Even the Notorious “Laker Hater” Bill Simmons claims Magic got all the calls:

ESPN: 1:14: Kobe waves his teammates away, goes one-on-five, drives into the lane and draws a block on Nelson. No free throws because Orlando isn’t even in the penalty yet. Why? Because the Magic have been getting every call for four quarters. (See Laker fans? And you thought I wouldn’t mention this.) In fact, over a 16:53 stretch from the fourth quarter until the last three seconds of overtime, Orlando attempted 18 free throws and L.A. attempted zero. Zero!!!! How is that possible? That stat alone makes me wonder if Game 4 was more of a “greatest comeback” than a “greatest choke.” But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

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  • WifelovesLuke

    Bill who?

    *that was sarcasm

  • kobe8

    after reading the whole article, this dude can kiss my a$$. fcuking hatin a$$ b*tch

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  • PauLAsol

    even bill fokcing hater who? cant deny the refs were biased towards lando and pietrus even cries that they are not getting calls coz of kobe unstoppableness??!!! big fumf, lando got 17 more ft than the lakers and he still complains he got no fkng calls?????!!!! ST.FU!!!

  • vlade

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    agree a 100%!!!

  • kb24bestever

    yeah and he also said shouldn’t be in the finals and that these its one of those finals nobody wants to see because none of those teams are really above the other teams. “Its just one of those finals” Bitcch Simmons
    Fucckinng hater

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    Right after Michael Cooper’s number goes up, Fisher would be next.

  • Robert

    Part 1: Ah yes, Bill Simmons, the TOP of the ESPN Laker hating machine. One by one the ESPN haters are conceding, very reluctantly. He’s just the last to go. He had to admit that Kobe is doing what NOBODY, not even MJ, have done. They have won games with the ‘give me the ball’ attitude. Kobe is breaking records, and will go down as one of the greatest ever, if not the greatest. Simmons is just a big Celdicks fan, and so of course he hates anything the Lakers do. And the Lakers were clearly the best team in the league during the regular season – they beat everyone, including the Cavs and Celdicks. They lost to the Magic, but still had a better record. It’ just sour grapes for Simmons.

  • Robert

    Part 2: Simmons doesn’t realize that it’s ‘over’ for the Celdicks. Last year was their best shot. It will be a cold day in August before they come around again. In the meantime, the Lakers still have a few championships left in them this go-around. All that Simmons can do (when he’s frustrated) is comment on every play of the game – it’s a therapy for him, and he just makes ridiculous comments during those comments because he can’t stop the Lakers from winning. He’s also going to have to walk his dog A LOT during the summer. We’re going to be calling the Lakers ‘the champs’, up until the finals next year – we’ll be calling them ‘the champs’ at that time too. Too bad Simmons; nobody will remember you years from now (sports writers?). In the meantime, everyone will remember how great the Lakers and Kobe were. Go walk your dog.

  • sketch

    The only positive thing about the Lakers that he wrote in his article was the excerpt that was included above! Otherwise, this foolio was all over the place. The “irony of ironies” (using a direct quote from his article) is that however he despised the way the game was played was exactly how I felt about his article!

    What was his objective? Was it to be sarcastic and show off how he’s missed his calling as a stand up comedian, but instead went into a thankless and unfulfilling career as a sports journalist? Well, if that was the case, he succeeded in more than that… he also succeeded in showing us how much he would have failed opening for Chris Rock!

    This guy should absolutely STFU!!!!!!! The only thing he was right about was that the “ILLUSIONISTS” (magic) got all the calls throughout the ENTIRE game! Fo, FCUK the refs also!!! Of course, it’s Foster… friends of Donaghy (the ref that got busted for fixing NBA games) as one of the refs! You guys do the math! Despite all that fixing so that organized crime can win more money… our BELOVED LAKERS WON!!!!!!!!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ilikebasketball

    that bill simmons is a douche bag. he suggests that one of the reasons the lakers won is because of the economy, so no one could make good trades, so it’s a subpar finals. and also says getting ariza was one of the biggest mistake orlando made.
    but he doesn’t suggest that last years celtics win was bogus, what without bynum OR ariza there.

    and he just bashes the hell our of kobe….ugg…

  • ilikebasketball

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    and how!

  • banana5p0ry0u

    i didnt know that the workout guy with the curly hair likes basketball…hahaha…sheeeesh ive been saying this all along!! f*ing refs needs to start getting fined for the absurd calls and non calls they make! its not fair that the lakers have to play against another team and the refs every time they play!

  • Robert

    ilikebasketball is right. Last year, I’m sure we would have beaten the Celdicks w/Bynum & Ariza, easily! So, by Simmon’s logic, including Bynum & Ariza, last year’s Celdicks were also in a subpar finals. (Actually, take out the refs, and the Lakers would have won the series last year – this year, it doesn’t matter – Lakers have overcome the extra 3 players on the Magic, so far).


    Common guys, look at his initials, BS. Everything he points out or does is utter bulls h i t. It’s nice to have him realize the truth for once in his life but the rest of the article is too painful to read. Why is this man a paid worker for ESPN? Oh, wait: He’s a laker hater, that’s why.