Larry Bird is willing to trade JO! Check it out: … “In response to Jermaine O’Neal’s published comments today regarding a trade, we have stated repeatedly that if we can make our team better through a trade, we will do so,” Bird said in a statement released by the team. “Jermaine has become an All-Star player with the Indiana Pacers and in any discussions regarding him or any of our other players, the expectations for the franchise and our fans is to receive fair market value in return if a trade is to be considered.

“Jermaine has worked out very hard this summer while rehabilitating his knee after surgery. We believe under Jim O’Brien that our team as a whole and Jermaine as a player can be successful. You never know what will happen, but for now Jermaine is an Indiana Pacer.”

The Lakers have showed quite a bit of interest in O’Neal as a potential complement to Kobe Bryant, who has demanded a trade of the Lakers can’t make a major move to upgrade the talent level, but the Lakers reportedly are unwilling to part with both Lamar Odom and 19-year-old big man Andrew Bynum. New Jersey surfaced as a potential suitor during the NBA Draft but no longer appears interested.

O’Neal said “Los Angeles and New Jersey would be my top two teams” but has an offseason residence in Los Angeles and made it clear the Lakers would be his first choice.

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  • Michael_23


    … I think Cupcake and J. Buss is sleeping.

    And Kobe is on the phone with JO.

  • lafanfromindiana

  • lafanfromindiana
  • lafanfromindiana
  • lakerfan81

    isn’t that almost exactly the same thing that Taylor said just before Garnett was traded?

    Punkjones- are you around, you may get your wish and have O’neil in a laker Uniform.

  • Pedro La Pacas

    O’Neal will be a Laker soon, and I have the feeling Bynum will be the major part of the trade. JO/Kobe/LO for champions!

  • Ed

    Pedro La Pacas don’t forget to add D-Fish/Mihm to our championship line up.

  • Fred A.

    [quote comment=”10821″]O’Neal will be a Laker soon, and I have the feeling Bynum will be the major part of the trade. JO/Kobe/LO for champions![/quote]
    I wish!!!!!