What is this exactly? In the words of Hornets 247’s Ryan Schwan, the man behind the concept…

One day, I was driving into work listening to the book The Wisdom of Crowds. The book was nothing if not convincing about the power of a group of experts, appropriately isolated, to pick the correct answer more often than a single or pair of experts. So – I figured if all of us blogger-types got together and created our own Power Rankings, we’d be able to put together a pretty good offering that fairly accurately reflects the state of the league.

When I got home, I sent out a request to those bloggers – some of whom decided to actually speak to me, and voila! the Blogger’s Power Rankings was born.  We’ll be coming at you from various host sites all season long, giving you the insight(maybe), witty comments(sometimes), and overall rankings for all the teams in the league.

Without Further Ado, your week 2 Blogger Power Rankings…

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    WOW this is actuallly a pretty enjoyable entertaing read…..i like how every comment has like a mind/opinoin of its own..LOL BARON DAVIS SUCKS MADE ME CHUCKLE

  • Zackloveslakers

    I love theses rankings

  • Ubershorty

    I liked it. Some of the comments were pretty funny. I can’t believe that the Celtics person thinks the Celtics should be #1 after getting destroyed by the Pacers.

  • Zen Master

    What happened to all the talent exaggerations made by these bloggers? Where is that Hornet bench? Rocket bench? Rockets starting 5? Portland? Celdicks? Game over. Lakers 09 champs.

  • Andrew Rafner

    i like this lil feature. community building: I LIKE IT!

    the logo reminds me of the early 90s

  • joseph