Urban Dictionary: bandwagoner — In sports, someone who shamelessly cheers for a particular team not because he likes them or follows them faithfully, but only because that particular team is the “popular” choice or has been or is the top team in their specific sport recently. When that team which bandwagoners follow falls from grace, they gleefully jump on the next team’s bandwagon and cheer for that team.

Example: All Lakers fans are bandwagoners, ALL OF THEM, except maybe Jack Nicholson.

Bandwagon fans exist in every sport… EVERY sport. Whether you became a “die-hard” Celtics fan in 2008, or a “die-hard” Yankees fan last season, or yes, even a “die-hard” Lakers fan last year. Your days and seasons are numbered because, quite simply, loyalty is an ever-evolving concept to you. You remember only the good and easy times, but never flinched or worried when the seasons became rough and the future of “your team” unknown.

Don’t claim the “die-hard” title unless you can remember what it felt like when your team was the dysfunctional black sheep of that league, your best player the laughing stock of the city. Die-hard Laker fans know ourselves well.

Bandwagon fans remember Kobe Bryant’s 81 points against Toronto and Derek Fisher’s 0.4 shot against San Antonio. Real fans remember the panic and disappointment when Kobe wanted to be traded, and we felt loss when Derek Fisher left for Golden State. Bandwagon fans remember the three-peat championship Lakers, but quickly cast the team aside after that Game 6 romping against Boston. Real fans waited… waited… and waited some more between that could’ve been title in Detroit and the 15th Championship in 2009.

Times like this call for the bandwagoners to step aside, even if real and loyal Laker fans have to push them out of the way. We’ve been called shallow, unforgiving and hypocritical. We threw foam fingers onto the court on Christmas Day instead of encouraging our team to a victory. This is not the time such idiocy.

As invincible as we thought our Lakers were, they’re human and their jobs out there — not easy, especially when they’re hurt. They don’t need fans shouting insults and criticism. They don’t need fans booing at their every mistake or deficit. They need fans who still believe in them, no matter how much the past season has disappointed our lofty expectations. The regular season has been done for weeks. It’s irrelevant. There’s more at stake NOW.

Urban Dictionary used US, Laker fans, as examples of bandwagoners! Maybe that applies to a group of you out there who are already making vacation plans for the team, but it doesn’t hold true for those of us who haven’t painted the Lakers into a corner just yet. That’s why this is a 7-game series.

Bandwagon fans, you can show your way out. I’m sure you’re familiar with the journey to the next hottest team. Loyal Laker fans, we’ve still got work to do. At Staples, in your homes, at bars and restaurants — show Oklahoma City that they have NOTHING on us!

  • mr.laker19

    Great topic. Im glad you put the definition up for people to see. Some people having been throwing out the bandwagon word lately and using it wrong. Just because the fans our mad and criticize the Lakers dont mean they are bandwagoners. I remember the years when Shaq left and we had a starting five of Kwame, Smush, Luke, along with Kobe and Odom. I remember the Rudy T year. I always had faith in the Lakers and always will, even when the inevitable happens and Kobe retires (I just cried writing that). But These lakers have frustrated me to a point ive never been. Its different then the frustration of the 3-1 Phoenix series because we were overachieving then. But these Lakers have the talent and they arent producing. If I criticize them its because I love them and want them to perform. Im a Lakers fan for life, I live in St. Louis and I take it on the chin for the purple and gold every day from the haters. So ill just say this for tonite. LETS GO LAKESHOW!!!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/thejahjah Josh Herrington

      I live in Colorado. That hit on the chin hurts a lot worse here. Now that the nuggets are a WCF contendor. Or were. Go Jazz!!! lol

      • http://thelakersnation.com/blog/category/original-articles/benchmob-beat/ Anna Gonda

        Haha! Go Jazz! Kick JR SMith to the curb!!!

        • Toni

          I live in Portland and wear my Laker pins to work everyday. I know exactly how both of you feel being in a state where the Lakers are not the home team!

          Win or lose, my Laker pins are always on my lanyard!

          No bandwagon fan up here in the Northwest for me!!!

      • bernzter

        I now live in OZ and it’s REALLY hard when some people don’t even know the Purple and Gold and give you looks when you are so happy talking about your team… I know how it feels mate…

        Go Lakers! Go Champs!!!

    • kindsir

      I totally agree with what you’re saying as well. I’ve been a Lakers fan for as long as I remember, but even in the smush and kwame days I was never as frustrated with this team as I am now. Seeing the talent we have, and then seeing the way we played all season (like sh!@) just kept the frustration accumulating, and now we continue the horrible play into the playoffs. It’s maddening. I will never switch teams, but right now these Lakers are really starting to turn me off of basketball period.

      • mr.laker19

        I think about it like this guys, when you are a TRUE fan of a team, that team because a part of you, like your family almost. I get teased all the time by people because when they ask something about the Lakers like “When do the Lakers play tonite?” I respond ” Aw, WE play at 9:30″ I dont even notice I say we. But i do because us as fans our emotionally invested in the team and in a weird way, are a part of their success. Its like watchin a close family member fail, you are going to be angry at them because you know their potential thats all. You will never kick them out the family but you do hold a grudge when they dont perform their best, thats all.

        • kindsir


        • bernzter

          Amen bro…

  • David Barr

    Most Laker fans are bandwaggoners but not ALL! But you are a bandwagonner if you don’t know who Elmore Smith is.

    • http://www.facebook.com/thejahjah Josh Herrington

      Im a little too young to know all about him but I briefly know about him.

    • ilikebasketball

      that is so dumb.


    REAL FANS, were those fans who was here during the time when we needed to get that special someone, REAL fans were the ones who stayed up all night waiting and waiting those news, We are not done TLN, GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robbin Barberan

    I’m somewhat offended as a Laker fan and because of that per urban dictionary definition being called a bandwaggoner.

    How about calling the Great Western Forum every morning from a payphone in Germany (before there was Internet) to ask the operator if the Lakers won last night? Each game!

    As a teenager I paid hundreds of Deutsch Marks just to learn the score!

    • dawg

      Stupid post by TLN.

      • http://thelakersnation.com/blog/category/original-articles/benchmob-beat/ Anna Gonda

        What’s the matter? Hit a little too close to home, bandwagoner?

        • LakerMarc

          Good one.

        • bostonSUCKS88

          lol, dawg would say that. good article. im sure many others on here wont like it tho. unfortunately TLN is filled with those bandwagoners.

          • lakerville213

            ouch…anna bites back, dawg…dont mess with her…but lets not forget WHY there are so many bandwagoners and haters and lebron “fans”…because the lakers are the stuff of legend, of magic…the most storied franchise in the nba…WE pulled off baby hook, WE pulled off 1.0 in portland, WE pulled off .4 seconds, WE pulled off robert horry to beat the queens, WE pulled off kwame brown for pau gasol, WE are hollywood…the list goes on…we’re the best and we know it and everybody knows it …theres no middle ground…hate it or love it…tell me…is there any other sports team in the world that specifically has a hate chant that has been programmed into sound systems, jumbtrons, and t-shirts(BEAT LA)? nope…theres no such thing as “beat boston, beat new york, beat manchester united, beat kansas city”…no because we’re the lakers and you’re not…

  • LakerMarc

    Bandwagoners weren’t the fans at six years old and going to Laker games in stead of WWF events in the early 80’s. Now a season ticket holder and if I feel like it I’ll talk shit!!! ESPECIALLY WHEN MY TEAM IS GIVING ME REASON TO!!!!! GO Lakers … no more fucking up!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/thejahjah Josh Herrington

    Great article Anna. i think you hurt Dawg’s feelings though.

    • http://thelakersnation.com/blog/category/original-articles/benchmob-beat/ Anna Gonda

      I’m sure he’ll get over it =)

      • http://www.facebook.com/thejahjah Josh Herrington

        I was thinkg about the whole “who’s dawg or not,” Do you remeber that? Very confusing and annoying to me.

        • http://www.facebook.com/thejahjah Josh Herrington

          I was thinking about the whole “who’s Dawg or not,” fiasco. Do you remember that? Very confusing and annoying to me.
          Sorry, wrote in a rush. =))

  • http://thelakersnation.com/blog/category/original-articles/benchmob-beat/ Anna Gonda

    Orlando Wooldridge =)

  • Marwan Deletes My Comments

    -Anna is President of the LBFC (Lakers Bandwagon Fans Club).
    -Look, basketball is entertainment. If some fans are entertained by jumping on and off the bandwagon, so be it. As long as they are having fun and not hurting anybody, it’s all good.
    -Being a “die-hard” doesn’t mean that you must blindly tolerate bad team play, or no hustle. Or that you must not critize any player on your team. That’s BS! If the Pope is fair game for Catholics, then Lamar Odumb and Sasha Vujabitch is game for Laker fans too.
    -What kind of fan just takes the crap that the team puts out and eats it for lunch? If you’re a “die-hard”, you have a RESPONSIBILITY to DEMAND the BEST from your team and hold them accountable when they don’t perform. Otherwise, all you “die-hard Laker fans” are no better than your average Clipper fan.
    BTW, I’m still taking the Cavs in 6. I hope that doesn’t get my comment deleted.

    • http://thelakersnation.com/blog/category/original-articles/benchmob-beat/ Anna Gonda

      - Being that I just WROTE about not being a bandwagoner, you’ve made me president. Did you need someone to interpret this article for you?

      – Yes, basketball IS entertainment for die-hards and the casual fan. I’m talking about bandwagoners who claim to live and die for a team and then jump ship when the team isn’t #1.

      – Who said anything about blindly tolerating?! I’m as critical of the team as the next guy. You’re obviously not familiar with the way we do things on this site. Read over the archives and we’ll see who the blind and tolerant are.

      – Again, who said anything about taking the crap that the team puts out on the floor? Of course we demand the best from our team, and we’re just as critical, but we’re not gonna get up and become fans of the next hottest team if and when we hit a rough patch.

      – Take the damn Cavs in 6. Buddy, we’re not even THERE yet. You’re already gunning for the Cavs to beat the Lakers in the NBA Finals, and we’re barely in the first round.

      • Marwan Deletes My Comments

        -Many people on this site immediately dismiss you as not being a “true” Laker fan just because you critizice the team or a particular player. “If you were a true Laker fan, you wouldn’t be hatin’ on LO… and on and on and on…
        -If demanding the best from your team and it’s players qualifies you as not “a true fan”, then I don’t want to be a fan of any team.
        -Good article and you do hit on some solid points. BTW, the Cavs were my pick to win it all before the playoffs began. Just because we’re in the 1st round doesn’t mean that I can’t have a pre-playoff “pick to win it all”. Just like people have pre-season picks and selections.
        Cavs in 6.

  • http://lil_jay78.blogspot.com/ j

    Yeah, I think you hurt Dawg’s feelings too…poor bandwagoner.

    But yes, I’m with MrLaker19…it’s definitely been frustrating, but the key thing is that we haven’t thrown up the white flag like the bandwagoners already have. That’s exactly why the Lakers got the home court, so they can win on their home court…if they just do that, then they have a ride all the way to the finals.

    Die harders – no need to prove your worth, you know deep down inside who you are.

    Trust me, I’m as die hard as they get…raised in la, but born in Michigan, and I’ve been a Detroit Lions fan for practically my entire football-knowing life; and still waiting…for something

  • http://thelakersnation.com/blog/category/original-articles/the-purple-line/ Ramneet Singh

    I remember wearing my Kobe Bryant 8 jersey 3 out of the 5 days in the week during school lol. Even if it got dirty, I still wore it. Thats what true fans do! Great article

  • Robert

    There are actually NO bandwagoners amongst Laker fans. None. Criticizing or yelling at the Lakers is actually showing loyalty to the Lakers. You probably are not aware of the fans in New York. They YELL at their team. They don’t hate them. They’re not ‘bandwagoners’ for yelling at them. They LOVE their team. Just like we love our Lakers, no matter what.
    So, I’ll ‘recast’ the definition of a bandwagoner in “Laker” terms. Ask yourself the following question: do you HATE the Boston Celtics? (No matter what?). And I mean ‘despise’ the Boston Celtics. If so, you are TRUE LAKERS FAN! Congratulations! And that’s it. You will NEVER be a bandwagoner as long as you hate the Celtics.
    Well, it’s not because of their recent and current cockiness from having acquired Kevin Garnett. It’s not because they ‘stole’ a championship from the Laker in 2008 (with the help of refs). It’s not because they were the ultimate nemesis in the 80s decade, with Kevin Mchale, Larry Bird, etc. It’s not because of the 84 championship they won against the Lakers.
    It’s because of the 60s. Now, if you were around in the 60s, and you stuck by the Lakers through ALL THOSE DEFEATS at the hand of the Celtics, you were a TRUE FAN. It was horrifying, year after year, losing to those damn Celtics. Ask Jerry West. Even though the Lakers won in 72, he has lived his life in sadness for never having defeated the Celtics – losing the Championship ALL THOSE YEARS.
    So, even if you weren’t alive back then – you can taste the disgust of the Celtics coursing through your veins … then … YOU KNOW. YOU KNOW. If you have one molecule of dislike for the Celtics, then you are a TRUE LAKERS FAN. Don’t worry about commenting if they are
    not doing well. It’s ok. They want us to pay attention to them. They want us to let them know that we are thinking about them. Good, bad or ugly.
    Besides, why even HAVE a blog, if nobody’s going to comment.

    • http://thelakersnation.com/blog/category/original-articles/the-purple-line/ Ramneet Singh

      Read this and tell me if the author is a bandwagon-er http://thelakersnation.com/blog/2010/04/25/the-purple-line-story-outside-staples/

      • Robert

        Great article, Ramneet! No way the ‘author’ is a bandwagon-er.

        • http://thelakersnation.com/blog/category/original-articles/the-purple-line/ Ramneet Singh

          Thanks, guess you figured out it was mine! lol

  • Robert

    One other point: Dodger fans. Back in the day (Brooklyn), the Brooklyn Dodgers would CONSTANTLY
    lose to the Yankees. The Dodger fans would call the Dodgers ‘Dem Bums’. They would yell out ‘throw the bums out’. That’s like saying ‘trade Sasha’. Same thing. Do you think those Dodger fans were bandwagoners? No way. The fact that any of us here comment on this website, means a LOT. All who comment (who are from LA of course – not the Laker haters from Boston or Cleveland) are TRUE FANS. Bleeding ‘Laker purple’. So keep commenting, Laker fans!

  • lakerman1

    A true fan follows as much reading about the lakers as they can. A true fan hates the let downs and cherishes the wins. A true Laker fan has sleepness nights with the losses because he has that kindred feeling for this team. ( which may be sick but is the way it is when you have true love for your team ). A true Laker fan wants to punch Barkely and all the other pundits who constanly dismiss our team smack in the mouth. A True fan reads about all the acquistions and trades during the off season because we want to stay on top of all the latest news on our team. A true fan does not ask if the team plays tonight and whether or not they won last night. A true laker fan hated the Jordan reign. A true Laker fan hates the words LEBRON JAMES and all the hype he gets when Kobe has done so much for the NBA and receives all of the ctiticism gets. I can go on & on but i can tell you in my travels i have met few true Laker fans. A true Laker fan knows that tonight the Thunder will see what a real chamopionship caliber team can do. Yeah i know exactly what a true Laker fan is.

    • http://thetruthrenaissance.wordpress.com/ BE_A_LakerFan

      lakerman1 I couldn’t have said it better myself. I know how it feels to lose sleep. I know how it feels to know be able to watch Sportscenter or go on espn.com after a Laker loss. Especially in the playoffs lol.

      I’ve met many die hard Laker fans and I made sure siblings became Laker fans too. My 8 year old sister chose a regular season Laker game over going to see Alice in Wonderland lol.

  • dawg the bandwagon

    Am not a bandwagon. Not just the type of guy that says real fans remember this and bandwagon fans remember that.

    • http://thetruthrenaissance.wordpress.com/ BE_A_LakerFan

      A real fan would mention the things in the article. It’s not like he went back to the 70s or 80s lol.

      Disclaimer: That is not saying you are a bandwagon fan.. I think any Laker fan would remember those events.

  • http://TLN DanG13

    I love the Lakers but I can’t stand to watch them play the way they have for more then half the season and now the playoffs. There seems to be no chemistry with this year’s team. Im just tired of watching them get away from their strengths and quickly trying to become a 3 point shooting team. THAT’S NOT WHAT WE DO!!! Pound the ball inside and show the Thunder/ world who we are! Stay focused defensively for 4 quarters rather then the 1st 1 or 2! Play with some heart! Needless to say win or loose I will be ready come next year as passionate about my team as the year before. No bandwagoner here just a guy who LOVES his team and who wants them to play to their full potential day in and day out! GO LAKERS!!!

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/kKokhpc2zfzu_wgHBkfWcCosZB3E1GOq0gkB#be3ed Scott Forrest

    I know one thing…PEOPLE BETTER LEAVE “THE MAMBA”ALONE and stop critizing’em for play as of late..the man is injured.If your a “FO’REAL” Laker fan you’d cheer Kobe’s effort and heart.Though this is not “ALL” Kobe…his teammates needs to “STEP THE HELL UP”in this must win.

    Pau,you’ve been talkin’ smack for 2 months now about how this team been playin’…YOU’VE PLAYED THE SOFTEST…WIPE THE CHARMIN OFF YOUR !@#.

    Bynum,please jump to get an offense rebound when Kobe or Fisher do miss…jump over somebody head to then slam it…risk gettin’ a call for goodnes sakes.


    BenchMobb…let’s be real,LO is the bench,so Farmar/Shannon please we as Lakers fans get 10 a piece…PLEEEEAAAAASE!

    Artest…go drink some HENNY before the game and smack these lil’ punks in the mouth…take a tech…clothesline the referee…jump in the stands and put a beatdown on that S.O.B. wearin’ that “I’m Thunder struck over OKC” T-shirt…SOMETHIN’ CRAZY…call Rodman on the cell to get pointers.

    …and last Kobe…when all else fails…GET 60!!

    • http://TLN DanG13

      I support the above comments!

    • http://thelakersnation.com/blog/category/original-articles/benchmob-beat/ Anna Gonda


    • Toni

      Loved your post! – How “straightforward” can you be?!

  • http://thetruthrenaissance.wordpress.com/ BE_A_LakerFan

    Best article in TLN history lol. I get tired of all the bandwagon fans on this site sometimes. If your a real fan you don’t lose hope and you stick by your team no matter what. There is nothing wrong with some criticism but you still stand by your team in the end. You root for your team no matter what.. even when the Laker Haters you know may try to talk you always defend your squad. You speak of the team as if you are a part of the organization and that you suit up and play with them. (e.g. We will win the Championship this year). Real Laker fans pull for the name on the front of the jersey not the back. So when Shaq left you didn’t jump ship and when Kobe leaves you won’t either.

    Real Laker fans stand up!

    Sidenote: I think one of the reasons I want to see the Cavs fail is not because I don’t think LeBron is a good talent but there are soooo many people who jumped on that ship it’s not even funny. I almost want him to leave Cleveland just to see how many real Cav fans there are lol.

    Lakers 2010 Champs! Book it!

    • daboss1848

      damn, we have a wagon, and bron has a whole ship?!

      • http://thetruthrenaissance.wordpress.com/ BE_A_LakerFan

        Lebron has a cruise ship.

        • daboss1848

          lets hope they cruise into the side of a mountain, like last year.

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/kKokhpc2zfzu_wgHBkfWcCosZB3E1GOq0gkB#be3ed Scott Forrest

    I forgot somethin’…Oh Yeah! WE REAL FANS IN LAKERLAND (that’s the new sayin’ on this site)!!!!!

    Lakers109 – Thunder 97.

  • Aqzi

    Who cares?

  • kev_323

    I became a laker fan during the 04-05 season.. yeah.

  • Robert

    I don’t understand. I don’t know anybody on this site who has ‘blatantly’ stopped rooting for the Lakers because of their losses. I don’t anyone who ‘bailed’ on being a Laker fan in 2004 after they lost to Detroit.
    Do any of you?
    So then, although this article riled up some people, I doubt that there is ANYONE who has written on this site, who is not a TRUE FAN. Right? Nobody I know (at least on this site) has said, “I’m tired of the Lakers, I’m going to become a Cavs fan now”.
    Do any of you?
    So enough of this. There are NO ‘bandwagon-ers’ on this site. End of story. (fun article).

    • http://thelakersnation.com/blog/category/original-articles/benchmob-beat/ Anna Gonda

      Maybe no bandwagoners, but real Laker fans and the occasional (blech) hater =)

  • lakersfirstkobesecond

    to me a bandwagon fan is everywhere, but you should know at heart if your a real lakers fan. If you couldnt stand to watch the game on saturday or the dreadful game 6 vs the celtics, but did it anyways because you want to remember the whole ass whooping so todays would be that much more enjoyable. Or no matter if your team is as bad as the defenders its your team. Your team has been great and you know every year the won big woop what year did they win only 34 with rudy t leading the way. bandwagoners wont admit there bandwagoners but they know it and we all know it, but the reeal fans will be crying tonight if the lakers dont come ready to play and if they dont you can basically say goodbye to sleep till friday tipoff.

  • lakerbunny


  • http://thelakersnation.com/blog/category/original-articles/the-purple-line/ Ramneet Singh

    Lets face it there are true Laker fans and then there are fake Laker fans. But either way we have to stick together, not fight and push our team to victory! BTW great article and it is a very popular!

  • likwidsage

    Well said. Lakers still the champions, still yet to be proven wrong. Still gonna be the champions this year and next. Still the team that we love so much because they are part of us. The Lakers are like family to us die hard fan, and family never gives up on or abandons family. LA Lakers & LA Fans (The only real basketball fans) FTW4EVER.

  • lakerville213

    dear anna,

    im 19 and i deal with laker haters and laker bandwagoners everyday. for dealing with the bandwagoners, i always have a little test for those my age. if you dont know who nick, vlade, elden, eddie, and cedric are and you call yourself a laker fan…you are a bandwagoner. great article. lets get em tonite.


  • andyhank

    Is this article predicting a Lakers elimination? By the sounds of it, bandwagoners would only appear to be an issue if the OKC beat us two more times.

    I became a fan at the start of the 2008 finals. Does this make me a bandwagon fan? I’m not sure. I always watch the games and lately have been thinking nothing but about how we must win todays game. I understand that things don’t always go as planned and I’m ready for that rare upset. If that were to happen, you’d see me back next year. And if that were to happen again, I’ll be back in 2012 plaoffs. If they don’t shape up, I’m obviously going to lose some faith in them being the team to beat but will nonetheless cheer for them the way I do now.

    • andyhank

      But by no means do I hope for an upset!

    • http://thelakersnation.com/blog/category/original-articles/benchmob-beat/ Anna Gonda

      Lakers elimination? Not at all! I could just feel all of us fans starting to worry and there’s no better reason to start cheering our team on than when things aren’t going so well for them. I heard tonight’s crowd at Staples on TV though. Awesome awesome spirit!!!

  • Mario

    I remember during the 04-05 season all the bandwagoners left to what ever team was winning at the time…I also remeber watching every single game that season I came home from school and didn’t do my homework I rather watch the lakers everybody at school was like why you watching the lakers they suck they didn’t even make the playoffs I was like win or lose I love the lakers

  • LakerMarc

    The Lakers played an excellent Game 5 even the bench played well and were able to sutain the lead above 20 (from 30 to 24 FINAL). Which was not only surprising but a little impressive since they are so talented at giving them away. GO LAKERS (oh yeah and the benchers, too)!!!!!!!!

    Maybe Bron’s hurt arm, which the media have jumped all over now, will just …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… FALL OFF!!!!!!

    • LakerMarc

      The poison from the Deadly Black Mamba will KILL THE ‘KING’……..so corny!

  • bernzter

    All I remember is that I have the games of the 08-09 season with me on DVD when I went on a holiday just watching them to see if there is a way that the team could do BETTER than what they did last season. And yeah, it’s frustrating when your team isn’t playing right what they should be doing (not playing their full potential) but hey, that’s the way life goes… At least I don’t go out and kill people because the Lakers lost a game (but I’m so close to doing it a few times hehe).
    Being a true fan is someone who sticks to his team day in and day out makes the appropriate comments to try and help the team get out of their funk and most of all, staying by the team’s side no matter what happens to them. Either getting the stupid Smushes/ Kwame’s and rejoicing once you get Pau’s and rehiring of Fish… Those are the fans…
    Good article… Kudos Anna, let the other people hate you for showing what is true, keep it up…
    Let’s face it people, the truth hurts us (most of the times) and we have to face up to it.

    2 cents outro…

    • http://thelakersnation.com/blog/category/original-articles/benchmob-beat/ Anna Gonda

      I still have all of last post season’s WC Finals and Finals games on my DVR. I REFUSE to erase them until I can transfer them to more permanent media =)

      • bernzter


  • ShamelessLakerFan

    Born into it, I didn’t have a choice. Lucky… THANKS DAD!!!

    To see the Lakers from the 70’s till now has been a blessing. The moments of pure joy every few years. We are so lucky. I give all the credit at this point to the character of Dr. Buss and his family. They attract the right people, who attract the right people… This is a great example of what a strong family can do.

  • LakeShow4eva

    Loyal fans panic and might lose a lil faith sometimes but never lose the love they have for the team. Bandwagoners come and go and that don’t matta bcz we the loyal fans will still be there for our team when they need our support

  • JOSH IN DA 310

    IM not one of those bandwagoners and I have stories to back it up. I see people here talking about being a true fan in the Kwame Brown days and when Kobe threw up four air balls and jacked it up against Utah in the playoffs. But im talking about the days when we had a shitty record and had guys like Elden Campbell, Ac Green, Sedale Threat, Cedric Ceballos, Eddie Jones, Sam Perkins, Divac, Van exel etc….. Nobody liked the Lakers then as much as everyone is all over them now.
    I live In Inglewood and I used to walk down Manchester ave as a 11 year old to the games with $9.00 tickets to the Forum. I saw Kobe in his first game as a Laker there and Dennis Rodman too! I got robbed for my Jersey, tickets and basketball by some Crip gang member on my way to the Forum one time bcuz he said that I was hispanic and didn’t deserve to go to the game bcuz I didnt know about basketball. I still ended up getting into the game hours later by sneaking in 7 minutes before the game ended. And waited after the game for a chance to see the Lakers exit in their fancy cars out the tunnel down Prairie ave. Let me see anyone who can match my story and show dedication like i did..Didnt think so.

    • bernzter

      I remember those days… Those were the days you know who was really on your side… I was gonna make the same comment about the same time in LA… How I thank those times in the past because if it wasn’t for those times, we wouldn’t have today now….
      I remember that time when people were actually surprised that we won 3 games in a row!!! Imagine that!!!
      That’s a story to tell your grand kids mate!…

      Go Lakers!!!

  • TheLakerGenera11

    Hey nation I know some of this has been said but… I’m from the Bronx  looong time always and forever Laker fan and When your a popular and succesful team such as the Lakers and Yankees. Their bound to get bandwagon fans. I won’t get into my fandom too much except say when LA loses I can’t function with my day to day activities. I laugh at myself because I’m stressed out over a bunch of millionaires who have no clue or care of who I am. But I can’t do anything this is the life of a loyal fan and I know nation a majority of you smile and agree. So when LA were winning all these titles and NY was winning everyone was smiling and saying let’s go and the fans who have deep rooted love get P’ed off by this bc this isn’t a game this is LIFE. When LA broke up and we had kwame and chucky atkins et al. Yea i was down bc they were losing but I was happy because the wagon broke the “fans” ran away and left and the real Laker fans stayed same goes for the Yankees watching defeat makes victory all that better year after year the Yankees losing you see people saying oh I’ve always been a twins fan or a Indians fan, ST. Louis fan you say to yourself WHAT? Get the F*#k outta here but hey it makes it that much better bc only the real fans remain. Who the hell is really a OKC fan? Okc really??? Spurs?!! Not even spurs fans are spurs fans! Detroit where are they now?! Boston fans left as quick as they came..But it comes with the terrortory of success. Remember nation in arguments you can’t win against dumb and ignorance you can’t, silence is the best medicine. I will say this nation GOD willing if LA wins another title this year I have a gut feeling the bandwagon fans will be back in full throttle. When they played and loss to _____ in ’08 that was Kobe fans jumping on little bandwagon, when they won in ’09 that championship felt so damn good bc we waited and endured for so long (to us 7 yrs is a long time) so some scattered back but last yr chip was for all the real fans but if they win this year I know bandwagon fans will be in full effect and if they lose the haters will talk like they knew it all along. Deep rooted success in any sport builds both loyal and BS fandom I hear ppl say no one is a bigger fan of ____ then me. To each it’s own there are levels. Like we have to live with roachs we have to live with bandwagon fans. Real will recognize real in any situation and that’s my rant.

  • whs_rperez10

    You forgot missing the playoffs, two first round exits( including watching the Lakers give up a 3-1 lead on the Suns) Watching Garnett go to the hated Celtics after all this anticipation of him coming to L.A. and so much more


  • Dan Andreas

    This definition is bull. If anything, Laker fans are some of the most loyal fans in all of sports. Sure, there’s always bandwagon fans who jump on, they are a winning franchise, so every decade they have their chance. But for the most part, good times and bad, the Forum and Staples has ALWAYS been filled with fans.

    Even the year the Lakers missed the playoffs in 94, I can remember the Great Western Forum filled with fans to watch rookie Nick Van Exel. Flash forward 11 years later when it was Kobe and nobody else, and Staples Center STILL sold out every game to watch Kobe.

    Now, let’s look at the Boston Celtics. Who can blame this pathetic excuse for a franchise, really. I mean, you rack up a whole bunch of championships when the league only had 8 teams, don’t win again until the 80’s (3), and then wait another 20 years to win one more (1). Boston has fans now, but where the hell have they been since? The “Gahden” was barely filled when Kobe lit them up in 2007 and to top it off, these chowder-heads chanted “MVP”! Are you serious? Red Auerbach probably rolled in his grave! LA would NEVER do this! And WE’RE the BANDWAGONERS??? And speaking of Red: The man died before the start of that year. But the franchise waits until they have a chance to win a championship to name the court after him??? Even the franchise is bandwagoning around the team!

    More food for thought: 2008 the “Gahden” started filling with fans, but let’s face it, Boston is RED SOX town. So what happened? All of their chants were BASEBALL CHANTS! Chants of “KOOOOO-BEEEE, KOOOOO-BEEE!” could be heard echoing through the “Gahden”. I think they barely learned the “De-Fense” chant midway through the season! 85% of these fans probably hadn’t watched a Celtics game in years, their basketball chants long forgotten!

    When KG, Pierce, and Allen all retire or are traded, watch the Celtic fans disappear, and further prove my point. They won’t disappoint me, just the extremely small percentage of Boston faithful…

  • Kanah Charles

    i live in Saint Lucia thats in the caribbean.. and ive been a Lakers fan since 01.. maybe back then i was a bandwagoner cuz we had jus come off a championship but this thread really is true. To many fake fans coming out and making noise i mean cool it man. When i jus startin watching bball i didnt make noise about Lakers because i knew ppl wud label me as a bandwagoner and even now they still do.. but i know i am a laker fan scratch that A DIE HARD LAKER Fan.. i havent changed teams and will never change teams. kobe or no kobe, phil or no phil, championships or no championships.. ITS LAKERS EVERYDAY ALL DAY FOREVER!

  • Erigom9

    Alot of laker fans are bunch of illiterate utter trash aholes