Here is a small update on Odom; at least from Portland: For now, according to a source, the Blazers do not have any interest in Lakers free agent forward Lamar Odom, whose negotiations with Los Angeles on a new contract have stalled.

  • celticpride

    of course cuz.. LO is goin green this summer.. come to celtics baby were gonna pay u 12 million a year.. unlike lamers… wont pay what u deserve…. gogogogo green LO… im pretty sure of it… haha… St FU u guys are gay.. get a life


    We are tired of waiting for Mr. lo to make his dission . Come on Lo
    the lakers are the team who makes you that good i hope you remeber that .

  • http://Firefox Fdog

    The Blazers know what it takes to beat the Lakers each and every game at the Rose Garden – and it ain’t LO.

  • arizaallstar

    hey celdickpride y r u here got nothin better to do in your summer then talk shit here cant blame you after orlando killed you in your own house but i do agree on one thing we dont pay him what he is worth that f@#$kin buss gambles too much

  • RJ


  • http://yahoo! GayCelticLeprechaun

    Why is a Boston TinkerBelltics fan here.All that trouble to come here?There is nothing to do in G@y Marriage Mass-of-two-sh!ts except to whine and yap about the Lakers and Manny Ramirez(the guy that won the Red Sux W.S. Title).

  • Lakerfan

    Go F yourself celdick fan if you make it to the finalls next year which you wont youll see your team get crushed by the all mighty Lakers. LO wouldnt spit on your team + you make no sense you already got Rashiiiiiit you dumb arss and you know after next year its gonna be 20 more years til you dummies get another one. LO is a Laker.


    Go Lakers

  • Victor

    Celtic Pride? Maybe 20years ago. But not today and not in the next 20 more years. I guess its just “Celtic Fried”, yeah, u got fried by D12 and the magic in ur home court. Take ur BS elsewhere. Odom will not sign with the smeltics. Well, u just got rashi!t wallace whose moody like a girl. Tell him to put a wig on his pingpong ball-sized bald spot or else i will put a bulls eye target on it. And that pierce big headed dumba$s, cavs and magic will put him out of his misery. Gay-G will injured again and it’ll worst than Yao. After this season, your team will be broken up. And fückin smeltic fried will be off to the draft night highlights again. 20 years. 20 years.

  • Logicguy


    We observed how lesser teams took care of their stars during the off season. Guys like Bourgnani, Turkoglu, Okur, Varejoa Marion ….. all got better contracts from their teams than LO. These teams looked at what their players value was to them, not what is the most money available elsewhere. There is a double standard here. Could Luke, Sasha, Morrison …etc have gotten a similar contract elsewhere? These guys offered LO backup money (Valenueva,Milsap …..) When the whole Ariza story comes out fans are going to be surprised. I was hoping Lamar would take a lesser
    offer somewhere else (more specifically, Portland) just to highlite the hypocracy. I hope all athletes observed what will happen to them when they get goaded into saying publicly that you will take less money to stay with a particular team. Dont show your hand to these fatcat businessmen. When they catch you with your pants down they will screw you. When these idiot sports parasite media people try to finesse a scoope out of you, guard your true opinions. It will be used against you.