I thought this was kind of funny. Big Baby tweeted and pondered…

Twitter: I don’t understand why laker fans so mean????

Not to be insensitive… but YES, we absolutely hate all-things-Celtics right now.

  • sj24

    hello lakers fans!! the lakers as a team are playing well and as fans we should support them in every way we can and not play the role of critics. THIS IS A MESSAGE To all you lucky bastards who gets to to watch GAME 6 in staples center . SHOUT IT OUT LOUD!!! ya you heard me.., SHOUT IT OUT LOUD!!! Remember NBA is where the 6th man happens!! So put your game face on and play the 6th man and seize the moment!! show the celtics everyday is not sunday.., let then know they are in the wrong court!! Like my mom always said, TREAT THE GUESTS RIGHT. (wink)

  • http://www.facebook.com/thepandasayshello Josh Herrington

    Because you got drool on us Glen. And really??? WHY ARE WE MEAN?? C’mon, Glen.

    • iiTzDanny

      exactly his fat ass drool ERwere



  • ThefishthatsavedLA

    Celtic fans (especially the BANDWAGON FANS) are BUTTHOLES. There is nothing worst than a Boston fan except a LAKER HATER.

    • lakers35

      I think boston fans worst lol

  • Be Strong

    hahah nice 1 but i have somethin 2 say 2.. I don’t understand y da Celtics trash talk too much????? and punchin in the arm like wat KGay did 2 Howard….

  • har8124kb

    Of course, he’s Shrek. So we’re supposed to hate him together w/ his pal Nate d’ donkey :P

  • PauLAsol

    Why celtics fans like throwing rocks at LA team bus????

  • IDK

    Oh I don’t know, do Celtic fans even remember cheering MVP for Kobe?

  • http://youtube.com/MvpGoesToKobe LakersNewDynasty08

    deal with it fatass

  • http://www.deluxpro.com vivavegas

    Celtic fans are going to CRY like donkeys on Thursday.

  • 151rummer

    I dont remember Laker fans throwing stuff at the celtics when they are lined up at the free throw line……NO CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LakerFanIam

    Does this guy even know what team he plays for?

  • DaY1LaKeR4lIfE

    Poor “Big Cry Baby” Davis u aint seen nothing yet , u better ask Kobe 4 a ride on his Heli. back to the airport homie bcuz its gonna b like the L.A. Riots all over again .
    Thank you for being so honest we will consider being even meaner.

    Laker$ 4 life

  • lakerfan_4ever

    I don’t know,but I got the feeling that this punk is mocking us…let’s show him and the other Celtics how mean we can be…GET LOUD AT STAPLES CENTER!!!!

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    Why are we mean? Because you run around your court like a fat ass buffalo with spit poring out of your mouth like a mental patient.

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

    Because, my dear chap, we consider you to be a drooling half ‘tard.
    Hope that helps.


    Thats why they call him Big Baby cause he is always crying. Hes sensitive. Biotch!! WIN A RING FOR THE KOBE

    • HATER

      Big Babyis joking right cause Cockston fans are the rudest you can find.

  • FuckYoMama

    Were going to burn LA down tomorrow night. All u Niggaz with me?

    • http://n/a I’m with stupid ^^

      you’re a fucking dumbass