermaine Oneal was out literally every year after his major surgery. Blake Griffen was out an entire original rookie year (because of awkward landing). David West of Hornets just had an ACL surgery.
        List goes on guys. I think we’re just too focused on Lakers that we forget how lucky we are. It’s true Bynum keeps getting bad luck on these bad landings (reoccuring), but heck at least hes fighting back.

  • Barracuda

    I case you missed it…Guard Steve Blake has chicken pox, we can only hope nobody else gets it. Kobe Bryant, Andrew Bynum and Ron Artest have never had the illness, making them more susceptible than the rest of their teammates…(and It takes about two weeks for signs to show).

    Not only are Blake and Bynum sidelined, but Matt Barnes sat out Tuesday’s game because of soreness in his right knee, the same one that required surgery three months ago to repair torn cartilage..”I tried to straighten my knee out and I felt a sharp pain in the back of my knee,” he said. “I didn’t think much of it when I woke up. But I couldn’t really move.”

    The Lakers plan to sign free-agent guard Trey Johnson in time for Wednesday’s game in Sacramento…Listed at 6 feet 5 and 218 pounds, he was one of the Lakers’ final training-camp cuts last October. He averaged 25.5 points and 4.5 assists for the Bakersfield Jam in the Development League…and averaged four points and 1.6 assists over a seven-game run with the Toronto Raptors that ended in February.

  • T411Lakers


    Lets hope this is not serious…or I don’t think we can hang another banner

  • Brown Hater

    I will wait until after the MRI before I start to panic Bynum said he would be fine so I’m gonna hope for the best. As for Blake, Trey Johnson can’t be any worse so he won’t be missed I just hope Barnes is ok. So we got until Saturday to get this team in shape But if they didn’t blow 2 games against non playoffs teams this the started could have been resting and we would be in this mess.

  • trippleoccho


  • bbz62

    Fcuk! even if he does end up being okay for these last few games, 2 things should happen.

    1) pls dont play anymore starters till the playoffs.

    2) mitch should put a long term plan together to bid for d_howard in the not to distant future.

  • Laker Warrior

    If trey J can hit shots bench Shannon, Fisher and Blake are not much better these days.
    Sasha forJoe was stuipd. And is Luke ever going to do anything in his career. Kobe said Luke is a shoter but he bricks alot.

  • xtro

    guys ‘drew stood up and walked to the locker room by himself. he wasn’t limping badly or even needed to be carried to the locker room. he wasn’t in crutches when he left and spoke to reporters. he will be fine. chill.

  • Lakers_The_Truth

    Bynum will be fine guys. Have some fucking faith.
    The kid is due for a post-season 100% of his potential.
    This is LA = drama!

    • Kaley Cuoco Insider

      Well said! Finally some positiveness!

  • d12

    Please trade this bum next season so we can make room fo Dwight Howard.

  • Anonymous

    Comment Test. Go ahead and delete.