What is this exactly? In the words of Hornets 247’s Ryan Schwan, the man behind the concept…

One day, I was driving into work listening to the book The Wisdom of Crowds. The book was nothing if not convincing about the power of a group of experts, appropriately isolated, to pick the correct answer more often than a single or pair of experts. So – I figured if all of us blogger-types got together and created our own Power Rankings, we’d be able to put together a pretty good offering that fairly accurately reflects the state of the league.

When I got home, I sent out a request to those bloggers – some of whom decided to actually speak to me, and voila! the Blogger’s Power Rankings was born.  We’ll be coming at you from various host sites all season long, giving you the insight(maybe), witty comments(sometimes), and overall rankings for all the teams in the league.

Without Further Ado, your New Years Edition Blogger’s Power Rankings…

1. Lakers (27-5, last week 1st)

  • Won 6 in a row, playing at a very high level – Bust a Bucket
  • Currently playing the best of the big three. – Hornets247
  • LA Ascendant once more!  Thank ‘defensive intensity’… and a few Boston losses. – With Malice
  • Celtics, Magic, and Cavs all lost on Sunday, and there’s that whole 6 game win streak – True Blue Jazz
  • They continue to dominate. -Raps HQ

2. Cavaliers (27-6, last week 2nd)

  • Lost to the Wizards Sunday and lost Ilgauskas – Bust a Bucket
  • A loss to Washington keeps them from pushing for number one. - Hornets247
  • Two weeks from today. Cavs. Lakers. Let’s do this. -Hardwood Paroxysm
  • Travel on me once, shame on me… - True Blue Jazz
  • Did King James travel? youtube has the latest. -The Lakers Nation

3. Magic (26-8, last week 4th)

  • Apparently, that win over the Lakers inspired them. They’ve been blowing the doors off everyone since that game, winning by 20+ points in every victory except one.  The loss to the Raptors is puzzling though. -3 Shades of Blue
  • Absolutely on fire, Jameer Nelson finding his groove – Bust a Bucket
  • That defense must be credited.  And I’m stunned I can say that about a team that starts Turkoglu and Lewis – Hornets247
  • The team you watch and wish it were April so you can find out if they’re good enough to go the distance. -Hardwood Paroxysm
  • Been red hot as of late but Howard has to improve his FT% if they want to go deep into the playoffs. Want proof? Look at their loss to the Raps on Sunday. -Raps HQ
  • Magic fans don’t like it when you make projected correlations between poor ft-shooting big men and how long they stay with the team. -The Lakers Nation

4. Celtics (29-6, last week 3rd)

  • The loss to the Lakers was acceptable (even expected), but the follow-up loss to the Warriors was inexcusable.  They have now lost 4 of their last 6 games, including Sunday’s loss to the once-again hapless Knicks.  Somebody’s concentration is faltering. -3 Shades of Blue
  • They fall to partly because of the loss to GS, but also because Garnett shows no grace in success.  Tis fun to be judgemental. – Hornets247
  • “Nobody makes me bleed my own blood! Nobody!” -Hardwood Paroxysm
  • The Knix-loss was an unexpected boon to Lakers/Cavs-fans. - With Malice
  • Lost 4 of 6.  Did the Lakers get in their heads? – True Blue Jazz
  • They look human. Something that can’t be said for Sam I Am. -Raps HQ
  • Celtics fans – James Posey is not the player you are looking for. move along. -The Lakers Nation

5. Spurs (22-11 last week 5th)

  • I’ve commisioned an expedition into the heart of Nepal to retrieve a magic elixir that is guaranteed to stop this zombie hoard. -3 Shades of Blue
  • Very tough at full strength, won 7 of last 8. – Bust a Bucket
  • The Everybody Loves Raymond Marathon on TBS of the NBA. You watch fifteen episodes and your eyes glaze over and you’d rather watch the Home Shopping Network. But your in-laws love the show, and just keep it on. You’ll hear the music in your sleep. That’s the Spurs. -Hardwood Paroxysm
  • The Spurs are rising… and that scares me. - With Malice
  • Slightly bothersome for Raps fans to see Bonner and Roger Mason Jr. being contributors on such a solid team. -Raps HQ

6. Hornets (20-10 last week 7th)

  • I don’t find them disappointing, but it does feel like they are missing something.  A win over the Lakers this week would go a long way towards silencing the doubters. -3 Shades of Blue
  • They live by the three, and die by it often. – Hornets247
  • They’re 8-2, have won their last four, are leading the toughest division in basketball, and they haven’t even scratched the surface of their ceiling. -Hardwood Paroxysm
  • On one side of the scales of ability, you have that the only teams that the Hornets have lost to in the past month are Boston, LA, Orlando and Denver (and 3 of those were away).  On the other side of that scale, you have that the Buzz are unable to beat the teams that should be considered their peers, and the ownership that the Lakers have displayed over them.  Have to be a concern in NOLA. - With Malice
  • Played an NBA low 30 games so far.  The home stretch will not be easy – True Blue Jazz

7. Blazers (20-14 last week 6th)

  • Great at home (12-4), but below average on the road (8-9). I still think that they are one year away from making any real noise in the postseason. -3 Shades of Blue
  • Shouldn’t a team this deep not be so reliant on one player? -Hardwood Paroxysm
  • Injury woes aside, this is a good team.  You have to remember how young this team is. Relying largely on Roy, Aldridge and Fernandez – and you have to include Oden in there – this team is going to be good.  But alas, not this year.  - With Malice
  • hopefully the players haven’t bought into the “not this year” theme - The Lakers Nation

8. Hawks (22-11 last week 9th)

  • Joe Johnson is really…really good and should be getting some MVP consideration.  This Hawks team is for real. -3 Shades of Blue
  • Joe Johnson has been a true All-Star – Bust a Bucket
  • Easily one of the more underrated teams this year.- HoopsAddict
  • Two months ago if I told you I thought Bibby would ever be useful again, I’d be lying. – Hornets247

9. Nuggets (23-12 last week 10th)

  • Imagine if they had a third big man to back up Nene and Martin.  I don’t know, someone like . . . Marcus Camby? – Hornets247
  • Oh, hey, Carmelo Anthony’s still good at actual basketball. Kind of lost track of that. -Hardwood Paroxysm
  • New favorites to win the division, and I’m crying as I write this – True Blue Jazz
  • 6-4 in their last ten. Is the Billups shine starting to wear off? -Raps HQ

10. Mavericks (20-13 last week 8th)

  • The Mavericks run as a top Western Conference team is now officially over. Hopefully their fans realize this. -3 Shades of Blue
  • Playing outstanding despite loss to Memphis, Jason Terry is 6th man of the year. – Bust a Bucket
  • Like another pair of Mavericks, these guys can pack some punch but aren’t a threat to win it all. – Hornets247
  • That’s right. Keep looking at the rest of the West. Don’t pay any attention to us. No need to look over here. Doo-dee-doo. -Hardwood Paroxysm

11. Pistons (21-11 last week  11th)

  • Won 7 straight, but this week gets tougher – Bust a Bucket
  • Don’t look now, but Detroit’s starting to make their move up the standings. HoopsAddict
  • Hey, maybe if they shuffle the starting lineup around a few more times, they’ll realize they are short on talent. – Hornets247
  • Still trying to find their ceiling, which is a good thing. -Hardwood Paroxysm
  • Sheesh… would the Pistons be happy they stuck with Stuckey or what?  Definitely a burgeoning young star-in-the-making, he has Detroit climbing.  It’s amazing to consider that he may have the Pistons leaving their recent tradition of “no-one-man”… - With Malice
  • Iverson is nice but Stuckey is the MAN. -Raps HQ

12. Suns (19-12 last week 12th)

  • Has Steve Kerr been brought up on “Dr. Kevorkian” charges yet?  Because he’s killing Steve Nash right now. -3 Shades of Blue
  • Won 3 in a row and Shaq is reinvigorated – Hornets247
  • Rising Suns.  I find it incredible how much teams often resemble their coaches.  The now-no-nonsense Suns mirror Terry Porter… how swiftly they metamorphosised! – With Malice
  • Slowly climbing the Western Conference standings. Raps fans are already think 2010 with Nash. -Raps HQ

13. Jazz (19-15 last week 14th)

  • Shock. Alarm.  Boozer is injury prone.  Didn’t we know that already? – Hornets247
  • There’s a lot of talk about what a tough team Utah would be to face if they finish around 6 or 7 in the West… but you have to remember: ON THE ROAD THIS TEAM SUCKS!  7-11 on the road.  Elite?  Better get a bucket, I’m gonna be sick. - With Malice
  • After laying an egg in LA, there’s the potential for a 6 game win streak (next 4 games at home then at OKC and MEM) – True Blue Jazz
  • Inconsistent play as of late has them reeling. -Raps HQ

14. Rockets (21-14 last week 13th)

  • Dealing with a ton of injuries which was to be expected – Bust a Bucket
  • Let’s just say if I wrote a game preview between the Hornets and Houston – I’d give Stojakovic the edge over McGrady. – Hornets247
  • May end up being the champion of What If? Sports, simply based on the fact that theoretically, they’re awesome. They’re just never healthy. -Hardwood Paroxysm
  • Rockets?  Rename them Houston Waterford.  Handle with care. - With Malice
  • Terrible loss to the Raps on Friday night. No effort. -Raps HQ
  • Historians will point to this game as the first sign that T-Mac gave up on the Rockets -The Lakers Nation

15. Heat (18-14 last week 16th)

  • One. Man. Team. -3 Shades of Blue
  • Playing well since mid-december and Wade is amazing – Bust a Bucket
  • Hey look!  It’s last year’s Cavaliers! – Hornets247
  • Dwyane Wade will end your world. He is the world-ender. Consider your world ended. If you look up “End of the World” in Wikipedia, it redirects to a picture of Dwyane Wade. -Hardwood Paroxysm
  • Another team that probably don’t deserve such a high ranking… but 3 things put them here: the defeat of Cleveland, the fact that everyone below them sucks, and the presence of Dwyane Wade propel them to here. - With Malice
  • Not sure anyone can explain why Beasley is playing so little. -Raps HQ

16. Bucks (16-19 last week  18th)

  • Gotta hand it to Skiles, he knows how to get a team motivated.  Too bad the Bucks window is now two years until they get sick of him. – Hornets247
  • I wish, I wish, I wish Milwaukee could perform a little more consistently.  Beat San Antonio, lose to Houston the next night.  Beat Charlotte… you guessed it: lose to Charlotte the next night. - With Malice
  • Ramon Sessions is not really doing anything of notice -The Lakers Nation

17. Nets (16-18 last week 17th)

  • Two of their guys can score, and none of them can defend. – Hornets247
  • They’ve got the makings of “team you don’t want to play in March.” -Hardwood Paroxysm
  • New Jersey are currently involved in a complete stink-fest.  They are struggling more than a 3-legged dog trying to bury a bone on a marble floor. - With Malice
  • Quietly Brook Lopez is putting together a solid rookie campaign. Yup…Brook Lopez. -Raps HQ

18. Raptors (14-20 last week 20th)

  • At what point does Bryan Colangelo come under fire for this disappointing season? -3 Shades of Blue
  • This team should be so much better – Bust a Bucket
  • Hey, at O’Neal comes off their books before 2010 and they can sign some free agents! Maybe even someone like Chris Bosh! – Hornets247
  • I was moving when this team tanked, and still, no one’s explained to me what the hell happened. It’s like this big mystery no one wants to talk about. -Hardwood Paroxysm
  • The win over Orlando… was it a sign of things to come?  Or simply an aberration?  Only time will tell… - With Malice
  • Jamario Moon is finally starting to play a little better. . -The Lakers Nation

19. Warriors (10-25 last week 15th)

  • Chris Mullin is lucky that Kevin McHale and Mike Dunleavy are still employed. That makes him the 3rd worst former player turned GM in the league. -3 Shades of Blue
  • Not good. Not good. Not good. The Baron/Richardson back-court seems like eons ago. -Raps HQ
  • All I’ve got is a quip about Monta Ellis and “Skateboarding is not a crime” stickers that I can’t be bother to piece together. -The Lakers Nation

20. Pacers (12-21 last week 24rd)

  • They are the only team to beat both the Lakers and the Celtics this season.  Make sense out of that.  I dare you! -3 Shades of Blue
  • Won their last 2 and playing competitive – Bust a Bucket
  • Turnovers always kill them.  I guess this is where all the guys with Low Basketball IQs end up. – Hornets247
  • The Indiana Pacers are, at times, a relatively good basketball team.  Just ask the Lakers. Over the last week and a half or so, they’ve actually produced some pretty good basketball. - With Malice

21. 76ers (13-20 last week 25th)

  • We should give Billy King credit for this great team he put in place.  Just one low-post scorer, and all is well.  Or not. – Hornets247
  • Time for the Andre Miller trade watch? -Raps HQ
  • Andre Iguodala and Danny Granger will battle it out for the “most successful mid-market swingman on a max contract” award. So far, Granger is winning -The Lakers Nation

22. Knicks (13-19 last week 22st)

  • When you’re putting Tim Thomas into a starter’s role to improve your defense, you know that you’ve got some serious personnel issues.  Say it with me:  “2010! 2010! 2010!” -3 Shades of Blue
  • Beautiful.  Thank you New York for beating Boston.  Hold onto that, and look forward to 2010, because it’s going to be a long season. - With Malice
  • Big win against the Celtics helped prevent them from a free-fall in the standings. -Raps HQ
  • and Jerome James does what again? -The Lakers Nation

23. Bulls (14-20 last week 23nd)

  • What happened to this team? Two years ago, they were poised to breakout. Now they’re just broken. -3 Shades of Blue
  • The Bulls are flattered at 21 (Ed. Note – his rank).  This off-season, they really have to find some help for Derrick Rose, because the current roster simply isn’t going to get the job done.- With Malice
  • The wheels are falling off. Not sure Del Negro has the experience to right this ship. -Raps HQ

24. Grizzlies (11-23 last week 21th)

  • As the best Divisional bottom feeder in the West, they are proudly making the Southwest the toughest division.  Yay! – Hornets247
  • Don’t laugh. Losing Darko was a major hit for them. He gave them the inside rebounding that a young, undisciplined team really needs. I said, don’t laugh. -Hardwood Paroxysm
  • Now that’s the Grizz we know from the Vancouver days…2-8 in their last 10. -Raps HQ
  • OJ Mayo is playing better than Derrick Rose, but just not consistently enough -The Lakers Nation

25. Timberwolves (8-25 last week 19th)

  • They won 3 of 4 games this week, including their first winning streak of the season.  Even still, Kevin McHale should be ashamed of himself. -3 Shades of Blue
  • Yes, let’s blame Mike Miller for not getting open shots when playing with great point guards like . . . uh . . . never mind. – Hornets247
  • Take a big vat of grease. Then drop in several globs of beautiful, brightly colored paint. Now put it in the hands of howler monkey. That’s pretty much the McHale-era Timberwolves. -Hardwood Paroxysm
  • 4 wins out of their last 6, and a very good win at Chicago raise this team up the rankings somewhat.  Al Jefferson is starting to play like the player he should be.  Given who the T-Wolves looked like being recently, Minnesota-fans should be happy with the way their team is playing. – With Malice

26. Bobcats (12-22 last week 26th)

  • Diaw actually feeds Okafor.  Okafor produces.  Everyone is stunned.  Why, I don’t know.-Hardwood Paroxysm
  • (ranking them 19th) The Bobcats are a pretty tough team.  I know, I know – I’m going to cop some flack over that statement.  But most of their losses are single digits, and they’ve pushed some very good teams.  Coming back off a thrashing by Milwaukee, they rebounded the next night and beat that same team.  Damn good effort. - With Malice
  • Does benching Sean May really make any difference? – True Blue Jazz
  • The NBA lets the Sonics leave yet sit idle while this team becomes a total sham. -Raps HQ

27. Wizards (7-25 last week 28th)

  • Gilbert Arenas isn’t walking thru that door!  But he will blog about it when he does. -3 Shades of Blue
  • Washington, hold onto having beaten Houston, Detroit and Cleveland, because generally the season you’re having sucks.  Beating those teams would just make it all that more frustrating, living with the knowledge that the team can do it, but doesn’t.- With Malice
  • They may have experienced the high point of their season beating the Cavs. -Raps HQ

28. Kings (8-26 last week 29th)

  • They really should be better – Bust a Bucket
  • Despite having won more games than OKC, the Kings are just shy of half-way through a season that’s verging on being epic in it’s awfulness. - With Malice
  • Have lost 10 of 12.  YIKES – True Blue Jazz
  • They want to deal Salmons….yeah that makes sense…. -Raps HQ

29. Clippers (8-25 last week 27th)

  • Losers of 7 games in a row.  Mike Dunleavy, please pick up the white courtesy phone. No…don’t mind that guillotine right next to it. -3 Shades of Blue
  • Injuries have taken control – Bust a Bucket
  • Camby is in his element.  Lots of terrible shots, lots of rebounds. – Hornets247
  • Just when it looked like the Clippers were starting to come good, they enter their Hoover period. - With Malice
  • Yup…they’re still the Clippers even with the household names. -Raps HQ

30. Thunder (4-30 last week 30th)

  • The word putrid comes to mind. This team is just plain bad.  Futility, thy name is Xolotl. -3 Shades of Blue
  • turrible – Bust a Bucket
  • Right now, Durant is Carmelo Anthony-Lite. – Hornets247
  • As a franchise, this team would be much higher. Why? Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook look like the future stars they’re supposed to be. Tell me how the Kings and Clippers would respond to that? -Hardwood Paroxysm
  • 2 wins in December……2 – True Blue Jazz (Ed. Note – to be fair, that was their most productive month)
  • Lakers 24 7

    How many times in the past decade have the Clippers been in the lottery?

  • http://myspace.com/sonicussj Whatsa

    Author, editor, or whoever, someone edit the article because the numbering got screwed.

    Good poast though. I swear Clippers SHOULD be doing better than they are.. they’re missing something but I’m not sure what.

  • http://thelakersnation.com/blog/?page_id=2373 Jonathan Somers-Harris

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