kingNY Daily News: When Kobe Bryant’s point total had reached 18 before the end of the first quarter, Bernard King turned to his 10-year-old daughter, Amina, and told her, “He’s got a chance.”

“I’m glad it was Kobe that did it,” King said over the telephone Wednesday. “He’s one of the greatest players of all time. The record stood for 24, 25 years. I’m pleased it was him.

“I figured Phil wanted them to break it,” King joked. “I could tell right away that Kobe was going to have a big night. He had that look about him. He was very intense. Michael was the same way. They’re both great players. Now we all have a place in history.”

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    Bernard King is a very gracious man! What a great role model for the younger kids to look up to. He’s got the right attitude of “records are meant to be broken”, and for him to show so much class and grace and to show Kobe so much love, just shows all of us what a great guy he is.

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    what are you guys thinking????
    Im the best player in the world!!
    who’s on me??

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    Funny ^

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