Apologies for the Monday, Sept 3rd edition of the Bloggers Ranksing being posted on a Tuesday, I can’t even really use Daylights Saving time as an excuses. Haha!

What is this exactly? In the words of Hornets 247‘s Ryan Schwan, the man behind the concept…

One day, I was driving into work listening to the book The Wisdom of Crowds. The book was nothing if not convincing about the power of a group of experts, appropriately isolated, to pick the correct answer more often than a single or pair of experts. So – I figured if all of us blogger-types got together and created our own Power Rankings, we’d be able to put together a pretty good offering that fairly accurately reflects the state of the league.

When I got home, I sent out a request to those bloggers – some of whom decided to actually speak to me, and voila! the Blogger’s Power Rankings was born.  We’ll be coming at you from various host sites all season long, giving you the insight(maybe), witty comments(sometimes), and overall rankings for all the teams in the league.

Without Further Ado, your November 3rd rankings…

1. Lakers (3-0, last ranking: 2)

Simply dominant. A little scary, in fact.-3 Shades of Blue

You cannot contain Chris Mihm. You can only hope to contain him -Bullets Forever

Those winning margins are appalling. For anyone not a Laker’s fan -Hornets246

That agonizing scream you hear is all the people who picked Kobe Bryant with their first round pick in their fantasy league . . only to see him average 30 minutes a game. – The Lakers Nation

2. Hornets (3-0, last ranking: 3)

Can’t wait to watch them and Rockets beat each other up. The win at Phoenix was impressive. -True Blue Jazz

CP3 still means MVP this season.-Raps HQ

What was that about the Hornet’s depth being suspect? No Tyson, No Peja, No Problem. -Hornets247

Does anyone find it ironic that the Phoenix Suns of all teams are complaining that the Hornets set illegal screens? -Bullets Forever

3. Celtics (2-1, last ranking: 1)

A definite glitch in Indiana, but I’m treating it as an isolated incident for now.-At The Hive, Ranking them No. 1

Celtics fans aren’t overreacting to the Indiana loss enough -Bullets Forever

Strange loss to Indy, but they weren’t going to go 82-0; they’re not the Lakers.-Clips Nation

Sure – lose to Indiana. But by 16? Hornets247

You can’t lose to a team led by TJ Ford. -Raptors HQ

4. Rockets (3-0, last ranking: 6)

Only Ron Artest could be a “peacemaker” by running straight into two guys on the opposing team in the middle of a scrum -Bullets Forever

Ron Ron has yet to blow. Yao and T-Mac are still healthy. Just bidding time now -Bright Side of the Sun

They seem to be meshing. Scary. -Hornets247

So far, so good. Aaron Brooks could be this year’s Boobie -The Lakers Nation

5. Pistons (2-0, last ranking: 5)

Walter Hermann is currently leading the league in PER. John Hollinger electrozaps himself in disgust.-Bullets Forever

Maxiell, Johnson, Stuckey… and now Herrmann? The Pistons have re-tooled before our eyes. -Clips Nation

Expect to see them drop for a bit as they work Iverson into the system -The Lakers Nation

6: Jazz (2-0, last ranking: 4)

Not a bad start without Deron.-Raps HQ

Plus 13 in PF/PA, but that’s skewed by playing the Clippers – Clips Nation

Deron Williams is still not better than Chris Paul – Bullets Forever

7. Raptors (3-0, last ranking: 14)

Chris Bosh is playing out of his mind right now. -3 Shades of Blue (and many others)

Enjoy this while it lasts, T-Dot fans. Jermaine O’Neal’s annual injury is only two months away -Bullets Forever

I think this team has real potential in the East -Bright Side of the Sun

They aren’t dominating the way I’d like, but I like this team.-Hornets247

Will Sam Mitchell somehow screw this up? – The Lakers Nation

8. Suns (2-1, last ranking: 12)

Beat the Spurs. Humbled by the Hornets. Beat down the Blazers. This team might not be done yet.-True Blue Jazz

Crafty veterans -SLC Dunk

Will Boris Diaw ever become relevant again? – The Lakers Nation

To paraphrase Monty Python: They’re not dead yet. -3 Shades of Blue

9. Cavaliers (1-2, last ranking: 7)

They are going to beat the better teams in the league soon….right? – 3 Shades of Blue

I know they’re 1-2, but there’s nothing wrong with losing at Boston and at New Orleans -Bullets Forever

Ilgauskas and Wallace – combined age, 106. This won’t end well. - Clips Nation

They are not top 10. That’s for sure. – Hornets247, ranking them 12th

James is playing like a MVP. . except he can’t shoot – The Lakers Nation.

10. Blazers (1-2, last ranking: 10)

Must resist Greg Oden old man joke … must resist Greg Oden old man joke -Bullets Forever

Annointed too soon? – Hornets 247

After a dissapointing debut for Oden, Joel Pryzabilla has reminded everyone that he’s still in the league. -The Lakers Nation

Where’s your Oden now? -SLC Dunk

11. Mavericks (1-1, last ranking: 13)

Terry says don’t sleep on the Mavs. Agreed. Raps HQ

Josh Howard is on his very own redeem team, along with Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd. Everyone else on that team is just kind of there – The Lakers Nation

Has Gerald Green found a home? – Clips Nation

We’re about 10 games away from Rick Carlisle deciding that running is overrated -Bullets Forever

12. Spurs (0-2, last ranking: 8)

Are the mighty Spurs finally experiencing the big letdown the experts have been predicting for the last 3 years? – 3 Shades of Blue

Kevin Pelton’s SCHOENE prediction system says the Spurs will not make the playoffs. I don’t know if they’ll fall that far, but this is not a good start, with Dallas up next. – At The Hive

Without Manu, Roger Mason is the third leading scorer. That ain’t good. -Clips Nation

This time, they might be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs come Febuary -The Lakers Nation

Pops beard keeps them in the top 10. -Raps HQ, ranking them 10th

Why do they do this to me every year? They start out crappy and get me thinking that they’re finally done. They’ll be back. They always come back. – SLC Dunk

13. Hawks (2-0, last ranking: 20)

Beat two Eastern contenders pretty handily. -SLC Dunk

Holy JJ. Who needs Childress? -Raps HQ

they are above .500 for at least 2 more games -The Lakers Nation

I think it’s an illusion – but gotta give credit where credit is due. -Hornets247

14. Sixers (1-2, last ranking: 9)

I knew this team was overrated…and now so does everyone else. -True Blue Jazz

They need time to Gel. If they can. -Hornets247

I don’t get Sixers-mania. They have no tier one scorer and no bench -Clips Nation

I’m convinced that Mo Cheeks and Eddie Jordan are the same person -Bullets Forever

15. Bulls (2-1, last ranking: 17)

What happened to Tyrus Thomas? oh, thats right, nothing -The Lakers Nation

Rose has looked like the number one pick so far. -Clips Nation

Rose might be a keeper – Bright Side of the Sun

I’m beginning to wonder if the Bulls actually hired Vinny Del Negro to play, only to realize they had a guard glut -Bullets Forever

16. Pacers (1-1, last ranking: 19)

<Vader>Impressive</Vader> -SLC Dunk

Nice upset of the champs but PG is Ford. -Raps HQ

I like how this team has been rebuilt -Hornets247

Impressive win over the Celtics. But seriously. . -Clips Nation

17. Nuggets (1-2, last ranking: 16)

As advertised. -Raps HQ

It’s a bad omen when Anthony Carter leads the Nuggets in scoring -Clips Nation

Two losses by a combined nine points to two very good teams. And that’s without Carmelo Anthony -Bullets Forever

18. Magic (2-1, last ranking: 13)

Grizzlies are impervious to magic. -SLC Dunk

Nelson is looking like a back-up at best. -Raps HQ

Forget about the missing long range shooting – where’s the defense? -Hornets247

Orlando is an injury to Dwight Howard away from languishing at the bottom the of standings. -Hoops Addict

Wait, a bench of Keith Bogans, J.J. Redick, Tony Battie, Brian Cook and Anthony Johnson actually sucks? Who knew? -Bullets Forever

19. Bucks (1-2, last ranking: 11)

Beating the teams they’re suppose to beat and losing to the teams that are suppose to beat them. -SLC Dunk

They are already playing Skiles ball. -Raps HQ

Joe the Dunker – Bright Side of the Sun

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute is Scott Skiles’ new Malik Allen. The current Malik Allen is upset by this development -Bullets Forever

20. Warriors (1-2, last ranking: 25)

Getting Ellis back won’t even matter. -SLC Dunk

This team will score LOTS of points. And lose a ton. – Hornets247

Harrington on the trading block, no point guard in sight. It’s always fun with Nellie.-Clips Nation

This week, the Warriors decided not to pick up Marcus Williams’ third-year option, even though they traded a first-round pick to get him. And you thought the Clippers were mismanaged -Bullets Forever

21. Wizards (0-2, last ranking: 15)

Getting Arenas back won’t even matter. -SLC Dunk

Hibachi! No Agent zero no W’s -Raps HQ

*sigh* -Bullets Forever

22. Bobcats (1-1, last ranking: 25)

1-1. You’re not fooling me. You’ll be lucky to get one more win this month. -SLC Dunk

Does Larry Brown actually like any player? -Raps HQ

Is Morrison’s playing time in the NBA poportional to his hair length? -The Lakers Nation

I still don’t know what to make of this team. And I have a little trouble caring. -Hornets247

23. Nets (1-1, last ranking: 27)

Carter deserves every miserable loss. -SLC Dunk

Is Vince Carter injured yet? -The Lakers Nation

I think New Jersey could be a sleeper team this year to sneak into the playoffs. -Hoops Addict

Brook Lopez is about 100 times more methodical that I expected. And I expected him to be pretty methodical -Bullets Forever

24. Timberwolves (1-2, last ranking: 21)

If you can correctly predict two games in a row for Minny, head to Vegas now. -SLC Dunk

Al Jeff loves the Love. -Raps HQ

Watch out now – the Wolves are at 500. That’s a 300% improvement over last year – Bright Side of the Sun

25. Heat (1-2, last ranking: 18)

Without Nash Marion is losing $ by the day -Raps HQ

Beating Kings doesn’t count, but Beasley can score. -Clips Nation

Good to see Shaun Livingston back on the court again – The Lakers Nation

26. Grizzlies (1-2, last ranking: 29)

Could pick up a couple more wins this month. -SLC Dunk

Hey guys look, they’re rebuilding -The Lakers Nation

O.J. Mayo is Larry Hughes reincarnated -Bullets Forever

27. Clippers (0-3, last ranking: 24)

Could easily start out the year 0-9 -SLC Dunk

Have they set up a Red Cross station yet? -Raps HQ

Kaman is underrated? how about under-performing. -The Lakers Nation

Baron Davis, playing hurt, gets hurt in his second game. Welcome home. -Clips Nation

Yes, the three worst teams are in the West -Bright Side of the Sun

28. Knicks (1-2, last ranking: 29)

I was worried when they won their first game. Then the reality that is NY basketball set in. -SLC Dunk

Beating Miami isn’t impressive. -Hornets247

Was opening night a fluke? I’m not sure, but I was impressed the intestinal fortitude of Mike D’Antoni in benching Marbury and Curry. -Hoops Addict

They’re only this high because of the presence of the great, amazing, incredible, stupendous Stephon Marbury, who should be playing 49 minutes every game – Bullets Forever, ranking them 27th, 1 spot above the rest of us.

29. Kings (0-3, last ranking: 28)

You could stuff all your sorries in a Sac and it would still…. Eh, I got nothing. -SLC Dunk

Young. Talented. 2 years away. -Raps HQ

Kevin Martin deserves better. Tom Ziller deserves better. Beno Udrih, now he doesn’t deserve better – Bullets Forever

Yes, the three worst teams are in the West -Bright Side of the Sun

30. Thunder (0-3, last ranking: 30)

End the season today and they’re in the playoffs. -SLC Dunk

I can’t see them winning 20 games. -Raps HQ

Good lord, their defense is terrible – but somehow, their offense is even worse. -Hornets247

Yes, the three worst teams are in the West -Bright Side of the Sun

*records are accurate as of November 2nd, 2008

  • Zen Master

    Hehe, what the hell happened to all those teams whose bloggers said they have superior benches? Ha? Where is that Portland bench? Houston bench? New Orleans? Can those bloggers say anything to convince Laker fans that the Laker bench isn’t the best? Think before to talk, bloggers!

  • http://wwww.atthehive.com atthehive

    Nice job setting this up. Great read.

    Yes, time to think before to talk, bloggers!

  • http://www.truebluejazz.com Jed

    Zen Master – The only bench that can rival the Lakers is the Jazz and we are missing Harpring from that unit right now. Plus when D-Will gets back our guard depth will be even better. I to say this, but I think its Lakers 1 and Jazz 2 and then a big drop from there to who ever would be next. Its early in the season so bench depth is not a huge deal, but come all-star game time it will really be proven who has the real depth on their team.

  • http://www.iDohm.com Bryant

    What about Steve Nash playing soccer?

    I think the videolink could stay at iDohm Magazine.


  • xtro

    i thought houston is better than boston? they lost last night. ha, ha, ha!



  • the antoine

    only gravity can contain Chris Mihm

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