Wow, I really didn’t see this one coming; especially with the acquisition (will the verbal agreement still hold up now?) of Baron Davis to the Clippers. Huge news…

L.A. Times: Elton Brand has reached a verbal agreement to sign a multiyear contract with the Philadelphia 76ers, according to an NBA source who requested anonymity because he is not authorized to speak on player movements.

The deal is believed to be in the $80-million range and expected to span five years.

Brand opted out of the final season of his Clippers contract last week to become a free agent. He was due $16.4 million had he stayed in the contract.

The deal cannot be finalized until the league’s moratorium period ends at midnight EDT on Tuesday.

  • maba81

    now davis iz all alone making dat move he made look stupid

  • lakrfan4life

    very unexpected, to say the least

    stupid clippers, get out my town!

  • 123KID

    hahhahahah silly clippers! they went from a playoff 7th or 8th seed to out of the playoffs! and dont think they will still make the playoffs with just b. diddy. portland is taking that 7th or 8th seed and possibly minnesota!

  • magicbalala245

    yo can you back out of a verbal agreement cause if you can b diddy you can stay in LA just wear a purp & gold jersey though

  • 123KID

    ^i think nothing is officially written in stone until you officially sign that contract. but i dont think i’ve seen a player back out of a verbal agreement.

  • gugy

    It’s all about the MONEY honey.

  • Jloyola

    [Comment ID #44136 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Boozer? …

  • lakers4life

    ROFLMAO brand owned the clippers

  • lakerschamps08

    ummmm i hope that b.diddy can get out of agreement cuz thats not rite to do that to a player..but wat brand did is not fair to do to a team.. brand and boozer both went to duke,so did maggette, and they all are back stabbers(maggette is kind of, since he was goin to spurs or magic and ends up in GSW) but wat does that say bout duke maybe they teach u to be back
    but i like duke so im disappointed that educated people from a good school would do this… BUT MONEY CHANGES EVERYTHING.

  • Michael24

    there gonna go after emeka okafor

  • e

    only one team belongs in la

  • lakersforlife77

    What a real ahole move. Maybe Baron will back out now, imagine that, the Clippers would go from playoff contenders to the worst team in the league just like that. Hopefully baron does back out so the clips will relocate to seattle and get the heck out of la

  • awaker85

    I don’t buy it. I think it’s just a rumor, doesn’t seem credible to me. My money is on Brand being back in LA next year. I don’t think Baron would come to the Clippers without knowing for sure that Brand was gonna stay, being that they are buddies. In fact, I feel so sure about it I’ll even put my money where my mouth is. FIrst person that reads this and writes on the forum below this post, “I WANT FIVE DOLLARS”, if I’m wrong and Brand goes to the Sixers I will personally mail that person 5 dollars, no joke……..

    Man I hope I’m right, I actually lost 100 bucks cuz I bet a friend Lakers would beat the Celtics in the playoffs….that one still hurts….

    Laker’s Pride Baby!!!!

  • kb24 4life

    maggettee goin to the warriors
    for about 50 mil/5yrs
    check it out on

  • Tim M.

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    EXACTLY what I was thinking

  • schnide

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    …i think you’re gonna lose this one too…

  • Tim M.

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    Don’t want your money, but it’s got to be pretty creditable if it’s being reported on EVERY major sports website… and ESPN.

  • lakersforlife77

    [Comment ID #44145 Will Be Quoted Here]

    This isn’t from some minor blog or sumthin, every major sports outlet is reporting it. ESPN, LA Times, Yahoo, etc. The odds are against you.

  • yellowpurplefever

    Sorry lil brother(Clippers) there’s only one team in LA. Ha.. ha.. What happen to Baron Davis who came over to help revive the Clips? Elton knows that in the East Phila would make the second round of the playoffs, the West is just too tough. And more $$ is great, too. I wish him luck, he is one of my fav. PF in the NBA. Very good point about Clips moving to Seatle “SonicClips”

  • 123KID

    i mean it has to be true cuz yahoo sports said BREAKING NEWS!





  • Peanut Butter Spread

    Until this is officially confirmed, I’m gonna treat it like a rumor.

    But still, ouch, this one has got to hurt the Clippers. They had a good chance with a duo of Brand/Davis, but if Brand really does leave, I feel for the Clippers fans.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Lakers fans, but I also live in SoCal, which means I have a degree of fondness for most LA teams, and the first NBA game I ever attended was a Clippers game (cheaper seats) so I have a soft spot for them. I was happy they had a playoff run a couple of years ago.

    But no time to worry about the Clips, it’s what the Lakers do. This waiting game with Sasha, Ronny, and free agents is getting tiring.

  • Edward

    Elton Brand verbally committed to the 76ers, but if he leaves, Baron is staying with the Warriors, as they are picking up Maggette.

  • Kobe2k9

    [Comment ID #44145 Will Be Quoted Here]

    He’s gone and I do feel bad for Baron, he should back out and take one more huge cut and stay in LA haha

  • ricky

    that really stinks for the clippers. they went from playoff bound to squat just like that. dang, i really had a good feeling that once iverson left the sixers, they were gonna be back on their feet in no time. they still have the extremely underrated but talented andre miller, they have the young up and coming star in andre iguodala and thaddeus young. they also have a good center in dalembert and now that brand joins them, they will probably be my fav east conf team.

    but as for the clips, i feel bad for them. all they have now is b. diddy, if he doesnt go back on his verbal agreement, mobley, kaman, tim thomas, and an injured livingston. they have no chance in heck to do anything out west with that roster. however, they do have that young talent in thornton who i really like. dude, baron should choose the lakers instead now that brand is out of there. im surprised no all-star would want to play in the biggest stage “los angeles/hollywood” with the best player on earth, the best coach on earth, 2 giants in bynum/gasol and a super versatile and multi-talented forward in odom. and you cant leave out the bench mob led by j farmar baby!

    poor clips =[ lets just kill their team and converge both LA teams into one so lakers can take their best players cause their is no hope for them now anyways haha!

  • ricky

    so much for the inner-city rivalry. it was fun to look forward to while it lasted though.

  • Gasolina

    As a Lakers fan, I personally feel terrible for our crosshall rival Clippers. I mean its like they are always jinxed in this game of basketball and whenever they get anything good happen to them, something bad always comes back and bites them in the butt. That must be sooo frustrating! lol Just when everything was looking good, Brand stabs em in the back.

    If i was a Clipper fan, I would be sooooo frustrated because that must hurt big time, for their franchise as well as their hopes of a Brand/Davis tandem.

    On behalf on the entire Lakersnation, I would like to say sorry to the Clips. Mann this must suucck so much right now.

    And i was soooo looking forward to a Laker & Clipper WCF. aw well, too bad. lol maybe next time? haha

  • Mamba2410

    Hey guys, what do you feel about my thoughts on trying to preserve our chances of re-signing Bynum?

  • awaker85

    You know who reported the Brand verbal agreement don’t ya??? Rich Bucher, ha, I just have a feeling. But whatever, if I’m wrong, the day Brand OFFICIALLY signs with the Sixer’s, Kobe2k9 I’ll send ya 5 bucks. Just email me an adress when Brand officially signs. My email is my user name at yahoo.

    If Brand really signs, if I’m Baron Davis I’d be PISSED and I’d just stay at Golden State.

  • Nabil

    Interesting trade idea!

    Common Mith! Make a move! Get us at least one veteran with a champion’s heart!

    Boston was PROACTIVE last year. That’s how they got Cassel and P.J. Brown. Take just one of those guys off their roster and they don’t even make the Finals!!!

    A veteran looking for a ring would LOVE the Lakers- if he’s ASKED.

  • MT

    Brand being the “stand-up” guy (saying he would take lower pay in order for the Clips to acquire a talent to bolster their roster)…what a way to go to pull a “Boozer”. As a fan of the game I respected those athletes that were the utmost, consummate professional; the ones that…..well you know….stood by their word. Now that’s out the window! Teams (and even the athletes) should NEVER NEVER let their guard down, as the Clips (and Cavs) have learned. As the famous saying goes…. “Fool me once, Shame on you. Fool me twice, Shame on me.”

  • Kobe2k9

    [Comment ID #44183 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Thanx ill get to that pronto sorry though like that you are a man of your word unlike Brand!

  • Kobe2k9

    awaker85 I just sent you an email appreciate it! i feel bad for baron though still and he can’t stay in GS because of mags so hes gonna be a clipper for a while

  • ab4sure

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    The savings on cap space might be worth it.