The black mamba is in striking position…

snakeO.C. Register: There’s only one thing scarier for the rest of the NBA than Kobe Bryant in that relentless, won’t-he-ever-die, 81-point mode.

It’s Kobe Bryant lurking in the bushes for the perfect moment when his opponent is at its most vulnerable for a beating.

Because there is a talent around him now, Bryant has evolved to approach his business in the latter manner. His fundamental game plan is to ascertain the time when the game’s outcome hangs in the air to be seized – just like that magic moment when a girl is ready to be kissed – and make his move.

A long time ago Bryant used to say there were only two killers in this league, the implication being that he had become Freddy Krueger to Michael Jordan’s Jason from “Friday the 13th.” When he didn’t have enough help a couple years ago – as is the case for Utah’s Deron Williams now – Bryant had to go all-out at all times in gorefest-style to give the Lakers a chance. There was no time to rest and no room for error, as seen by a tiring Williams missing his last five shots Tuesday night and after the loss lamenting his seven turnovers … even though he was a maniac with 35 points, nine assists, four steals and two blocks.

Bryant has been able to pick his spots this season more than ever before, even way more than last season. The Game 2 victory over the Jazz was a classic example.

Of the Lakers’ first 54 points, Bryant scored three.


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  • kobe8

    I like the way Kobe has started the playoffs. He’s not jacking up shots. He’s picking his spots and conserving energy for tighter games.

  • gugy

    I agreed,
    He is distributing the ball and having everyone involved. That’s a very smart move. We all know he will strike when we need him most.