Here is an article breaking down KG’s massive contract. Very informative read if you’re interested in the numbers:

nba_ap_garnett_195.jpgCelticsBlog: With the Kevin Garnett deal done, league and team sources have disclosed the final breakdown of his contract numbers which, as of now, will push the Celtics into luxury tax territory next season.

Factoring the trade kicker into the equation, the three-year extension will cost a total of $60 million. The actual extension comes to $51 million—$14.6 million for the 2009-10 season, $17 million for 2010-2011 and $19.4 million for 2011-12.

But the cap numbers for Garnett increase by $1.8 million for each of the five years now remaining on his contract, evenly spreading the trade kicker and bonuses over the length of the deal. As a result, the Celtics will pay Garnett $105 million for the next five years ($23.8 million for next season, $24.8 million for 2008-09, $16.4 million for 2009-10, $18.8 for 2010-11, $21.2 for 2011-12).

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