farmarL.A. Times: Talk about your dream scenario for the Lakers, who got to keep pace with the Cleveland Cavaliers, sweep the season series with their city rivals, and rest their key players, all at the same time…


Unfortunately, the Lakers’ non-key players, the former Bench Mob, let the Clippers cut a 19-point lead in half, obliging Coach Phil Jackson to rush his starters back in . . . after which the Clippers cut it to one point . . . before the Lakers eked out an 88-85 victory on Sunday.

Not that Jackson was upset, but he made only a brief statement, announcing he wasn’t happy, that he wouldn’t take questions and the team would practice today.

So there went any notion of getting the off-day off before Tuesday’s game in Sacramento.

Of course, even greater horrors beckoned for the Lakers with the Clippers putting the ball into play with five seconds left and a chance to send the game into overtime.

As if.

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  • Eidraq

    bench mob meet bynum, bynum meet bench mob

  • purp and gold

    get rid of luke and sasha and bring in players like kevin durant or maybe ven robert horry!! and youll see the differene!!

  • TArizaFan

    the big problem is Farmar – the bench needs someone to run the offense, because none of them are capable of doing their own thing. Farmar has horrendous PG skills and can’t initiate the triangle. Moving Odom back to the bench as the key playmaker will calm the bench down and prevent other teams from getting easy turnover fastbreak points that Farmar is so apt to giving up.

  • kwame4mvp

    sasha needs to hit the road.

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    the mob has never been the same after the loss of Turiaf.

  • joseph

    [Comment ID #66996 Will Be Quoted Here]

    So do Farmar and Luke.
    We can not carry all of these inconsistent non-contributors.
    Bundle them up, however necessary, and get one decent player.

  • Lakers50years

    Folks, don’t worry be happy for the playoffs are around the corner and it’s going to be the bench mobe at its best. Featuring Walton running the triangle, Farmer running the offense, Mbeninga batting away everything coming his way and of course the machine lighting it up at the right time. It’s too late to worry just relax and stay tune!!!

  • WifelovesLuke

    Apr 6th, 2009 at 1:45 am
    bench mob meet bynum, bynum meet bench mob”

    Not gonna happen. According to PJ, Drew will rejoin the starting unit. Besides, moving Odom back to bench mob makes more sense. He will run the offense and Luke will assist with ball movement. More ball movement = bench mob success. Just look at their success prior to Bynum injury. I really like this move and think it will lead to a strong playoff run and a Championship banner.

  • Farmabrick

    One way or another, whether it is Odom dropping back to 6th man or Drew running with the Bench Mo(b/ps), the second unit will play better upon Drew’s return.

    There is simply not enough pure scoring talent on the floor when the 2nd unit is comprised of Luke, Farmar, Sasha, Mbenga, and Powell. The distressing thing is that defense is not a talent, it is a desire and these guys just can’t seem to get it together.

    With either Drew or Lamar rolls comes off the bench, our second unit production is going to increase through the rest of the season.

  • Jetliner

    FARMAR FARMAR FARMAR!!! He is the main reason we are always losing leads. He is always trying to be the superstar in the 2nd unit instead of being a PG and running the offensive.

    Lets look at his +/- from games they won: Friday – 9, vs Nets -11, Detroit – 2, …anyhow, its probably not an accurate stat but seems like every time hes on the floor we are losing leads.

  • Smush Walton

    Based on their postgame comments, Luke and Farmar just don’t get it.

    When asked if he sees any problem in the way the reserves are playing, Jordan said “No”. Huh?

    Then Luke made the statement that Phil “did not need to take out the reserves” – “he took them out, but he did not need to”. Huh?

    These guys need to get focused on the task at hand. This bench is killing us game after game and they are in a state of denial. Rick Fox was right on in his criticism of the attitudes and dedication of “some players” on this team. He should start NAMING NAMES – call these guys out – put them on the spot! This type of laid back attitude and failure to push themselves to improve is unacceptable. If this bench can not get their sh!t together then they need to be shipped out of here next year.

  • mr.clutch101

    Both Phil & Kobe need to start gettin specific with the bench. Call their asses out publicly!
    They need to start playing like they are on a team that has 60+ wins instead of playing like they are trying to impress scouts.
    Yes, we can blame farmar and sasha–but thats not the point, they need to understand that them blowing leads and making stupid plays is not what the team needs right now. Its fuc.kin APRIL–fix this!
    Everybody knows they are capable of playing ‘decent’ basketball, now its time to do just that.

  • golakers75

    farmar sucks, farmar sucks. if farmar would try on d instead of letting people run around him every time down the court i could handle him not scoring. sasha comes out every night and forces turnovers and is in his mans face the whole time. that is why i can handle him. but farmar thinks he is chris paul when really is Sun Yue. if this guys is the pg of the future that is sad.

    it is now time ti change the smush if the night to the farmar sucks ever night award.

  • YellowPurpleFever

    MOPBENCH as of late. These guys need to play tighter and more focus or we will be…I just hope with Bynumite return can restore the Manhood in these boys. Lets go LAKERS!!!

  • Babak

    i would hate to see this forum if we were 16-60

  • BostonBlowsMyBalls

    I have completely given up on the Bench Mops! I understand guys get into a shooting slump, but these scrubs having been having a string of bad games as of late. We should have blown out the paper Clips at home. They were missing key guys. With a blink of an eye, we lost a 19 point lead when our key guys needed to rest and sit out in the fourth quarter. If this game was with one of the top teams, we would have lost hands down.

    I can’t believe we struggled against the paper Clips. Their bench outplayed our bench. Our bench needs to give us an average of 23-30 point off the bench to survive the playoffs. I don’t think they can do that without our starters playing 35-40 minutes each.

    I wish I was the guy in charge of the players uniforms, because I would throw Fluke’s, Farmer’s, Vujabrick’s, and Josh Bow-wow’s uniforms in the garbage. That’s where they belong along with their efforts and level of play.

    The chemistry is not right on the bench. Maybe these scrubs will do better on a different team with different roles. Fluke, Vujabrick, Farmer, and Josh Bow-wow need to go next season. Mitch needs to trade all these scrubs in for one good PG, which is our weakest area right now. Cupcake would get executive of the year if he can pull this off.

    Turiaf was a much better player than Bow-bow. Turiaf, even though he was crazy with the dances, brought us energy, rebounds, dunks, and blocks off the bench. We should have kept Crittenton. The kid can play and has potential. I thought he was better than Farmer. We just got rid of the wrong players.

    It’s clear that our bench is our weakness, and teams are going to attack the bench come playoffs. I hope Brown gets more minutes. If you’re going to use guys for the playoffs, then PJ should let them get more comfortable in the system. It’s best to play the new guys at home in front of our crowd.

    The bench have been very disappointing, so nothing they do is shocking any more. It’s like everyone expects them to do bad every game because it is what’s expected.

  • Dave

    Paper Clips? Hilarious.

  • NoImNotBlasphemous

    Is it me, or was it the bench mob who ACTUALLY got the lead to at least around 19 in the fourth quarter? Then Phil took Farmar out and then that’s when it started depleting. And in case you ask, I’m 110% sure I was watching the same game. I’m sorry, I still think that the bench mob is inconsistent, but they actually did a pretty decent job that game. I watched videos again, and they were still playing around 19 points ahead when Farmar was still in. And Farmar had some key plays in there. Maybe it’s their inconsistencies in the past few weeks that had permanently clouded our view of the bench that there’s nothing more to them now. But hey, I’d give them credit for that game. And I will agree with Luke, they did not need to take them out so fast. I think what they need is a nice dose of reality, once the playoffs come, they’ll see what they need to do. And they’ll be back to that deep team they were at the start of the season.
    You might view their performance differently, but this is what I thought. Oh, and no matter how hard it is to grasp this particular concept, the Lakers are human beings and would not be be normal if they did not have their ups and downs.

    Thank you for not completely disregarding my opinion.