He is asking for some trouble and Kobe will gladly answer that.

Twitter: Kobe is average. Every xmas game @KingJames go off against him. Tell james worthy come out the announcers booth and suit up yall gone needem

  • j

    u gotta consider the source this comes from and his rappin career was below average at best.

  • wb

    Yes Bow Wow, and every June LeBron is nowhere to be found while Kobe is steady winning championships. Who really cares about Christmas games??

  • Drive-for-17th

    who the fukk is this tool. He can’t even rap, and also tellin ICE CUBE to put that blacka nd red on. This boy is talking shiit to the wrong ppl. He can make him self feel good by talking crap. Also THIS FOOLS FROM COLUMBUS OHIO, GO REP THE CAVS, Fukkin bandwagon fanss

  • Awesomerob24

    this coming from a guy who’s career is over and got molested by a man.

    get help bowwow

  • Awesomerob24

    Isn’t this guy’s who’s career over? and didn’t he get molested by a man?

    get help bowwow

  • http://LaNation MrDreLa

    Not worthy of a comment. Deuces

  • http://thelakersnation.com/blog/category/original-articles/benchmob-beat/ Anna Gonda

    Look, little doggie, they played against each other on Christmas Day ONCE and it’s probably the ONLY fond memory Lebron James has of besting Kobe that season because, oh yeah, they didn’t get to play in the very end when it mattered.

    • DieHardLakerFan408

      No wonder Ciara dumped his bitchass!

  • whoa

    With movies like Like Mike, Rollbounce & the Lottery, what do you expect from this clown?

    • gus26

      bow wow don’t like kobe, cuz kobe said NO at being his co-star on Like Mike… so instead of getting to play for the lakers… they had to make up a team (LA knights)… i think kobe didn’t want to be on a movie that was titled “like mike” and he didn’t want to pass the ball to bow wow… lol

  • le-elbow =)

    i guess he has to make himself relevant somehow

  • BigCfromtheLBC

    That’s a lot coming from a guy whose balls haven’t dropped yet. Go ahead and “Be Like Mike” and do a duet with willow smith about the 2011 Laker NBA Championship that will come in June.

  • bdmf

    go get your magic shoes bro loooooooool
    blow wows

  • Souljior

    LOL. Little Bark obviously doesnt know anything about sports. How do you have the best record in the league 2 yrs straight, and then lose. Oh its called choking. Lebron had to join not just another star, but a superstar, and they play the same position. Pathetic. I lost all respect for Wade too. Lebron is a coward. Kobe will go down as the only comparisom to MJ for a long time.

    • DieHardLakerFan408

      Id have to admit,I lost all my respect for d wade too…

  • laker warrior

    Is this guy even have a clue. Dude with a little to no career your caaling probably one of the best athletes in the world out.
    Dude get a career stop riding your dadas coat tails.
    Also your acting and rap suck like you sucked that man big black dick.
    Ha ha little Bow Wow WHO TOOK IT DOGGIE STYLE.

  • kevin

    man i never seen a man who called him self the king to become a little bitch to wade.

    • DieHardLakerFan408

      Thats a good one!Haha!


    Bow Wow, I’m really happy for you, and I’m gonna let you finish, but Kobe had one of the best videos of all time. One of the best videos of all time!

  • Lakers 24 7

    Yea, Kobe is average. He keeps winning titles at an average rate. That just proves how good he is.

    • Lakers 24 7

      ..and Kobe is just another average player that leads all players in the All-Star voting…another year in a row.

  • 253WA

    Dont mine that guy, he is lost!! He just need some attention cause nobody know who f**k he is and nobody cares. Lakernation needs to send Blow Wow some lollipop so he can suck on for christmas!!

  • DieHardLakerFan408

    Well,lil bow wows career was below average.Waaaaay below average.Who is he to talk down to Kobe?Seriously???

  • DieHardLakerFan408

    So I heard lil bow wow signed to cash money records.I wonder if he knew that his boss(lil wayne) made a song about kobe?Not a good look…

  • poop

    facepalm, smh.

  • keeponkeepinon18

    Yep, because everyone knows Christmas games >> Finals games…



  • lakerman1

    Kobe is much better than the average bear bow wow just ask boo boo.

  • rondo

    Who the hell is Bow Wow? Is he a K9?

  • hoop247

    fucc bow wow. i hate em now just for sayin that. lil puppy still tryin to bark out of his choke chain. KOBE is the best ever second to jordan. LEFAG ain’t even on the list n now this bigger fag bow wow is talkin trash? who the hell does he think he is. Now excuse me i gotta go burn all his albums that made no sell which is all of them.

    • DieHardLakerFan408


  • 242LakerFan

    Well, I guess Bow Wow’s little plan worked. this is the most chatter I’ve seen about him since…since…ummmm…

  • Myself

    Wait……..WHO IS THIS??? I thought he was dead.

    • BezzymyNezzy

      Naw, but his rhymes are.

  • lamar


    alrite Kobe im going in

    lol bow wow? his rap career been over he is nowShad Gregory Moss, yeah i know your government name, just cuz we dont like u here in LA dont mean you gotta hate on kobe, i mean he did invite you to the parade didnt he? but aint yo cuzzin delonte west? you know what he did with lebrons mom, bow wow lol ima call you game over from no on, the only so called rap beef u had was with soulja boy and that was cuz u didnt want to play marco polo in the shower no more lol.

    you aint fresh azzz i izzzz lol u and romeo are best friends, how come you aint been hot since like mike? we found out not only that u wasen’t like mike your not even as good as kobe’s pinkey wrap.

    who was that man that molested you? a bow wow have you met pau pau?

    are you still like 5’5?

    ha ha

  • Kobe 279


  • jeremy

    playing with a F***** up pinky and a dislocated index finger on the SHOOTING hand is not average

  • “laffs atu”

    Bow Wow is BELOW AVERAGE! Hey you and Legra James have something in common, you both can hang out together. Two complete low lifes!

  • Coach Brian Shaw

    Hey Bow Wow,

    You’re a below-average rapper. Matter of fact, you’re garbage.

  • Wilt

    Bow wow’s grammar is below average.

  • Adrian Guergio

    who is this pet?

  • 253WA

    When he show up at Staple Center on Christmas game, every single Laker fans needs to f**ken kick his a**!! He is just a little b**ch!!

  • http://bowwowtoday.com/BowWowToday/Official_BowWow_Today.html Bow Wow

    Man whatev forget yall! I make mo money than all yall combined in a year! LEBRON > KOBE

    • Benji

      LOL not more than me son. I can bet a couple million on it, easy.

      Kobe’s sprained pinkie >>>>>> Lechokejob

  • Bow Wow


  • trippleoccho

    Is this the same guythat don’t even write his own rhymes? Fcuk outta here Lil’ Bow Wow

  • BezzymyNezzy

    Too bad I can’t say that about your acting and rapping cuz that sh*t is waaay below average. It’s fine to be a LeBron ballwasher or whoever you jock, but you really make yourself sound stupid when you dis one of the greatest players ever. Get a clue kid.

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