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Finally, we can step away from the rumors for a few minutes to report some legitimate news.

ESPN is reporting that the Lakers TV play-by-play team next season will be comprised of Bill MacDonald and Stu Lantz, who will cover all of the Fox Sports West and KCAL 9 games.

Also announced today, last year’s sideline reporter, John Ireland, will join Mychal Thompson on 710 ESPN for all the Lakers radio broadcasts next season.

For most of Laker Nation, this comes as a little bit of a surprise, as many expected Spero Dedes, the well-liked Lakers radio play-by-play announcer, to slide into that open TV spot for this coming season.

According to the L.A. Daily News, the Lakers lost Dedes to the New York Knicks, where he will serve as their TV play-by-play announcer and be given the flexibility to continue doing College Basketball and NFL broadcasts.

  • Htchet

    Spero Dedes was great…Joel Meyers was terrible!

    • Clemgemd

      Jimm ButtHead will destroy the LAkers–Watch and see…

      • Dcjunior4

        Horrible move by the Lakers to not let Spero work on other projects. It would only bring more viewers and more fans to the Laker broadcasts. Ireland and MacDonald poor are poor choices. Not happy with these choices.

  • willmo

    And the Lakers bad summer continues, thanks for getting rid of the only guy in the broadcast that was well likes and I ain’t talking bout Joel Meyers.  So the Lakers could have had a nationally driven play by play guy but instead opted for the pre game host who was terrible when he filled in for Joel or Spero.  Thanks Jim Buss!!!!!

  • TimD

    Oh Gawd! Billy Mac is a tool. I cant believe Spero wont be on tv. This blows.

  • That Dude

    Bill MacDonald is absolutely terrible. I thought Joel Myers with his extreme exaggerations like ‘YES!!!!!!!!!’ after every 3 pointer regardless of score was annoying, bit Billy Mac? Whenever I watch games on TV I’ll mute it and listen to the radio broadcast with it instead.

  • Rick

    Spero Dedes was the one that should have replaced Chick Hearn.
    The mustard is off the hot dog on this one Lakers!

  • Jason

    Haha blame corporate, I heard they got rid of the guy who hired Spero a few years ago.  The lakers are definitely missing out on some awesome broadcasting talent! 

  • ryan

    i thought spero had a true lakers heart, now he wants to go lose in new york, i hope we crush them now, thankks spero after braggin to everyone, your gunna be saying alota “no good” thats for sure

    • Krazyfan2000

      Sorry Ryan but the Knicks future is a lot brighter than the Lakers at the moment.. They aren’t going to getter better just older…

  • laffsatu

    just watched TITANIC ,had alot of LAKER overtones….look it up 666fakerfan……

  • Freedomis1967

    who did Billy McDonald blow to stay on LA Sports TV so long?

  • AaronTare

    They didn’t lose Spero. The Lakers, now under Jim Buss, wanted Spero to only work for the Lakers and not commentate on any college games or Football game. It’s a damn shame. The man should be able to do what he wants. Good luck to him in NY.

  • Jimmy H

    Man Spero was awesome.  I can’t stand Stu anymore.. 

  • Ron Saritzky

    I must be the only Laker fan who found Spero’s voice inflections irritating – to me, he never sounded like he was completing a sentence – his voice pitch always went up at the end of every phrase or sounded like a verbal “comma” rather than a “period” – kinda like a “Valley Girl” type of inflection.  It bothered me so much I stopped listening to Laker games on radio while at Staples or in my car.  Of course, I grew up listening to the most amazing basketball announcer of all time, Chick Hearn.  No one will ever compare to Chick, but I’m happy to be able to bring my radio back to games at Staples. 

  • Biggusreddus

    Biily Mac is fine as a “studio” host and interviewer but it is a travesty to have him as the Lakers play by play announcer…Spedo could have been the voice of the Lakers for 40 years…

  • Avcpl

    Really bummed by this news…

  • Raysdugout

    I’m just disappointed the lakers didn’t get rid of stu lantz, I can’t stand him and never have, chick was the only one who could shut him up, sooo freakin negative!!! Uugghhhh

    • DFODOR2402

      I disagree with you

  • Gantolin7

    Somebody really pulled a “Munson” on this one. Bill Mcdonald won’t last a year..he’s garbage and the John Ireland,Michael Thompson combo is going to suck also. All we can hope for Laker Nation is for a Chick Hearn app that masks the sound of all of them. That or hope by the Grace of God every game is nationally televised!!!!!

  • Myklepaul

    Jim Buss is destroying the Lakers…Dr Buss in his old age has gotten way too sentimental and foolish. Jeanie is the only one qualified to be running the Lakers and EVERYONE in LA besides Jerry Buss knows this. This sucks! Jim Buss will never trade Bynum for Howard. Wich is a no brainer. The best ownership in sports is quickly headed south…

  • Myklepaul

    And to everyone dissin Stu, I know he can be really annoying sometimes, especially when he feels the need to spar back in forth with the play by play guy like he did soo freaking often with Joel. It’s caddy and takes away from the game. But with Magic selling his shares, Kareem sick and less involved, Jerry West and the incomparable Chick Hearn long gone…He’s one of the last Laker holdovers from the showtime era. And he’s not completely untollerable he’s still got his little classic, NOOOICCE! and how he tells you what the player is saying when they make a good play! Lol. That’s always cracked me up…”and Kobe says, try blockin’ that dunk from behind LeBron!..Iv’e been in the leauge a little bit longer young fella”… in the lakers, basketball, network”…C’mon u know that junk is funny. Anyway, like many of you have said alreay Jim Buss is a moron and Spero is the guy that was following in the Chick tradition and it’s a damn shame that Jim Buss gave him an ultamatum, what an idiot! Just like his decision in  hiring of Mike “horsemouth” Brown without consulting the face of the organization….sigh…  

  • Oldmanflow

    I think this was a bad move by the organization. I really enjoyed Spero’s broadcast on 710 ESPN. No disrespect, but I found Joel Myers boring as hell. I would watch the telecast on KCAL or Fox Sports West, but turn down the sound and listen to Spero on the radio. I was very excited when I found out he would be replacing Joel on the telecast and joing Stu Lantz. Billy Mac is cool, but I was really looking foward to seeing Spero Dedes becoming the next legend in Laker broadcastng.

  • derek enero

    Honestly I feel that this is worst than getting swept by the Mavs.

  • DFODOR2402

    I am glad Joel Meyers is out. I never agreed with the way he ass kissed his way into the TV booth-publically saying that he was interested long before it was even announced that Paul Sunderland would not be returning. I guess karma is a BITCH.