Bill Walton has been absent from his TV duties because of hip and back problems, but he still gets his message across to his son, the Lakers’ Luke Walton.

L.A. Times: The e-mails are filled with pain.

Bill Walton wishes to keep the details of those e-mails private, but you don’t need to know details to understand that pain.

He misses his job. He misses his game. He misses his life.

More than all that, he misses his son.

“Could you tell Luke how much I love him?” he writes.

The voice mails are filled with laughter.

Luke Walton doesn’t do e-mail, so this is all he hears, his father calling him before each of the Lakers’ first two postseason series with an important message.

An imitation of an opposing star talking trash.

Before the first series, the imitation was of Carmelo Anthony, four minutes of Anthony telling Luke how much the Denver Nuggets were going to kick his butt.

Before the second series, the imitation was of Carlos Boozer, four minutes of the same thing, only this time promising that the Utah Jazz would kick his butt.

“I played the voice mails for my teammates, they’re really pretty funny,” Luke says.

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