ESPN: Brandon Roy returned after missing two games with a sprained right ankle and had 20 points and 12 assists, leading the Portland Trail Blazers to a 119-111 victory Friday night over the Los Angeles Lakers, who had their 10-game winning streak snapped.

LaMarcus Aldridge had 22 points for Portland, which also snapped the Lakers’ seven-game winning streak on the road.

Portland went up 96-90 early in the fourth, but Sasha Vujacic’s 3-pointer tied it at 100 midway through the quarter. Vujacic nailed another 3-pointer to tie it at 107 with 3:05 left, but the Lakers could never grab the lead.

Roy hit a pair of free throws, and Travis Outlaw hit a jumper to make it 111-107 with 2:14 left. Aldridge added a pair of free throws to extend it.

Kobe Bryant missed a 3-pointer with less than a minute to go. Roy and Jarrett Jack hit four straight shots from the line to give Portland its biggest lead, 117-107, and seal the win.

Bryant had 33 points for the Lakers, who have lost five straight at the Rose Garden.

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  • ryguy2303

    Damn Blazers. Anyone else think Fisher’s shot selection in the 4th was poor?

  • Jack


    guess rose garden is just golden state for us. i hate the blazers for spoiling my party. but, it’s all good coz i would rather have this game lose than to mavs.

    gotts beat the mavs fellas. don’t konw abt u, but i have a lot of respect attached to it.

  • IMmichael

    dont forget to change the schedule to march tomorrow

  • domz

    That’s all ok..The ball is round, every elite team has still possibilities to lose..Just see the Celdix lost to Wizards and Charlotte twice which is greatly inferior than the Blazers, just look at their records. The celdix also lost to Denver which our very own Lakers swept this season. So dont lose hope with our team.

    Good Luck Lakers!!!
    Beat DALLAS!!!

  • lakers4lyfe

    like stu said. the streak was bound to end, as much as we like them to win every single game. we all know its impossible. theyll bounce back from this lost. theyve done a good job of doing that this year. im gussing a 6 or 7 game winning streak coming up. :-)

  • dcb2069

    id actually rather lose to non-playoff teams sometimes. this is a lot better than losing to an elite team in the west and letting them move closer to us for the first place spot. at least if we keep beating the elites we can hold them at bay. not to mention the psychological factor going into the playoffs.

  • lakers o8champs

    i think these are the perfect type of games that andrew bynum well help us win wat do u guys think

  • Nabil

    To many 3 pointers. We were, what, 5 for 26? On the second night of a back to back, you GOT to take it to the hole and limit your long range shots. Especially in the second half. So if you shoot 26 treys on the second night of a back to back, your killing yourself.

  • Brett

    The shots just weren’t falling for us. Blazers are dusche bags. They’re announcers suck freaking DONG!

  • pio2u

    Slight off night, not a very good defensive effort & too many trey attempts. Let’s put this one behind us & win the next 10!

  • kobe24mvp

    as long as we beat upcomin teams we gonna be fine…hornets,dallas,jazz…..

  • Michael_23

    Yeah, somehow I’m not surprised with this loss. We’re cursed against Portland somehow. We gotta get a W against the Mavs tho.


    Im alright with this loss though. Our big streak was bound to end. But lets beat dallas

  • kPoAbUe

    why fish shooting 3r’s at the end pass it to kobe or “The Machine”.


    I take it as a good loss,better now than in the playoffs,plus this is still a team looking to take that 8th spot so they’re pretty upset that people are saying they won’t make the post season. Let’s face even Boston had a rough time,TWICE,against Minnesota and Minny beat The Suns Twice(check that out first,don’t quote me just yet on it)so I don’t feel too bad about losing to the Blazers(It’s not like they’re Finals worthy). We’ll beat Dallas in The Best A!@ WHIPPIN’ LA HAS SEEN IN A LONG TIME(Seeings though I’m a ‘SKINS FAN ThIS GAME JUST ADDS MORE FUEL TO THE LAKER FIRE). KICKDALLAS’SA#$.com,PUT THE FOOT UP IN’EM!!!

  • mfoznot

    Give Blazers credit.

  • David

    Give credit where credit is due. Blazers played a great game. We were also playing the 2nd night of a back to back so I’m sure fatigue had some to do with it as well. Anyway, I’m sure we’ll bounce back for our next game and beat the Mavs.

  • Phant0M

    To me I think in a way this was a loss we needed.
    As ridiculous as that seems.

    THey need to realize they are vulnerable, and not just coast.

    Anyways Sunday . BIG GAME.
    Letsss go

  • megaloco10

    defense was really bad, outlaw was jordan and jack was pippen, but still plenty more games to recover the dallas game is important..

    go lakers…..

  • kPoAbUe

    i miss vlad ariza and bymun i want them bak rite know!!!!!!!!!

  • Ed

    The refs won this game, not the blazers.

  • kPoAbUe

    it is very possible for us to win 82 games next season beacuse which team in the nba has 2 dominate 7 footers in the game at the same time with lamar which is playing great also with kobe and fish.

    with our bench as deep as know with ronny the machine vlad ariza farmar i dont know why we cant go 82-0 next season.

    my opinion that we will go 82-0 next season.

    do you guys believe so…..

  • megaloco10

    82-0 next season? ummm not sure but a 70-12 will be great too…

  • KbvsMj

    Yall is crazy, we making up all these excuses. We shold have WON it last night it was tied at 107. You see how Kobe got those layups at the end he should of tried going to the hole make a layup or get in and hit Sash or Fish for an OPEN 3, instead Kobe kept launhing 3s, and Fish and Sasha, Last games Fish has been playing horrible. Bynum will help us alot. He wont let all those hooks and athletic rebounds by Aldrige get to the them.Ariza as well, he wont let Outlaw go nuts on us, Fluke is gabage, With Vlad he will open up the court for Kobe to move freely.Last minutes were just stupid posessions. We can only learn from this experience, I think Gasol will be good against Dallas since there is only Dampier as a big.

  • Phant0M

    [Comment ID #28128 Will Be Quoted Here]

    how old r you?

  • http://myspace lakers_08


  • pjt

    That was the result of a long road trip…back to back game. I want to see the Lakers play good against Dallas…

  • lakerz

    im not to worryied about this loss. we could still win the west.
    the 3’s is what beat us. in the 4th quarter it seemed they couldent miss.


    What we at LAKERNATION(NOT EVERYONE) fail to realize is THE LAKERS ARE PLAYING A BACK TO BACK TO BACK GAMES,that can be very tiring on the body,especially after the way they’ve been playing lately,QUITE INCREDIBLE if you ask me. They deserve ‘A rest game’ in between,they’ll bounce back and when they……..DALLAS IS VICTIM NUMERO UNO RIGHT NOW!


    This is all because there was no pre-game report! We need MackCombs and Amber back ASAP!

  • Phant0M

    I don’t understand why people r so upset.

    ‘Would i like to be on a 11 gm winning streak?


    but these r one of the few games, i have not been mad about.

    Lets bounce back against dem MaVZZZZZ. ! thumbs UP^

  • LakersFirst

    Portland is a very athletic and unfortunately, and believe it or not they have a deep team, just as as the Lakers do (just not as experienced).

    This was a game where the Lakers missed Ariza (athletic player, to guard Outlaw, Luke is just too slow) and this is a game where the Lakers missed Bynum to guard Aldridge and prevent the layup drill that Jarret Jack was having.

  • kb24 4life

    its ok, no problem , although i would like us to win 11 in a row, but we are in good shape..

  • KiKosDad

    Kurt said it best on his
    We have to recognize competition to make us better. If they keep it up, the Blazers will continue gain my respect as the same respect that I have with the spurs right now for years to come. I’m just glad that the changing of the guards is unfolding right before our very eyes and for the west and for years to come… it will be our Lakers, Blazers and the Hornets matchups that will keep us at the edge of our seats (makes all the winning much more sweet). I’m truly glad that we are witnessing this moments, enjoying every minute of it.

    Lets Go Lakers!!! Dynasty Revival.

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #28127 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yup all those bs offensive foul calls specially when thhey called it on Kobe when clearly Roy was the one fouling him

  • Banzai

    I felt this game was a L even before it began. Lakers will come out firing on Sunday…I hope.

  • MILO

    It was Outlaw he killed us…

  • lakers1fan

    My opinion of the loss had to be due to all these points

    1. Blazers 3 point shooters; Blake, Jarrett, Aldridge,and Roy.
    2. LAKERS weak defense
    3. The Refs!

    Let’s go LAKERS!!! Beat Mavs!

  • iLakers

    [Comment ID #28172 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Well said.

    We need some rivalries, besides Spurs.

    Remember the Queens during our 3-peat. Yea we always beat them but all that drama was entertaining.

    Then the old Portland team with ‘Sheed and Pippen. That was an ok rivalry. Now we have this young Portland team trying to make some noise with this W. I like them and i hate them. They’re young and athletic and they have what seems to be an emerging star (ROY). Next two games in April should be interesting. Hopefully Bynum will be in the lineup.