The Lions Den.

It’s the name commonly referred to the crowd at Staples Center in Game 7 of the 2000 Western Conference Finals. Arguably, the loudest crowd for a game in Staples Center history. It’s almost no question that the crowd lifted the team when it needed it the most, throughout the entire game, going into the fourth quarter with a big deficit, and turned that into a victory.

Since then, the Staples Center crowd has been looked down upon in terms of team support. It’s without a question that the Lakers fan base is the largest in basketball, it’s not a question whether Lakers fans are loud, it’s a knowledge that the noise and energy has diminished.

The following games could be the biggest in franchise history. The Lakers have one chance to win or get eliminated by the Boston Celtics, followed by another chance to win a championship or lose a championship to the Boston Celtics. For two of the most storied franchises in Basketball history — battling for supremacy — it’s a two championship swing. It’s Kobe Bryant’s legacy. It’s Phil Jackson’s future.

This isn’t a plea or request for Staples Center to be loud. This isn’t an argument about fans being priced out of the lower bowl, or even upper bowl. This is a reminder of what Staples Center is capable of, and what’s at stake. We have homecourt advantage, let’s make sure the basketball world knows.

  • lakeb

    ? what about game 7 vs. kings in 2002?

    • Wally in DSM

      Uhh, 2002 game 7 was on the road.

      • lakeb

        your right, my bad, kings were the home team

  • Kam Pashai

    Let this be a warning to everyone who blogs, never rush a post. Thanks for pointing that out!

    • wally

      hehe, no worries, just thought it was funny.

      Do I win a Lakers bracelet?

      Go Lakers.

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    Wow. I don’t know if Staples has that in them anymore. I think L.A. was so hungry for a championship at that point. I hope the fans can give some of that energy tonight.
    Let’s Go Lakers!!


    “throughout the entire game, going into the fourth quarter with a big defecate, and turned that into a victory.” – Hahaha!

    I caught that too Wally! Maybe it’s a Freudian Slip by Kam Pashai. That’s ok Kam, I think of the Celd!cks team as sh!t too! They look like it, smell like it, act like it, and for games 6 & 7, they’ll play like it too!

    FCUK COCKSTON!!!!!!!!!!!
    FCUK THE CELD!CKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’MA BE THERE FOR GAME 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Touch ME

      Must I remind you of your mistakes over and over

  • LakerFanIam

    I was there in 2000. Screaming my head off. I’ll be in those same seats tonight… Doing the exact same thing!!!!


    • Westcoast B!tch

      I was there too. Up top. Still got the t-shirt they gave out before the game. Best Laker playoff game ever. That Portland was fukin loaded with talent, but the Lakers had mutha fukas that wanted that game more, something this 2010 Lakers team needs to show. Lets go Lakers!

  • sh0wt1me

    i hope the fans in staples don’t have the odom mentality tonight. odom = no show

  • eboK

    Let’s go LAKERS…. Pump it Up. Let’s create a 6.0 earthquake at Staples Center tonight

  • sh0wt1me

    if the bandwagon laker fans and celebrities in the lower bowl / court area (except jack nicholson, dyan cannon, dustin hoffman, flea, and andy garcia) would give their seats up for the REAL laker fans, then staples would be rocking tonight.

    • LakerNationCitizen

      Hey, Hillary Swank is a true Laker Fan too! She’s there EVERY game – even the ones out of town (Phoenix being one of them). She was the only one cheering at that Phoenix game but she didn’t care!!

  • lakerbunny


  • vivavegas

    someone needs to sneak in some noise makers..

  • lakerbunny


  • wally

    Time to break out the Vuvuzelas. Make Staples center buzz like an angry bee’s nest.

    Yup, I had to drop in the world cup reference.

    • lakeb

      they should do that

  • http://am570radio Phil Buss

    Men i sure hope the crowd lets those bitches have it! GO LAKERS! I remember this game 7 like it was yesterday, because the Staples Center wasn’t the only place loud, THE WHOLE CITY WAS SCREAMING IN FRONT OF THEIR TV’S.


    Way to go Kam! That was a speedy recovery! I’m looking forward towards seeing our boys in the PURPLE AND GOLD to do the same tonight!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!

  • sh0wt1me

    okay, gotta think positive! lakers are taking game 6 tonight. lakers are gonna show all the hustle…get the loose balls, get the offensive boards, get in the passing lanes and get some steals! lakers will get all the calls tonight and we will have a deciding game on thursday. game 7…book it, baby! let’s make it happen!

  • Chris Manning

    I was at that game. I remember the “lion’s den” quite well. It is my #1 Lakers moment for me and a night I will never forget. We need to get it done tonight and force game 7. If Boston win this series, it will be tonight. If Lakers win, game 7 will be a war but I believe the Lakers will take it.

    BELIEVE Los Angeles. We can do this ala ’88.

  • 151rummer

    The Lakers WILL respond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its almost like they need to have their backs up against the wall in order to wake up and take care of business…….get the parade route set…..cus its on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sj24

    hello lakers fans!! the lakers as a team are playing well and as fans we should support them in every way we can and not play the role of critics. THIS IS A MESSAGE To all you lucky bastards who gets to to watch GAME 6 in staples center . SHOUT IT OUT LOUD!!! ya you heard me.., SHOUT IT OUT LOUD!!! Remember NBA is where the 6th man happens!! So put your game face on and play the 6th man and seize the moment!! show the celtics everyday is not sunday.., let then know they are in the wrong court!! Like my mom always said, TREAT THE GUESTS RIGHT. (wink)


    Asking the crowd to be loud in the finals?SERIOUSLY?drtjklgdkljwerkjwgtejkl’wegtjkl’wegtjk’

  • Brian Shaw owns all

    the crowd better be fucking loud.
    Biggest Laker game in about 22 years.

    To all the lucky bastards who are fortunate to go tonight, be fucking loud and cheer. We need the same kinda energy that the those 3 peat teams got and get to the godamn game on time.

  • RC

    Wallace and Perkins are both 1 technical foul from suspension so this is the time for Laker fans to get loud and piss off Wallace and Perkins.

    Come on Laker fans our team needs a little vocal support!!!

    Let’s Go Lakers!!!

  • j.dizzle

    The crowd better be going APE SH*T tonight. Bostons crowd helped the team a bunch in games 4 & 5, its time for LA’s crowd to do the same. Lets get it!

  • Sir

    Wow man those were the days. It’s depressing how pathetic the crowd is now. WTF happened? Bust out the vuvuzelas.

    • Sir

      Also only blow them when the celtics have possession :p

  • Touch ME

    The Boston police will be in full force tonight if the Celtics win tonight.

  • Lakerdude101

    Won Game 6. Let’s move on to Game 7.

  • lakeshow5

    Amazing win tonight! GO LAKERS!!

    Can’t wait for game 7 when I get to wear my new shirt!

  • lakerbunny