sadESPN:  Needing victories to make up ground in the playoff race, the schedule fell perfectly for the Charlotte Bobcats: The mighty Los Angeles Lakers came to town.

Continuing perhaps the most unlikely dominance of one team over another in the NBA, the Bobcats got 21 points and 13 rebounds from Gerald Wallace and used stifling defense to beat the Lakers 94-84 on Tuesday night and move within one game of the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

Raymond Felton added 16 points, D.J. Augustin scored 14 and Boris Diaw had 12 assists as the Bobcats frustrated Kobe Bryant and completed a season sweep of the Western Conference leaders, who have lost six of seven to Charlotte over the past four seasons.

“We match up real well with them,” explained Wallace after the fifth-year Bobcats set a franchise record with their 34th win. “We kind of force Kobe into taking a lot of tough shots, and kind of get him out of the way he wants to do things offensively. At the same time, we’re able to attack them and take advantage of their weaknesses.”

Failing to reach 100 points in consecutive games for the first time since November, the weary Lakers dropped their second straight with one game left Wednesday in Milwaukee on their seven-game, 13-day road trip.

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  • Odom the worst player

    Dear fellow lakernation fans. I think we have a real problem and it’s the fact that the lakers will not gaurd the 3. I don’t care how many 3s the other team makes. I just can’t understand why they won’t gaurd the 3 point line. Please someone on this site enlighten me as to why they refuse to gaurd the 3 please. I’m just worried. I know the lakers can beat anybody when they want to. I just wish the would gaurd some 3s

  • showtimelakes

    I’m speechless! I don’t want to hear the “we overreact” It’s mental toughness and honestly….I don’t see it. The whole team has been struggling………I hope we can at least win tomorrow but don’t count on it. Bynum, where are you?

  • Steve Avery

    WE need to shut it down for kobe for about a week. March has been the worst month I have ever seen him play…

  • Dracul

    An expected loss I wrote about in previous posts. Bad matchup for the Lakers as our record shows.

    Once they get back home, I expect Phil to tune up the team for the home stretch run of last 8 games into the playoffs.


  • ed

    we don’t guard the 3 because kobe roams on defense and they don’t rotate quickly enuff cuz kobe likes leave his man alot.

  • beats are us

    not surprised..

    when do we EVER beat hte bobcats??

  • mr.laker19

    For the first time in my life I have to say this… I think Kobe is tired. I cant explain anything else but nobody in the league has the mileage Kobe has. He is just playing tired and wit no passion. I think it might be a combination of us just not being motivated, thats the difference between us and the Cavs… they play hard every single night, they dont out talent teams, they simply want it more. We rely souly on talent. Im not to worried but we need to step it up

  • kwame4mvp

    wow… wheres sasha?

  • Paul Garnett

    Haha. The Lakers got what they deserve. Laker fans think that they will go all they way? HA!!!! Boston will destroy the Lakers on the final. Celts in 5 if the Lakers make it to the finals.

  • Chris Manning

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  • Kobeftw

    [Comment ID #66430 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I don’t understand why a Boston fan is posting here. It doesn’t make sense.

  • Odom the worst player

    Paul Garnett why are you on a laker site?

  • kb24mamba

    Haha. The Lakers got what they deserve. Laker fans think that they will go all they way? HA!!!! Boston will destroy the Lakers on the final. Celts in 5 if the Lakers make it to the finals.

    Paul Garnett ur allowed to dream…these dreams dat ur havin r gone turn into nightmares my friend iss gone b da other way around actually lemme correct dat a SWEEEPP 4-0 yall got no chance against da lakers

  • Heron

    some of you (most) don’t seem to realize that either Kobe changes his game (stop chucking, stop trying to be the hero every quarter, and drive to the basket), or we won’t win a title this year.

  • iamthetie

    The three wouldn’t be as big a problem if the guys could contain dribble penetration on a nightly basis.

  • Dracul

    [Comment ID #66430 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Paul Garnett, it looks like you are either lost, confused, or really bored. This is a Laker forum, Celtic fans have their own forums, and there you can be amongst your peers.

    Go back home and see if you and your friends can figure out how to fix KG’s knee or how to beat the Cavs on the road – your home forum of http://WWW.REDSARMY.COM is waiting for your return.

    Make sure you find your way back. Thanks!


  • David

    I’m just glad we don’t have to play charlotte in the playoffs. They flat out own us.

  • lakerfan24

    Paul Garnett on March 31, 2009 at 9:07 pm said:

    Haha. The Lakers got what they deserve. Laker fans think that they will go all they way? HA!!!! Boston will destroy the Lakers on the final. Celts in 5 if the Lakers make it to the finals.


    seriously?Celts have more to worry about than the Lakers.Magic and Cavs won’t be a walk in the park and with KG having issues with his knee,do you guys really stand a chance?….my pick:Cavs-Lakers in the Finals…Boston fans make me laugh,they win one championship after 22 years!!! and they think they own the universe….lol…the East belongs to the King just like the West to the Lakers…get your facts straight moron…

  • Juan

    Kobe does not look right. He is back to forcing shots. Phil needs to get on him. He is playing like the guy that ran Shaq out of town. I hope this is just a phase be cuz this is not looking good at all

  • sketch

    it’s larry brown fellas! he’s got our number since the time when he beat the lakers in the finals. he’s a great x’s and o’s coach, way better than philip in that way. philip is a better manager of egos and a better psychologist.

    kobe has got to stop settling for the jumpers. again, KOBE’S GOTTA STOP SETTLING FOR THE JUMPERS! we need him to stop it with the awful shooting %s and drive the lane and get to the foul line! he’s gonna need that when the playoffs are here! i think that he just shot himself outta the running for the MVP!

  • lakerfan24

    Going back to the topic…the loss against the Bobcats only reflects why Ive been seeing for the last 3 weeks,a team that is tired late in the season,with no significant contributions from the bench,Kobe finally showing signs of tiredness and a lack of interest or passion(maybe focus)…Pau is right,if everyone else is struggling with their shots GIVE HIM THE BALL,he is playing great right now and I really hope he doesn’t run out of gas in the playoffs ’cause Phil is been riding him hard…close to 40 mins per game…we need get our stuff together and make sure we finish strong the last 5 games of the season…playoffs are about momentum…

  • BostonBlowsMyBalls

    [Comment ID #66430 Will Be Quoted Here]

    This troll seems to roam here a lot. The only contest the Suckd!icks are going to win this year is at sucking d!ck!!! Here’s your banner…2009 Boston Suckd!ck C0cksucking Champs!!!

    Gaynett is a one leg parrot. Pierce of shyt wont need a wheelchair, he’ll need a stretcher this time. Moreberrie is going to screw things up for you scrubs in the first round.

    Now to more important things… as I predicted, Space Cadet and Augustine torched our bench. It’s bad when the best guy off the bench is Fluke. Odumb had a decent game.

    Two of the starters that struggled were Ariza and KB. It’s no secret that KB takes the majority of the shots. In order to win, KB has to shoot 50% or better because they rely too much on offense. Ariza has been slipping the last few games.

    I was glad to see Brown get an early start, but then Farmer came in and I was like WTF!!! I thought he was in the doghouse. Vujabrick and Josh Bow-wow were terrible. For most of the game, the bench was scoreless besides Fluke. The only time they scored was in the end when the game was already over.

    It’s clear KB is tired and hurting, but he wont admit it. His last few games were pretty bad. The good thing about this guy is that he is going to man up and play hard no matter what… not like other weak punks (Gaynett & Bynum).

    I don’t want to see Farmer next season. This guy is clearly NOT our future PG. I would welcome Kidd over Farmer any day. Heck, I prefer Brown. I think Brown can play, but we will not see his potential with only 3 minutes of PT. I say give the kid 10-15 minutes and see what he can do for us. He can’t be any worse than Farmer!

  • gugy

    Kobe needs to get a rest and the bench need to fu-ckin step up.

    These last few games have been very bad. Maybe everybody is tired and already feel they accomplished HCA in the West, they are fine. It’s probably true.

    We need to recharge the guys and go into the playoffs motivate. PJ need to slap everybody, specially the bench.

  • gugy

    The Boston fago-ts that keep writing here, please us do a favor, keep teasing us. The more you write the more we will laugh when you get your @ss kicked by either the Cavs or Magic. Wait The Hawks could get you too.

    Unfortunately, I am pretty sure we will miss the revenge of kicking you frea-kin @ss, since you will not make it to the finals.

  • 916_luvs_LAkers


  • Joseph

    Don’t bash on Paul Garnett, that’s my boyfriend. Dude, I was waiting for you at the truck stop in Boston. I was in the second stall and I stuck my pecker through the hole, but nothing happened. Did I get the time and date wrong? Call me buddy!

  • BostonBlowsMyBalls

    [Comment ID #66450 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Joseph and Paul Garnett need to get together, do some circle jerks, and have a jerk off contest.

    I’m rooting for the Magic to pull an upset and come out of the East. I want to see the suckd!cks get eliminated in the first or second round so they can go into early retirement. Those scrubs are getting too old!!!

  • lainok

    2 1/2 years of non stop playing for rings, home court advantage, gold medals and countless injures that he’s played thru has finally caught up to him. He’s always been able to get past the phyically tired part, except this time it seems to have exhausted him mentally. we aren’t going to catch cleveland, so give up on that. We already own the west, so no worries to lose it. Here is what is needed.

    step one- sit kobe out for a week. don’t even let him come to the games. excuse him from practice and film sessions. let him take his girls to disneyland and just chill out.

    step 2- rest pau. he’s earned it.

    step 3- rest fisher- he’s old and needs it.

    step 4- force the bench to step up and play those games and minutes. If they can get past whatever mental road block they have right now and win a string of game without Kobe, it will give them confidence, and it will show Kobe that he doesn’t have to be superman every night.

    if anyone could get this crazy plan to work it would be Phil. but of course we all know that he doesn’t read these posts and won’t rest Kobe the way we all think he should.

    as for the loss tonight? that had nothing to do with the crappy ball we’ve been playing lately. it had to do with the fact that charlotte is our kryptonite for some reason.

  • Lakezilla

    A lot of good that film session did. People say the Lakers are tired but thats a bunch of bull. I think Kobe and Fisher are tired and need a recharge but the rest of them don’t get to use that excuse. Vujabrick(never reward bad players for one season of success in a contract year….bad move Mitch) went back to being an 11am player and Farmer has always been overrated. Can’t play d, can’t pass, can’t shoot free throws and refuses to take the ball to the rim. What a waste. Lamar is dominating today and they keep posting DJ or Powell. Wtf? Where the hell is the in game coaching or veteran leadership. Kobe can’t take it to the hoop if his kids life depended on it. The Lakers have been playing bad for the past month but they were still able to squeak out alot of their games. Now its just pathetic to watch them. This is not how u want to play going into the playoffs…confusion, no desire, no leadership, no coaching. Oh and if some fans think when Bynum comes back everything will change, u need a reality check. Because Bynum isn’t around and Lamar is not on the bench, is that an excuse to play with no effort, keep missing wide open shot after wide open shot, don’t communicate and turn the ball over? I don’t think so. Kobe is getting older and combined with his fatigue, he looks terrible right now. He’s the captain and is not leading by example right now. Three hours in the gym before the game and he still comes out and shoots like crap. Not a good sign. If he can’t turn it around soon, I think its a no brainer to say we don’t have a chance in hell of winning. Lol and people say we have a better supporting cast than LeBron….hahaha yeah right.

  • stdecker

    whats up with all the excuses for kobe being tired and people wanting to sit him out and all this pussssy shit. last i looked we played the same amount of games every other team has, we were supposed to have the deepest bench in the league, which should have gave us advantage down the strech and into the playoffs. And the kobe being tired becuase of the olympics, didnt dwayne wade and lebrick play in the olympics too, they’re not fading down the stretch. Thats the problem, all these excuses. We just need to step up, get our heads out of our asses, and play like we want to be champions. It needs to start now. It goes back to their attitude. the way they blow off losses and take nights off. They have a sense of entitlement for some reason and if they don’t change it might cost us. Everyone kisses their asss, the local media, the fans, the announcers, they think they are better than they are. They are good enough to win the championship, but they have to play to their potential and above. Thats why i miss CHICK, I think this young team would benifit from having him around. I know he had a lot of influence over the team, more then people would expect. Lastly, Sasha and Luke suck ballllls. absoultly worthless, and shouldnt be in the league! GO LAKERS!!!!!!(please wake up)

  • Fartmore

    Next season we need to dump Luke, Vujabrick and Fartmore. A team can one loser – but three? That’s a tough order.

  • farmabrick

    Kobe’s burnt out.

    Phil is sleep-coaching.

    Lamar is thinking about his clothing line.

    I chalk this up to overall indifference from Phil and Kobe, which infects everyone down the line, particularly the Bench Mops, and a long road trip. They may well lose tonight in Milwaukee.

    I would suspect that Phil is counting on the team gearing up for the playoffs starting on Friday with the Rockets. I also suspect that this is Phil’s way of letting the team hit rock bottom in order to redeem themselves over the final stretch of the regular season. Sort of like the way he’ll sit, arms crossed during a disastorous stretch in the late third quarter while they squander a lead. This is part of his “let the team find a way on their own” philosophy (despite the fact that it does not always work).

    I think their only regular season goal at this point is to stay ahead of Boston in terms of record in the belief that they can beat the Cavs without home court, but can’t beat the Celtics unless they have home court.

    Look for Bynum to return for the final 3 to 5 games, at which point the REAL post-season begins.

    It’s a shame they had to botch the road trip this way, but they’ve locked up home court in the West, the real season is still a few weeks away, and starting on Friday they’ll start gearing up for that final two month run to the real goal: the O’Brien Trophy.


    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Demoting RadMan to eventually trash him, together with Bynum’s exodus has forced Old Man Jackson to play HIS chosen hand with players that have zero compatibility, while on the court together, and there is no remedy in sight! …Unless Bynum comes back and plays like he was before his injury, I’m gonna be one ticked off fanatic come July!

  • Fartmore

    [Comment ID #66474 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I’ve said it before and say it again – Radman SUCKED! He was a total space cadet.

    We should have torn up his contract immediately when he got hurt snowboarding and then used that money to get a decent player.

  • kobe8

    Either Kobe don’t listen or Phil Jackson hasn’t told him that he needs to stop forcing shots coz everyone can see Kobe is relying on his jumper too much which has not been falling. Going 23-66 in 3 games ain’t right for THE BEST PLAYER IN THE LEAGUE..

  • Farmabrick

    Per my post above and from this mornings OC Reg:

    “Lakers coach Phil Jackson, however, said he likely won’t cut his main players’ minutes until the team can win two more games to reach 60 for the season. Why?

    “It feels like the right thing to do,” Jackson said.

    The point is for Jackson to drive home the point to his team that it failed. Jackson asked the Lakers to be the first NBA team to 50 victories, and they got there on March 6. He then challenged them to be the first to 60, but Cleveland did that Sunday and now has 61 victories to the Lakers’ 58.

    Jackson wants the Lakers to feel that failure to motivate them for a championship run.”


    More from the OC Reg and yet another reason to like Pau:

    “Pau Gasol certainly has a sense of it.

    “I’m a little concerned,” Gasol said. “The way we played the last couple of games has been pretty bad. It’s pretty disappointing as a team, as a group. So yeah, I’m a little concerned – not for trying to get the best record, which was something and is something that we want to do, but just for competing and getting ourselves the way we want to play and be at the playoff time.

    “If we play like this in the playoffs, it’s not going to happen for us and it’s going to be a really bad deal. So we have to wake up.”


  • gugy

    Except the Cavs all teams went through a slump this season.

    Yes we have been playing bad in the last few games. Kobe, Gasol and Fisher need a rest. Specially Kobe.
    We are fine. Bynum coming back will spark motivation on the whole team.
    Just the bench needs a serious slap on the face. They need to step up big time and get motivate.
    I am not worried. This is part of the game.

  • what will be

    Lakers players, please just at the very least, try and make more shots than you mis… make that the goal and take better shots…

    These guys shooting % has been terrible…

  • stdecker

    and too many turnovers!