Let’s just sit back a minute and hear out Sekou Smith. I completely agree man!

NBAHangtimeBlog: That impending feeling of free agent doom looming over our friends in Canada grows stronger by the day.

Cousin Doug (Smith of Toronto Smiths and the Toronto Star) dropped this little morsel in his morning offering.

For those of you that are opposed to link-clicking, here’s Cousin Doug’s brief mention of Chris Bosh being at Game 2 of the Lakers-Jazz series:

Oh oh.

Chris Bosh was at the Lakers-Jazz game in L.A. on Tuesday night.

Can only mean one thing, right?

Yep, he’s gone.

Or maybe he’s out there on business. Or vacation. Or some convention of tweeterers or whatever the heck they’re called.

You may remember Bosh sending out a couple tweets last week asking for advice on what he should do in free agency this summer. Maybe he was just trying to get some advice from Kobe Bryant or Ron Artest, who made a similar appearance in LA around this time a year ago. We all know how that turned out.

Of course, this visit by Bosh could simply be the case of a well-known basketball fan visiting with some of his friends …

Listen, we’re not in the business of speculating around here (at least not until free agency cooks up), but if we were, the idea of Bosh playing with the Lakers is frightening … for the rest of the league.

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  • KB24forlife

    as appealing as this is…. we can’t afford him
    plus the lakers wouldn’t have even playing time for all the players….

    • Marwan Marzina

      I’m sure Dr. Buss will dig deep into his pockets to pay for Bosh and in a few season games, that money spent on Bosh is repaid. Basically, the fans are paying for him and when Bosh comes to LA, it means more fans and more fans means more money for Dr. Buss.
      Its win-win on the basketball side and financial side.
      As for playing time… Mbenga, Ammo, Sasha are barely playing and do you hear them complain. I love the team but it seems like the likes of those players are accepting their role in hopes of winning a ring.

      • Roscoe

        Not 36 million a year more money. Maybe if we sucked before but well sell out every home game anyways and be contender without him

  • kobez

    How can this even be possible? Someone care to explain? Aren’t the lakers over the cap?

    • LakersFirst

      The Lakers could acquire Bosh through a sign and trade. For exmple, the Lakers could offer Bynum (set to make $14M next year) for Bosh who, if he doesn’t opt out of his contract, is set to make $17M next year. This trade works as Bynum and Bosh’s contract are within 25% of each other.

      I say SIGN and trade, because Bosh can opt out of his contract this summer, which if he does, he could resign a new contract with Toronto (a contract that appeals to the Lakers) and then make the trade.

      At the end of the day, Bosh can come here via a trade.

      A few months ago, I was opposed to a Bynum/Bosh trade, but Bynum is proving to be injury proned, so trading him now may not be a bad idea. The problem with the trade is that Bynum is a true center. He’s 7 feet, 280 pounds, Bosh is 6’11 and 210 pounds, so if the Lakers trade Bynum, the Lakers get smaller. Also, Bosh is more of a power foward, very similar to Gasol. If a trade like this is made, Bosh moves to the power forward spot and Gasol will play center.

      One school of thought is that Bynum, who will probably need knee surgery this summer, is choosing to play right now, instead of getting knee surgery, because he doesn’t want to the Lakers to trade him. If Bynum were to get knee surgery now, he would be done for the playoffs and the Lakers would probably considering shopping him around.

  • lakers0828

    Stop with BOSH BS its not Going to Happen!!

  • http://thetruthrenaissance.wordpress.com/ BE_A_LakerFan

    The only way it would happen is if it’s a sign and trade. Raptors sign Bosh and then we trade them Bynum. That’s what the rumor was around the trade deadline. I’ve seen several articles and all the comments are people thinking we would sign him as a free agent.. what sense would that make?

    Anyway, I wouldn’t really be opposed to moving Bynum for Bosh but we do need to address our back court situation too.

  • drive-for-16th


    • http://lakersnation showtime4eva


    • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

      yeah guys he is just going to a laker game like ron artest was doing last year no big deal… uuuuuhhh wait a sec… ron artest?… hmmmm how did that turn out??

  • justdogm1

    BYNUM IS BROKEN cash for clunkers is long gone.

    • Marwan Marzina

      Yep, Bynum is a broken. A broken man that is averaging over 12 points and 13 rebounds in the post season so far WITH a torn muscle in his leg. I’m sure if that happened to LeBron, he’d be out for the rest of the season (exaggeration for purpose)

  • LakerLand Nostradamus

    Touch me,
    Where are you fa=ggot hater?

    • Touch MEE

      Im here nostradamus, and Yes I hate f@gs. You just got to see it my way, bynum is hurt, Kobe isn’t 100%, the bench is terrible, Ron Artest can’t throw a fish in a lake. Fisher can’t guard any1. That is not a championship winning combination for 2010. Last year I was proud and was thinking of you when Dwight Howard missed those 2 free throws and Fisher hit the game tying 3, I give you tons of credit for that game. Last year anyone could have thought LA was gonna win and it was obvious, the crystal ball will be rolling back and forth this playoff year.

      • LakerLand Nostradamus

        Good try,
        But we all know you are not a fan and a fu-ck-ing hater.


    One of our strengths is our length. Pau, LO, and Drew are signed long term. We’re not lacking in size and if we trade Drew now, we’d have two too many forwards. I know Drew is injury prone but centers like him are a dime-a-dozen in the NBA. I would much rather have the Lakers address a more pressing issue and that’s the guard position. I say explore the Hinrich scenario in the summer, if not, they really need a much needed upgrade in that position. I would leave the front court alone. It would be REALLY nice for us to have Bosh but quick point guards are the Lakers kryptonite.

    • Nitin

      Do you know what dime-a-dozen means?

      • Pau A Mbenga

        LOL. I was thinking the same thing

        • WINLESS

          LOL obviously not…my bad fellas…what I meant to say was that true centers are RARE in the NBA.

  • double

    Jar Jar Binks won’t be sporting purple and gold anytime soon.

  • Leo

    I guess I’m in the minority, but I think that a healthy and productive Andrew Bynum makes us more “frightening.”

    • Sean All Ivy

      I agree with you. Bynum is the future.

    • anonymousss

      idk if its from all the injuries that hes been through at his young career, but the dude is really slow for a man in his lower 20’s. he jogs like a behemoth with every step taking several seconds and what not.

      thing is bro, we havent seen a healthy andrew bynum. you can consider that short stint a healthy one but everyone has good days you know.

      if we think bynum can we our post center shaq, we’re out of our minds. shaq was bigger and heavier than bynum but he was also more mobile. for as long as ive seen bynum (and i know he cant bend his knees bc of his brace), ive never seen bynum defend laterally or defend like a rock but more like a sponge. idk man.

      but i think the lakers can still take it all the way to the finals with our squad too

  • Dave

    Bosh is a free agent, so no ‘trade’ is required. Once your contract has expired, you are a free agent and can sign with anyone.

    Under contract, league rules require a trade. No contract is in place, so Bosh is free to sign with anyone.

    Stop with the trade scenarios.

    • KB24forlife

      The trade scenarios are because we can’t afford him to SIGN him… the only WAY to get him is a SIGN and TRADE.
      Hence, a trade scenario.
      I know… rocket science.

      • Dave

        Currently, he is a free agent since his contract has expired. He can sign with anyone. The Lakers could even sign him — if they wanted to — even though they are already over the luxury tax and pay double. They could do it if they wanted to do it. Of course, the Lakers might release a player or two to limit the payroll, since Bosh will be making top dollar. Still not a trade.

        For a trade to occur, Bosh would have to re-sign with Toronto or another team. Then, the Lakers (or anyone else) could trade equivalent contracts.

      • LakersFirst

        Dave: What you said isn’t accurate.

        Bosh is NOT yet a free agent. He has a player option in his contract this summer, which means he can opt out of his contract and become a free agent, but he has not done so yet ($17M, which is what he is set to make next year is a lot of money to opt out of).

        Secondly, because the Lakers are over the salary cap, they can only offer free agents the MLE or vets mininum. Because the Lakers are over the salary cap they can’t offer him anything they want. Again, they can only offer free agents the MLE or vets minimum.

  • Justin M.

    Pau and Bosh are pretty much duplicate players, they both have a soft touch around the basket, both can shoot. The only differences are that Bosh plays better defense put pau moves the ball better. Why get bosh when we clearly have one of the best big men not just in the nba, but on the planet. Who cares if he’s soft from time to time. Plus, all the Lkares have to do is wrap Bynum up in bubble wrap during the season and unwrap him for playoffs and were more than good.

  • Justin M.

    plus, why mess with something thats not broken. Would you put chrome 20’s on Bugatti?

    • http://lakersnation.com KOBE THA MVP 10′

      yes maybe 21’s

  • seankobe

    he’s just watching that’s all! puting another all star will ruins kobe’s legacy and kobe will not be very happy with that! as I said bynum n pau has an issue playing together what about pau n bosh?

  • toto

    hmm.. nice.. but we still need a point guard.

    can we have devin harris and bosh ? hahahaha

    bynum should be evaluated before the off-season so judgments and decisions can be made accurately to acquire bosh or not.

  • macheps

    why talk about BOSH when Nowitzki is out there?
    i think this is a better line-up for the lakers: hinrich, kobe, artest, nowitzki, bynum..
    but, dirk should accept the fact that he cannot win a ring with him as the franchise player..
    if this will happen, kobe will get another ring and dirk will retire with no frustrations..
    more threats from the outside means more opportunities for bynum to shine, unlike with pau.. =)

  • lakers are the bomb

    Why not get him as a free agent trade O DUMB and
    some other scrub for a point guard Devan Harris.
    Send ODUMB to jersey with klo hoe. We get Bosh a great point guard keep Bynum and we will be a Dynasty for years.
    Make the magic happen Mitch.
    If you remeber Phil got fined for saying Boshh would look god in a Laker uniform.
    The deal is since there really is not that many 7 foot players except D howard The big man game is going away.
    The bulls won all the championships with no presence
    in the middle. Luc Longley Cartwright were average palyers. Pipen and Jordan.
    Kobe and Bosh and Pau ,Harris Ron.

  • mr. ebak

    it’s a done deal. bosh will be laker.

    • Dave

      Did you send the check?

      • Justin M.

        lol people talk big when their own money’s not involved

        • Senor Mierda

          i think mr. ebak is right. bosh will be a laker. something big is gonna happe. you can tell bosh wants to come to los angeles. he might even take a paycut . done deal no dobut.

  • MeloMamba

    i wont need sex for the whole bball season if we get bosh, thats enough excitement for me

  • anonymousss

    yeah, who wouldnt want a 30-10-4 guy?

    it’d be a goldmine. but i think its more of a fantasy than anything. not acquiring him, but getting him AND have him still be a 30-10-4 monster.

    more shots arent going to come out of nowhere. they come from the consequence of losing 5-8 (or so) shots from kb24, 3-5 (or so) shots from pau, 2-3 shots from artest, odom, and trigger happy shooters like brown and farmar. considering how bad artest has been shooting and the bad shooting decisions of our bench, it seems to weigh out on paper. JUST on paper.

    as much glorified as it all sounds, keep your pants on fans. champions win with what they have. if we can milk out all the potential of the current lakers squad (i think we need a strong defender energetic block shocking pf coming off bench), then we’ll do fine. if we pull something like the trailblazers, getting everything out of our team, we’re untouchable. even for the cavs. the magic however are pretty good, not even going to lie. the can be like an upgraded thunder team with a dominant center

  • Lobo

    He was at the game because he’s best friends with Josh Powell

    • daboss1848

      shhhh – he was there b/c hes signing with us for the MLE!!!!

  • xxv112002

    Chris Bosh might be averaging 24pts 10rbs per game. But don’t let the stats fool you fellow Lakers fans. I too am a Lakers fan. However, i see there’s alot of sacrifice on the team if they would acquire Chris Bosh.

    Let’s look at the side of the Toronto Raptors and why he is averaging 24pts 10rbs per game.

    1. He is an All Star. The team gave him freedom to take as many shots per game.
    2. Look at the roster. There are 3 7 footers on the team. Andrea Bargnani which averages 6rpg, Rasho Nesterovic 2rpg & Patrick O’Bryant 1rpg.

    Trading Andrew Bynum for Chris Bosh would ruin the twin tower effect of Bynum/Gasol. Gasol needs Bynum. I remember Phil saying when Bynum was hurt saying his presence alone determines the game. His presence. Bynum is a 7 foot center that plays like a true center. His presence on the paint which is his wide body, his long arms are the reason why Gasol is averaging All Star points. That is also the problem the Utah Jazz are facing. Bynum demands double team when he steps onto the paint which leaves Gasol with either one man guarding him or alone. Bynum bangs for rebounds. Gasol does not. Chris Bosh does not. Bynum gets his points inside the paint. Gasol plays inside/outside. Chris Bosh plays inside/outside but mostly gets his points with jumpshots. Chris Bosh is not a defensive threat. Chris Bosh averages 1blk per game. Andrew Bynum? Well, you know since you too watch the games. Defensively, there too will be a problem. Without height, without length it will be a layup drill for the rest of the league. Remember what they did to us when we had Kwame & Mihm?

    So please, say NO to this rumor and move on. The Center & Forward position is NOT what we need to tweak. What we need is Steve Blake!

    Question: Can Chris Bosh, Lamar Odom or Pau Gasol bang with the likes of Shaq, Duncan, Yao Ming or Kendrick Perkins?

    • avcpl

      Nice post.

  • laker man

    i want somebody to entertain this thought? instead of trading bynum for bosh, why not trade bynum for say cp3? how about trading for a real good point guard that will solidify that position for a good 5 years when kobe retires…. any thoughts. oh and it doesn’t have to be c paul i just threw that name out there…

  • cool

    I’m all for a pg upgrade and I’m not really a Bynum fan either, but wont size advantage now become an issue if a trade goes through?

  • Robert

    getbosh.com !
    getnowitzki.com !
    getdwade.com !
    Welcome to Summer of 2010 – the biggest free agent summer in the history of the NBA.
    Whoever comes here has to take a pay cut, and has to just want to be here to win some rings.
    Jimmy Buss ain’t giving up Bynum (his pet project), unless Lakers bust this year.
    We need a quick guard, but no way will CP3 be traded for anything we got.
    Anyway, it will be fun to see what the Lakers do this summer (even if and WHEN they win the Championship).

  • Mr. Tae

    It’s a done deal. Bosh will be a laker. He’ll
    sign the MLE.

  • Sasha4Lvp

    this is ridiculous! bosh is not coming to LA! remember when everyone thought Jermaine oneal was going to be traded to the lakers just because he was seen at a tournament or charity thing in LA? exact same thing!

  • aceman

    To be seen at a tournament and to be seen at a playoff game are different things. I agree, that our weakspot is the PG-position, but a player like cp3 doesn’t make any sense, becaue the Lakers play triangle offense.

    Bynum has had a lot of injuries over the past years. A trade wouldn’t be a surprise to me.

  • Rollin

    He’s here to keep Bynum in check. Remember during the regular season when there was all the talk of them trading him for Bosh?!!? Bynum stepped his game up.

  • lakers are the bomb

    Everyone says Bosh is like Pau . Pau can play center
    against any center.
    The center is the league the only center is D howard the rest Pau could easily play against along side Bosh and
    La mar.
    Pau ,La Mar , Kobe , Ron Ron and Devin Harris
    Trade Luke Sasha Mobenga Ammo and get two car wash attendants and one laker girl and you have upgraded your bench,

  • Laker4 Life

    Lakers don’t need bosh. They got the twin towers. With Bynum and Gasol in the middle nobody can score easily in the paint. What I would do is get a point guard, someone like Devin Harris, or Kirk Hinrich.

    Bynum, Gasol, Artest, Bryant, Harris or Hinrich = Best team in the nba.

    • Marwan Marzina

      Harris, yes. Hinrich, no. Hinrich turns 31 next year and we dont need more age on our team, especially our point guard. We need a young and speedy guard like Harris who will fit perfectly in the team. But thats assuming the Nets are willing to let him go and assuming the Lakers have the necessary players to trade for him… without giving up too much.
      As for Bosh, Id love to have him without giving up any of the starters, Lamar or Shannon. If we do trade for him using any of those players then we are messing up a good team to get him. But if we use some bench players and some draft picks and Dr Buss digs deep to get him then thats good cause we are fixing up the bench to get him cause one of the starters is bound to go to the bench or Bosh goes to the bench thus fixing our bench problem. I still don’t see it happening though because if we do a sign and trade, Toronto would want height back in return and the only player I see the Lakers giving up for him would be Bynum which sucks because he is developing into a beast right now!

      • KPalotie

        The Lakers wouldn’t be able to trade for Bosh without having Bynum in the trade. Bosh will be expecting and getting a max deal this summer (around 20 mil). Since he clearly wants to play for a contender, he’s going to OKC or Chicago.

        But the best play for him, is to ask for a sign-and-trade with Toronto (which is better for both parties, Toronto doesn’t lose him for nothing and he gets a 6 year deal instead of 5 and 10% more per year). If this scenario plays out then the Lakers can offer Toronto Bynum, Walton/Farmar/Vujacic and some draft picks to get him and make the numbers work.

        This is apparently by far the offer on the table, that the Raptors are getting. Since Bynum would work much better with Bargnani and Turkoglu than Bosh, since his presence would give them room to operate on the perimeter. But Bosh is obviously a much better and less injury prone player than Bynum.

        Bosh has been tweeting and saying in interviews for weeks, that he only wants to play for a contender. I would make this trade in a second!