This is an interesting article on Kobe’s shooting statistics. With the Lakers coming off back-to-back losses in which Kobe Bryant attempted a combined 69 shots, I did a little digging to find out how important a balanced offense is to the team’s chances of success. How you interpret the following statistics likely determines whether you’re a Kobe fan or a Kobe hater:

** In games when Kobe takes 30 or more shots, the Lakers are 3-5

** In games when Kobe takes 20 or less shots, the Lakers are 27-1

** Kobe is averaging 20 shots per game in the Lakers’ 48 victories

** Kobe is averaging 27.3 shots per game in their 12 losses.

The easiest conclusion to draw from this data is that the Lakers are at their best when their complementary players are sharing the scoring load and Kobe doesn’t have to shoulder the burden himself.

Now does that mean Bryant is calling his own number too much when his shot total creeps into the upper 20s and low 30s? In my opinion, not necessarily.

It’s difficult to fault Bryant for his season-high 38 shots Sunday in Phoenix because his teammates were providing little offensive support. With Lamar Odom hampered by foul trouble, Pau Gasol deferring to teammates and the vaunted “Bench Mob” out of sync, Bryant felt the need to provide energy to his team with his scoring and he kept the Lakers in contention with 49 points.

On the other hand, even the staunchest Kobe supporter would probably admit there are a few times when he stops looking for his teammates too early and tries to carry the team himself when he feels the game getting away from the Lakers. These days it’s almost always out of competitiveness — not selfishness — but it still often comes at the expense of the efficiency of the offense.

  • udechukwu

    im sure every laker fan can see that. its very simple and i have always noticed it. games when kobe takes alot of shots are always games we’re struggling to win. The (3-5) when kobe shoots 30 or more doesnt surprise me at all. Now usually it he will go on these shooting sprees when others arent making shots or sometimes it’s just him wanting to do it all. Kobe is the best player in the NBA and is much more effective when he takes what coaches or analysts would call “high-percentage shots”… good shots,open looks if you may. If kobe plays his game and distributes it makes the team flow much better and it shows. hense the (27-1) when under 20 shots.

    does anyone know who that one loss was by the way?


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  • imfasterthanur

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  • jsub

    This article doesn’t even point out the obvious. Kobe doesn’t have the chance to take those extra shots when they’re winning because he’s not in the game as much in those games. Just like last night he didn’t even play at all in the fourth quarter. He did make it to 23 shots, but the team still won. When the bench is holding the lead he gets to get his normal amount of rest. When they blow the lead he comes in early, plays more time, and therefore takes more shots. I will admit there are times when Kobe needs to move the ball more, but to make it sound like the Lakers are better off without Kobe is utterly ridiculous. More playing time equals more shots. Kobe is the best player in the world, so don’t let people, like the guy who wrote this article, try to take that away from him. Haters hate greatness, so let them hate. Like this hater Joseph just wishing Kobe played for the celtics in that ugly green jersey. Kobe will be a Laker for life. Lakers Nation 4ever BABY!!!!

  • kobe-wan kenobi


  • LakersFirst

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  • ShortDiezel

    I don’t mind Kobe taking a lot of shots as long as they are QUALITY shots. I’ve noticed he has been taking a lot of long range 3’s, turn around fade away jumpers, and shots with 2 defenders on him.

    He is more effective and efficient when he doesn’t force shots or take low percentage shots. For some reason he has been settling more on outside shots than driving to the hoop, especially on last second possession plays.

    In general, all the Lakers need to be more aggressive and take the ball to the hoop. Generally, it leads to higher percentage shots, scrambles the defense, leads to more fouls for the opposition, and open shots for teammates.

  • David

    There have been a few games when kobe forces it. This is especially true in close games within the final 5 minutes. Remember the game against Boston when he forced those tough shots defended by Pierce, instead of running the offense through Gasol? Kobe has made the most shots in close games, but he has attempted the most also.( Sometimes he just tries to do too much.

  • Anonymous

    Please, Kobe is the heart and soul of the team. If Kobe isn’t happy and on his game, we’ll fall. Kobe can take up as many shots as he wants, because I believe in him as a leader.

  • Kristian


    Kobe (in most cases) only starts shooting when the rest of the team fail to show up, and he is better than any other player in the league to get victories by himself.

    This is the same kind of stat as the one where people were saying that when Luke Walton playes over X amount of minutes the lakers had a fantastic record. Well Luke Walton only plays many minutes when they’re winning throughout the game.

  • YellowPurpleFever

    Shots Selection and When to Pull are my 2 cents. No Jacking up shots just because youre the BEST player. Kobe, you got to pick your poison, Mix it up. He played WELL in the 1st quarter yesterday, Schooling OJ. Just like that I like!

  • sketch


    That dude really is a bastard! LOL!

    Look, we all know that Kobe has been prone to taking a lot of shots, but this is the time in which we need him to. The rest of the team obviously have not been getting it done the last few and that’s why he’s stepped it up. We actually need him to start being more aggressive and get into the playoff mode. He needs to start showing the refs that this is how it’s going to be so that when the playoffs come, their whistles will be blowin!

    Kobe’s “too many” shots are not the things for me to worry about, it’s when he’s forcing up the shots and it didn’t look like that at all last night against the grizzlies. We’ll be fine, Kobe’s shooting well and being aggressive, LO’s either playing the dominate 4 or throwing a block party, Pau is still Pau, the bench showed life again, and Bynum may come back by month’s end. Life is all good in Lakerdom! Great time to be a Laker fan!

  • Smush Walton

    Hey imfasterthanur,

    “Joseph” is not a bastard.
    No he’s more like a really annoying hemorrhoid that bleeds celtic green who shows up whenever we lose or his pathetic team wins and then pollutes our site with his diarrhea of the mouth. For the most part his stupid comments are irrelevant, have no meaning or purpose other than to annoy Laker fans and are best left to be just ignored or better yet purged from our site entirely.

  • lainok

    hey, I hate Joseph as much as anyone else, but I didn’t even see him leave a post on this topic. And anyways, he’s the only celtic guy that comes on here to annoy us. You should see how many laker fans go over to the redsarmy website to rip them up. The guy running the sight has to spend hours just deleting all the dirty comments!

  • Heron

    It’s fairly easy to tell when Kobe tries to be the hero throughout the game, rather than at the end of it. If he didn’t do that, he wouldn’t have to be the hero at the end. It’s something I’ve been trying to ignore for the past few years, but it’s true. Wade in my opinion is playing the the Championship years of Kobe. Kobe should take notice and take a drink of modesty.

  • Yoni

    Again, before the Memphis game I wrote that I think Kobe at times takes way too many shots and hogs the ball. I got some people cussing me out and stuff but they are just one minded idiots.
    I will say that these stats can be deceiving because many times Kobe takes the bulk of his shots when the Lakers are already trailing so they were going to lose anyway even if he shot 18 times instead of 28. But at the same time there are games like Utah where Kobe took 8+ shots in the last 5 minutes of a very close game. He hit like one or two of them and then kept missing. He did not even look to pass the ball. Against Denver he took almost 10 shots in the first quarter (fade aways, double teams…) for no reason and quickly took the other players out of the game. Let me address two more things
    1) Some idiot said in my other post about Kobe being a hog that I am only hating because the Lakers lost. Not true; against Phoenix, I think Kobe played great and needed to do what he did.
    2) People say “what do you expect Kobe to do when all the players aren’t scoring or playing well…” my answer is what do you expect all the other players to do when Kobe is taking dumb shots and not looking to pass…..

    p.s. before all you biased Kobe lovers write some dumb response on how he is the best player in the NBA think about it for a minute. Look on the east coast and see what Lebron and Wade are doing!

  • lakers4lyfe

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  • baltimoresbest01

    you might have an argument about lebron, but what exactly is wade doing? having a good individual year no doubt, but what is his team doing? they are barely above .500 in the extremely top-heavy east

  • Yoni

    wade has no one!

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    bron takes 1,5 less shots than kobe…(huge difference)
    wade takes same amount than kobe…
    check stats before writing BS

  • Eidraq

    in many instances, stats indicate correlation NOT cause and effect…in this case it is just that…correlating factors play a part here guys…learn the art of stats before mouthing off on what is and what isnt

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    • alfonso

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  • tHE ONE!


  • Colmon_b

    Can be misleading.  True at times Kobe overshoots and the offense suffers, however, there are times when the entire offense is in a funk and Kobe has to take over the game in order to keep us competitive.

  • Kingfresh

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  • Kingfresh

    All my friends say that kobe sucks. They have no Idea how much rings he’s won